2016 Fan Duel Fantasy Baseball Strategy/Advice

2016 Daily Fantasy Baseball Strategy on Fan Duel

Since this page first appeared back in February, Fan Duel has changed their fantasy baseball scoring rules for the 2016 season.

The line ups will remain the same, however scoring has been dramatically changed (for the better).

Batters will now score the following: Single=3, Double=6, Triple=9, Home run=12, RBI=3, Run=3, SB=6, BB=3, HBP=3

Pitchers will now score the following: Win=12, K=3, IP=3 (1 per out) and ER allowed= -3

How will this affect the scoring? Winning scores will now be almost triple of what you are used to seeing on Fan Duel.

Batters will not be penalized for making outs and even the no name players in strong real-team line ups will be able to put up nice numbers.

A strong batting day by a hitter, like a 3 for 4 night with 1B, 2B, HR, 3R, 3 BI will score 39 points. Hitters could easily have a 40 to 45 point nights using this format.

A starting pitcher with a win, 7IP, 7K’s and 3 earned runs allowed will score 45 points. A complete game shut out with 8 Ks would score 63 points. Even just a quality start, 6IP, 3ER, 3K and no decision will score 18 points.

I think we will be seeing winning MLB fantasy scores of 150 to 200 points nightly on Fan Duel in 2016 with these scoring changes.

Stacking your MLB line ups should be a bit easier, with no worry about a batter going 0-4, you just want as many AB’s possible from each of your hitters. 

Finding serviceable starting pitchers (you just want as many innings as possible from each starter) will also be a lot easier on Fan Duel in 2016.

The strategy I originally outlined remains the same, only the point scoring has changed.

February 28, 2016

FanDuel Fantasy Baseball

The 2016 MLB season has started, teams are all into Spring Training and the preseason games are about to start.

The MLB regular season will start on Sunday April 3, 2016

Now is the time for all of you Daily Fantasy Baseball Fans to start thinking about how you are going to approach the 2016 season. Start thinking about the players you are going to be targeting daily and preparing your daily contest budgets.

What I learned in September of 2015

I for one, have taken a word of advice I learned late in the 2015 regular season and during the 2015 MLB Playoffs while playing daily contests and I will continue using this strategy the entire 2016 MLB season on all my Tournament/GPP contests.

The Strategy

I started stacking my line-ups exclusively, I gave up on paying for a catcher and I became more selective and started paying more for my starting pitcher selections..

My strategy before this revelation was trying to find who would have the best individual hitting match-ups and hoping I would hit big time on more than one hitter on several different teams and then hope my mid-priced SP would over-perform and throw a gem.

Well, that doesn’t work…….

My 2016 Fan Duel MLB Strategy

I found out, after hearing a caller (discussing daily fantasy) on my favorite sports radio while coming home from work one night. You are much better off stacking 3 or 4 bats from a single team that is heavily favored over a over-matched starter or pitching staff.

In fact, stack two different teams (you can use up to 4 players from one team on each line up on Fan Duel) and then add an additional high upside hitter from a 3rd game on all your daily line ups.

I also used to always over pay for a catcher every night. Sometimes it worked, most often it didn’t. I finally learned a catcher is a catcher, just make sure he is starting that day and just pay the minimum for him (add him to one of your team stacks).

I have always used the Vegas Lines for choosing my SP’s, look for the big favorites, look at the pitchers with the most quality starts (6 IP, 3ER or less), look at his whip (the lower the better, base runners end up scoring), look at his K’s per 9 (the higher the better) to help with your decisions.

I always seemed to go cheap on my SP selections, I stopped that. It’s best to pay up for a starter by using the savings from a cheap catcher and an additional cheap hitter in your line up stack.

When choosing a MLB team of hitters to stack, once again use the Vegas lines. Teams that are heavy favorites, in games with high run totals are always the best and center that stack around the best hitter in that teams line up.

There will also be plenty of teams that always score a shit ton of runs, whether they win or lose. Look at the Vegas run totals on every game, every night.

In 2016, I would say the Cubs, Blue Jays, Rockies, Diamondbacks will be among the league leaders in total runs scored. We won’t really know how good anyone is until the regular season starts playing out and this could change.

I also always give the starting pitching an advantage early in the season, at least until the weather warms up.

Also, NL starters will always have a WHIP/ERA/K advantage over AL pitchers because of the DH in the AL.

Join Fan Duel and get started now….

Lets review the 2015 MLB Fantasy point scoring on Fan Duel.

Hitting: Single = 1, Double = 2, Triple = 3, HR = 4, RBI = 1, R=1, BB = 1, HBP = 1, SB = 2, Any Out = -.25

Pitching: Win = 4, ER = -1, K = 1, IP = 1 (.33 per out)

Fractional scoring is counted on Fan Duel

Fan Duel Starting Line Up: SP, C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, OF, OF, OF with a $35,000 Salary Cap

Using these scoring rules, lets look at some individual and line up fantasy scores from a few 2015 MLB player performances on Fan Duel.

A very good start by a SP on Fan Duel

Keep in mind, you’ll have to spend up for the best SP’s, there is no way around it. Figure on using $8K to $10K on your daily SP.

Note, his Win, IP and K’s drove his score up

FD SP Great outing

A disappointing start by a SP on Fan Duel

Note that ER’s allowed and lack of K’s killed his score.

FD Average SP

This is what you want from a SP on Fan Duel, a quality start.

Nice solid start, IP, K’s and a win offset the 3 ER allowed.

What you need from your SP on FD

About the Hitters

You’ll only be able to afford 2 maybe 3 top salary hitters each day on Fan Duel. The secret is to use (stack) the lower salaried hitters in the line ups around each of your top hitters.

A great hitting day by a position player

He got on base 3 out of 4 AB’s, every thing else just ran up his point total. His 3 RBI’s and his 2 Runs scored also accumulated 5 points from the players he drove in and from the other players RBI’s from his 2 runs scored. In essence, he accounted for 16.75 points total on this contest. That’s the advantage of stacking a star players teammates around him nightly.

FD Great Hitting Day

A disappointing day by a hitter

Note: Each out deducts 1 pt per out, 0’fers like this, kill your batters scores, always look at OBP (BB, HBP score 1 point on Fan Duel) when choosing your hitters.

FD bad hitting day

A Well Stacked MLB Line Up

The following line-ups had two teams stacked against weak starters. The 3 Pirate hitters scored 18.5 fantasy points while scoring 8 total runs. The Rockies stack scored 9 total runs and the 4 Rockie hitters scored 28 fantasy points. You can also see there are only three $4K to $5K (top shelf) bats in the line up. The guys in the $2K to $3K salary range bat around the top bats and feed off the top hitters by just managing to get on base, driving in easy runs and scoring easily.

Think of your score if a team you stacked happens to score 13 or more runs in a game, you’ll kick ass in every contest you enter.

I have seen fantasy scores of 90 to 100 when a stacked line up scores 15 to 20 or more runs in real life (Blue Jays in 2015).

Perfectly Stacked FD lineup

In general, if you are playing the small 5, 10 or 20 player MLB leagues on Fan Duel (10 player is most common) you’ll want to score about 35 to 40 points to have a chance of winning something (figure 40 or more for a 1st place finish).

If you are playing the large GPP tournaments like I do, you’ll need to score 70 to 95 points to have a chance of winning 1st place or place at least a place in the top 10.

A 55 to 65 point score will win you a nice payout (maybe 10 or 20X your entry) on a GPP.

A 45 to 55 score will get you about double or triple your entry on a GPP.

The line up I just showed you scored 63, a very impressive feat that won $1000 on a $2 GPP Tournament.

If Fan Duel Daily Fantasy Baseball has you interested, use our link Here and you’ll get a Fan Duel 5 Pack (5 free contest entries).

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