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Free Fan Duel Sunday Million Entry

Fan Duel has an Free Offer you can’t ignore……Free $$$$$$$

Make a deposit of at least $1Million Dollars$10 on Fan Duel, play in $10 or more worth of fantasy contests (MLB, NHL or NFL) on Fan Duel by the 1PM ET Kickoff on Sunday October 18th.

You will then get a Free Ticket to the Week 7 Fan Duel Sunday Million (a $25 value).

Your Free Sunday Million entry will be rewarded to your account by Tuesday, October 20th.

No Promo Code is needed, just use our special Free Entry Link Now!

This offer expires at 1PM ET on October 18th

Your Free entry will be awarded as a default entry, you’ll have to change the line up that Fan Duel automatically enters for you.

Your first deposit will also qualify you for the 100% Fan Duel Deposit Bonus, that is paid to you as you play as a 4% rebate on all entry fees paid. For example, enter a $5 contest and you’ll get 20c paid back into your account as soon as that contest goes final.

Your Bonus will continue to be paid back to you until you match your entire first deposit. There is no time limit on earning your Deposit Bonus.

Your first Deposit will also earn you entry into the Weekly First Depositors Free Roll.

When I put a re-load deposit on Fan Duel back in September. I was entered into a $5000 NFL Free Roll. Fan Duel sent me an e-mail on that next Friday letting me know I had to change that lineup as they enter you automatically with a default line up.

You can get entered into that $5K free roll too, with any deposit you make on Fan Duel.

The Sunday Million

*If you don’t already know, the Sunday Million on Fan Duel starts every Sunday at 1PM ET.

*Includes all the Sunday and Monday NFL Games.

*Guarantees $5,000,000 in total prizes paid.

*Pays the 1st place finisher $1,000,000.

*Pays out 46000 total winners, with the 180 top finishers winning $1000 or more…..

Fan Duel will also give you access to 1000’s of fantasy contests daily and weekly, over $75 Million in Weekly Fantasy Football pay outs, plus the 100% Deposit Bonus and Free Roll Entry.

Join Fan Duel now, make a deposit, play $10 or more on any Fan Duel Fantasy Contests and get your Free Sunday Million Entry Today….

Fan Duel Boosts Sunday Million to $6M GTD

Weekly Fantasy Football has taken off in a big way in 2015 and Fan Duel is showing every one in a Big Way…..

Fan Duel has added $1M in additional prizes$1Million Dollars to their $5M Sunday Million……

The Week Four fantasy contest will now offer $6 million Dollars in Guaranteed prize money.

This will result in the top 55,300 players now winning cash, up from the previous 46,000.

Numerous prize levels have doubled or almost tripled their total number of winners.

There are now at least 300-$1K or larger winners, 170-$2K or larger winners, 100-$3K or larger, 50-$5K or larger and 25-$10K or larger payouts.

So now, you don’t have to win it all, to make a nice profit on your fantasy football abilities. Just finish somewhere near the top and you’ll be bragging about it on Tuesday morning. Of course, winning the Million wouldn’t be bad either…

More payouts, means more excitement when your watching Monday Night Football and your team is in the money and moving up the ranks.

New Fan Duel Sunday Million Details

  •  $6 Million in total prizes
  •  $1 Million to first
  •  Only $25 to enter
  • Multiple entries are allowed
  •  55,300 places will win cash.
  • Contest starts on Sunday at 1pm EST
  • All Sunday and Monday NFL games are included

New Payout Structure

Sunday Million Updated Payouts

Join Fan Duel Now and get up to $200 in Free Bonus Money as you play Fantasy Football!

Fan Duel NFL Fantasy is Posted…..

Fan Duel has their Week One Fantasy Football contests up and registering………

Highlighting their week one NFL schedule of Fantasy contests are 5 Contests you just can’t miss out on playing…..

The $1 Million Dollar NFL Rush: $5 buy-in, multi-entry, $1M GTD payout, $100K to 1st, a top ten finish will win at least $4K, 80 $500 winners,  46,000 total places paid.

The $5 Million Sunday Million: $25 Buy-in, multi-entry, $5M GTD Payout, $1M to 1st, a top 10 finish will win at least $20K, 180 $1k winners, 46,000 total places paid.

The $100K Squib: $1 buy-in, $100K GTD Payout, $10K to 1st, over 23,000 total places paid.

The $100K Safety: $2 Buy-in, $100K GTD Payout, $8K to 1st, over 10,700 total places paid.

The $100K Scramble: $10 buy-in, $100K GTD Payout, $10K to 1st, over 2100 total places paid

These contests will include all the Sunday and Monday games on week one.

These contests total over $6 million dollars in guaranteed payouts and have buy-ins that are small enough that everyone can afford to enter multiple line-ups in to enhance your chances of taking home a huge week one payday…..

When you visit the NFL contest lobby on Fan Duel, you’ll also find the usual assortment of hundreds of Fantasy Football leagues and you’ll also see the contests flashing (yellow) as players join contests for the opening week of 2015 season of weekly fantasy football.

Salaries and Player rankings are posted and you can start planning your week one line-ups as NFL training camps and preseason games are being played out.

Fan Duel uses a salary cap format and standard fantasy football scoring (Details)

Fan Duel NFL Contest lobby

Week One FanDuel Football lobby

Fan Duel NFL Draft Room

$1M Sunday Rush draft room

Fan Duel will give you a 100% Deposit Bonus and will notify you of each special promotion (Free Rolls, Bonus Payout contests, etc.) via e-mail when you join today.


Sunday Million Special on DraftKings

Would you put up $20 to have a chance for a $200K Fantasy Payday?

This Sunday December 7, 2014 is your chance!

Week 14 Sunday Million Special on DraftKingsDraftKings is holding The Sunday Million $20 Special……..

DraftKings has already awarded Multiple Millionaires this season playing Fantasy Football, could your Fantasy Football Skills put you in this category?

Face it, if your season long fantasy team is out of the playoffs and most are, then you have nothing really to play for these next couple of weeks.

On DraftKings there is still plenty to play for. Wouldn’t winning $200,000 for the holidays come in handy?

The Sunday Million Special is a $20 buy-in, Sunday Dec. 7th Noon kick-off,  multi entry, $1 million Dollar guaranteed prize pool, limited to 56,700 players, paying out 12,125 Cash Winners (about 1 in 4.6 players will cash out). Draft a fantasy champion now.

Sunday Million Draft Room

Take a chance on this week 14 Lineup

Sunday Million Special Payouts

1st                         $200,000.00
2nd                       $100,000.00
3rd                        $40,000.00
4th                        $20,000.00
5th                        $10,000.00
6th                        $5,000.00
7th – 8th               $3,000.00
9th – 10th             $2,000.00
11th – 15th            $1,000.00
16th – 25th            $700.00
26th – 50th            $500.00
51st – 100th           $300.00
101st – 200th         $200.00
201st – 300th         $150.00
301st – 500th         $100.00
501st – 700th          $80.00
701st – 1200th          $70.00
1201st – 1700th        $60.00
1701st – 2700th        $50.00
2701st – 5200th        $45.00
5201st – 12125th      $40.00

There’s even more to play for on DraftKings in December, DraftKings $10 Million Fantasy Championships

Sunday Million to payout $3 million dollars

The Week 9 — Sunday Million will have a $3 million dollar prize pool on Fan Duel.

1st place will win $500K, 2nd place $150K and 3rd place $75K……..

Overall, there will be over 26,000 players winning at least $50.

The Sunday Million will start at 1PM ET, has a $25 entry, unlimited entries and pays about 1 player in 6 cash.

All winners will be paid on the morning of Tuesday Nov. 4th.

Use Bonus Code: USALEGAL to sign up on Fan Duel to play today……..

Fan Duels Sunday Million to payout $2.5m!

The Week 8 Sunday Million on Fan Duel will have a $2,500,000 prize pool.

The Sunday Million has been growing in size every week in 2014.Fantasy Football Cash

Starting at a $1m prize pool on week 1 it has been increased the last few weeks to $1.25m, $1.5m, $1.75m then $2 million last week.

Fan Duel has had to grow the Sunday Million as their player sign ups dictated.

The original $1m player field was selling out quickly the first couple weeks of the season, so Fan Duel has added more players and prize money each week to accommodate all the player demand.

This weeks Sunday Million is the largest one week, non championship fantasy football contest ever run……..$2.5 MILLION in total prizes, with a whopping $500,000 to first place…all for just a $25 entry fee.

$500,000 to first place, and $100,000 to second. Nearly 1 player in 5 of the field gets paid at least double their money, and top 8 get 5-figure payouts.

Last weeks Sunday Million paid out $2m with $200,000 going to the winner.

If you had this line up on week 7, you would have been extremely happy on Monday Night.

Can you build a winning line up like hatorade?

Week 7 winning line up

 Learn about Fan Duel Fantasy football scoring and details here.

$2 Milllion Dollar — Sunday Million

As each week progresses, Fan Duel continues to grow the Sunday Million Prize Pool.

This weeks $25 main event now has a guaranteed pool of $2 Million Dollars to be paid to 17,475 top finishers on Week 7.

Last weeks winning Line Up on the $1.75M Sunday Million collected $175,000.

The stack of QB Joe Flacco and the Smith Brothers (Steve and Torrey) was extremely effective indeed.

$175K Winning Line-up

Week Seven Sunday Million Details:

Sunday October 19,  1PM ET Start, $25 entry, Multiple entries allowed, GTD Payout

1st: $200,000.00
2nd: $100,000.00
3rd: $60,000.00
4th: $40,000.00
5th: $30,000.00
6th: $20,000.00
7th: $15,000.00
8th: $10,000.00
9th: $8,000.00
10th: $6,000.00
11th – 12th: $5,000.00
13th – 15th: $4,000.00
16th – 20th: $3,000.00
21st – 30th: $2,500.00
31st – 40th: $2,000.00
41st – 50th: $1,750.00
51st – 60th: $1,500.00
61st – 80th: $1,250.00
81st – 100th: $1,000.00
101st – 120th: $800.00
121st – 150th: $600.00
151st – 200th: $500.00
201st – 250th: $400.00
251st – 325th: $350.00
326th – 500th: $300.00
501st – 700th: $250.00
701st – 1000th: $200.00
1001st – 2000th: $150.00
2001st – 3500th: $100.00
3501st – 5500th: $75.00
5501st – 9000th: $60.00
9001st – 17475th: $50.00

On Fan Duel you build a new line-up every week, can you build a winner like abracadabra010?

Draft a NHL Team Now

Fan Duel Sunday Million

The Sunday Million on Fan Duel

Have you been on Fan Duel today?

Use Promo Code: USALegal to up to $200 Free

Use Promo Code: USALegal to up to $200 Free

As I”m writing this, there are over 1290 NFL fantasy leagues and contests open for play.

As these leagues fill up, more are opened, so there is always a large selection of  leagues for you to choose from.

One contest I’m definitely in is the Sunday Million,  the premiere event on Fan Duel every Sunday this football season.

Guaranteeing $1,250,000 in prize money for just a $25 buy-in, this is the must play game for everyone who knows fantasy football.

The Sunday Million has a $25 entry, $60K salary cap, allows multiple entries, starts with the early games on Sunday (1PM ET) and uses Fanduel NFL Scoring

The Sunday Million will pay the ultimate 1st place winner $120,000, 2nd place $60K and 3rd place $30K.

You don’t have to beat the whole field to make some green either,  finish in the top 10 and you get at least $5000, in the top 26 and win at least $1000, in the top 2400 and win at least $100 or just in the top 11,490 finishers and you’ll more than double your money with a $60 payout.

I’m saying if your better than most fantasy players you’ll win cash!

In total, about 1 in 6 players win Cash on the Sunday Million.

If you want to start out on Fanduel with a little smaller entry, here are some more Sunday Contests that might interest you:

$75K GTD  Sunday Snap $2 entry

$40K GTD NFL Dive $1 entry

$120K GTD NFL Rush $5 entry

Here is one lineup I am considering this Sunday, I like to Stack players from good match-ups to boost my scoring.

You always  have until Kick off to make any changes

Sunday Million Draft Page

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