Did you see the 30 Minute DraftKings.com program?

DraftKings presented a 30 Minute show with Tiki and Rondi Barber on Sunday Sept 13th on Fox………

Now, I’m not much for Infomercials.

However, I thought DraftKings did an excellent job of showing the world, the Key Details of Daily/Weekly fantasy during their allotted time.

Of course they highlighted their Millionaire Maker contests, but the info on their Cash games and Deposit Bonus really hit the spot!

As, far as Cash Games:

On Draftkings.com you can play the 50/50’s or Double-up’s, where everyone has a 50% chance of winning these fantasy contests. For example, if you enter a 100 player – 50/50, the top 50% of scoring players (exactly one half of the players) will win about just double the money they bought into the contest for. It is probably the best way for newbies to start and are the mainstay of the Expert DraftKing players.

There are also WTA contests (winner take’s all the prize pool) where there can be up to 300 entrants with the winner taking the entire prize pot…

You can also play the simple and classic 10 team leagues where the top 3 finishers get paid, HTH (head to head match’s) where you and another player can match fantasy skill in a one on one setting, (where the winner takes the entire prize pool).

They also Highlighted the “GIANT CHECK”,

There were plenty of highlights of players (sweating out!) the final minutes of games, clinging to their hope of scoring a few more points or holding on to a slim lead and winning the ultimate fantasy prize…..

Photo courtesy DraftKings.com

Photo courtesy DraftKings.com

That “Giant Check” is what you can win when you take down a Millionaire Maker Contest or one of the Season Long, Mega Money Contests that DraftKings hold for every Major Sports League each  Season.

You’ve seen the DraftKing TV commercials,

These are the exact same Fantasy Contests on DraftKings.com, that pay the LIFE CHANGING MONEY THAT EVERYONE DREAMS OF WINNING……

Other things you should note:

DraftKings accepts every type of Credit, Debit or Gift Card’s you currently hold.

DraftKings also accepts deposits via PayPal (PayPal is the easiest and most reliable way to Deposit and Cash-out on DraftKings).

Get a Free entry to a $3 Contest and the 100% Bonus when you  Sign Up Today on DraftKings.com

Your initial Deposit Bonus (up to $600)  is paid at a rate of 4% of each dollar entered into fantasy contests (4¢ on every dollar you play), It accumulates until you reach $1 in Bonus payments and is then added into your player account.

Winnings are paid directly into your player account by the next day, you can count on it…..

Cash-outs can be received via PayPal in a day or two (Checks will take a little longer).

You can trust DraftKings, they are located in Boston, MA and follow all applicable state and federal laws.

DraftKings is becoming the way fantasy players play, instant wins, no worry’s about injuries, play when you want and no commitment of playing each week….

Why would play Fantasy Sports any other way??????

Are your Dreams big enough to Cash that Giant Check?

Play for the Glory, Play for the Giant Check, Welcome to the Big Time….



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