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Have you played in any of ACR’s Million Dollar Tournaments?

Million Dollar Sundays have been profitable for savvy poker players in 2018!

Have you seen the big overlays in the weekly $1,000,001 GTD Million Dollar Sundays? 

Americas Cardroom just had their biggest one yet last Sunday at $186,000!

These tourneys continue to offer amazing value for all current and prospective players, so make sure to use it as an opportunity to win some life changing money on the next one this coming weekend (February 11th at 2pm ET).

Don’t forget that all new players can claim the ACR Welcome Package too.

All First Time Depositors are eligible for a 100% bonus up to $1,000, 20 Days of Free Cash Play on ACR’s Jackpot Poker Tables (up to a $50 value) and access to New Depositor Freerolls.

ACR Tournament Schedule with the next 7 Million Dollar Tournaments scheduled!

The Next Million Dollar Tournament on ACR is scheduled for Feb. 11, with more coming each upcoming Sunday on Feb, 18th and 25th and One every Sunday in March on March 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th.

The MDS (Million Dollar Sunday) $1,000,001 GTD Tournaments start at 2PM ET, have a  $250+15 buy-in, get a 10,000 chip stack, have 15 minute blinds and usually run for 8 or 9 hours (sounds like a lot, but the payoff is worth the time when you win).

 (Feb 4, 2018) MDS $1M GTD tourney lobby with payouts

Yes, that’s right! You see a 1st place prize of $179,000 for the winner of a poker tournament that didn’t even cover it’s own guarantee.

In fact the top 9 finishers wins were 5 figures or more.

The last 3 Million Dollar tourneys on ACR have paid similar amounts.

Go on ACR Now and see everything that their offering you today.


Complete December 2016 OSS VIII Details

OSS VIII starts on Wednesday December 7, 2016

Americas Cardroom announced OSS VIII on November 21st (Complete Press Release).

Here are a few more specific details:

  • Starts on Dec. 7th and runs thru Dec. 18th
  • 78 Tournaments scheduled
  • Satellites running now
  • Wide variety of buy-ins starting as low as $1.10 and ranging up to $540 for the Million Dollar Tournament on December 18th.
  • Wide selection of start times every day.
  • Multiple Tournament formats including: NLHE, PLO, PLO/8, Rebuys, KO’s, Super KO’s, 4max, 6max, 8max, Super Stacks, Mega Stacks, Turbos, Hyper Turbos, NLO8, Cage Matches, Re-entries and others.
  • The $1 Million Dollar GTD Sunday Dec. 18th at 4 PM ET


Complete OSS 8 Schedule

Wednesday 7th December 2016 3:30 PM #1 $100,000 $100+$9 5 HR LR
Wednesday 7th December 2016 5:00 PM #2 $8,000 $24+$2 PLO8 KO 6 Max
Wednesday 7th December 2016 7:00 PM #3 $40,000 $100+$9 Regular
Wednesday 7th December 2016 8:00 PM #4 $20,000 $25+$2.5 Regular
Wednesday 7th December 2016 9:00 PM #5 $3,000 $5+$0.5 Regular
Thursday 8th December 2016 3:30 PM #6 $10,000 $8+$0.8 5 Hour LR
Thursday 8th December 2016 5:00 PM #7 $1,000 $4+$0.40 SKO
Thursday 8th December 2016 7:45 PM #8 $30,000 $80+$8 6 Max
Thursday 8th December 2016 8:30 PM #9 $50,000 $300+$20 Regular
Thursday 8th December 2016 9:30 PM #10 $5,000 $15+$1.50 Turbo
Thursday 8th December 2016 10:30 PM #11 $800 $2+$0.20 Super Mega Hyper
Friday 9th December 2016 3:30 PM #12 $30,000 $40+$4 5 HR LR
Friday 9th December 2016 4:30 PM #13 $4,000 $10+$1 PLO 6 Max
Friday 9th December 2016 6:30 PM #14 $8,000 $50+$5 SKO Super Stack Turbo
Friday 9th December 2016 8:00 PM #15 $35,000 $80+$8 8 Max
Friday 9th December 2016 9:00 PM #16 $3,000 $3+$0.30 4 Max
Friday 9th December 2016 10:30 PM #17 $1,000 $7+$0.35 PLO8 Hyper
Saturday 10th December 2016 3:30 PM #18 $7,500 $10+$1 PLO 5 HR LR
Saturday 10th December 2016 4:00 PM #19 $3,000 $5+$0.4 KO
Saturday 10th December 2016 5:30 PM #20 $25,000 $200+$15 SKO
Saturday 10th December 2016 7:00 PM #21 $25,000 $50+$5 6 Max
Saturday 10th December 2016 8:00 PM #22 $15,000 $20+$2 regular
Saturday 10th December 2016 9:00 PM #23 $2,000 $10+$1 PLO Turbo Super stack
Saturday 10th December 2016 9:30 PM #24 $500 $1+$0.10 Regular
Sunday 11th December 2016 2:00 PM #25 $60,000 $20+$2 5 HR LR
Sunday 11th December 2016 2:00 PM #26 $100,000 $50+$5 5 HR LR
Sunday 11th December 2016 3:00 PM #27 $500,000 $300+$20 Sunday Special
Sunday 11th December 2016 5:00 PM #28 $20,000 $60+$6 8 Max NLO8
Sunday 11th December 2016 7:30 PM #29 $12,500 $10+$1 Regular
Sunday 11th December 2016 8:00 PM #30 Cage Event $1000+$50 $1K CAGE
Sunday 11th December 2016 9:00 PM #31 $1,000 $2+$0.20 TURBO Mega stack
Sunday 11th December 2016 9:00 PM #32 $10,000 $25+$2.50 TURBO Mega stack
Sunday 11th December 2016 9:00 PM #33 $30,000 $100+$9 TURBO Mega stack
Monday 12th December 2016 3:30 PM #34 $8,000 $10+$1 PLO8 5 HR LR 6 Max
Monday 12th December 2016 4:15 PM #35 $5,000 $40+$4 FT Experience
Monday 12th December 2016 7:30 PM #36 $20,000 $50+$5 6 Max
Monday 12th December 2016 8:00 PM #37 $40,000 $200+$15 8 Max
Monday 12th December 2016 8:30 PM #38 $4,000 $5+0.50 regular
Monday 12th December 2016 10:15 PM #39 $5,000 $25+$1.25 Hyper Mega stack KO
Tuesday 13th December 2016 3:30 PM #40 $7,500 $5+$0.50 6 Max 5 HR LR
Tuesday 13th December 2016 4:30 PM #41 $6,000 $20+$2 PLO
Tuesday 13th December 2016 6:45 PM #42 $7,500 $10+$1 Regular
Tuesday 13th December 2016 8:00 PM #43 $15,000 $30+$3 R/A
Tuesday 13th December 2016 8:30 PM #44 $2,000 $3+$0.30 4 Max
Tuesday 13th December 2016 10:15 PM #45 $15,000 $50+$5 Super Stack Turbo
Wednesday 14th December 2016 3:30 PM #46 $35,000 $30+$3 5 HR LR
Wednesday 14th December 2016 4:30 PM #47 $2,000 $2+$0.20 R/A
Wednesday 14th December 2016 6:45 PM #48 $30,000 $50+$5 Regular
Wednesday 14th December 2016 7:00 PM #49 Cage Event $5000+$100 $5K CAGE
Wednesday 14th December 2016 7:30 PM #50 $25,000 $200+$15 NLO8
Wednesday 14th December 2016 8:00 PM #51 $5,000 $5+$0.50 Regular
Wednesday 14th December 2016 10:15 PM #52 $4,000 $20+$2 PLO Super stack Turbo
Thursday 15th December 2016 3:30 PM #53 $5,000 $10+$1 5 HR LR SKO
Thursday 15th December 2016 4:30 PM #54 $10,000 $40+$4 Mega stack Turbo
Thursday 15th December 2016 6:45 PM #55 $5,000 $20+$2 PLO 6 Max
Thursday 15th December 2016 7:30 PM #56 $30,000 $80+$8 Regular
Thursday 15th December 2016 8:30 PM #57 $1,500 $2+$0.20 Regular
Thursday 15th December 2016 10:15 PM #58 $300 $1+$0.10 Super Stack Turbo
Friday 16th December 2016 3:30 PM #59 $40,000 $50+$5 5 HR LR
Friday 16th December 2016 4:30 PM #60 $1,000 $5+$0.50 NLO8 SKO
Friday 16th December 2016 6:45 PM #61 $10,000 $20+$2 R/A
Friday 16th December 2016 7:30 PM #62 $5,000 $5+$0.50 Regular
Friday 16th December 2016 8:00 PM #63 $30,000 $50+$5 Regular
Friday 16th December 2016 10:15 PM #64 $6,000 $10+$0.50 Hyper Super Stack
Saturday 17th December 2016 3:30 PM #65 $50,000 $75+$7.50 5 HR LR
Saturday 17th December 2016 5:00 PM #66 $8,000 $20+$2 Regular
Saturday 17th December 2016 6:45 PM #67 $30,000 $150+$10 6 Max KO
Saturday 17th December 2016 7:30 PM #68 $3,500 $7+$0.70 Megastack Turbo
Saturday 17th December 2016 8:00 PM #69 $50,000 $500+$30 PLO SKO
Saturday 17th December 2016 10:00 PM #70 $4,000 $10+$1 Regular
Sunday 18th December 2016 1:00 PM #71 $250,000 $100+$9 5 HR LR Warm up 8 Max
Sunday 18th December 2016 2:00 PM #72 $60,000 $20+$2 5 HR LR
Sunday 18th December 2016 4:00 PM #73 $1,000,000 $500+$40 MAIN
Sunday 18th December 2016 6:00 PM #74 $10,000 $10+$1 Regular
Sunday 18th December 2016 8:00 PM #75 $40,000 $100+$9 BIG10
Sunday 18th December 2016 8:00 PM #76 $20,000 $40+$4 Regular
Sunday 18th December 2016 8:30 PM #77 $40,000 $80+$8 Mega stack Turbo
Sunday 18th December 2016 10:00 PM #78 $5,000 $40+$2 Hyper SK $40 buy in $40 bounty

Every new player who signs up and makes a new deposit will get a 100% deposit bonus up to $1000, 20 days of free Jackpot Poker and entry to New Depositors Free rolls…….



ACR’s Online Super Series returns this December

Americas Cardroom Announces its Biggest Online Super Series ever With $3.1 Million in Guarantees.

Here is the Press Release direct from Americas Cardroom……

San Jose, Costa Rica – November 21, 2016 –Call it a slightly early Christmas present or a post-Thanksgiving reason to be extra thankful. Americas Cardroom today announced OSS VIII, a 78-event online tournament series featuring more than $3.1 million in guaranteed prize money. The series runs from Wednesday, December 7th through Sunday, December 18th and concludes with ACR’s next $1 million guaranteed tournament.

“Here we go again with another Online Super Series, bigger and better than ever,” stated Americas Cardroom spokesperson Michael Harris. “We’ve packed $3.1 million in guaranteed prize money into 12 days of non-stop poker action, but we anticipate final prize pools totaling way over that. No matter what happens, it’s going to be our biggest Online Super Series ever and an amazing way to close out the year.”

OSS VIII comes just three months after the last Online Super Series. Starting in late August, Americas Cardroom sandwiched an Online Super Series into the OSS Cub3d, a $4.5 million poker tournament series that started with a Mini Online Super Series (MOSS) and ended with a Bigger Online Super Series (BOSS).

While the last OSS featured $2.5 million guaranteed in prize money, Americas Cardroom is going all in by putting up more than $3.1 million this time around. It’s the biggest Online Super Series in the US-facing online poker site’s history.

OSS VIII also includes the next installment of the Million Dollar Sunday. The $1 million Guaranteed tournament has become a staple at Americas Cardroom. After a series of 6-figure overlays, the last two Million Dollar Sunday tournaments have exceeded their guarantees.

In addition to the $1 million guarantee, players will find 77 other big events, including two $100K GTDs, a $250K GTD and a $500K GTD. Players can choose from No Limit Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, The Cage, and a variety of formats including Turbos, Superstacks, Knockouts, and more. Buy-ins run as low as $1+0.10, making it one of Americas Cardroom’s most affordable tournament series yet.

Satellites for OSS VIII will be available soon at Americas Cardroom. More information on the OSS VIII can be found at AmericasCardroom.eu.

About Americas Cardroom:
Americas Cardroom joined the Winning Poker Network in 2011. The Winning Poker Network has one of the longest and trusted online names in the industry and has been in existence since 2001. Americas Cardroom accepts players from most of the US market and the rest of the world. Rated first place for payment processing and cashout reliability repeatedly in 2012 and 2013, Americas Cardroom offers outstanding customer service and a friendly environment for all poker players around the world.

Americas Cardroom Thankgiving Week End Specials

ACR’s All You Can Eat Bonus Promotion November 24th thru November 27th

Thanksgiving Weekend is one of the most relaxing times for  players, with those celebrating throughout a four-day weekend.

On Americas Cardroom, players will have plenty of time for some leisure activity which is why they’re running the All You Can Eat Bonus promotion (Nov. 24th-27th).

So when you’re not eating, catching up with family, shopping or watching football why not check out the games on ACR and take advantage of these Thanksgiving Specials.

This is a four-day promotion (Thursday thru Sunday) will allow all players to earn up to a $400 Poker Bonus and get a 20% buy-in discount on select tourneys on Black Friday.

$400 in Free Poker Bonus. For every 100 hands a player is dealt into, they’ll receive $10 in bonus. Players can earn up to $100 per day in bonus and $400 total.

Black Friday type Tournament Buy-in Discounts. Who needs the mall? Players will earn 20% discounts on buy-ins for select poker tournaments.

New Players on ACR will even enjoy more extra large helpings of Free Bonus Cash:

All new players who deposit will get a 100% Deposit Bonus up to $1000, 20 days of Free Jackpot Poker and Depositor Free Roll Entries for the entire month.

Sign up on Americas Cardroom Today


Americas Cardroom OSS Cub3d Deposit Offer

Americas Cardroom has added another incentive to New Depositors this week………

OSS CUB3D starts on August 13th (full details) and ACR will give all new depositors a shot at a MOSS Passport Package…….

Players who make their first deposit between Sunday, August 7th and Friday, August 12th will gain entry into a special free roll starting at 4:30pm ET on Saturday, August 13th. The NLHE tournament will pay out 10 MOSS Passport packages. Plus, for every 150 players above 1,760, another package will be added to the prize pool.

Each package includes a Passport that features entries into four MOSS events – #3, #9, #16 and #42. The total value of the prize package is $176 for a total of over $220K in GTD prizes including a seat in the $150,000 GTD MOSS Main Event.

The MOSS is the first installment of the OSS Cub3d, a 3-part online poker series that kicks off on August 14th and runs until September 11th. The series features a total of $4.5 million in prize money. While the MOSS is specifically designed for small stakes players, there’s no shortage of tournaments with big prize pools as the $150,000 Main Event shows.

The MOSS Passport is on top of the already lucrative first time deposit package, which includes a 100% match bonus up to $1,000, four new depositors’ freeroll entries, and up to 20 free days of Jackpot Poker.

Americas Cardroom OSS CUB3D With $4.5 Million GTD!

Americas Cardroom has scheduled their largest Online Poker Series Ever….OSSCUB3D

That means Three Online Super Series running in a row…..MOSS, OSS and BOSS. Starting on August 14th and running through Sept. 11th.

In total, there will be 141 OSSCUB3D events over the entire 25 day Series with $4.5M in Guaranteed prize pools.

The first leg of the this triathlon of poker series is MOSS

MOSS is the Mini Online Series version, with buy-ins starting at 6¢, 11¢, 28¢ and up to $88 for a $150K GTD. Most entries are in the $1.10 to $5.50 buy-in range. MOSS will run from August 14 to August 21st with 47 events planned. That’s an average of 6 per day.

Top MOSS Events include: $11 / $12.5K, $22 / $40K, $55/$75K and the huge $88/$150K.

MOSS Formats include: 6 max, Knock-outs, R/A’s, 4 max, NLO8, PLO, Mega stacks, Turbos and PLO8.

MOSS Satellites are scheduled and the entire MOSS schedule is available now on the Special Tournament Tab.

ACR Special Tournament Lobby MOSScubed

MOSS Event Schedule

The second leg  of OSSCUB3D will be OSS

OSS will run from August 24th to Sept. 4th with buy-ins starting at $1.10, $2.20, $3.30 and higher. Most OSS events will be in the $11 buy-in range. In total there are 77 OSS events scheduled over 12 days with an average of 6 events daily.

OSS Formats include: 6 max, Knock-outs, R/A’s, 4 max, NLO8, PLO, Mega Stacks, Turbos, Super Knock-outs and PLO8.

Highlighted events include: $55/$25K, $82.50/$45K, $109/$100K, $160/$30K, $320/$300K and

The Main Event of OSS, The $540 buy-in, $1,000,000 GTD tournament on Sept. 4th starting at 4PM ET.

ACR New Player Welcome Package

The last leg of OSSCUB3ED is BOSS

BOSS is the Bigger Online Super Series. Running from Sept. 7th to Sept.11th, BOSS is the High Roller Leg. Tournament Buy-ins start at $109 and range up to $2100. There will also be a Special CAGE Match on Wednesday Sept 7th with a buy-in of $5100.

In total, there will be 17 BOSS tournaments spread out over 5 days.

Tournament Formats for BOSS will include: NLHE, PLO, PLO8, 6max, Super Knock-out and R/A tournaments.

Tournament Guarantees include: $215/$40K, $150/$60K, several $100K’s, $215/ $200k and the main event which will be held on Sept 11th at 4PM ET with a $500K GTD with a $2100 buy-in.

As always, ACR will set you up in style with a 100% up to $1000 Deposit Bonus, New Depositor Free Rolls and up to 20 days of free JackPot Poker play. Check out ACR Today and get ready for the biggest Poker Tournament Series ever on Americas Cardroom.

Celebrate the 4th with a $240K Sunday Special

$240K Fourth of July Sunday Special

On July 3rd at 3PM ET Americas Cardroom is more than doubling their guarantee on their signature $215 buy-in Sunday major!

Players start with a 10,000 chip count, enjoy 15 minute blinds and will compete for their share of the $240,000 guaranteed prize pool.

All new players who join Americas Cardroom will get a 100% up to $1000 Deposit Bonus, 27% Rake Back, $50 in Free Tournament Dollars and entry to New Depositor Free Rolls. Plus multiple cashiering options including Bit Coin for the fastest transactions

Existing players can enjoy a special 100% Reload Bonus (up to $240) to get ready by using the code: JULY4 (July 1st-4th).

Americas Cardroom will be running numerous satellites to the $240K Sunday Special this coming week, including a 50 seat mega-satellite.

Join ACR for free and get started today

High Five Poker Tournament Series on ACR

It’s June, and Tournament Poker is on every Poker Players mind!

As all knowledgeable Poker Players know, the Ultimate Poker Tournament Series (The WSOP) has started in Las Vegas this past week. There are many of us, whose work or family schedules don’t allow us to partake in that ultimate poker experience……

However, we all can find some time during our busy schedules to play a tournament or two online, here and there.

Americas Cardroom has just what we need,

The High Five Tournament Series…..

Starting on June 8th and running through June 12th, ACR has scheduled 25 Special Poker Tournaments (in addition to their already stacked tourney schedule) that will satisfy your need to play and show your stuff at the tables…..

What does the High Five Series on ACR offer?

  • Buy-ins starting at $2.20, $3.30 and ranging up to $420.
  • All the most popular tournament formats.
  • NLHE, PLO, Turbos, Rebuys, Mega stacks, 4 and 6 max and Knock-outs
  • $942,000 in guaranteed prize money spread out over 5 days
  • 5 special tourneys each day
  • Tourneys ranging from $2,000 to $420,000 in guarantees
  • $420,000 GTD Main Event on Sunday, June 12th at 4:00pm ET
  • “Courtesy” break at 4:20pm ET every day
  • A 100% Deposit Bonus, $50 in Free Tournament Dollars, Free Roll entries and 27% Rakeback when you Join Today.

Complete High Five Schedule

Complete High Five Schedule

Americas Cardroom will also be having daily satellites to the High Five on their schedule up to and during the series, so you’ll be able to play your way up to the $420K main event if you choose…..

Americas Cardroom will give you $50 in Free Tournament Dollars, New Depositors Free Roll entries,  a 100% Deposit Bonus (up to $1000) earned as you play and 27% Rakeback on all Tourney/Cash game fees paid when you visit ACR Today and get started.

ACR OSS VI to start on Black Friday Anniversary

Online Super Series VI on ACR

Americas Cardroom will start their 6th Online Super Series on the 5th anniversary of the Darkest Day in the History of Online Poker, Black Friday.

That’s right, Friday, April 15th is the exact day back in 2011 that shocked the Worldwide Poker community when U.S. authorities opened sealed indictments, cracked down upon and shut out the big Three of Online Poker — Ultimate Bet (Cereus Network), Full Tilt and Poker Stars here in the USA…….

A great deal has happened since that fateful day and Americas Cardroom has securely established themselves as the place for US players to play their favorite poker games online…….

OSS VI will start on Friday April 15th. There will be 10 days of special events, at least 6 special OSS poker tournaments daily and total OSS prize pools will have total guarantees of $2.5 Million Dollars over the course of the 76 total event tournaments.

Play in the OSS VI with the Free $50 in Tournament Dollars you get when you Join ACR Today and make a minimum deposit……

You’ll be able to buy into these events for as little as 6¢, 55¢ and a $1.10

As a matter of fact, for all of you micro players, there will be a total of 18 tournaments in the series with buy-ins of $5 or less all with guarantees of $500, $1K, $2K, $3K and up to $5K.

The most common Buy-in during OSS VI will be the $10+1 buy-in tournaments (11 total $11 events), all with Guarantees of $3K to $5K.

Top level events will have buy-ins of $25 or more (25 total) and will range up to a $540 buy-in for the Million Dollar GTD on Main Event Sunday.

Top level events include: OSS VI # 5 $35K GTD, Event #13 $50K GTD, Event #16 $75K GTD, Event #33 $60K GTD,  Event #41 $50K GTD, Event #68 $40K GTD, Event # 69 $200K GTD, Event #70 $1 Million Dollars GTD and Event #73 $50K GTD.

Tournament Start Times will be as early as 2PM ET on most days, with the majority of events having 5PM, 6PM and 7PM ET and later start times for the larger guaranteed tournaments…..

Tournament Formats will include: NLHE, PLO, PLO/8, Bounties, Turbos, Re-buys, Ante-up, 6 Max, 4 Max, LHE, Mega Stacks and various combinations of each format.

Satellites for the larger guaranteed events are running now on ACR and will escalate in frequency (especially for the $1 Million Dollar Event) as we get closer to the April 15th start.

Look for the 50 and 100 Seat Super Satellites to the Million Dollar Sunday tournament on Friday, April 22nd at 7:30 PM ET, Saturday, April 23rd at 7:30PM ET and Sunday, April 24th at 11:30AM ET.

Sunday April 24th have have the most Tournaments for the OSS VI, 10 total…..

OSS VI Sunday April 24th Events

Americas Cradroom is planning for this to be the Best Super Series yet, I would expect them to offer a Re-load bonus for existing players (they always do) before and during the Super Series.

If you are new to Americas Cardroom, a small $25 deposit can get you started Today……

ACR Welcome Package




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