ACR 100% Deposit Bonus

All first time Depositors will get a 100% Deposit Bonus up to $1000.

The Americas Cardroom Deposit Bonus Beats Americas Cardroomthe Competition……….

When you deposit any amount, ACR will match that amount completely upon your earning of Award Points.

Deposit $100, you can earn up to $100 in Bonus Cash, Deposit $500 you can earn up to $500 in Bonus Cash, any amount will be matched up to the $1000 limit.

Most other Poker Room Bonus Programs are a lot more restrictive than the Americas Cardroom Bonus program. All other Poker Rooms will require you to rake more (like $25 to $50) before you can start earning your bonus and they will also decide when to release your Bonus Money to you.

On ACR you are going to collect more of your Bonus than anywhere else on the internet.

On ACR, poker award points are earned at a rate of 5.5 points for every $1 paid in rake and fees.

ACR rakes cash games at  1% to 5% and uses a Weighted Contributed Rake Method, capped at $3  per ring game hand and has fees of up to 10% on tournament buy-ins which are used to calculate award points and the release of bonuses.

When you accumulate 27.5 points, $1 will be released into your player Bonus Cash Available pool (bonus account).

27.5 points equals $5 in rake or tournament fees, so you will be getting essentially a 20% rebate ($1) on every $5 in rake and fees paid during your Bonus period.

You will have 60 days from your first deposit to accumulate points to release your Bonus, so the more you play on ACR, the larger amount of your Bonus you will be able to collect.

To collect your Bonus, just go to the awards page while on ACR.

Go to the Bonus Progress Bar (Bonus Tab on the Rewards Page) and as soon as you have hit the minimum required 27.5 points, you will be able to redeem $1 of your Cash Bonus.

Hit 55 points ($10 Rake)=$2 Bonus, hit 110 points ($20 rake)=$4 Bonus, hit 220 points ($40 rake)=$8 Bonus, etc.

ACR is the only internet Poker Room that allows you to collect your Deposit Bonus at your leisure, instantly and in easy to acquire $1 increments.

All of your Bonus Cash will go into your Bonus Cash Available pool, just click “redeem” and the money will be added to your player account.

Bonus Payment Tab on ACR

Redeem your Bonus on ACR

Your Bonus Cash payments will continue until it matches your original deposit amount or the 60 days has elapsed.

Americas Cardroom also runs frequent Re-Load Bonus promotions.

These are featured prior to scheduled promotional events in order to give players who may want to “Top Off” their tanks prior to playing in series of tournaments, rake races and other events.

Re-load bonuses will be administered with the same basic ACR Bonus rules and conditions when offered.

$1000 Bonus offer on ACR

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