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DraftKings 2016 Week One NFL Contests

DraftKings announced their 2016 Week One Contest schedule, It has something for everyone–believe me–It is a dream come true for every Fantasy Football Junkie………….

The 2016 Week One NFL contest schedule on DraftKings has a $5M Millionaire Maker with just a $3 entry………

There is also a $100,000 Free Roll, where if you don’t win cash, you win a second entry to a $10K Free Roll in Week Two………

The entire 2016 week one schedule on Draftkings has so many options, at different buy-in’s that everyone can enter multiple contests and have a chance to win some really big money on Week One of the NFL Season……….

Player salaries are posted for week one, they will not change until the week two contests are posted. You can set a line-up now and edit it up until the week one slate kicks off on Sept. 11th.

DraftKings Fantasy Football Scoring

Some of the Week One highlighted contests include:

The $5M Millionaire Maker: $3 entry, $5M GTD, 1st wins $1M, 542850 cash prizes

The $100K Week One Free Contest: 0 entry, $100K GTD, 1st wins $1000, 37,400 cash prizes, every one who doesn’t win a cash prize gets a second chance ticket for a week 2 $10K Free Contest, Join This Free Roll Now.

The $200K NFL Nickel: $5 entry, 1st wins $10K, 12670 winners.

The $100K NFL Pylon: $3 entry, 1st wins $10K, 7850 winners.

The $100K NFL Triple Option: $3 entry, 1st wins $3K, 11750 winners, 3 max entries.

The $500K Slant: $9 entry, 1st wins $25K, 19650 winners.

The $2.5 Million Sunday Special: $20 entry, 1st wins $250K, 39750 winners.

The $100 NFL Safety: $2 entry, 1st wins $2K, 16675 winners.

The $200K NFL First Down: $1 entry, 1st wins $5K, 64500 winners.

The $25K NFL Daily Dollar: $1 entry, 1st wins $2K, 5860 winners, single entry.

The $100K NFL Quarter Arcade: 25¢ entry, 1st wins $2K, 120400 winners.

There will be also literally thousands of 2, 3, 5, 10, 20 and 100 team leagues and contests at every buy-in you can think of open as we get closer to Kick-off. These contests will also include double, triple and quintuple ups, standard leagues and numerous qualifiers to future featured NFL contests.

Look for more additions to the Week One DraftKings schedule of Contests. There will also be Thursday Sept 8 start contests, Sunday and Monday night primetime contests and Monday night only contests to be posted as we get closer to the opening Kick-offs.

All Week One Contests listed here start at 1PM ET on September 11, 2016.

NFL games included: All 12PM ET, 3PM ET, 3:25PM ET and the Sunday Night Game on Sept. 11th .

Even Better for all you New Players, If you sign up and deposit now you’ll get a free entry into the $5M Millionaire Maker and entry into the $100K Free Contest, that’s over $5M in FREE prize chances.

The Week One $5M Millionaire Maker offers these prize payouts:

(Multi entry allowed)

1st     $1,000,000.00
2nd     $100,000.00
3rd     $50,000.00
4th     $25,000.00
5th     $15,000.00
6th     $10,000.00
7th – 8th     $7,500.00
9th – 10th     $5,000.00
11th – 15th     $4,000.00
16th – 20th     $3,000.00
21st – 25th     $2,000.00
26th – 30th     $1,500.00
31st – 40th     $1,000.00
41st – 50th     $750.00
51st – 75th     $600.00
76th – 100th     $500.00
101st – 150th     $400.00
151st – 200th     $300.00
201st – 300th     $250.00
301st – 400th     $200.00
401st – 500th     $150.00
501st – 750th     $125.00
751st – 1000th     $100.00
1001st – 1500th     $80.00
1501st – 2000th     $60.00
2001st – 3000th     $50.00
3001st – 4000th     $40.00
4001st – 5000th     $30.00
5001st – 7000th     $25.00
7001st – 9000th     $20.00
9001st – 12000th     $15.00
12001st – 17000th     $12.00
17001st – 27000th     $10.00
27001st – 50000th     $9.00
50001st – 85000th     $8.00
85001st – 150000th     $7.00
150001st – 285000th     $6.00
285001st – 542850th     $5.00

The $100K Week One Free Contest has these prizes:

(Single entry only)

1st     $1,000.00
2nd     $750.00
3rd     $500.00
4th     $400.00
5th     $300.00
6th – 7th     $250.00
8th – 10th     $200.00
11th – 15th     $150.00
16th – 20th     $100.00
21st – 25th     $80.00
26th – 30th     $70.00
31st – 40th     $60.00
41st – 60th     $50.00
61st – 80th     $40.00
81st – 100th     $30.00
101st – 150th     $25.00
151st – 250th     $20.00
251st – 350th     $15.00
351st – 500th     $12.00
501st – 1000th     $10.00
1001st – 1500th     $8.00
1501st – 2000th     $7.00
2001st – 3000th     $6.00
3001st – 5000th     $5.00
5001st – 7000th     $4.00
7001st – 12000th     $3.00
12001st – 19500th     $2.00
19501st – 37400th     $1.00
37401st – 2000000th     $10K Week 2 Second Chance Contest Ticket

Featured DraftKings NFL Fantasy Football Contests on 9/11

Featured Week One contests on DraftKings

$100K Free Roll Draft Page w/week one player salaries

$100K Free Roll Draft Page

DraftKings Fantasy Football “Always” Rules

Where can I play on DraftKings this football season?

NFL Millionaire Maker The First of 2016


Fan Duel Fantasy Football Contests are posted

August 1, 2016

Fan Duel has posted the first of their 2016 Fantasy Football Contests.

This schedule is just the start, they have posted their headline contests for week one of the 2016 NFL schedule. You’ll also see the Week One NFL player salaries and can start your Kick Off weekend line-up preparations.

Along with the posting of the first 2016 NFL fantasy contests, Fan Duel re-branded themselves and issued their Players Bill of Rights on The “New” Fan Duel.

You can also expect to see more NFL contests added as we get closer to the week one kick-off. I expect to see week one Thursday (9/8) start contests, Sunday only, Sunday afternoon only and Sunday/Monday prime time contests. There will also be literally thousands of smaller 3, 5, 10, 20 and 100 team leagues along with numerous qualifiers for upcoming contests.

Contests open on My iPhone

NFL Contests open on Fan Duel

Keep in mind you do not have to set/lock your line-ups just yet. You can buy-in, set a preliminary line-up and edit it as we get closer to the actual games.

Fan Duel NFL Contest Lobby

All these contests start on Sunday Sept. 11 at 1 PM ET

First NFL contests for 2016 on Fan Duel

Here’s a rundown of the premier Week One Sunday/Monday Contests:

$2M NFL Sunday Million: $25 entry, $200K to 1st, 23381 winners.

$200K NFL Snap (25% win): $2 entry, $10K to 1st, 28988 winners.

$200K NFL Snap: $2 entry, $30K to 1st, 21937 winners.

$150K NFL Blitz: $100 entry, $25K to 1st, 339 winners.

$80K NFL Hot Route: $50 entry, $10K to 1st, 353 winners.

$75K NFL Scramble: $10 entry, $7500 to 1st, 1718 winners.

Week One Sunday/Monday NFL Games

Week one Sunday and Monday games

Fan Duel will give you 5 free entries to 5 fantasy football contests when you sign up and make your first deposit.

Details of the all new Fan Duel 5 Pack

2016 Fan Duel Football Draft Room

Note: Week One salaries are posted, they will not change until week 2 games/contests are posted. Any line-up you set now can be edited until kick-off on Sunday Sept. 11th at 1PM ET.

2016 Fan Duel Draft Room

Indicators and icons on Draft room player listing

NFL Indicators

I went over the NFL scoring on Fan Duel and only noticed one difference for 2016.

Added for 2016: DEF Extra Point return 2 points.

Something else that everyone who has played on Fan Duel before will notice, Fan Duel launched their completely new look this morning 8/1/2016. All new colors, all features highlighted and explained, a totally new looking and operating Fan Duel…….

Fan Duel

If you are  physically located in these states: Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, New York, Nevada, Texas or Washington you are not eligible to play on Fan Duel.
The easiest test to see if you are eligible to play is to go to Fan Duel and sign up and deposit, you will notified immediately if you cannot play on Fan Duel at that time.

College Football is up on Draft Kings

CFB Fantasy Contests are open on Draft Kings…..

This Post was written on August 31, 2015.

Draftkings no longer has any college based fantasy contests per New Guidelines presented by State Laws and Regulations.

College Football starts later this week with a kick off schedule of 9 games on Thursday, September 3rd at 6PM ET.

In total, Draft Kings has over 700 CFB fantasy contests open for the first weekend of the CFB season.

Featured Contests for the Thursday Night Kick off include:

$100K Kickoff Special: $20 buy-in, $100K Gtd, $10K to 1st, 1150 total winners paid.

$50K Redshirt: $3 buy-in, $50K Gtd, $4K to 1st, 3840 total winners paid.

$3K Primetime: $12 buy.in, $3K Gtd, $500 to 1st, 55 total winners paid.

$1K Quarter Arcade: 25c buy-in, $1,000 Gtd, $100 to 1st, 100 total winners paid.

College Football on Draft Kings uses only offensive player scoring, there are no kickers or DST used.

Get  a Free Entry to the $3o0K Dive for the Pylon when you join DraftKings today…….

$300K Dive for the Pylon: 12PM ET Saturday Sept. 5th, $3 Buy-in, $300K GTD, $100K to 1st, 25,950 total winners paid.

CFB Fantasy Scoring on DraftKings

You use a line-up of QB, QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, FLEX, FLEX

You must use players from at least 2 different teams from two different games

You have a $50,000 Salary Cap to use

CFB  Point Scoring:

  • Passing TD = +4PTs
  • 25 Passing Yards = +1PT (+0.04PT/ per yard is awarded)
  • 300+ Yard Passing Game = +3PTs
  • Interception = -1PT
  • 10 Rushing Yards = +1PT (+0.1PT per yard is awarded)
  • Rushing TD = +6PTs
  • 100+ Yard Rushing Game = +3PTs
  • 10 Receiving Yards = +1PT (+0.1PT per yard is awarded)
  • Reception = +1PT
  • Receiving TD = +6PTs
  • 100+ Yard Receiving Game = +3PTs
  • Punt/Kickoff Return for TD = +6PTs
  • Fumble Lost = -1PT

$100,000 Week One Free Roll

Enter a $100K Fantasy Football Contest for Free..

Like we mentioned on our last post, DK Free $100KThe NFL regular season is just around the corner and the daily play fantasy sites will start lining up all the week one NFL Fantasy free rolls.

Well, Draft Kings has set up the largest one you’ll probably see this year, a $100K Fantasy Football Free Roll for week one!!!!!!


You’ll have to register for the $100K by 1PM ET on September 13th to play, It will include all Sunday and Monday NFL Games on Week One.

$100,000 Guaranteed in total prizes

$10,000 to 1st place, $5,000 to 2nd, $2,500 to 3rd, $1,000 to 4th, $500 to 5th.

Finish 5th – 6th $250, 8th -10th $100, 11th -15th $70, 16th – 25th $50, 26th – 50th $40, 51st – 100th $30.

Winning Dollar Amounts will be paid in DK Dollars, which can be used to enter Cash Paying fantasy contests on Draft Kings.

Finish 101st to 200th you’ll get a $20 entry to any Millionaire Maker in 2015

Finish 201st -1200th wins a $9 contest ticket.

Finish in the top 1201st  to 23,150th,  you’ll get a free $3 contest ticket

DraftKings has over 2200 different fantasy football contests open for week one in the NFL, including dozens of 25c, $1 and $2 contests with plenty of winning potential.

Make your winning line-ups pay off big………..

This Free Roll is not available on the Draft Kings NFL contest lobby, you must use our special link to gain access.

Get yourself in the game, Go to DraftKings Now (using this link only) to play the Week One Free Roll……….Plus if you make any size deposit, you’ll get an additional free entry to a Million Dollar Football contest and a 100% Deposit Bonus as you play on DraftKings

College Football is up on Fan Duel

College Football CFB is up and running on Fan Duel and taking contest entries as you are reading this……..

Fan Duel no longer has any college based fantasy contests per New Guidelines presented by State Laws and Regulations.

Opening Kick-off for the 2015 College season is on September 3, 2015 at 6PM ET

There are Five Premier College Football Contests scheduled on Fan Duel that evening and are guaranteed to pay $175,000 in Prize Pools that night.

There are currently over 250 fantasy CFB contests available on FD in every size including 2 player, 3 player, 5, 10, 20, 50 and larger contests. In all formats, including double-ups, triple-ups, WTA’s and more.

There are 9 major college games scheduled and all are included for these Special Thursday Kick-off Contests.

Fantasy Line ups lock at 6PM ET that evening.

Fan Duel Sept 3 CFB Games in PlayTop CFB Fantasy Contests on opening night:

$20K CFB Red Shirt: $2 entry, multi entry, $2K to 1st place, 1900 places paid.

$5K CFB Flea Flicker: $1 entry, $700 to 1st place, 1000 places paid

$30K CFB Walk On: $5 entry, multi entry, $3K to 1st place, 1296 places paid.

$100K CFB Hail Mary: $25 entry, multi entry, $10K to 1st place, 900 places paid.

$20K CFB End Zone: $10 entry, multi entry, $3K to 1st place, 403 places paid.

Get a 100% Bonus up to $200, paid as you play, to get started playing fantasy football on Fan Duel this year.

CFB $1 Flea Flicker DraftRoom

Fan Duel $1 Entry CFB Flea Flicker

CFB Scoring on Fan Duel

Offensive Scoring Only, No Kickers or DST are used:

You draft these positions: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR and a TE
You use a $45K Salary Cap / $6429 avg. per player

Rushing yards made = 0.1pts (10yds=1pt.)
Rushing touchdowns = 6pts
Passing yards = 0.04pts (25yds=1pt.)
Passing touchdowns = 4pts
Interceptions = -1pt
Receiving yards = 0.1pts (10yds=1pt.)
Receiving touchdowns = 6pts
Receptions = 0.5pts
Kickoff return touchdowns = 6pts
Punt return touchdowns = 6pts
Fumbles lost = -2pts
Own fumbles recovered touchdowns = 6pts
Two-point conversions scored = 2pts
Two-point conversion passes = 2pts

Fractional Scoring is used.

DraftKings Guarantees $12 Million for “Week One” Fantasy Football

DraftKings Week One Fantasy Football Contests

DraftKings teased everyone last night with a well timed, well worded late Thursday evening E-mail to their existing players about their scheduled 11:30 AM ET, Friday July 31 announcement of all their NFL Week One fantasy contests and promotions.

The posting of all the week one fantasy football details on their main lobby will just be the beginning. You’ll be seeing and hearing an all out media blitz (on all the major NFL TV networks and sports radio) by DraftKings for the up-coming 2015 fantasy football season starting in August (training camp and pre-season games)  and continuing thru-out the full regular season.

DraftKings will be adding additional contests as existing contests fill, so be sure to check back frequently to see what else is added in the next few weeks before the season kicks off.

Keep in mind that all the player salaries are locked for week one. No changes will be made to the player salaries listing with the exception of maybe adding more player names. Once you set your line-up the only changes made will be what you change.

Get a free week one entry to the $1 Million Dollar “PLAY ACTION” fantasy football contest and 100% Bonus when you join DraftKings Today

If you set a starting line-up early, be sure to monitor/follow up on your team line-ups should any player injuries, suspensions or late camp cuts occur.  EDIT: We added a post on week salaries here

Fantasy Football Scoring on Draftkings

The NFL Week One Main Events on DraftKings

I saw some late Thursday night speculation on a couple of my fantasy sources of exactly what DraftKings had up their sleeves, but they really took the bull by the horns in an attempt to blow away all of their competition.

DraftKings is Guaranteeing over $12.1 Million on Week One NFL Fantasy contests to start the Season……

All Week One Sunday line ups lock on Sept, 13 at 1:00PM ET and will include all 15 games played on Sunday and Monday of opening week-end.

$10 Million Millionaire Maker: $20 buy-in, multi entry, 1st pays $2M, 2nd pays $1M, 3rd pays $500K, 4th pays $250K, 5th pays $150K, 6th pays $100K, finish in top ten gets at least $50K. 127,700 total winners will be paid. (This is the largest fantasy football contest ever held! It will pay two players SEPARATE 1 and 2 million dollar prizes plus 8 additional prizes of $50K)

$1 Million Play Action: $3 buy-in, multi entry, 1st pays $100K, 2nd pays $50K, 3rd pays $30K, 4th pays $20K, 5th pays $15K, finish in top ten wins at least $5K. 84,950 total winners will be paid.

Enter the $1 Million Play Action for free with any New Deposit

$25K Quarter Arcade: 25¢ buy-in, multi entry, 1st pays $2K, 23,600 total winners will be paid.

$100K Mini Play Action: $3 buy-in, multi entry, 1st pays $10K, 7850 total winners will be paid.

$100K Blindside: $20 buy-in, single entry, 1st pays $10K, 1150 total winners paid.

$100K Pylon: $3 buy-in, single entry, 1st pays $10K, 7850 total winners paid.

$300K ThunderDome: $5300 buy-in, multi entry, 1st pays $100K, limited to only 60 entries with a total of 11 cash payouts

$250K Double-up $10 buy-in, Half the player field wins.

$100K Double-up $2 buy-in, Half the player field wins.

$150K Double-up $50 buy-in, Half the player field wins.

Here’s a quick glimpse at the top player salaries for Week One Contests.

Top Player Salaries

Fan Duel NFL Fantasy is Posted…..

Fan Duel has their Week One Fantasy Football contests up and registering………

Highlighting their week one NFL schedule of Fantasy contests are 5 Contests you just can’t miss out on playing…..

The $1 Million Dollar NFL Rush: $5 buy-in, multi-entry, $1M GTD payout, $100K to 1st, a top ten finish will win at least $4K, 80 $500 winners,  46,000 total places paid.

The $5 Million Sunday Million: $25 Buy-in, multi-entry, $5M GTD Payout, $1M to 1st, a top 10 finish will win at least $20K, 180 $1k winners, 46,000 total places paid.

The $100K Squib: $1 buy-in, $100K GTD Payout, $10K to 1st, over 23,000 total places paid.

The $100K Safety: $2 Buy-in, $100K GTD Payout, $8K to 1st, over 10,700 total places paid.

The $100K Scramble: $10 buy-in, $100K GTD Payout, $10K to 1st, over 2100 total places paid

These contests will include all the Sunday and Monday games on week one.

These contests total over $6 million dollars in guaranteed payouts and have buy-ins that are small enough that everyone can afford to enter multiple line-ups in to enhance your chances of taking home a huge week one payday…..

When you visit the NFL contest lobby on Fan Duel, you’ll also find the usual assortment of hundreds of Fantasy Football leagues and you’ll also see the contests flashing (yellow) as players join contests for the opening week of 2015 season of weekly fantasy football.

Salaries and Player rankings are posted and you can start planning your week one line-ups as NFL training camps and preseason games are being played out.

Fan Duel uses a salary cap format and standard fantasy football scoring (Details)

Fan Duel NFL Contest lobby

Week One FanDuel Football lobby

Fan Duel NFL Draft Room

$1M Sunday Rush draft room

Fan Duel will give you a 100% Deposit Bonus and will notify you of each special promotion (Free Rolls, Bonus Payout contests, etc.) via e-mail when you join today.


Week One Kickoff Bash on DraftKings

Football is back!

Over $1,000,000 guaranteed week 1!

  • Every 1st time depositor gets a freeMillion Dollar Kickoff Bash ticket to the $30,000 week 1 contest!
  • 3 Very Special Kickoff contests week 1 of football (September 8th)
  • $1,000,000, $100,000, $30,000 contests at $200, $11, $2 price points
  • Over 1 in 4 entries get paid out in all 3 contests
  • DraftKings, The only Daily Fantasy Site to offer a 25c entry $1000 GTD Fantasy Football League
  • Check out DraftKings Fantasy Football rules and scoring
  • Complete DraftKings Review and Details
  • Visit DraftKings to checkout the entire NFL Fantasy Schedule for 2013

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