FanDuel Fantasy Baseball Scoring and Details

FanDuel Fantasy Baseball Scoring and Details

Fan Duel has updated their fantasy Baseball scoring for 2016. They have basically tripled the previous scoring points.

Winning scores will be basically 3x higher than your used to seeing on Fan Duel.

The points are balanced more evenly than some fantasy sites, so spending more on a starting pitcher on Fan Duel is a good play, however remember you have 8 position players that you need fantasy production from.

Salary Cap: You have a $35,000 salary cap to build your starting roster.

Starting Positions: P, C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF

Typical Player Salary Values:

The Top SP’s will fetch $10000 to $9600, C $3800 to $4100, 1B $4000 to $4300, 2B $3300 to $3600, 3B $3800 to $4100, SS $3400 to $3600, OF $4000 to $5000.

There are plenty of values in the $3000 to $3600 range for position players. It is always to your advantage to wait as long as possible (before games start) to make your line ups, players will have their batting order positions listed and non starters will be flagged making your line up choices a little easier.

Minimum player salary values are $2200 to $2500

Player Scoring

Hitters: 1B = 3 pts, 2B = 6 pts, 3B = 9 pts, HR = 12 pts, RBI = 3.5 pts, R = 3.2 pts, BB = 3 pts, SB = 6 pts, HBP = 3 pts.

Pitchers: W = 12 pts, ER = -3 pts, SO = 3 pts, IP = 3 pts*

* Fractional scoring 1 pt per out.

Winning Scores in 2016: To win a 10 team league, you’ll need a 140 to 180 point score, larger tournament size contests (1000 or more players) will need scores of 250 or more in order to compete for the top prizes and a 170 to 190 score will often win a smaller amount.

Fantasy Baseball Contests start at $1, $2, $3 entry fees and can range up to $100 or more.

Contest sizes 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, 100 player and larger tournaments with guaranteed prize pools.

Prize Pools are based on size/entry fee with many tournament size pools of $1K, $5K, $10K, $50K or more.

Visit FanDuel Today and get started……

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