DraftKings Fantasy Football, The “Always” Rules

There are many Basic Strategies you can use to win your Fantasy Football leagues on DraftKings.

I like to call them the “ALWAYS” Rules.

If you always keep these basic rules in mind when setting your NFL fantasy football line-ups on Draftkings.

You will be setting better line-ups, setting them more consistently and competing for more prize money than most other fantasy players on DraftKings.com.

Most average fantasy players, just pick player names and fill in Salary Dollars, while using no rhyme or reasoning in their line up selections. Don’t be an average player, Always be the Best……..

Of course to start the weekly process, you’ll always need to look at that weeks fantasy player rankings and match ups by an Expert Fantasy Source. This will help you target players in an intelligent manner that you’ll select for your weekly roster.

Always try to use the same 2 or 3 Expert Fantasy Information Sources like The DraftKings Playbook, CBSSports, RotoWire, Fantasy Pros, etc. If you use more than 2 or 3 sources, you will be basically reading the same basic info over and over again and wasting time that you could be using to create your winning line ups.

Always use the following stats to help choose your players: QB’s completion percentage, RB’s total touches/looks (Rush att. plus Rec. looks), WR and TE total “looks”.

Always make your DK player selections keying in on the games with the highest Vegas “Game Overs” each week for your skill position players.

Always pick the favored DST on the games with the lowest Vegas Over lines. Stacking a RB with the DST on a strong Defensive play that week, is neat way to add value to your line ups.

Always lean on spending a little more on receivers on DraftKings.com for their added points per reception value.

Always lean to using a WR or TE on your FLEX position for the their added PPR value.

Always try to stack a QB/WR or a QB/RB/WR combination from heavily favored NFL teams, to maximize their scoring potential on large tournament size contests.

Always use the “safest plays” (most consistent point scorers) for smaller cash contests like the 50/50’s, Triple up’s, HTH’s, 3 player, 5 player and 10 player leagues on DraftKings. This means avoiding Sleeper Picks on these contest types and only going with established NFL players who get consistent looks and touches on a regular weekly basis.

Always be aware of every players injury status, if he doesn’t play he won’t score you any points.

Always key on selecting the inexpensive back-ups when a teams starting QB, RB, or WR is out injured on any NFL team.

Always try to keep your player salaries within these average ranges: QB $7300, RB (2X) $5500, WR (3X) $5800, TE $5100, FLEX $5700 and DST $3100.  You’ll never be able to have an exact average salary per position, just try to keep it around these average numbers and as close as possible…….Average means you should use about $11K total for your 2 RB’s and about $17.5K total for your 3 WR’s. Of course, if you can save enough Cap space on your other positions, these averages can increase dramatically.

Always pay attention to the OPRK on the DraftKings player listings (Opponent Defensive Rank vs position), Green is very good match up, white is an average match up and red is a bad match up.

Always start building your line ups from the bottom up. Start with the lowest Salary positions like a your chosen Sleeper play, TE and DST. This will open up your choices for the important skill positions like QB’s, WR’s and RB’s.  You’ll have more salary space at that time and will be able to select the more elite players for your line ups.

Always select your Flex position last, you’ll have a larger selection of players at a wider variety of Salary amounts to fill your roster.

Always stick to your initial thought process you used on the line ups you have already set up. Don’t make any irrational lineup changes based on something someone just said on TV. Of course, if something comes up like a late injury report on one of your players then changes make sense. Just don’t overload yourself with last minute line up doubts while watching the Sunday Pregame shows or Fantasy shows on Sunday mornings. You’ll just drive yourself crazy and will most likely change a winning line up into a loser……

Always consider varying your line ups when you enter a contest multiple times.  Stick with your basic lineup strengths and change to a different 2nd RB, 3rd WR, TE and Flex spot while keeping your best plays intact. For example, If you have a Roethsliberger, Bell and Brown stack going against Jacksonville, that’s a can’t miss combo, shift around a couple of your other positions to hedge your bets.

Always try to join the “Late Games Contests” and the “Primetime Games Contests” on DraftKings. These will offer fewer actual NFL games that you can choose players from, these are a lot easier to build quality (fewer players to chose) line ups on and can make you more competitive.

Always Stack a QB/WR or QB/RB/WR combination for the best teams on the previously mentioned Late Game and Primetime  contests. You can easily enter and up set multiple line ups on those contests, taking advantage of each teams strengths, using those stacks on each entry.

Always use a Money Management system and never use more than 4 or 5% of your total DraftKings bankroll on any one Fantasy Contest. Never put everything you have on One Contest.

DraftKings.com will give you Free entry to a Weekly Fantasy Football Contest when you deposit and start on Draftkings.com today.



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