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Fan Duel $50K Free Play on September 10, 2017

Fan Duel is holding a $50,000 GTD Week One NFL Free Play on Sunday September 10th………

17,800 players will win Cash or free entries into a week 2 contest.

Minimum prize is a $2 entry into a $100K GTD fantasy football contest on week 2.

This contest starts at 1PM ET on Sunday Sept. 10th.

NFL Games included in this Week One free play:

NYJ@BUF Sep 10, 1:00pm ET
OAK@TEN Sep 10, 1:00pm ET
ATL@CHI Sep 10, 1:00pm ET
PHI@WAS Sep 10, 1:00pm ET
TB@MIA Sep 10, 1:00pm ET
PIT@CLE Sep 10, 1:00pm ET
BAL@CIN Sep 10, 1:00pm ET
JAC@HOU Sep 10, 1:00pm ET
ARI@DET Sep 10, 1:00pm ET
IND@LA Sep 10, 4:05pm ET
CAR@SF Sep 10, 4:25pm ET
SEA@GB Sep 10, 4:25pm ET
NYG@DAL Sep 10, 8:30pm ET

Free Play DraftRoom

If you don’t finish in the top 17800 places on week one, you still win. You will be entered into a NFL Week 2 $10,000 Second Chance Free Play.

Week One Free Play Payouts

Anyone that doesn’t score a prize in the $50,000 NFL Kickoff Free Play will automatically get entry into the $10,000 Second Chance Free Play on 9/17.

Second Chance, Week Two Payouts

1st Place $100

2nd Place $75

3rd-4th Place $50

5th-10th Place $40

11th-20th Place $30

21st-35th Place $20

36th-55th Place $15

56th-95th Place $10

96th-155th Place $8

156th-255th Place $6

256th-755th Place $4

756th-1755th Place $2

1756th-4860tth Place $1

I have been playing around with some line up combinations and still haven’t decided on a final line up. Here is what I have right now, 2 weeks out from the week one kick off:

Fan Duel will also give you more, make any size deposit when you first sign up on Fan Duel and you’ll get a free entry into the NFL Sunday Million.

Sign up today for your free plays and start your road to making 2017 a winning Fantasy Season on Fan Duel……..


Week One Free Fantasy Football Contest on Fan Duel

The Big Ticket Free Entry presented by SeatGeek (Free to Play, Over $130K in prizes) on Fan Duel

Are you ready to compete for Over $130,000 and for a Super Bowl 51 trip? Fan Duel 5 Pack of Free PlaysNFL Regular season tickets, MLB tickets and free plays on Fan Duel?

Well, The NFL’s Week One, on Fan Duel is where you want to be…..

Just go to the Main NFL Contest lobby on Fan Duel and look for “The Big Ticket” presented by SeatGeek (Free to Play, Over $130K in prizes).

The Big Ticket Freeroll on Fan Duel is limited to New and Intermediate players only.

I am, for one, am not allowed to play on this contest. You must be a new player or have limited experience to play the BIG Ticket Free Entry Contest.

When you reach certain levels of play (experience) on Fan Duel, you will be blocked from New and Intermediate ONLY contests.

Fan Duel Blocked My Entry, I am considered too experienced

Play Resriction Notice

This Week One $130K Free Entry Contest starts at 1PM ET on Sunday September 11th and includes all Sunday and Monday Games on Week One.

Sunday/Monday Week One Games

Sunday and Monday NFL Games

The Payouts on “The Big Ticket” are very generous and will pay the top 50000 finishers

Big Ticket Free Roll Payouts

All New and Less Experienced players are welcome and it’s a great opportunity to get yourself accustomed to Fan Duel’s Weekly Fantasy Football without risking anything…….

Here is a line up I would have considered using……

Week One Fan Duel Tournament Line-up

If Fan Duel has your interest but your not sure about your line-up choices check out our Week One Line Up advice.

Join Fan Duel Now and get 5 Free entries to Fantasy Football “50/50” Contests with a deposit of $10 or more…

The First Huge NFL Fantasy Free Roll of 2016

DraftKings has scheduled a $10,000 NFL Preseason Free Roll

$10K Fantasy Football Free Roll

It starts on Friday August 26th which includes the 5 NFL Preseason games scheduled.

The Contest starts at 6:30 PM and will include these NFL Preseason games:

NE at CAR, BUF at WAS, PITT at NO, CLE at TB and GB at SF

You can reserve an entry right now, and the player listing with updated salaries will be available the week of the Free Roll.

You’ll be notified when you can draft your line up if you sign up early.

Prizes for the $10K Free Roll are as follows:

1st                   $100.00
2nd – 3rd          $75.00
4th – 5th           $50.00
6th – 7th         $40.00
8th – 10th      $30.00
11th – 20th     $25.00
21st – 30th     $20.00
31st – 50th     $15.00
51st – 100th     $10.00
101st – 200th     $8.00
201st – 300th     $7.00
301st – 500th     $6.00
501st – 700th     $5.00
701st – 1000th     $4.00
1001st – 2110th     $3.00

Join DraftKings Now, set your line up and get yourself ready for the 2016 NFL Fantasy Season.

Canadian Football anyone?

Fantasy Canadian Football on DraftKings

CFL Fantasy on DraftKings

DraftKings has launched a new marketing deal with the Canadian Football league (CFL) and now offers CFL Fantasy Contests starting on Thursday, June 23…….

To kick it all off, a $5000 free entry contest in upon the CFL contest lobby and is taking players as we speak.

CFL football is a little different from American Football, notably offenses only have 3 downs per possession to get the 10 yds for a  first down. This means more passing, more receptions and a lot faster play.

Join DraftKings for free and get started on the 2016 Fantasy Football Season.

The DK CFL fantasy rules are slightly different from the American rules, mostly the roster requirements and the fact that all return yards, (punt, kick-off) count a 1 point for every 20 yds gained.

Quarterbacks, fast receivers and return men have significantly more value in the CFL.

The NFL season starts with training camps at the end of July and with pre-season games in August. Now is the time for all of us true fantasy football fans to get their fantasy seasons started early with some high scoring CFL contests on DraftKings.

The Opening CFL Kick Off Free Roll runs from Thursday June 23rd thru Saturday June 25th and includes all scheduled CFL games this week.

There is also a full schedule of fantasy contests for the CFL, including Large Guaranteed contests, regular 10 team leagues, double ups, triple ups and contests that payout exclusive CFL team game tickets and team experiences.

$5000 Free Roll Draft Room

CFL Draft Room

Free Roll Payouts

CFL Free Roll Payouts

DraftKings CFL Rules and Scoring:

Rosters will consist of 7 players and must include players from at least 2 different CFL teams, and representing at least 2 different Football games.

You have a $50,000 Salary Cap

The 7 roster positions are: QB, RB, WR1, WR2, FLEX (RB/WR), FLEX (RB/WR) and DST.

    Offensive players will accumulate points as follows:
Passing TD = +4PTs
25 Passing Yards = +1PT (+0.04PT/ per yard is awarded)
300+ Yard Passing Game = +3PTs
Interception = -1PT
10 Rushing Yards = +1PT (+0.1PT per yard is awarded)
Rushing TD = +6PTs
100+ Yard Rushing Game = +3PTs
10 Receiving Yards = +1PT (+0.1PT per yard is awarded)
Reception = +1PT
Receiving TD = +6PTs
100+ Yard Receiving Game = +3PTs
Punt/Kickoff/FG Return for TD = +6PTs
20 Punt/Kickoff/FG Return Yards = +1PT (+0.05PT per yard is awarded)
Fumble Lost = -1PT
2 Point Conversion (Pass, Run, or Catch) = +2PTs

Defense/Special Teams will accumulate points as follows:
Sack = +1PT
Interception = +2PTs
Fumble Recovery = +2PTs
Rouge Scored = +1PTs
Kickoff Return TD = +6PTs
Punt Return TD = +6PTs
FG Return TD = +6PTs
Interception Return TD = +6PTs
Fumble Recovery TD = +6PTs
Blocked Punt or FG TD = +6PTs
Safety = +2PTs
0 Points Allowed = +10PTs
1-6 Points Allowed = +7PTs
7-13 Points Allowed = +4PTs
14-20 Points Allowed = +1PT
21-27 Points Allowed = 0PTs
28-34 Points Allowed = -1PT
35+ Points Allowed = -4PTs

The following scoring plays will result in Points Allowed (PA) by your Defense/Special Teams (DST):
Rushing TDs, Passing TDs, Punt Return TDs, Kick Return TDs, FG Return TDs and Blocked Punt/FG TDs
2pt conversions
*Note: Points Allowed (PA) only includes points surrendered while DST is on the field – doesn’t include points given up by team’s offense (i.e. points off offensive turnovers). 2 point conversion returns are not included. Offensive fumble recovery touchdowns are also not included.

Get started now on DraftKings and let’s play some Football

DraftKings Rolls out the Free Contest Arcade

Free Fantasy Contest Arcade

Draftkings introduced the FREE CONTEST ARCADE to all their existing players via E-mail on Thursday June 16th. The First Free Contest was a MLB $1000 Contest on Thursday evening. The top 195 of the 3566 entries shared the $1000 prize pool with $100 going to the first place winner.

Editors Note: DraftKings added a NFL Week Two $100K GTD Fantasy Football Free Contest that pays 37400 winners……….More NFL Free Contests on DraftKings

Enter the Week 2 NFL Contest for Free right Now….

Look for more NFL Fantasy Contests every week on DraftKings

DraftKings will be rolling out more Free Contests Every Day and week, just go to the Contest Lobby/Featured on DraftKings.com and look for the “Free Contest Arcade” under the contest name tab. All Sports are included and there is always a completely Free Contest waiting for you join on DraftKings.

Here is a quick list of free contests already scheduled, including these sports: MLB, MMA, Euros soccer, PGA and LOL

  • Free Entry 2016 MLB World Series Trip ($2300 value), Friday 6/17 7:05PM ET
  • $1000 Free Entry MLB Contest, Friday 6/17, 7:05PM ET
  • $500 MMA Free Contest, Saturday 6/18, 6:45PM ET
  • Euros DK T-shirt Giveaway, Monday 6/20. 3PM ET
  • MLB DK T-shirt Giveaway, Monday 6/20, 7:05 and 8:05PM ET
  • PGA $500 Free Contest, Thursday 6/23, 6AM ET
  • Euros $250 Free Contest, Thursday 6/23, 12AM ET
  • NA LCS $100 Week End Special, Sunday 6/19, 3PM ET
  • Euros $250 Free Contest, Wednesday 6/22, 12PM

All of these free contests are up in the lobby and ready for you to draft a team or you can reserve your spot now for the contests scheduled later in the month.

This is the perfect chance for you get some valuable experience researching/drafting different sports you’d never ordinarily play and maybe you’ll find yourself winning some great prizes and maybe starting yourself on a new fantasy career….

DraftKings also announced a new Bi-Monthly $1000 Depositor Free Roll program on Thursday.

Starting immediately if you:

Make a deposit between the 1st to the 14th of the month:
You get Entry to Free $1K contest on the 15th of that month…..

Make a deposit from the 15th to the last day of the month:
You get Entry to Free $1K contest on the 1st of the next month.

As soon as you make the deposit you’ll get a ticket credited to your account and you can use it to enter the next Free $1K contest you qualified for.

As always, whenever you Join DraftKings and make any deposit, you get a ticket to play your first real  money contest for free.



June MLB Free Rolls on Fan Duel

Fan Duel has two nightly Free to Enter MLB Fantasy contests every night during the month of June

Fan Duel is running plenty of special Free Entry Fantasy Baseball Contests during the entire month of June.

That’s right, In addition to their regular MLB fantasy contest schedule, Fan Duel has added nightly free rolls that will wrap up the month with a couple of great “Qualifier Only” Final’s with chances for you to win some really great prizes.

Nightly Road to All Star Game Qualifier – Presented By SeatGeek (Free to Play).

These nightly contests  pay the following:

1st place wins entry into the July 7, 2016 All-Star final
2nd   $50 in Seat Geek Tickets
3rd   $25 in Seat Geek Tickets
4th – 10th in $20 Seat Geek Tickets
11th – 15th $5
16th – 25th $4
26th – 35th $3
36th – 60th $2
61st – 150th $1

All 30 nightly 1st place finishers will meet on the July 7th All Star Final.

Prizes for the All Star Final (every finalist will win)

1st and 2nd Trip for 2 to the 2016 MLB All Star Game in San Diego

3rd to 5th $200 in Seat Geek Tickets

6th to 10th $100 in Seat Geek Tickets

11th to 20th $75 in Seat Geek Tickets

21st to 30th $50 in Seat Geek Tickets

Trip winners will receive 2 tickets to the HR Derby and All Star Game, Trip for 2 to San Diego including Hotel and travel/Air Fare

Complete rules and details are available on Fan Duel.com

Fan Duel Fantasy Baseball Scoring / Get started for Free on Fan Duel

The other nightly June Free to enter contest:

Summer Free-For-All Qualifier (Free to Play)

Each night the top 100 finishers will win a Ticket to Summer-Free-For-all Final on June 27th.

You can play every night and accumulate as many entries for the final as you can.

The Final On June 27, 2016 will pay out the following:

1st    $300
2nd    $150
3rd    $125
4th    $100
5th    $80
6th    $70
7th    $60
8th    $50
9th – 12th    $40
13th – 18th    $30
19th – 30th    $25
31st – 45th    $20
46th – 60th    $15
61st – 100th    $10

Fan Duel Fantasy Baseball Scoring / Get started for Free on Fan Duel


Fan Duel $100 Fantasy Baseball Free Roll

Fan Duel has added a Daily $100 Free Roll to their Daily MLB Fantasy schedule.

Yes, there will be a lot of players involved.

Yes it will be hard to win but it is a Free Game.

You have nothing to lose and it will give everyone a chance to to try out their fantasy baseball knowledge and who knows, maybe you are the one talented enough to win a couple of bucks here or there and start yourself on a summer long fantasy baseball ride………………….

Look for this contest on the Daily Main MLB Contest Slate (7PM ET Start):

Look for $100 MLB Daily free play on MLB lobby

Daily $100 Free Roll Payouts

$100 Fan Duel MLB Free Roll

Here is a suggested line up for the Monday May 16, 2016 Main slate MLB $100 Free Roll on Fan Duel……..

Updated Free Roll Line Up the BOS at KC game has been Cancelled:

Updated Monday Free Roll Line up

This is why you wait until as close to game time as possible, the BOS at KC game was cancelled at 6:45PM ET on Monday night, If I had put in a line up earlier and not followed up, I would have not had a SP and 1B  in my line up and no chance of winning anything…….

My original Monday night line-up

Free Roll Line Up

Now I know your asking why did I choose these particular players?

First off, I waited until most of the Monday line ups were posted, usually by 4 or 5PM every afternoon, the evening lineups are available on Fan Duel.com player listing for that nights schedule.

I make it particularly important to choose players who are in today’s line up. I made sure as many as possible were batting in the top 4 or 5 on each teams batting order (more at bats = more hitting chances).

I always select my starting pitcher on a team I think will win and has a chance to accumulate as many strikeouts as possible.

Those are the simple secrets to making a winning daily fantasy baseball line up………..

Play Fantasy Baseball tonight on Fan Duel for free……………

Free $10,000 Fantasy Baseball Contest on DraftKings

DraftKings is holding the Mobile Strike $10,000 Free Roll on Wednesday, April 13th starting at 7:05PM ET.

Everyone can play this one (no deposit needed), just click the promotions tab on the DraftKings main lobby to direct you to the Mobile Strike $10,000 Baseball Contest sign-up page.

  • Play for FREE in the Free 10K Fantasy Baseball contest
  • Draft 10 MLB players from the 12 MLB games on Wednesday, April 13th
  • Play for your share of $10,000
  • Download the Mobile Strike App for FREE
  • Text “STRIKE” to GAMEON (426366)


The player listing will not be available until late Tuesday night or early on Wednesday morning, but you can reserve your spot as we speak.

All 12 MLB games scheduled for that evening, starting at 7:05PM ET are included in this contest.

The 2335 top finishers will win, with $1000 going to 1st place.

Payout List

1st     $1,000.00
2nd     $500.00
3rd     $300.00
4th     $250.00
5th     $200.00
6th     $150.00
7th – 8th     $100.00
9th – 10th     $50.00
11th – 15th     $40.00
16th – 20th     $30.00
21st – 30th     $20.00
31st – 40th     $15.00
41st – 50th     $10.00
51st – 65th     $8.00
66th – 100th     $6.00
101st – 300th     $5.00
301st – 600th     $4.00
601st – 1100th     $3.00
1101st – 2335th     $2.00

DraftKings Baseball ScoringJoin DraftKings Now

$20K Tuesday MLB Free Roll on Fan Duel

$20K MLB Free Roll tonight on Fan Duel

Fan Duel is holding a $20,000 Free Roll for the first full evening slate of 10 MLB night games.

It starts tonight at 7:05 PM ET. Over 6900 players will win cash. If your not familiar with fantasy baseball on Fan Duel, we explain all the scoring and strategies HERE……

Join Fan Duel Now to get your line up in, no deposit is needed to play and watch your all your favorite players tonight!

Be sure to check out the Fan Duel Insider to get some free MLB line up advice and make your line up the best it can be…..

$20K Fan Duel MLB Free Roll

Here is how the 6987 payouts will be paid

Free Roll Payouts

I’ll be there, look for me USALegal……………………….


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