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Complete Guide to NHL Fantasy Hockey on DraftKings

Update: September 19, 2016

The NHL is gearing up for the 2016/17 season. Training camps will be starting soon with the first preseason games facing off on September 25, 2016.

The regular NHL season will begin on Wednesday October 12, 2016 with 4 games.

The first week of the regular season will also see October 13th with 7 games, October 14th with 3 games and have a full slate of games on Saturday, October 15th with 13 games scheduled.

NHL Fantasy Contests will be available on starting on Wednesday, Oct. 12th.

There will be a full range of daily fantasy hockey leagues and contests for real money during the 2015 NHL season to choose from on

These contests include daily Free Rolls, 25¢ $1, $2, $5, $10 and higher buy-ins.

There will be daily Cash Games including heads up, double-ups, triple-ups, 3, 5, 10, 20 player and larger leagues.

The selection of the Huge Guarantees will also be there, starting with buy-ins as low as 25c and $1, with the large prize pools you are used to seeing on DraftKings ranging into the Tens of Thousands of dollars to be awarded.

All, in addition to all the great NHL opening week and NHL season long contests and championship series that DraftKings is famous for.

DraftKings Hockey Scoring:

You build your team into a 9 Player roster,  You must use players from 3 different NHL Teams or your line up will not be allowed.

You will have a $50,000 Salary Cap. Player salaries will be updated weekly and will not change once the first contest on any week are posted.

Starting Line ups will consist of W, W, W, C, C, D, D, G and UTIL

W can be either a Left or Right Wing, UTIL= any skater W, C or D.

Skaters points:

Goal = 3 pts, Assist = 2 pts, SOG = .3pts, PM = .1pt, Short handed goal = 1pt, Shoot out goal = .2pt, Blocked shot = .5, Hat trick = 1.5pt bonus.

Goalie Points:

Win = 3pts, Save = .2pt, GA = -1, Shut out = 2pts

Any goals and assists scored will be counted for goalies.

A Shut out is entire game, OT and shoot out included.

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