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Americas Cardroom OSS CUB3D With $4.5 Million GTD!

Americas Cardroom has scheduled their largest Online Poker Series Ever….OSSCUB3D

That means Three Online Super Series running in a row…..MOSS, OSS and BOSS. Starting on August 14th and running through Sept. 11th.

In total, there will be 141 OSSCUB3D events over the entire 25 day Series with $4.5M in Guaranteed prize pools.

The first leg of the this triathlon of poker series is MOSS

MOSS is the Mini Online Series version, with buy-ins starting at 6¢, 11¢, 28¢ and up to $88 for a $150K GTD. Most entries are in the $1.10 to $5.50 buy-in range. MOSS will run from August 14 to August 21st with 47 events planned. That’s an average of 6 per day.

Top MOSS Events include: $11 / $12.5K, $22 / $40K, $55/$75K and the huge $88/$150K.

MOSS Formats include: 6 max, Knock-outs, R/A’s, 4 max, NLO8, PLO, Mega stacks, Turbos and PLO8.

MOSS Satellites are scheduled and the entire MOSS schedule is available now on the Special Tournament Tab.

ACR Special Tournament Lobby MOSScubed

MOSS Event Schedule

The second leg  of OSSCUB3D will be OSS

OSS will run from August 24th to Sept. 4th with buy-ins starting at $1.10, $2.20, $3.30 and higher. Most OSS events will be in the $11 buy-in range. In total there are 77 OSS events scheduled over 12 days with an average of 6 events daily.

OSS Formats include: 6 max, Knock-outs, R/A’s, 4 max, NLO8, PLO, Mega Stacks, Turbos, Super Knock-outs and PLO8.

Highlighted events include: $55/$25K, $82.50/$45K, $109/$100K, $160/$30K, $320/$300K and

The Main Event of OSS, The $540 buy-in, $1,000,000 GTD tournament on Sept. 4th starting at 4PM ET.

ACR New Player Welcome Package

The last leg of OSSCUB3ED is BOSS

BOSS is the Bigger Online Super Series. Running from Sept. 7th to Sept.11th, BOSS is the High Roller Leg. Tournament Buy-ins start at $109 and range up to $2100. There will also be a Special CAGE Match on Wednesday Sept 7th with a buy-in of $5100.

In total, there will be 17 BOSS tournaments spread out over 5 days.

Tournament Formats for BOSS will include: NLHE, PLO, PLO8, 6max, Super Knock-out and R/A tournaments.

Tournament Guarantees include: $215/$40K, $150/$60K, several $100K’s, $215/ $200k and the main event which will be held on Sept 11th at 4PM ET with a $500K GTD with a $2100 buy-in.

As always, ACR will set you up in style with a 100% up to $1000 Deposit Bonus, New Depositor Free Rolls and up to 20 days of free JackPot Poker play. Check out ACR Today and get ready for the biggest Poker Tournament Series ever on Americas Cardroom.

Bovada’s Wild Wednesday July 6, 2016

July 6, 2016 “Wild Wednesday” on Bovada Poker

I was playing on Bovada.lv today and found this one day Poker Tournament Series posted on their main tournament lobby.

Wild Wednesday has 12 special Poker Tournaments scheduled on Bovada. $266,000 in guaranteed prize pools and one full day of exciting online tournament poker action (all in addition to the regularly scheduled tournaments).

Wild Wednesday Lobby

There were several Wild Wednesday satellites (starting as low as 77¢ and $1.10 buy-ins) posted and the actual Wild Wednesday tournaments posted on the main tournament lobby.

After some investigation I found and noted the details of the schedule of Events for Wild Wednesday, July 6, 2016.

This schedule is tentative, Bovada hasn’t produced any promotional material for these Wild Wednesday Poker Tournaments just yet……

Join Bovada.lv for free today and start playing

I hope, I don’t get in trouble for promoting this too soon, but I have detailed each of the tournaments details and have them listed below……….

Wild Wednesday (July 6th only) Special Tournament Schedule:

Almost all Tournaments are No Limit Hold-em (except Event #4)

Event 1 3:04 PM ET, $10K GTD, $22 Entry, 10K stack /15 minute blinds

Event 2 4:04PM ET, $8K GTD, $82 entry, 50/50 payout, top half of finishers will win 1.5X the buy-in, top ten (final table) win larger prizes.

Event 3 5:04PM ET, $10K GTD, 10K Stack /12 minute blinds, 15% of field wins cash.

Event 4 6:04 PM ET, $12K GTD, $55 entry, The only Omaha event, 20 minute blinds / 7500 stack, 15% of field wins cash.

Event 5 7:04PM ET $35K GTD, $109 entry, 10K Stack/12 minute blinds, 15% of field wins cash

Mini Main Event 7:34PM ET, $33 entry, $30K GTD, 12K stack /12 minute blinds, 15% of field wins cash.

Main Event 8:04PM ET, $270 entry, $100K GTD, 12K Stack /12 minute blinds, 15% of field wins cash

Event 6 8:34PM ET, $15K GTD, $44 entry, 6 max, 10K stack/12 minute blinds.

Event 7 9:04PM ET, $4K GTD, $7.70 entry, 10K stack / 12 minute blinds, 15% of field wins cash

Event 8 9:34PM ET, $20K GTD, $135 entry, $25 Bounty on each player, 10K stack / 12 minute blinds, 15% of the field wins cash

Event 9 10:34PM ET, $2K GTD, $5.50 entry, 10K Stack / 6 minute turbo blinds, 15% of field wins cash.

Event 10 11:04PM ET, $20K GTD, $60 entry, 50K stack / 3 minute ultra turbo blinds, 15% of field wins cash.

Since this Tournament Series has not been announced by bovada.lv on the web, there may be some scheduling or format changes to what I have posted.

Bovada.lv is one of the longest running, most reliable (for deposits and cash-outs) online poker rooms on the web.

Bovada Poker Room Review and Details / Bovada Deposits and Cashouts

You can join Bovada for free and start playing today.


Million Dollar Warm-up

Americas Cardroom has announced their Million Dollar Warm-up poker tournament series.

The Series starts on Thursday, July 30 and runs through Sunday August 2nd.

This poker tournament series will lead all players up to the $1 Million Dollar Main Event on Sunday August 2nd at 3PM ET on Americas Cardroom.

The Million Dollar Tournament is a $540 buy-in, no-limit Texas holdem tournament that is structured with 15 minute levels and gives you a chunky 10,000 chip starting stack to build your fortune!

The Million Dollar guarantees the single winner $200,000 and multiple winners in the $10’s of thousands.

$540 is not really a lot to risk for such a large poker tournament and ACR is offering daily satellites to earn your entry to this rare poker tournament.

Use the BESTDEAL option to get a 100% deposit Bonus and 27% Rake Back Now on ACR……

This is the third Million Dollar tourney on ACR this year and I would expect another one before 2015 ends.

The Million Dollar Warm-up Series offers 46 tournaments, including a whopping 140 satellite seats to the Million Dollar tourney (each a $540 value).

Buy-ins of every limit and all the formats of poker you have played on ACR are offered during the series.

Complete Million Dollar Warm-up schedule

Date                            Time (ET)     Event / Buy-In

Thurs, July 30th     3:00PM     1     $2,000 GTD     $5 + 0.50
Thurs, July 30th     3:30PM     2     10-Seat Mega Satellite $1M GTD     $10+1
Thurs, July 30th     4:00PM     3     $2,000 GTD PLO8     $15 + 1.50
Thurs, July 30th     5:00PM     4     $5,000 GTD     $50 + 5
Thurs, July 30th     6:00PM     5     $20,000 GTD     $28 + 2
Thurs, July 30th     7:00PM     6     $25,000 GTD*     $100+9
Thurs, July 30th     7:30pm     7     25-Seat Mega Satellite $1M GTD     $40+4
Thurs, July 30th     8:00PM     8     $3,000 GTD     $30 + 3
Thurs, July 30th     9:00PM     9     $3,000 GTD 6-Max     $5 + 0.50 + 2KO
Thurs, July 30th     10:00PM     10     $2,000 GTD     $10 + 1
Thurs, July 30th     11:00PM     11     $2,000 GTD     $5+0.50
Thurs, July 30th     12:00AM     12     $1,000 GTD     $3 + 0.30
Friday, July 31st     3:00PM     13     $2,000 GTD     $5 + 0.50
Friday, July 31st     3:30PM     14     10-Seat Mega Satellite $1M GTD     $10+1
Friday, July 31st     4:00PM     15     $2,000 GTD PLO8     $15 + 1.50
Friday, July 31st     5:00PM     16     $5,000 GTD     $50 + 5
Friday, July 31st     6:00PM     17     $20,000 GTD     $28 + 2
Friday, July 31st     7:00PM     18     $25,000 GTD*     $100+9
Friday, July 31st     7:30pm      19     25-Seat Mega Satellite $1M GTD     $40+4
Friday, July 31st     8:00PM     20     $3,000 GTD     $30 + 3
Friday, July 31st     9:00PM     21     $3,000 GTD 6-Max     $5.50+ 2KO
Friday, July 31st     10:00PM     22     $2,000 GTD     $10 + 1
Friday, July 31st     11:00PM     23     $2,000 GTD     $5+0.50
Friday, July 31st     12:00AM     24     $1,000 GTD     $3 + 0.30
Saturday, August 1st     3:00PM     25     $2,400 GTD     $10 + 1
Saturday, August 1st     4:00PM     26     $4,000 GTD – 6 Max     $20+2
Saturday, August 1st     5:00PM     27     $4,000 GTD KO     $40 + 4 + $10B
Saturday, August 1st     6:00PM     28     $10,000 GTD     $100 + 9
Saturday, August 1st     6:00PM     29     70-Seat Mega Satellite $1M GTD     $60+6
Saturday, August 1st     7:00PM     30     $4,000 GTD     $30 + 3
Saturday, August 1st     8:00PM     31     $3,000 GTD     $10 + 1
Saturday, August 1st     9:00PM     32     $1,000 GTD     $5 + 0.50
Saturday, August 1st     10:00PM     33     $600 GTD     $3 + 0.30
Saturday, August 1st     11:00PM     34     $2,000 GTD     $5+0.50
Saturday, August 1st     12:00AM     35     $1,000 GTD     $3 + 0.30
Sunday, August 2nd     1:00PM     36     $3,000 GTD     $10 + 1
Sunday, August 2nd     2:00PM     37     $2,000 GTD     $5 + 0.50
Sunday, August 2nd     3:00PM     38     $1Million GTD     $500+40
Sunday, August 2nd     3:00PM     39     $5,000 GTD     $50 + 5
Sunday, August 2nd     4:00PM     40     $8,000 GTD – 6 Max     $20+ 2
Sunday, August 2nd     5:00PM     41     $5000 GTD     $10 + $1
Sunday, August 2nd     6:00PM     42     $25,000 GTD     $28 + 2
Sunday, August 2nd     8:00PM     43     $75,000 GTD     $100 + 9
Sunday, August 2nd     8:00PM     44     $7,000 GTD     $5+ 0.50
Sunday, August 2nd     9:00PM     45     $3000 GTD     $10 + 1
Sunday, August 2nd     11:00PM     46     $2000 GTD     $5+0.50

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The “High Five” returns April 8th on ACR

Over $1.4 Million to be paid out April 8th – 12th on Americas Cardroom Poker Tournament Series

Americas Cardroom has scheduled theirACR High Five 4th HIGH FIVE Poker Tournament Series this April, starting on Wednesday April 8th.

There will be $1,420,000 in guaranteed tournament prize pools during the High Five Series, with a amazing $1,105,000 in Guaranteed Payouts on Sunday April 12th………

25 total events are scheduled, there will 8 events with buy-ins of $5.50 or less and it all finishes with the April 12th Million Dollar Sunday.

As usual, there are poker tournaments of every format you can think of and there is a tournament to fit your specific playing expertise.

Complete High Five Series Schedule

Full High Five Tournament Schedule

Americas Cardroom has set the bar extremely high on this Poker Tournament Series.

The first Million Dollar Sunday on ACR in February, 2015 paid out the $1 million dollar prize pool with only a slight over-lay and the April High Five – Million Dollar Sunday Event is expected to exceed over $1 Million Dollars in total prizes paid out.

Americas Cardroom offers a 100% Deposit Bonus for all new players and has the most liberal Bonus redemption plan ($1 for $5 in rake) available to online poker players.

In case you missed it, ACR introduced their all-new FREEBUY Tournaments on March 16th to start the ball rolling towards these April High Five Tournaments.

ACR has experienced their best player and tournament growth in 2015 and expects that trend to continue in March and into the April High Five Tournament Series:

Press Release March 4, 2015:

ACR San Jose, Costa Rica – March 4, 2015 – Though February was the shortest month of the year it didn’t stop Americas Cardroom (ACR) from having its biggest month ever. ACR delivered on its promise to players to host Winning Millions, the online poker site’s $1,000,000 GTD poker tournament as a finale to their biggest online tournament series to date. As a result, overall player traffic in cash games and tournaments has reached record numbers throughout February for the US-facing online poker room.

“Exciting online poker is officially back in the United States,” commented ACR spokesperson Michael Harris. “We’ve expanded our regular tournament schedule and we’re pushing the envelope on our special events to make sure it stays that way.”

Since the beginning of 2015, ACR has aggressively added tournaments and satellites to its schedule with major appeal to all player types. On top of their weekly $50k GTD Sunday major, ACR added another $200+$15 buy-in Sunday Special tournament with a progressive guaranteed prize pool that increases every week the tournament covers. The tournament started as a $35k GTD but has already spiraled up to a posted $70k GTD for this upcoming Sunday.

Smaller stakes players are getting into the action as well. This past Sunday, ACR hosted a $25k GTD buy-in with the low buy-in of just $15+$1.50. Not only did the tournament cover, but it well surpassed the guarantee by reaching over $33k from buy-ins.

Americas Cardroom has already put some stakes in the Vegas ground. Players who want to participate in the 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event can also now win their package on ACR. ACR has promised to send at least 50 of its players to Las Vegas via weekly satellites. Online poker players can win a $12,500 package for just $55 every Sunday.

“We’ve received an overwhelming response from our players and have seen record new sign ups last month,” continued Harris. “The demand for a competitive tournament schedule for US players is bigger than ever and we intend to keep growing ours to make sure we meet the needs of our community.”

ACR has indeed shown no signs of slowing down. They just announced that they will be hosting yet another $1,000,000 GTD on April 12th at 3:00 pm ET. This time, ACR has renamed the tournament “Million Dollar Sundays” instead of “The Winning Millions”. The title says it all. ACR’s intentions for the future are clear.

Visit ACR Now to get in on all the easy to join and exciting online poker action today.

Bovada “July 2014” Events and Bonus Promo

Bovada Summer Million Poker Open

Yes, not only can you win your share of $1 Million Dollars,  you can get up to $500 in bonuses andSummer Millions on Bovada a tournament ticket to the Bovada Summer Million Poker Open when you make your next deposit.

Cash in on summer and Bovada with this exclusive offer.

The Summer Million Poker Open (SMPO) starts on July 7th and runs until July 27th.

Bovada Guarantees $1 Million Dollars in Prize pools for this event.

There are a total of 70 scheduled SMPO tournaments, 3 scheduled per day with 6 every Sunday in july.

Buy-ins start as low as $1.10, $1.22, $1.65 and range up to $165.

Guarantees start at $500 and range to $200K

There will be 3 – $200K GTD Events on July 13th, 20th and 27th all at 3PM ET, all of these have $150+15 buy-ins, 5000 chip stacks and 20 minute blinds.

Look for Summer Million Events on the main tournament lobby or on the SMPO tab. They are listed with the SMPO Event # in the tournament column.

SMPO Bonuses for July 2014

Deposit $20 – $49 to get an $11 tournament ticket instantly* and bonus up to $200.
Deposit $50 or more to get a $22 tournament ticket instantly* and bonus up to $500.

If my math is right, that’s a 1000% Bonus on your Bovada Deposit + a free tournament Ticket

Check out Bovada.lv now and start playing  today…..

Your bonus will be issued in $10 increments for every 50 Poker Points you earn over the next 30 days. Deposit today and get your share of over $1 million guaranteed in 70 Summer Million Poker Open events running through July 27.

*Tournament ticket will be issued the day after a qualifying deposit and must be used by July 27, 2014.

Bonus clears at a rate of $1 per 5 Poker points (you earn 3 points per $1 of rake), this amounts to $10 in bonus paid for every $17 in actual rake (17X3=50).

You must make a deposit by July 14 at 11:59:59 PM ET to be eligible for this offer.

Bonus will be released in $10 increments for every 50 Poker Points earned. Bonuses will be issued the day after reaching the required points. You have 30 days from your deposit date to earn points and receive bonuses, up to $200 or $500.

Bodog press release on Black Diamond Poker Open

Here is the official press release from Bodog /Bovada  about the Black Diamond Poker Open

The Black Diamond Poker Open is back with its biggest prize pool yet.

This year, the total prize pool is $3 millionBDPO on Bovadaguaranteed, with 200 official BDPO events and thousands of qualifiers. Join in on the excitement by visiting Bodog.eu/Bovada.lv and get a 100% Sign Up bonus up to $1,000 on your first deposit.

The 200 official BDPO events will be split between the Contender Series and Championship Series. The Contender Series has a guaranteed prize pool of $500,000 and features 100 low to mid stakes tournaments from February 18 and March 12. The Championship Series offers a massive prize pool of $2.5 million, with 100 mid to high stakes tournaments from March 22 through April 13.

See the full schedule and register for qualifiers for as little as $1.10 and buy-ins for as low as $3.30. It all leads to the BDPO’s $300,000 guaranteed Main Event on April 13. The Main Event winner will win at least $60,000, a $5,000 BDPO championship watch and some serious bragging rights. Be a player and join now to receive your 100% Sign Up bonus up to $1,000 on your first deposit.

The BDPO 2014 is one of the most talked about events in poker so don’t miss this opportunity to get your cut of the $3 million guaranteed and make BDPO history

Black Diamond Poker Open on Bovada

It’s a new year, football is now over until August, time to play a little Poker…….

No better place to go than Bovada.lv, the number one choice of players in the U.S.

Why are they #1? The most player traffic and best payout record for a poker room in 2013-14

Bovada.lv has announced their annual Black Diamond Poker Open and Players are already registering for the largest  Poker Tournament Series on the Internet.



BDPO – Has a unheard of $3 Million Guaranteed in total prize pools

The 2014 Black Diamond Poker Open has 200 tournament events scheduled and is offering 100’s of daily and weekly satellites to all of the events.

The BDPO is divided into two separate series, the Contender Series (Feb. 18 to March 12, 2014) and The Championship Series (March 22 to April 13, 2014).

As usual, the choice of Games and Formats is fantastic on both series.

Games include: NLHE, PLO, PLO h/l, Stud, Stud h/l and Limit games.

Formats include: Deep stack, Super stack, 6 max, turbo, super turbo, knock-out, super knock-out, heads up, shoot-out 6 max and re-buy+add-on’s.

With 200 events, Bovada has gone all-in,  giving players the tournament variety they seek.

Buy-ins start with as little as $3.30 (Contender Series) and range up to the High Roller $450 buy-in (Championship Series) $300K Main Event.

Contender Series –$500,000 Guaranteed

  • Contender Series Kick Off Event $10K Guaranteed – Feb 18
  • 100 Events running from February 18 to March 12
  • Micro to Low-Stakes Tournaments, starting for as little as $3.30
  • No tournament in the Contender series is over a $55 buy-in
  • $50,000 Guaranteed Main Event – March 9, 2014

Championship Series –$2.5 Million Guaranteed

  • Championship Series Kick Off Event $20K GuaranteedMarch 22
  • 100 Events running from March 22 to April 13
  • Mid to High-Stakes Tournaments, starting for as little as $22
  • Most buy-ins are in the $33 to $109 range ($450 buy-in for the $300K)
  • $300,000 Guaranteed Main Event—April 13, 2014

Look for BDOP Satellites daily on the main tournament lobby.

There will also be what Bovada calls, Super Saturday Satellite Days. Which will be running each and every Saturday before that Sunday’s Main Event.

Download Bovada.lv Poker here

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