Have you seen Attack Poker?

Attack Poker is up and running, and accepting player Sign-ups

We have been waiting for this day for a couple of weeks now, and finally we got to sign up and see what Attack Poker is all about.

Here’s a Promo, that really caught our eye. Nothing like a Playboy Playmate to get a little attention–and they can play Poker too.

Sign up is simple enough, just make up a screen name and give them a E-Mail address.

Play is smooth, as Attack Poker is a Download Poker Room.

Here’s a Table shot and the Main Tournament Lobby shot.

The tournament Schedule gets going on Thursday Nov. 8,  with prize tournaments for a Attack Poker Hats and Attack Poker Playing Cards.

Poker with Playmates start on November 11th.

We’ll get on Thursday and play for a while, and then give you more opinion and information when we are done.

Visit Attack Poker Now and Sign up for Free

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  • Helen Williams  On April 28, 2014 at 11:40 AM

    Under user name hotchick1951 and email hotchick1951@hotmail.com I played play money poker. Beginning with 100K in chips, I went to 7 million in 24 hours. Then d.o.s. disconnect of services begins and we traced it to their I.P. address. They froze when I was winning several million more in play chips, several times, so that when play resumed, hand was over, hand history wasn’t available and they took all my chips. After several times, they got more than 12 million total. For a sites originators to d.o.s. even play money, is a warning to all to never put real cash play in Attack Poker when cash play is legalized. For anyone anywhere to be shameful and pathetic that they steal PLAY money from a player, proves that they are as ball less and as gutless as men can be, when a little p-ssy kicks the sh-t out of them in poker, even play poker. My husband (who taught me to play) told me this would happen. He swore to me that no site play or real money, is honest. And I believe him. He even showed me where and when it would happened since I was winning. (But they made a serious error). We video taped all my play as my husband told me to do. We are going to show all online and with mailed copies to whoever shows an interest, that Attack Poker is a sham and if Bellatore has any sense, they’ll immediately dissolve any association with them, especially if and when legalized real cash play is allowed. This idiotic lunacy of cheating women out of play money when they beat men, will embarrass you beyond repair, I don’t give a rats arse who you think you are. And yes, we are posting these videos everywhere on line and making certain that at least a couple dozen copies are mailed to all journalists who show an interest. And this will never cease until they make right all they have stole, and if there is ever another d.o.s. for anyone, they had better double all players accounts involved, to show that they were mistaken and not deliberate. Failure to do so will again prove what I have spoken of here. How sad and weak you are to strike out at a woman who beat the living sh-t out of you in poker. I feel sorry for the wives of those maggots involved.

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