Free Fantasy Football on DraftKings

Everyone wants something for nothing, how about Free Fantasy Football………

Well, DraftKings offers free fantasy football for everyone who may want to try Daily Fantasy before committing any of their hard earned money.

DraftKings introduced their Free Contest Arcade back in June and and have since built it up to a daily happening.

Now that Fantasy Football is what every football fan is talking about, DraftKings has added numerous Free Contests for everyone to play.

It’s true there isn’t a way to become rich by playing Free Contests. But, it gives everyone a chance to start building a nice bankroll to start playing for some real money. I always enter every free contest I can find and use any winnings to supplement my daily play.

Look at this line up of Free Contests that are available for Week 2 of the NFL season.


NOTE: The $100,000 Contest is a Week Two Special Contest and won’t run every week.

The $1000 Bi-monthly Depositor contest is for players who deposited at least $5 in the last 2 weeks.

New Depositors also get a Free $3 contest ticket to play any $3 contest of their choice.

Not showing on that lobby shot is the $500 Free Contest that starts on that weeks Thursday Night Game and  everyone can play. The $500 contest includes all NFL games Thur-Mon that week and pays out cash to the top 128 finishers.

$500 Contest Payouts

1st     $50.00
2nd     $30.00
3rd     $25.00
4th     $20.00
5th     $15.00
6th     $10.00
7th – 10th     $8.00
11th – 20th     $6.00
21st – 35th     $5.00
36th – 50th     $4.00
51st – 65th     $3.00
66th – 80th     $2.00
81st – 128th     $1.00

All the $250 Free Contests are there for everyone to play. There is one scheduled for each slate of games offered on DraftKings each week. The $250 Free Contests have a limit of one entry per player. Pays out cash to the top 82 finishers. Start Times depend on game slate.

$250 Contest Payouts

1st     $25.00
2nd     $20.00
3rd     $15.00
4th     $10.00
5th     $8.00
6th – 10th     $6.00
11th – 20th     $4.00
21st – 30th     $3.00
31st – 50th     $2.00
51st – 82nd     $1.00

Go to DraftKings now and Draft a Free Contest Lineup Today…….

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