Fantasy Golf On DraftKings

DraftKings Golf Scoring and Rules

DraftKings is the only Major Daily fantasy sit that offers fantasy Golf each week during the almost year long Golfing Season.

Contests range from 25¢ entries up to over $33 for their famous Fantasy Golf Millionaire Makers, held for each of the 4 majors played each year.

Line Ups:

You create a line up of 6 golfers for each 4 day tournament

Contest Start Times vary each week, so pay attention to day-one tee times. All golfers lock at the time the first golfer tees off on day 1 of an event.

You have a $50K salary cap for your 6 golfers (just over $8K avg per golfer). Individual Golfer salaries vary on past performance, current season trends and past tournament history.

Top Players have salaries in the $10 to $12K range, with plenty of solid options in the $7 to $9K range. Lessor known players are often in the $5 to $6K range which gives you a lot of options to create a solid line-up.

Individual Player Details are shown for each golfer on their player cards (just click their names), this includes avg. scores, cuts made, current news and notes about each player.

Be sure to check out the DraftKings PlayBook for expert insights and advice each week for the upcoming weeks tournaments.

Per Hole Scoring
Double Eagle (DBL EAG): +20 PTs
Eagle (EAG): +8 PTs
Birdie (BIR): +3 PTs
Par (PAR): +0.5 PTs
Bogey (BOG): -0.5 PTs
Double Bogey (DBL BOG): -1 PT
Worse than Double Bogey (WORSE DBL BOG): -1 PT

Tournament Finish Scoring
1st: 30 PTs
2nd: 20 PTs
3rd: 18 PTs
4th: 16 PTs
5th: 14 PTs
6th: 12 PTs
7th: 10 PTs
8th: 9 PTs
9th: 8 PTs
10th: 7 PTs
11th–15th: 6 PTs
16th–20th: 5 PTs
21st–25th: 4 PTs
26th–30th: 3 PTs
31st–40th: 2 PTs
41st-50th: 1 PTs

Streaks and Bonuses
Streak of 3 Birdies of Better (MAX 1 Per Round) (3+ BIR STRK): +3 PTs
Bogey Free Round (BOG FREE RD): +3 PTs
All 4 Rounds Under 70 Strokes (ALL 4 RDS UND 70): +5 PTs
Hole in One (HOLE IN ONE): +10 PTs

Scoring Notes:

Ties for a finishing position will not reduce or average down points. For example, if 2 golfers tie for 3rd place, each will receive the 18 fantasy points for the 3rd place finish result. Playoff Holes will not count towards final scoring, with the exception of the “finishing position” scoring. For example, the golfer who wins the tournament will receive the sole award of 1st place points, but will not accrue points for their scoring result in the individual playoff holes.

Player Lock Notes: All golfers lock at the time the first golfer tees off on day 1 of an event.

Join DraftKings Now for free entry to a $3 fantasy contest with any deposit of $5 or more. Remember, you can be playing Fantasy Golf today and cheering yourself to victory next Sunday afternoon.

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