The Millionaire Series on DraftKings

Become a Millionaire playing Fantasy Football

DraftKings is going to make 4 Fantasy Football Players a Millionaire in the 2014 NFL Season.

The Millionaire Series  is a series of 4 Fantasy Football Fantasy Football Cashtournaments  with prize pools allowing the ultimate winner of each to take home $1 million dollars.

Playing on Week 5, Week 11, Week 15 and Week 16 of the 2014 NFL season, these are the contests you need to play.

The buy-ins to these contests are not thousands of dollars either, they are affordable for everyone to have the chance for Fantasy Football glory…..

How can DraftKings do this? It’s simple Draftkings has grown significantly in 2014 and knows that Fantasy football is the number one fantasy sport among their player base.

Is DraftKings taking a chance with these? Maybe, but they plan on making these contests available to everyone who plays, by keeping the buy-ins reasonable and offering hundreds of low cost satellites to fill the events.

Is it realistic for me to think I can win $1 million dollars?

Why not, you will have plenty of time to see how the season develops, what players stand out, who is having a bad year, who gets injured and what team defenses can be taken advantage of. Sure there will be some luck needed, but everyone is on a level playing field and has the same information to work with.

Whats my Best Strategy? I would say play as many $2 and $3 satellites as possible, accumulating as many satellite tickets you can and enter as many teams as you can on each event.

Vary those Week 5 lineups and don’t necessarily count on 1 or 2 key players on each, mix it up. Use slightly different lineups on each entry. Don’t let a bad break (a single injury) ruin your only chance  of winning.

The Week 5 Millionaire Series

October 5, 2014  $2.2 Million Dollar Millionaire Maker.

Buy-in for this one is only $27, you can enter as many times as you like, you can satellite into this one for as little as 25¢, $1, $2, $3 or $5.

Satellites will run until Oct 4th, join one now…….

Payouts for Week 5 Millionaire Maker



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