Jackpot Poker on ACR

JPPoker on ACR

Jackpot Poker Sit’n’go’s

Do you want to play a Real, 3 handed Poker Sit and Go, with the chance of winning a huge Cash Jackpot just like you can on Video Poker?

You can on Americas Cardroom…..

I first heard about Jackpot Poker! about 3 weeks ago, I have been waiting to see exactly how Americas Cardroom (ACR) would present this Poker variation to their players before outlining all the details and giving it my review here on Online Poker Update.

ACR shut down their entire poker room for a few hours on Tuesday morning, April 14th to add this variation of Sit’n’Go (Spin and Go) to their extensive line of Poker Games exclusively available to U.S. players.

I finally had a chance to play a few Jackpot games on Wednesday and have decided what I think:

I can Highly Recommend for you to try their all new Jackpot Poker games……..

Jackpot Poker is a 3 handed, hyper turbo (3 min. blinds) sit and go that has a random draw for the total prize pool at each table.

Update: At least 2 – $5,000 jackpots have been played for since Tuesday, wasn’t me, but OMG wouldn’t that be a cool experience?

$5K Jackpot table

To find the Jackpot tables, just go on the ACR main lobby, just choose the Jackpots tab and you’ll go to this screen,

Jackpot Lobby

You currently have a choice of two buy-ins, $2 and $10, you can play multiple games (up to 10) or just one at a time. ACR is planning on adding additional buy-ins for their Jackpot Poker tables at a later date.

Update: ACR has added $40 buy-in Jack Pot Poker SNG’s that will pay up to $100,000 per table ($40K to the winner)……

Play Multiple Jackpot Tables

Once you choose the buy-in, the wait is usually less than 10 seconds and then you are seated.

After every one is seated at the table, the table layout will flash through all the available jackpot payouts before the first hand is dealt and then slow down to a stop to show the total payout for that game.

Jackpot TablePossible Table/Jackpot payouts are 2500X, 200X, 100X, 20X, 8X, 6X, 4X And 2X the buy-in.

Payout Frequency is shown on this graphic

Prize Distribution

Your $2 buy-in is distributed as $1.88 to JP pool and 12c in rake, a $10 buy-in adds $9.40 to the JP pool and 60c in rake. All jackpot payouts will come from the jackpot pool.

Payouts of up to 20X are paid as winner take all at that table.

When the 100X, 200X and 2500X payouts hit, the software will give all three players at that table a payout deal option.

The first option is 1st place 75%, 2nd place 15% and 3rd place 10%. This is the default payout option and will be the payouts if the second deal option is not agreed to.

A second option is also offered (in which all 3 players must agree to), it is 40% for 1st and 30% for the 2nd and 3rd place finishers.

This means, when you are at a table that spins a larger payout, everyone sitting at that table is guaranteed a nice payout. Whether you win the SNG or not.

The first 5 times I played Jackpot Poker (all $2 buy-ins) on Wednesday I won 4 of them, two paid $4 and two paid $8.

I was surprised at the fact that the $8 (4X) payout came up as often as it did. I was also lucky enough to spin a $16 (8X) table, unfortunately I didn’t win that one……..

My first $4 win took about 40 minutes, all the others were done in less that 20 minutes.

These games all play very quickly (average about 10 minutes) and have all the excitement of a short-handed, NLHE, sit and go and the thrill of hitting a huge jackpot on a video poker machine.

The player reaction has been outstanding, with many new players joining ACR since the roll-out on Tuesday. The popularity has been so good in fact, that ACR added a $40 buy-in just a couple of days after their introduction of these Spin and Go’s.

Visit ACR Now for a 100% Deposit Bonus and give the Jackpot Poker! Tables a spin.


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