FanDuel Fantasy Football Scoring and Details

Fan Fantasy Football Scoring

FD Football

FanDuel uses a Standard Fantasy Football Scoring system and a Salary Cap Format for all their NFL fantasy contests.

Each individual player has a set salary. These salaries will vary week by week as the player values increase and decrease as the season unfolds.

Once the first NFL contests are posted on any week, the salaries posted will stay the same, even if players are ruled out and their back ups value greatly increases.

Fan Duel uses STATS, Rotowire and the FSTA for scoring stats, player news, player rankings and salary cap updates.

NFL Lobby

NFL Contest Lobby

Player Values

Top QB and RB salaries are in the $9400 to $10,000 range, Top WR’s $8000 to $8500, Top TE’s $$7300 to $7600, Kickers and Defenses average about $5200 (min.$5000).

Minimum values for all position players range from $3000 to $3500

Player salaries are not out of line, you can field a very good team with the standard $60K Cap.

Your 9 man starting roster will have a average player salary of $6667.

Check out the results of a $1,500,000 Sunday Million to see a winning line up.

The secret to winning Salary Cap Contests is to take advantage of weekly NFL game match-ups, player grudges and 2nd or 3rd string players taking advantage of starter injuries and performance issues.

Using the Draft Room on Fan Duel makes drafting your team easy.

You’ll get all the current inside information on everyPlayer news player just by clicking their name on the salary listing. Injuries and New Player News are indicated next to their name..

Player Information includes a Quick Stat Summary, Injury Report, Game Log and all the latest news about that player.

All the NFL games that will be used for scoring in the contest are listed at the top of the Draft page.

Weekly NFL Game List

Just click a game and you’ll see all the available players (filtered by position if you wish) in that game. This feature makes stacking your line-up on a specific game or team easy.

Once you complete a draft, your team or teams will be saved and then can be imported to any other leagues or contests you want to enter.  Just click the blue IMPORT at bottom of your Player Roster when drafting for another league, all your teams will show and just pick the one you want to use again.

You’ll also get access to the Fan Duel Insider (link is on the Main lobby or bottom of Draft Page), this offers weekly player rankings, insights and highlights of the happening on Fan Duel.

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Fan Duel Fantasy Football Draft Room

Fan Duel Draft Room

Fan Duel NFL Fantasy Scoring and Line Ups

Player positions used: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, K, DEF

  • Fractional points are awarded and key for close league standings.
  • The 1/2 point for receptions is huge, keep this in mind when drafting Running Backs and even possession receivers have a little more value.
  • Also there are no negative points for missed FG’s and extra points by Kickers, you can basically use any kicker, they can’t hurt you.
  • Fan Duel limits you to 4 players from any one NFL team on any one team you draft. Ineligible lineups will show a error message and not be entered.
  • This still works out for you to Stack a strong Lineup with a QB and any 3 skill positions, RB’s, WR’s or TE’s from any one NFL team.
  • Once you set that perfect line up, you can import that same line up to other contests with just a click of a button.

Offensive Scoring:
Rushing yards made = 0.1pts  (1pt per 10 yds)
Rushing touchdowns = 6pts
Passing yards = 0.04pts  (1pt per 25 yds)
Passing touchdowns = 4pts
Interceptions = -1pt
Receiving yards = 0.1pts
Receiving touchdowns = 6pts
Receptions = 0.5pts
Kick-return touchdowns = 6pts
Punt-return touchdowns = 6pts
Fumbles lost = -2pts
Own fumbles recovered touchdowns = 6pts
Two-point conversions scored = 2pts
Two-point conversion passes = 2pts
Field-goals from 0-19 yards = 3pts
Field-goals from 20-29 yards = 3pts
Field-goals from 30-39 yards = 3pts
Field-goals from 40-49 yards = 4pts
Field-goals from 50+ yards = 5pts
Extra-point conversions = 1pt

Defensive Scoring:
Sacks = 1pt
Opponent-fumbles recovered = 2pts
Return touchdowns = 6pts
Fumble return touchdowns = 6pts
Safeties = 2pts
Blocked kicks = 2pts
Interceptions = 2pts
0 points allowed = 10pts
1-6 points allowed = 7pts
7-13 points allowed = 4pts
14-20 points allowed = 1pt
28-34 points allowed = -1pt
35+ points allowed = -4pts

Note: For purposes of FanDuel defensive scoring, points allowed are calculated as: 6*(Rushing TD+Receiving TD + Fumble TD ) + 2*(Two point conversions) + Extra points + 3*(Field Goals)

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