Debit Card Cash-outs on Americas Cardroom

How to obtain and use the Debit Card option on Americas Cardroom

Updated Jan. 1 2015

The Debit Card is by far the Best way to go when cashing out on ACR. It is by far, the fastest way to get your winnings into your hands offered by any Poker Site, usually just a couple of days during the Monday to Friday period, week ends will add a couple of days to the process.

Getting a Debit Card is relatively a simple process.

You first need to have a player account and at least $25 in it to start.

You can Sign-up and Deposit to ACR Here

Go to your player account page and hit withdrawals.

ACR Cash Out Page

Go to Debit Card, and hit the link to download the application.

Fill out the application and get a copy of any utility bill. Fax these to 1-888-748-6740. Be sure to include your player name on the fax.

Next take a clear photo of your government ID, any of these ID’s will work:

• Passport
• Social Security Card along with your driver’s license
• State ID Card
• Military Issued ID

e-mail the image to

Include your player name on the e-mail and let them know you faxed the application to them and request a debit card.

You will get a confirmation e-mail that they received all the info they need.

Your player account will be charged $25 for the application.

You will get a second e-mail in a couple of days (maybe sooner) that your application has been submitted.

When your application is approved you will get a e-mail and tracking information for when the Card is shipped to you.

After you receive the card, activate it (instructions with card) and you are ready to start withdrawals.

You will be able to manage / view your debit card transactions daily on the cards web site.

The card is good for 3 years (you’ll have to renew then) and don’t worry about accumulated fees for no activity, they will be paid automatically when you add funds to your card balance.

There are various card fees associated with the card, you will get a listing of those fees when you receive the card.

Fees include: ATM ($3), purchase ($1), etc. just like any other debit card charges users.

Do not fret the fees, it is a great deal easier and convenient to use and worth every penny you’ll have to pay.

To cash out, just go to withdrawal page, fill in the amount you wish withdraw and put your debit card number in.  After you verify all the information and click withdraw.

Minimum withdrawal on your debit card is now $100 and limited to $2500 per withdrawal.

You’ll get a e-mail confirmation of the amount withdrawn, then a confirmation of when it is processed………Painless, isn’t it!

Confirmation of Withdrawal on Americas Cardroom:

Withdrawal Confirmation on Americas Cardroom

This withdrawal , which I put in on that Monday at about 6PM, was confirmed and completed on Tuesday at about 8AM and on my Debit card by 2PM that day——wow, less than 24 hours from start to finish.

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