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Free Entry to the $700,000 NFL Divisional Clash

Get a $20 Free Entry Now

Who wants to play in the Fantasy Football $700K Divisional Clash?

Who wants to play in it for Free?

Join DraftKings now, deposit a minimum of $5 and your in, it’s a $20 value, a free $20 entry, why wouldn’t you give it a try??????

This Free Offer will end on Saturday, January 10, 2014 at 4:35PM

If the contest fills before Saturdays kick-off, you’ll get a $20 ticket to any other Draftking fantasy contest that starts at 4:35PM ET on Jan. 10th

The Fantasy Football Season is winding down quickly, with only these last 2 weeks to play.

Now is the time to make this a winning season…….

The $700K Divisional Clash is a $20 buy-in Contest, allows multi entries, pays the top 8,320 finishers and includes all the Divisional playoff games this week end.

Baltimore at New England, Carolina at Seattle, Indy at Denver and Dallas at Green Bay.

There is a lot of football talent involved in these match-ups and there is a winning line-up to be made here, will it be your free entry?

1st place pays a cool $100K, 2nd=$50K, 3rd=$30K, 4th=$2oK, 5th=$15K, 6th=$10K, 7th and 8th=$7.5K, 9th and 10th=$5K.

Just finish in the top 30 and you’ll win $1,000. Minimum win is $40.

$700K Divisional Clash

This is your one of your last chances to make the 2014 NFL Fantasy season one to remember, your last chance to make your money back, if you lost out on your season long league now is the time to make it good.

Don’t worry you’ll get your moneys worth, your Draftkings account will be good until the next NFL season or you could use the money on some great NBA or NHL fantasy action that’s happening now and don’t forget, Fantasy Baseball is just a short 2 months away.

Get your free $20 entry on DraftKings with as little as a $5 deposit NOW……

You’ll be $15 ahead as soon as you play and even more if you can draft a winner!

Fantasy Football is not over on DraftKings

Fantasy Football Players won Big Money on DraftKings

The 2014 regular NFL season is now over, but Fantasy Football is not………

DraftKings paid out over $350 Million to fantasy football players during the regular season.

15 individual Fantasy Millionaires were made on DraftKings during the past 17 week regular season, not to even mention all the winners of $25K or more.

Now it is a fact that most fantasy football players lost out on their season long leagues and playoffs. It’s true, season long leagues are done.

But now is your chance to still make your fantasy championship run a reality, there still is time to be making money from a fantasy.

DraftKings.com still has NFL Playoff Fantasy Contests set up and ready to play……

Fantasy Games are set for the upcoming Wild Card weekend and the Divisional Playoff weekend. Including the Divisional Playoff ($2 Million /Millionaire Maker Encore)

The upcoming first round of NFL playoff games includes these great Wild Card match-ups.

Arizona at Carolina Saturday Jan. 3,  4:35PM ET

Baltimore at Pittsburgh Saturday Jan. 3,  8:15PM ET

Cincinnati at Indianapolis Sunday Jan. 4, 1:05PM ET

Detroit at Dallas Sunday Jan. 4, 4:40PM ET

January 10th and 11th Divisional Match-ups are TBD

Guaranteed Wild Card Contests on DraftKings

Wildcard Contests on Draftkings

Buy-in now to any of these contests now for just $2, $5, $27 or $300 and you’ll have the chance for a big Playoff Payoff on Wild Card week end

Special Offer:

If you sign up and deposit now, you’ll get a chance on the $100K Play Action for Free

Wild Card Week End Player Rankings

You can start setting your playoff lineups now, here are a few players that are worth using in your DraftKings line up this Wild Card Weekend:

Late Update 12/29/14:

Ndamukong Suh of the Detroit Lions has been suspended one game (for purposely stepping on Aaron Rodgers leg), this will be enforced for Sundays wild card game: Lions at Cowboys.

Suh is a key part of the Lions defensive line and will undoubtedly affect their defensive game plan.

Upgrade all the Cowboy top skill positions……

Players like Tony Romo QB, Demarco Murray RB and Dez Byrant WR will now be even better plays than previously thought.


I really like Cam Newton CAR $7600. He is moderately priced at $7600 and offers the twin threat of running and throwing for scores. The yardage may not be there, but the TD’s will be.

Running Backs

Jeremy Hill CIN $6200 has been flashing his rushing skills the last few weeks, he is trending up as a premier back and is undoubtedly the best RB option this weekend with LeVeon Bell PIT RB playing status in doubt.

Jonathon Stewart CAR is the Panthers top RB option, he has been putting up solid rushing and receiving numbers recently and is a solid play at only $5300 this week.

Wide Receivers

Antonio Brown WR PIT $8900 Need I say more, he is the Best WR option available this upcoming Wild Card Week End.

Kelvin Benjamin CAR $5900 Moderately priced, Kelvin brings the long threat against the Cardinals bottom 1/3 of the NFL ranked pass defense.

Martavis Bryant PIT $4100 is always a threat for a long score and has the potential for a huge game at any time. Defenses always pay the most attention to Antonio Brown, this allows Martavis a chance to sneak a long play in at any time.

Cole Beasley DAL $3700 is a absolute bargain, his increased participation in the aerial attack of the Cowboys the last couple of weeks and with the Detroit Defense worrying about Dez Bryant, Beasley will slip through the cracks for a cheap score or two this week end.

Tight Ends

Greg Olsen CAR $5500 is Cam Newtons favorite target, always gets the first looks and is about as reliable of pass catching Tight End you’ll find anywhere.

Jermaine Graham CIN $3700 has scored in his last 3 games and is likely to continue that trend should AJ Green CIN WR be limited in play.

Defensive Team

I really like the Cowboys DST $3200 this week. The Lion offense has really been in their typical late season disappointment mode the last 3 weeks of the season and I think you can be confident that the Dallas Offense (aka: Demarco Murray) will keep Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson off the field enough to make the Dallas “D” a great play.

 Wild Card Line Up

January 3 Fantasy line-up

Good luck this coming Weekend on DraftKings

Draft a NHL Team Now

Millionaire Maker $2M Playoff Encore

DraftKings.com has just announced their Millionaire Maker Encore

It is set for the NFL Divisional Playoff Millionaire Maker EncoreRound (2nd round).

This is a $2 Million Dollar payout, $100 buy-in, fantasy football contest limited to only 22,222 players.

It is not a 100K+ player tournament, this means it could be a very winnable event.

It won’t be easy, there will be 4 NFL playoff games and only 8 teams included in the player pool. The good thing it will be only the best NFL talent still playing, these should all be close games and the final outcome will be determined by that Fantasy Guru who can find that one Sleeper Player who stands out…..

Complete Details:

This Contest will be posted in the main lobby to reserve entries as soon as NFL Divisional Round schedule is finalized.

Contest Date: NFL Divisional Playoffs (January 10th and January 11th)
Total Prizes: $2,000,000
First Place: $1,000,000
Entry Fee: $100

Multiple Entries: Allowed
Places Paid: 3,333
Total Entries: 22,222

Prize Listing
1st $1000000
2nd $100000
3rd $40000
4th $25000
5th $20000
6-7th $15000
8-10th $10000
11-15th $5000
16-25th $2500
26-50th $1500
51-100th $1000
101-150th $500
151-300th $400
301-600th $300
601-1251st $200
1252-3333rd $150

Satellites to the Millionaire Maker Encore

DraftKings will also be running a number of satellites at nearly every buy-in level for the $100 Entry Millionaire Maker Encore.

Enter a satellite and earn your seat in week 17 or during the Wild Card Week End

NFL Week 17 Millionaire Maker Encore Super Satellite – $20 Entry, 1000 Tickets Guaranteed
NFL Week 17 Millionaire Maker Encore Super Satellite – $2 Entry, 500 Tickets Guaranteed
NFL Week 17 Millionaire Maker Encore Super Satellite – $5 Entry, 50 Tickets Guaranteed
NFL Week 17 Millionaire Maker Encore Super Satellite – $27 Entry, 50 Tickets Guaranteed
NFL Week 17 Millionaire Maker Encore Super Satellite – $12 Entry, 50 Tickets Guaranteed

Get your entry to the Millionaire Maker Encore Now

Fantasy MMA is coming to DraftKings

Fantasy MMA starts on January 3, 2015 on DraftKings

Watch UFC 182 and win with your passion

Now you can take your passion up another levelDKMMA and use your Mixed Martial Arts knowledge to your financial benefit.

If you love to watch MMA.

If you want to bet on your knowledge of MMA/UFC182

If you know who is going to kick some ass……

Go to DraftKings and make your first fight night in 2015 a profitable experience……..

Complete DraftKings Fantasy MMA Details and Scoring

Fights and Fantasy Contests will start at 7PMUFC 182 Jan. 3, 2015 on Saturday January 3, 2015

UFC 182 Matches Featured:

Cormier-Jones, Cerrone-Jury, Marquardt-Tanares, Gaudinot-Horiguchi, Burkman-Lombard, Castillo-Felder, Brimage-Garbrandt, Cannonier-Jordan and Damm-Dunham

Headlining the Jan 3rd UFC 182 Contests on DraftKings

$100K Ground and Pound $200 buy-in, $20K to 1st

$50K Takedown $27 buy-in, multi entry, $10K to 1st

$25K Guillotine $2 buy-in, multi entry, $2K to 1st

$7.5K Contender $12 buy-in, multi entry, $1000 to 1st

$7K Armbar $5 buy-in, multi entry, $1000 to 1st

If you can pick the winners, pick the terminators, pick the highest scorers, you will win real money on DraftKings.com………

$200K MMA Event January 2015

Play NBA Fantasy on Christmas Day for Free

The NFL Fantasy season is winding down, time to start your run on the NBA Fantasy season.

DraftKings is offering the perfect wayFree $25K NBA Fantasy Contest to get started……

Join DraftKings Now, you’ll get a entry ticket to the $25K Christmas day Free Roll. This offer will expire at 11:59AM ET on Christmas Day.

You just have to make a minimum deposit of $5 (use your X-mas gift cards) and you’ll be in, 1st place will pay the winner $5000.

1150 players will win some easy cash on Christmas Day.

Total Payouts

1st     $5,000.00
2nd     $2,000.00
3rd     $1,000.00
4th     $500.00
5th     $200.00
6th – 7th     $100.00
8th – 10th     $75.00
11th – 20th     $50.00
21st – 50th     $30.00
51st – 125th     $25.00
126th – 200th     $20.00
201st – 400th     $15.00
401st – 700th     $12.00
701st – 1150th     $10.00

DraftKings offers the best in daily NBA Fantasy, so you’ll be in the game everyday when you sign up.

NBA Rules and scoring on DraftKings


  • Rosters will consist of 8 players and must include players from at least 2 different NBA teams, and representing at least 2 different real-life NBA games.
  • You will have a Salary Cap of $50,000 to create your team.
  • Salaries will be determined the day before the contest begins, figure on a $10K average for top players with a $3000 minimum salary.
  • The 8 roster positions are: PG, SG, SF, PF, C, G, F, and UTIL.
  • Live scoring is available online and on the DraftKings mobile app.


  • Players will accumulate points as follows:
    • Point = +1 PT
    • Made 3pt. shot = +0.5 PTs
    • Rebound = +1.25 PTs
    • Assist = +1.5 PTs
    • Steal = +2 PTs
    • Block = +2 PTs
    • Turnover = -0.5 PTs
    • Double-Double = +1.5PTs (MAX 1 PER PLAYER: Points, Rebounds, Assists, Blocks, Steals)
    • Triple-Double = +3PTs (MAX 1 PER PLAYER: Points, Rebounds, Assists, Blocks, Steals)

Start your road to NBA Fantasy Riches today…….Join DraftKings Now



Gift Cards for Christmas

Did you get a gift card for Christmas?

Millions of Gift Cards will be exchangedUse your Gift Card to play on DraftKings as gifts over the Holidays.

How many times have you heard “just get him a gift card” or “I didn’t know what you wanted, use it for whatever you want!”

How many did you get???? How many did you give?

Think about it, Do you still have a few cards from the past year still stuffed in your wallet or a drawer with just enough money on them not to throw away or maybe just enough to buy a cheap piece of candy or a pack of gum?

Finally, there is a use for all those gift cards where nothing is wasted.

Here’s a great idea, use those gift cards to fund a daily fantasy run on DraftKings.com

You can also give a Gift Card for Christmas and suggest DraftKings.com to the fantasy playing recipient.

When you get a gift card for a gift on X-mas, you’ll still be able to play some Big Money playoff fantasy football this year, yes there will quite a few high paying fantasy football contests that will be offered during the actual NFL Playoffs.

Your gift cards will also give you a shot at some high scoring and high paying Daily NBA Fantasy, some fast paced NHL Fantasy, the College Bowl season, the rest of the College Hoops season including March Madness or even set yourself up for the 2015 MLB Fantasy Season.

The best thing about using your Christmas present on DraftKings is you won’t waste a penny. There is no sales tax, no odd cents involved, and every deposit you make is in even dollar amounts and can be as low as $5 (Do you have one with just about that amount left now?).

It’s the perfect use for all those common those $25 and $50 gift cards.

Just use your “use anywhere” gift cards as a credit card and enter the amount you want to start with when depositing on DraftKings and you’ll be in the hottest fantasy games around……….

DraftKings Deposit Screen

How easy is it to Deposit on DraftKings

Joining DraftKings now will get you a free entry into a paid fantasy contest and DK will add a 100% Bonus (Double your Money)  to your account as you play.

Visit this page with any Questions you may have about DraftKings.



Thursday to Saturday Fantasy Football

Take advantage of the last Thursday Night Game this season on DraftKings.

DraftKings has announced a special round of Thursday to Saturday Fantasy Contests for Week 16.

NFL Games included TEN at JAX (Thur. 7:25PM Start), PHI at WAS (Sat. 3:30 PM start) and SD at SF (Sat. 7:25PM start).

Highlighted Fantasy Contests:

$75K Thursday Finale $20 buy-in, $12,500 for winner

$25K Flea Flicker $5 buy-in, $5000 for winner

$25K Play Action $2 buy-in, $2000 for winner

Salary Cap restrictions on these will not affect your player selections, every player is priced low enough so you can basically build a team using just about anyone you wish.

These are some really juicy match-ups. I loaded up on PHI players against WAS and on TEN players against JAX.

Player Prices for these games include:

J Maclin PHI WR $6500. L McCoy PHI RB $6300, M Sanchez PHI QB $6200, PHI D $3300, TEN D $2800, A Gates SD TE $5000, D Walker TEN TE $4500, D Jackson WAS WR $5500.

As you can see, it will be easy to stack a fantasy line up with just about  any players you wish.

Thursday to Saturday Fantasy Football

Join DraftKings now and get free Entry to the $25K Play Action


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