“Free” Week Two Millionaire Maker Entries on DraftKings.com

Week One of the NFL Season is under way and many of us have our Week One DraftKings Fantasy entries in progress.

I don’t know how your doing, but I for one am holding my own….( I am currently cashing on 2 of my entries).

I have 3 teams going in the Week One $10M contest and I have quite a few players left (on all my teams), with a chance of a big comeback (at least a small cash-out) on the remaining games.

Just so you know: Over 520,000 players gave the Week One $10M Millionaire Maker a shot, so there must be something to giving it a try……

The Week Two Millionaire Maker on DraftKings has the same the rules:

$20 Buy-in, multiple entries allowed (up to 500), $2 Million Dollars in Guaranteed Prizes, 1st place will win $2 Million Dollars, 2nd place $1 Million and Over 125,000 other places will be paid.

There are plenty of nice prizes, could one of these be yours?

$2 Million Dollar Contest on DraftKings

Now I know it doesn’t matter to anyone, but this could be my lucky shot at Retirement…..

My Birthday just happens to be on Sept. 20th (the week 2 contest starts at 1PM ET on Sept. 20th) and maybe, just maybe, this could be my lucky road to retirement?????

You can give it a shot too, and for free………

Just deposit any amount on DraftKings.com and you’ll get a free entry to the next Millionaire Maker for Free………….That’s a $20 Value, plus you’ll get a 100% (up to $600) Deposit Bonus…..

The $10 Million Dollar Contest will pay 1st place $2 Million, 2nd place $1 Million and a total of over 125,000 cash prizes.

If you don’t want the FREE entry, it only costs $20 for your chance at a $2M prize.

Will you be the guy, who nobody knows, who wins the Giant check?

Photo courtesy DraftKings.com

Photo courtesy DraftKings.com

If your like me, you’ll want to enter a couple of line-ups (One Free with a small deposit) in the Week Two Millionaire Maker to increase your winning chances.

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