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NHL Fantasy Hockey scoring on Fan Duel

Updated on Sept. 20, 2015

2015 NHL Training camps are underway, the first preseason games start on September 20th.

The NHL will face off it’s regular season on Wednesday October 7, 2015. With the first full slate of 14 games on Saturday, Oct. 10th

Fan Duel will have a complete schedule of Daily NHL Fantasy Contests for the 2015/16 NHL season, starting on October 7, 2015.

Fan Duel uses a Salary Cap format for all their NHL Fantasy contests and leagues.

You make a line up of 9 players, consisting of LW, LW, RW, RW, C, C, D, D and Goaltender using a salary cap of $55,000.

You must use players from at least 3 different NHL Games and you must have players from 4 different NHL teams, for your line up to be eligible for play.

Your 9 man roster will  have a salary average of around $6100 per player.

Top goaltenders will command $9K to $10K in salary, Top Skaters (Wings, Centers, Defense) will average $7K to $9K in salary.

Minimum player salary is $3K. Player salaries will be updated weekly, thru-out the season as their performance dictates.

Scoring: Forwards / Defensemen:

Goals = 3 pts
Assists = 2 pts
Plus-minus = 1 pt (-1)
Penalty minutes = 0.25 pts
Power play goals = 0.5 pts
Power play assists = 0.5 pts
Shots on goal = 0.4 pts

Scoring: Goalies

W = 3 pts
SO = 2 pts
SV = 0.2 pts
G = -1pt

Fan Duel NHL Draft Page

  • The Draft page will have all applicable NHL games listed for you to choose your roster.
  • Click a NHL game and you’ll see all players available for that game.
  • Click a players name for all his latest news, injury status and stats.

NHL Draft Page on Fan Duel
The Fan Duel Fantasy Hockey Schedule will include all their popular formats (guaranteed, double ups, triple-ups, satellites, etc.) and numerous special events (like the $10K NHL Slap Shot) for all the fans who specialize in Fantasy Hockey play.

  • Over 1000 Fantasy Leagues and Contests Nightly
  • League buy-ins starting at $1, $2, $5 and up to $535
  • League sizes of 2, 3, 5, 10 players and larger tournament formats
  • Real Time scoring online and on the Fan Duel Mobile App.
  • Create Custom leagues for you and your hockey buddies.
  • Fan Duel uses a standard NHL fantasy scoring system, no hidden stats or rules to contend with.You make up a new team from all active players every night. No injuries, suspensions or disappointing player performances to worry about.
  • There is no season long commitment, you can play when you want to, not because you have to.

Check Out Fan Duel Now and start your NHL season right…..


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