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The 12 Days of Christmas on DraftKings

DraftKings has 12 Days of 2016 Christmas Gifts for playing your favorite Fantasy Contests…….


Each day starting on December 12th, 2016 DraftKings will offer a gift, just for following the contest playunwrap-gift challenges for that day. Just go to the DraftKings main lobby and click “Unwrap Gift” to see the challenge and the gift for that day.

The daily gifts will include free contest tickets, free play contests, DK Dollars, DraftKings Swag and much more (ticket packs for completing 2 of the 3, December 21st, 22nd and 23rd Gifts).

Challenges include entering specific contests each day. You do not have to complete each challenge every day, just the challenges in the individual sports you want to play.

Play within your limits and on the sports you know best. Daily Gifts are awarded for each completed challenge.

Just visit the DraftKings Main Contest Lobby each day to see what your challenge and gift could be….


From Dec. 12th thru Dec. 18th at 1PM ET, Get $20 in DK Dollars absolutely free when you Join DraftKings and make any size new deposit. That’s a $20 instant Deposit BONUS to claim for yourself today.

Yes, you can use your $20 in Free DK Dollars to complete your daily challenges

December 12, 2016 Unwrapped Gift


You can track your progress daily and open your gift by clicking the 12 Days of Christmas on the promotions tab and clicking the gift box for that day. There you’ll see what gifts you have already collected.


The Last 3 Days of Giveaways is Cumulative – Enter 2 out of 3 days to Unwrap a Super Gift!

Now I’m sure you have more questions. Here are some of the most common questions and a few details to know about this 12 days of Christmas Promotion:

How can I qualify to receive a daily prize?

Click “unwrap gift” on the 12 Days of Giveaways promotion page and complete that day’s challenge.

Do I qualify for a prize if I enter a contest with a ticket?


When will I receive my prizes?

All digital prizes (FPPs, tickets, DraftKings Dollars, etc. – update) won during the 12 Days of Giveaways will be delivered via email the following business day by 5PM EST unless otherwise noted. For all physical prizes, a DraftKings representative will reach out to all winners within 24 hours after the contest to confirm shipping information. For users who complete two (2) of the three (3) listed challenges from Wednesday, December 21st through Friday, December 23rd, ticket packs will be delivered via email the evening of Friday, December 23rd.

When will the next daily challenge be available?

Each daily challenge will be unveiled the day of at 12am ET.

Do I need to enter contests through the 12 Days of Giveaways promotion page?

No. Once you’ve clicked “unwrap gift,” you can enter that day’s contest from anywhere.

How will I know if I successfully completed today’s challenge?

Complete all of the criteria, for each respective day, listed on the 12 Days of Giveaways promotion page. Once the day has concluded, all qualifying users will be sent an email confirming their prize the following day.

I already completed today’s task. Can I still get a prize?

Yes. By clicking “unwrap gift” you’ve already qualified.

If I complete today’s challenge multiple times can I win multiple prizes?

No. All users are only eligible to win each day’s gift once unless otherwise noted.

DraftKings is giving you a chance for some Great Free Gifts, just for doing something you enjoy doing every day when playing daily fantasy on DK.

Don’t miss out on the limited time, $20 instant DK Dollar Bonus, sign up and make any size deposit today……


Bovada’s Wild Wednesday July 6, 2016

July 6, 2016 “Wild Wednesday” on Bovada Poker

I was playing on Bovada.lv today and found this one day Poker Tournament Series posted on their main tournament lobby.

Wild Wednesday has 12 special Poker Tournaments scheduled on Bovada. $266,000 in guaranteed prize pools and one full day of exciting online tournament poker action (all in addition to the regularly scheduled tournaments).

Wild Wednesday Lobby

There were several Wild Wednesday satellites (starting as low as 77¢ and $1.10 buy-ins) posted and the actual Wild Wednesday tournaments posted on the main tournament lobby.

After some investigation I found and noted the details of the schedule of Events for Wild Wednesday, July 6, 2016.

This schedule is tentative, Bovada hasn’t produced any promotional material for these Wild Wednesday Poker Tournaments just yet……

Join Bovada.lv for free today and start playing

I hope, I don’t get in trouble for promoting this too soon, but I have detailed each of the tournaments details and have them listed below……….

Wild Wednesday (July 6th only) Special Tournament Schedule:

Almost all Tournaments are No Limit Hold-em (except Event #4)

Event 1 3:04 PM ET, $10K GTD, $22 Entry, 10K stack /15 minute blinds

Event 2 4:04PM ET, $8K GTD, $82 entry, 50/50 payout, top half of finishers will win 1.5X the buy-in, top ten (final table) win larger prizes.

Event 3 5:04PM ET, $10K GTD, 10K Stack /12 minute blinds, 15% of field wins cash.

Event 4 6:04 PM ET, $12K GTD, $55 entry, The only Omaha event, 20 minute blinds / 7500 stack, 15% of field wins cash.

Event 5 7:04PM ET $35K GTD, $109 entry, 10K Stack/12 minute blinds, 15% of field wins cash

Mini Main Event 7:34PM ET, $33 entry, $30K GTD, 12K stack /12 minute blinds, 15% of field wins cash.

Main Event 8:04PM ET, $270 entry, $100K GTD, 12K Stack /12 minute blinds, 15% of field wins cash

Event 6 8:34PM ET, $15K GTD, $44 entry, 6 max, 10K stack/12 minute blinds.

Event 7 9:04PM ET, $4K GTD, $7.70 entry, 10K stack / 12 minute blinds, 15% of field wins cash

Event 8 9:34PM ET, $20K GTD, $135 entry, $25 Bounty on each player, 10K stack / 12 minute blinds, 15% of the field wins cash

Event 9 10:34PM ET, $2K GTD, $5.50 entry, 10K Stack / 6 minute turbo blinds, 15% of field wins cash.

Event 10 11:04PM ET, $20K GTD, $60 entry, 50K stack / 3 minute ultra turbo blinds, 15% of field wins cash.

Since this Tournament Series has not been announced by bovada.lv on the web, there may be some scheduling or format changes to what I have posted.

Bovada.lv is one of the longest running, most reliable (for deposits and cash-outs) online poker rooms on the web.

Bovada Poker Room Review and Details / Bovada Deposits and Cashouts

You can join Bovada for free and start playing today.


Fan Duel Fantasy Baseball 2016

Fan Duel has posted their MLB Opening Day Fantasy Contests

Starting at 1:05PM ET on April 4th, the 2016 Fantasy Baseball season kicks off with a full 12 game slate.

Opening Day MLB Game Slate

There are several Special Opening Day Contests open and taking entries on the MLB Contest Lobby. You’ll still find the numerous entry levels starting at just $1, $2, $5 and higher.

But for 2016, there a few new additions to the schedule. Namely more single entry only and limited entry (5max) contests. The Guaranteed Tournament payout amounts haven’t changed.

You can still play the $250K Grand Slam for just a $25 entry, The $200K Squeeze for a $2 entry, The $50K MLB Rally for a $5 entry and $10K and $25K Guaranteed contests with just $1 entries.

Fan Duel Opening Day MLB Tournament Schedule

Fan Duel Opening Day Contest Specials

Plus, there are also hundreds of standard and winner take-all 2, 3, 5, 10, 20 player leagues with multiple entry amounts.

Looking for 50/50’s, Double-ups, Multipliers and Satellites? They are there also……..

In addition to the contest schedule, here have also been some scoring changes for 2016 on Fan Duel Fantasy Baseball Contests.

The biggest change is hitters will no longer be penalized -1 point for each out they make and all hitting and pitching scoring categories have had their values tripled.

Complete 2016 Fan Duel Fantasy Baseball Scoring and Details

Player Selection Features

When I first logged on to the 2016 MLB schedule and entered my first contest, there were a couple of other player friendly tools added to the draft rooms.

Available players list

You’ll see at the top of the available player list, just over the positions, a Weather Info tab. This will give you up to date weather and forecasts for your selected game(s).

The Line Up info tab will list every games starting line ups (if available at that time), so you can see who is in and who is out that nights line ups.

Below is the indicator legend, these notations will posted by each players name as they apply. Note the NG not in game, NA Not active and √ 7 which means “in the line up” and his batting order position. This information will be posted as soon as the info is available and will help you greatly with your line up selections.

Player Notes and Info legend

2016 Fan Duel Opening Day Player Salaries

Starting Pitchers

Opening Day Top Starter Salaries

Opening Day starters are not official just yet, they will be noted as they become available. If you enter a line up now, you can always go back and change it before first pitch. If you start researching now you’ll have a good idea of who is starting.


Top Hitter Salaries

As always, if you want to get more information on any player, just click their name on the player list and his Player Card will pop up and give you all the details.

Player Card

Player Details

Fan Duel has changed a few things up for 2016 to give everyone a chance to show their Fantasy Baseball Knowledge and make the games more enjoyable for everyone.

Fan Duel will give you a exclusive 100% Deposit Match Bonus (paid back to you at 4% of your contest entry fees, as you play) and you’ll also receive a entry to a weekly $5000 Free Roll with each of your Deposits.

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