The “New” Fan Duel

On Monday, August 1, 2016 Fan Duel Launched their completely New Look…….

Fan Duel

What they (Fan Duel) did was take their already stable, secure and reliable Daily Fantasy Site and update it completely to fit within all the New State and Local regulations to make themselves the place to play Daily Fantasy for all players, whether you are experienced or new to the game.

There also new site colors and a new easier to use site layout to make your play even easier and completely understandable to everyone, new or experienced.

The Key part of this re-branding is the Fan Duel Players Bill of Rights.

Fan Duel Bill of Rights

  1. You have the right to a level playing field. There will be no 3rd party computer scripts or programs to generate hundreds of line-ups for professional players and clear contest entry limits specific to each contest. For example, there are now single entry, 3 max entry and limited multiple entries for larger GTD contests.
  2. It’s your money, not ours. Your money is your money, you can get it when you want it, Fan Duel keeps separate accounts for each and every player and never uses any ones money but theirs–Period.
  3. You deserve to know the rules before you play. Everything about each and every contest is open and easy to find, including line-up rules, scoring rules, entry restrictions, complete payouts listing, exact cost to enter, start times, real games involved in contest.
  4. You choose how and what to play. There are several different fantasy contest formats, including 2, 3, 5, 10 ,20 player and larger GTD contests, double-ups, triple-ups, 25% of the field wins, winner take all, numerous buy-in amounts, free play contests, new player only contests, limited entry contests to choose your play requirements. There are contests for all professional sports leagues MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL when in season.
  5. You should know who your up against. Experience Ratings on Fan DuelExperienced players are identified using a simple star system. You can see who you are playing and can move to different contests if you want to avoid the “EXPERTS”.
  6. New Players have their own place to play. New Player only contests are available for players just learning haw Daily Fantasy works.
  7. Your Questions deserve Honest Answers. Fan Duel Support is available instantly. Just click HELP at top of the main Fan Duel page when on the site or go to this link:
  8. You should get what you expect when you sign up. Fan Duel makes playing as easy as possible and tries to make every offer they make as simple and easy as possible to understand, for every one — No Gimmicks, No outrageous claims, Just a pure and honest shake for your money.
  9. You will not play against an employee. NO Fan Duel employee is allowed to play any contests on Fan Duel or any other DFS site anywhere…PERIOD.
  10. You Control how much you play. You can restrict yourself to how much or often you play on Fan Duel and can have yourself shut down completely if you so choose. Just go to the Support page on Fan Duel.

Fan Duel also has eliminated amateur sporting events from their site, there are no longer any College Sports allowed per the newly implemented State Regulations.

Fan Duel has taken all the daily fantasy controversy from the last 12 months very seriously and and has made themselves the “Poster Site” for safe, fair and on the level Daily Fantasy Play.

Fan Duel abides (Fan Duel started adding these protections long before they became law in many states) by every states adopted DFS rules and regulations and made them available for their players every where, not just in the regulated states.

You will not be allowed to play on Fan Duel if you are in a restricted area.

If you are  physically located in these states: Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, New York, Nevada, Texas or Washington you are not eligible to play on Fan Duel.

The easiest test to see if your area is eligible to play is to go to Fan Duel and sign up and deposit, you will notified immediately if you cannot play on Fan Duel at that time. Fan Duel uses a Location service to determine your location.

Visit Fan Duel / Fan Duel opens the 2016 NFL Season

Fan Duel will give you a Fan Duel 5 Pack with any new account and First Deposit


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