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DraftKings Rolls out the Free Contest Arcade

Free Fantasy Contest Arcade

Draftkings introduced the FREE CONTEST ARCADE to all their existing players via E-mail on Thursday June 16th. The First Free Contest was a MLB $1000 Contest on Thursday evening. The top 195 of the 3566 entries shared the $1000 prize pool with $100 going to the first place winner.

Editors Note: DraftKings added a NFL Week Two $100K GTD Fantasy Football Free Contest that pays 37400 winners……….More NFL Free Contests on DraftKings

Enter the Week 2 NFL Contest for Free right Now….

Look for more NFL Fantasy Contests every week on DraftKings

DraftKings will be rolling out more Free Contests Every Day and week, just go to the Contest Lobby/Featured on and look for the “Free Contest Arcade” under the contest name tab. All Sports are included and there is always a completely Free Contest waiting for you join on DraftKings.

Here is a quick list of free contests already scheduled, including these sports: MLB, MMA, Euros soccer, PGA and LOL

  • Free Entry 2016 MLB World Series Trip ($2300 value), Friday 6/17 7:05PM ET
  • $1000 Free Entry MLB Contest, Friday 6/17, 7:05PM ET
  • $500 MMA Free Contest, Saturday 6/18, 6:45PM ET
  • Euros DK T-shirt Giveaway, Monday 6/20. 3PM ET
  • MLB DK T-shirt Giveaway, Monday 6/20, 7:05 and 8:05PM ET
  • PGA $500 Free Contest, Thursday 6/23, 6AM ET
  • Euros $250 Free Contest, Thursday 6/23, 12AM ET
  • NA LCS $100 Week End Special, Sunday 6/19, 3PM ET
  • Euros $250 Free Contest, Wednesday 6/22, 12PM

All of these free contests are up in the lobby and ready for you to draft a team or you can reserve your spot now for the contests scheduled later in the month.

This is the perfect chance for you get some valuable experience researching/drafting different sports you’d never ordinarily play and maybe you’ll find yourself winning some great prizes and maybe starting yourself on a new fantasy career….

DraftKings also announced a new Bi-Monthly $1000 Depositor Free Roll program on Thursday.

Starting immediately if you:

Make a deposit between the 1st to the 14th of the month:
You get Entry to Free $1K contest on the 15th of that month…..

Make a deposit from the 15th to the last day of the month:
You get Entry to Free $1K contest on the 1st of the next month.

As soon as you make the deposit you’ll get a ticket credited to your account and you can use it to enter the next Free $1K contest you qualified for.

As always, whenever you Join DraftKings and make any deposit, you get a ticket to play your first real  money contest for free.




Free Buy Tournament Super Series on Americas Cardroom

Free Buy Super Series II

Americas Cardroom is holding their 2nd Free Buy Tournament Super Series of 2015.

Starting on August 28, 2015 and running until September 6, 2015.

In total, there will be 57 Free Buy tournaments over the course of ten days during the Super Series II.

Each Event can be entered with no buy-in and a total of $150,000 is guaranteed in payouts.

What is a Free Buy Tournament?

A Free Buy Tournament is a no buy-in, guaranteed payout Poker Tournament.

It costs nothing to join ($0 buy-in), but it allows for you to re-buy and make a final add-on to your tournament stack, as needed.

Each Free Buy will have 10 minute blinds and a 1000 chip starting stack. Each re-buy* will net you 2500 chips and the final add-on* is worth 10,000 chips.

*Re-buy and add-on costs will vary based on each tournaments GTD

You not obligated to spend any money at any time, the re-buys and add-on’s are up to you, completely up to your poker skill.

You can actually join any or all of these tournaments for free, play your way to a big chip stack and pay absolutely nothing and win some Nice Cash Prizes…………….

How the Free Buy Super Series works…….

There will be a full schedule of 57 Free Buy Tournaments set up on ACR starting on August 28th on Americas Cardroom and running until Sunday September 6th.

There will be at least 5 or 6 Free Buy’s each day, start times will be around the clock (allowing for international player to join in), you can register for any of them with absolutely no buy-in, you have the option of re-buying (for small amounts) and adding on (for small amounts) at the end of the predetermined re-buy periods.

These are all basically Free Rolls with no buy-in required, with generous prize pools ranging from $500 to $20,000.

Re-buys and Add-on costs will range from 1¢ to $20 (depending on the tournament GTD).

Games played will include NLHE, PLO and PLO/8.

The Main Event will be held on September 6 at 5:30PM ET, this is a $20,000 GTD tournament. This tournament has a $20 re-buy and add-on. A $20 buy-in $20K GTD is an excellent value, imagine not spending a penny to compete on this tournament…….

Tournament Guarantees will include: $500, $750, $1,000, $1500, $1750, $2000, $2500, $3000, $5000 and $20,000 prize pools.

Rebuy/Add-on amounts: Will start at 1¢, 10¢, 20¢, 25¢, 50¢, $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, $6 and $20.

You do not have to deposit to play any of these Free Buy tournaments, however it would help you immensely if you had a small balance for re-buying and adding on to your stacks to increase your winning chances.

ACR also has hourly “On-Demand” Free Rolls, start playing today.

Timing: Each Free Buy Event will open registration 2 hours before the start time, there will be late registration for the first 2 hours of play, Re-buys and Add-ons will be completed after 3 hours of play on each tournament.

Free Buy Poker Series



$1M Midsummer Classic on DraftKings

Now that the All Star game is completed, every team in baseball is gearing up for that 2nd half run to the playoffs.

How you you like to make your run at your DraftKings is the official partner of the MLBFantasy Baseball Championship for Free…..

Many players have been hearing a lot about DraftKings recently.

You can’t miss them, DraftKings is everywhere. On TV and on seemly every sports radio station.

This media blitz, has many players wondering if they should try out the DraftKings Daily Fantasy games.

Now is your perfect chance.
Visit DraftKings and sign-up for a new player account. Make a minimum deposit of just $5 or more and DraftKings will give you a entry to a special $25K Free roll to be held on Thursday July 23 at 7:05PM.

The July 23rd $25K free roll will pay out a total of 250-$100 tickets to the $1M Midsummer Classic.

That’s right, when you finish in the top 250, you’ll get a Golden Ticket to enter a Million Dollar Fantasy Baseball contest which will be held the next day, absolutely Free.

This free roll is limited to new depositors only, so it will not be a very big field of players to beat out for your chance at fantasy baseball glory…………..

The Draftkings $1 Million Dollar Classic will be held on Friday July 24, 2015.

It starts at 7:05PM ET, allows for multiple entries (if you choose) and will guarantee pay outs of $1 Million in prizes to 2245 players.

1st place will win a tidy $100,000 and this contest has 90 players guaranteed to win a $1,000 or more. Plus, there will be plenty of fantasy winners in the $200 to $900 range.

MLB $1 Midsummer Classic

Make sure you get your free roll entry before the Thursday, July 23rd 7:05PM deadline!

$25,000 Free Roll on DraftKings

The MLB All-Star week is traditionally one of the slowest weeks of the year in Daily Fantasy Sports.

With MLB baseball off on the All-Star DraftKings is the official partner of the MLBbreak and all of the other major sports leagues in their off season, there are not a lot of fantasy contests running until Friday, July 17th.

DraftKings has set up a huge Baseball Free Roll to get the second half of the Baseball season off to a rousing start…..

There will be a $25,000 MLB free roll starting at 7PM ET on Friday July 17th. This gives you all week to sign-up and get your entry in.

This free roll will pay out 10,530 entries to DraftKings 2015 Fantasy $4 Million Dollar Baseball World Championship (FBWC).

The freeroll payouts include 1st to 5th place finishers getting a $1000 FBWC qualifier ticket. Finishing in 6th to 30th place will win a $300 FBWC qualifier ticket. 31st to 530th place will get a $20 FBWC qualifier ticket and 531st to 10,530 will get a 25c FBWC qualifier ticket.

The Friday Player list is up (with probable starting pitchers) and you can set your line up at any time up until first pitch at 7PM ET.

$25K Fantasy Baseball FreeRoll

If you have been thinking about checking out DraftKings, now is the perfect time to get yourself started on DraftKings.

You can get a free entry to an additional cash paying fantasy contest absolutely free on DraftKings if join today…….

$15K MLB Free Roll and Free $20 Fantasy Entry

The Baseball season is just a mere 18 days from first pitch, are you ready to play?

Update March 29, 2015:
You’ve been hearing DraftKings Radio spots on the upcoming Fantasy Baseball Season for a couple of weeks now, they are offering free entry to a $100K fantasy baseball contest when you join.
How would you like to get entry to a $15K Free Roll and to $500K paid fantasy baseball contest on opening day?
If you want a little more than the radio offer, read more on our special offer……..

Free Roll Details:

Join DraftKings today and you can play in a huge $15K Fantasy Baseball Free Roll on Opening Day.

This MLB Fantasy Free Roll starts at 1:05PM ET on April 6th and pays the top 3845 finishers, with the ultimate 1st place winner getting $1,000, 2nd place $500 and 3rd place $250………

This is a great way to get your Fantasy Baseball season started with a free bankroll on DraftKings.

Free $20 Ticket Details:

DraftKings is also offering all new depositors ($5 minimum) a free $20 contest ticket to either the $2.2 Million Dollar PGA Masters Millionaire Maker (1st place = $1Million Dollars) or the Opening Day $500K MLB SlugFest (1st place = $50K).

You’ll be issued your $20 golden ticket upon your deposit, just use it to join the contest of your choice.

These are by far the Best 2 Reasons ever, to join and get yourself ready for the 2015 MLB Daily Fantasy season.

Sign up today, this offer will expire at 1:05PM ET on April 6, 2015

Get your Free $20 Ticket and Free Roll entry on DraftKings Now.

$15K MLB Free Roll (over 3800 winners to be paid)

$15K Opening Day Free Roll

$500K Opening Day SlugFest (6050 winners to be paid)

$500K Opening Day Slugfest

MLB Draft Room on DraftKings

Free Roll Draft Room

PGA Millionaire Maker

PGA Millionaire Maker Fantasy Baseball is Back

$25K FREEBUY Tournament on Americas Cardroom

Americas Cardroom is offering over $71K in Free Buy-in Poker Tournaments this week………

Are you interested in playing in a Free Buy-In $6,000, $8,000, $12,000, $20,000 or $25,000 guaranteed poker tournament this week?

I’m sure you are…….

Americas Cardroom has introduced their Free Buy Tournaments this week. The first two were on Monday and Tuesday and paid out $1000 Guaranteed in each.

I saw an average of just over 3200 players in each of these FreeBuy’s on Monday and Tuesday, so every one seemed to know they were available and they proved to be extremely popular.

Now ACR has added more FREEBUY-IN tournaments this week for all to play.

These are $0 (FREE) Buy-in Poker Tournaments

Each has a 1000 chip stack to start, 10 minute blinds and give you opportunity to re-buy and add-on during play. You can play with just your initial stack or try to improve your chances with the R+A.

Re-buys get you 2500 chips and the add-on is a huge 10,000 chips and allow for 2 hours of late registration.

There is a limit of 6000 players in each, so register as soon as possible each day.

Giant-free tourneys don’t come along very often, so make sure you enter and play as many as you can.

Click Here to Join ACR Now

Wednesday, March 18  $6K GTD FreeBuy $3 Re-buy and Add-on

Thursday, March 19  2:30PM $8K GTD FreeBuy $6 R+A

Friday, March 20 2:30PM $12K GTD FreeBuy $10 R+A

Saturday, March 21 12:30PM $20K GTD FreeBuy $15 R+A

Sunday, March 22 12:30PM $25K FreeBuy $25 R+A

$25K FreeBuy Tournament

You don’t have to deposit or buy-in to play in them, so you really have nothing to lose………

These are in addition to the hourly $10 On-Demand Free Rolls and New Depositor Free Rolls held every week on Americas Cardroom.

You can deposit as little as $25 to start and still get a 100% bonus and entry into the depositor free rolls on ACR to improve your FREEBUY tournament chances.

$100K NFL Fantasy Free Roll on DraftKings

DraftKings is putting up a $100,000 Free Roll this Sunday……..

That’s right a Free $100,000 Fantasy FootballFantasy Football Cash Contest.

No restrictions, No Password, No deposit needed, everyone is invited………..

No other DFS would even think of making such an offer.

Just sign up here and you can draft your team today, what are you waiting for??????????

DraftKings is holding this Player Appreciation free roll to celebrate their players success and the fantastic response to the 2014 weekly fantasy football season on DraftKings.

I would guess there will be at least 100,000 players entered, figure on 170 points as enough to win some cash.

There will be 15K winners paid so on average about 1 player in 6 will win something.

Free Roll Details:

November 16, 2014  /  1PM ET Start time

Line-ups must be in at 12:55PM ET to play.

Completely Free Entry, a total of 15350 places will be paid out.

$10K to the winner, $1K to 2nd place, $500 to 3rd, top 10 win at least $100.

Almost 3000 finishers will win at least $10 and 1350 players win will $20.

All in all the Minimum win will be $2

Complete DraftKings Fantasy Football rules and scoring

Strategy for Stacking your DraftKings line ups

$100K Free Roll Lobby

If you’ve been looking for a reason to try DraftKings, I think this could be a really good reason, don’t you?

DraftKings has a complete lineup of weekly NFL Fantasy Contests every week.

Draft a NHL Team Now

Clash of Clans Free Rolls on Americas Cardroom

Clash of Clans or Online Poker? Americas Cardroom Asks ‘Why Not Both’ With 125,000 Gem Giveaway Through Poker Freerolls.

I am not much of a Clash of Clans player, I’m more Clash of Clans Poker Free Rollof a Crusher.

From what I see, 2500 gems are worth about $20. This makes these Free rolls payout about $100 on each (top 5 finishers get 2500 gems).

That’s $1000 in Clash of Clans gems guaranteed to be paid out on these ten free rolls and if you happen to finish in the top 5 of each free roll, you’ll get 25,000 gemstone bonus that’s worth $1000.

Here is the press release from ACR:

ACR San Jose, Costa Rica – July 22, 2014 – Building an epic empire in Clash of Clans is about to get a whole lot easier.

Leading online poker site Americas Cardroom today announced Clash of Clans Freerolls. From July 23rd through August 10th, online poker players are invited to take part in free online poker tournaments where the top 5 players in each event will earn 2,500 gems for the popular online game, Clash of Clans.

“We’re obviously huge fans of online poker, but around the office we make it a habit of making time for Clash of Clans,” stated Michael Harris, spokesperson for Americas Cardroom. “We know that with 32 million people in the US playing Clash of Clans, many of them are bound to be Americas Cardroom players. And we’re thrilled to welcome to the tables those Clash of Clans who haven’t yet discovered Americas Cardroom.”

The free online poker tournaments will take place on:

Wednesday, July 23rd at 7pm; Friday, July 25th at 2pm; Sunday, July 27th at 2am; Tuesday, July 29th at 2pm; Thursday, July 21st at 7pm; Saturday, August 2nd at 2am; Monday, August 4th at 7pm; Wednesday, August 6th at 2pm; Friday, August 8th at 2am; and Sunday, August 10th at 7pm, all times ET.

Each tournament will pay out the top 5 players with 2,500 gems apiece. Any player that manages to be in the top 5 on all 10 tournaments will walk away with 25,000 Clash of Clans Gems. The Gem is the official currency in Clash of Clans. Players can build villages, upgrade buildings, or increase a hero’s healing rate with a stockpile of gems.

Clash of Clans Freerolls aren’t the only free online poker tournaments available to players. New depositors are awarded a 100% Sign Up Bonus up to $1,000 and a seat in Americas Cardroom’s New Depositor Freeroll after they make their first deposit. There are also hourly $10 On-Demand Free rolls offered on Americas Cardroom

No purchase or deposit is needed, just sign-up here to play

More details on Clash of Clans Freerolls can be found at

About Americas Cardroom:
Americas Cardroom joined the Winning Poker Network in 2011. The Winning Poker Network has one of the longest and trusted online names in the industry and has been in existence since 2001. Americas Cardroom accepts players from most of the US market and the rest of the world. Rated first place for payment processing and cashout reliability repeatedly in 2012 and 2013, Americas Cardroom offers outstanding customer service and a friendly environment for all poker players around the world.

Fantasy Baseball Free Rolls on FanDuel

The Daily Play Fantasy Wars are starting to Heat-up,

FanDuel is offering Three Welcome Back Baseball Free Rolls this Friday July 18th.

#1 $3K MLB Welcome Back  Freeroll starts at 7PM ET Click here to play.

#2 $1K MLB Welcome Back Freeroll (200 paid) starts at 7PM ET Click here to play.

#3 $1K MLB Welcome Back Freeroll starts at 7PM ET Click here to play.

Play in one, two or all three free rolls, the choice is yours.

I think this could be the start of really great values for Fantasy players, the news of Draft Kings acquiring Draftstreet will be felt by all players.

I can see each of the Big DFS trying to outdo each other and we, the players will benefit from it.

The NFL season is just weeks away, why not start your Fantasy Journey with some free money to get you started.

Here’s your chance to Make some Money from a Fantasy…………

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