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Fastest Poker Free Roll on the Internet

Where can you find the Fastest Free Roll on the Internet?

Where can you find a Fast Free Roll that starts every Hour?

Where can you play and maybe win a Free Roll, maybe start a bankroll and not have any play through requirements?

Seals with Clubs.eu

Every hour, Seals with Clubs offers a 50 chip Hourly Winner Take All Free Roll

SwC Table view

The tournament has a 1500 chip stack start and 3 minute blinds

This is a Ultra Turbo to say the least,  Check out the Blind Schedule

Hourly WTA Free Roll Blinds

Each Hourly WTA Free Roll will last at most, 45 minutes.

There are usually about 70 to 80 players enrolled to play (less during the day, more (maybe 90) in the evenings).

This means the field reduces quickly, from 70 to 50 within 10 minutes (sit outs are blinded off within 6 rounds), then to 25 or less within 20 minutes and you are at the final table within 30 minutes of play.

It is usually over by quarter to the hour and a new WTA Free Roll is accepting sign-ups (sign-up as soon as play starts on the current WTA) for the next top of the hour WTA free roll.

I have personally made the final table on 5 occasions, but have not won.

I finished 5th once, but my AKo got flushed away!

Since I am basically obsessive compulsive (I really am!) I will play these until I achieve my goal of winning one……no matter how long it takes!

The best way to win at this BINGO MATCH is to bet hard when you have any decent hand (any pair, AK, A-any suited, etc.) and hope for the best…..

Be particularly aggressive, especially when the table is short handed (look for sit out’s and open seats) when it is 6 players or less, a lessor hand (like just any ace or king is strong) Bet it up, you most likely are leading, so take advantage of it!

You do not have time to screw around, Bet big and make them make the decision……………..

You will see a lot of all-ins early and often, the kamikazes will go all-in every hand, sometimes it works, most often it doesn’t.

We do prefer a more subtle aggressive approach (wait for a hand to play), just make sure you are putting the pressure on and not someone else!

Word of Warning: SwC does not censor table chat, be prepared to see some really true feelings expressed as the beats are administered. You won’t see FU, AHole or WTF here, it’s all there for for everyone to see…………….

How Much can I win?

Now I know you are wondering, what is 1 chip worth on SwC?

It is worth 1/1000 of a Bit Coin,  Bit Coins fluctuate in value daily….

As of this writing (2/21/2013) a BTC is worth about $30, so a chip is about 3c

The WTA pays 50 chips to the winner.

So, Yes it is $1.50 Free roll (at the current BTC value)

If you win you can immediately use those chips in Ring Game play (there are many 1/2 chip ring tables) on SwC or you can sign-up for a Bit Coin wallet (details on SwC) and cash it out today.

Cash outs take hours, not weeks on Seals with Clubs!

You can even sit on your chips and wait to see if the value of a BTC increases (it has been lately) so this win may be worth $5 in a couple of weeks, then cash it out!

Visit Seals with Clubs Today, and sign up and play, no E-mail, name or address is necessary to play.

Yes,  it is an anonymous poker site!

No download is needed.

SwC is Flash Play Poker Site!

Mac Players are more than welcome at Seals with Clubs.



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