Play Daily Fantasy Basketball on Fan Duel

Daily Fantasy Basket Ball

October 10, 2012

The NBA Preseason is under way and that means in just a couple of weeks the regular season will be starting on Oct 30, 2012.

Fan Duel is ready, and has their NBA schedule of Fantasy contests up and taking players as we speak.

Contest Leagues start at $1 and range in size from 2 players up to tournament size of 1000 entries and larger.

Fan Duel uses a standard fantasy basketball  scoring system, like most players are used to seeing.

Player values, like the other sport on Fan Duel will update on a regular basis, so you will see changes in value as the season progresses. Top players will always be the most expensive and the key like the other sports is to know who is who, the match ups and and the sleepers on any given day to make your teams successful.

Line-up selection is easy and aggravating at the same time–you never seem to have enough salary cap for that perfect team you envision!

Fan Duel offers Free Contest entries, Frequent player points and fantasy contests in all sports.

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