The Fan Duel Sunday Million

FD Football

Each week of the NFL season you want to be a part of the Fan Duel Sunday Million.

You’ve heard about it every where, on TV, on the Radio and Online.

The Sunday Million is part of the $75 Million that Fan Duel will be paying out each week of the NFL season.

Sunday Million Details

  • Starts every NFL Sunday at 1PM ET
  • Includes all Sunday and Monday NFL games
  • Only a $25 entry
  • $5,000,000 in guaranteed payouts
  • You can enter multiple line-ups
  • 46,000 fantasy winners each week
  • 1st place finisher wins $1,000,000

Sunday Million Payouts

Sunday Million Payouts

Join the Sunday Million on Fan Duel, you’ll find it on the Main NFL Lobby

Sunday Million

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