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Which Weekly Fantasy Football site should you play on?

I got a e-mail from Nick F. a couple of days ago, DFS Fantasy Footballhe asked what Daily Fantasy site would be the easiest to actually win on this year?

I took a while (a day thinking about it) before I answered him, I ended up telling him it depends on how good / experienced of a fantasy player he was and I added you want to play on the site with the loosest scoring rules, loosest salary cap rules and probably with the smaller player base.

Now, I know what you are asking….. Which site would that be?

I have played Football on these Daily Fantasy Sports  sites:

DraftKings Fan Duel 

Lets compare the scoring and line-ups on each and see the differences,

Basic Scoring is the same on all sites:

Pass Yd= .04 (1 per 25 yds)
Pass TD = 4
Rush Yd= .1 (1 per 10)
Rush TD = 6
Rec. Yd = .1 (1 per 10)
Rec. TD = 6
Reception = 1 ( on Fanduel = .5)
Interception thrown = -2
Fumble Lost = -1
2 point conversion = 2
Fumble recovery TD = 6
Kick Return TD = 6

Bonus Scoring:

DraftKings: 100+ Rush yds = 3 pt. Bonus, 100+ Recv yds = 3 pt. Bonus, 300+ Pass yds = 3 pt. Bonus

Defense scoring:

Points Against  0 = 10
1 to 6 = 7
7 to 13 = 4
14 to 20 = 1
21 to 27 = 0
28 to 34 = -1
35 or more = -4
Interception =2
Sack = 1
Fumble recovered = 2
Safety = 2
Blocked Kick or Punt = 2
Any Return TD  = 6

Kicker Scoring:

XP = 1
FG 0 to 39 yds = 3
FG 40 to 49 = 4
FG 50 + yds = 5

As you can see, scoring is basically the same on the sites, DraftKings adds Bonus Points for total passing yards , rushing yards and receiving yards

Line-ups and Salary Caps:

Fan Duel:  QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, K, D

$60,000 Cap, Avg.=$6660, Top Salaries=$9K to $10K

DraftKings:  QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, K, D

$50,000 Cap, Avg=$6250, Top Salaries= $8K to $10K

You can see the main differences between each site are the salary caps, starting rosters and player values.

Figure the top players will eat up about 15 to 20% of your cap space, this is where your study of the weekly match-ups will make the difference.

Our Opinion:

DraftKings has a extremely large selection (league size and buy-ins) of weekly leagues to choose from.  They also have a very large player base which provides some very good competition and very high prize pools and payouts.  The smaller salary cap is a little tough to get used to, however the scoring is very loose and you can accumulate some high scores very quickly.

Fan Duel definitely has some of the Toughest Competition and Tough Salary Cap Limits to deal with.  Fan Duel has a little less scoring, however there is lot more money to be won when you are successful on Fan Duel.

This is the year that you can start Making Money from a Fantasy.

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