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It’s Not Too Late!!!!!!!!!

It’s not too late to get a Fantasy Football Fix…….

Now, I know a few of us overslept this morning and are just getting up as the Eagles and Lions are Kicking off.

Make any Deposit and get a $25 Bonus Instantly

Make any Deposit and get a $25 Bonus Instantly

Or maybe you were busy helping get all the fixin’s ready for a fine Turkey and Trimming’s dinner and just lost track of the time!

Fear Not, There is still plenty of time to get in on the rest of the Thanksgiving Day Football action.

You still have the Carolina at Dallas 3:30PM ET game and the Chicago at Green Bay 7:30PM ET game.

DraftKings has a late/afternoon contest schedule set up on Thanksgiving and you still have plenty opportunity to score yourself a big win….

Here are the Late Featured Contests

(All 3:30PM ET Starts)

The $125K Play Action: $3 entry, $10K to 1st, over 9600 winners.

The $40K Flea Flicker: $5 entry, $5K to 1st, over 1800 winners.

The $25K First Down: $1 entry, $2K to 1st place, over 5800 winners.

The $12K Safety: $2 entry, $1K to 1st place, over 1300 winners.

The $10K Hitch & Go: $7 entry, $750 to 1st place, over 300 winners.

The $1.5K Quarter Arcade: 25¢ entry, $75 to 1st, over 1400 winners.

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Week 12 DraftKings Line Up Suggestions

NFL Fantasy Targets – Week 12

The good news, finally the byes are over, every team is playing in week 12.

The bad news? There are 3 games on Thursday this week.

The annual Thanksgiving Football Tradition will see PHI at DET, CAR at DAL and CHI at GB which eliminates key players like C Johnson, A Rodgers, C Newton, D Bryant, D Murray and the Carolina Defense from your Sunday Line Ups.

No big deal, there are still plenty of opportunities for us to build a big scoring line up.

Injuries continue to pile up in the NFL this year and there are many questionable statuses to monitor as we head into Sunday.

Players that I’m considering using this week based on their match-up, injury replacement, past trends and injury status.

C Palmer ARI QB at SF $7100, B Bortles JAX QB v SD $5900, B Hoyer HOU QB v NO $5000, E Manning NYG QB at WAS $6500.

C Johnson ARI RB at SF $4600, A Peterson MIN RB at ATL $7300, D Martin TB RB at IND $5800, T Rawls SEA RB v PIT $3800, TJ Yeldon JAX RB v SD $4800, S Ware KC RB v BUF $3800, D Freeman ATL RB v MIN $8300 (monitor his status).

D Hopkins HOU WR v NO $9100, O Beckham NYG WR at WAS $8700, L Fitzgerald ARI WR at SF $7400, J Brown ARI WR at SF $5000, V Jackson TB WR at IND $4700.

T Eifert CIN TE v STL $5800, D Walker TEN TE v Oak $5400

ARI DST at SF $3900, NYJ DST v MIA $3200

Here’s one Line Up combination to consider on Draftkings

Week 12 Suggested Line Up

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DraftKings $5000 NBA Freeroll

$5000 NBA Free Roll on DraftKings

Are you are looking for something to do Friday Stack Your Daily Line Up for CashEvening, after a busy day of holiday shopping.

How about spending the evening watching some exciting NBA Action and having a real rooting interest in all the games?

DraftKings is having a special “Invitation Only” $5000 NBA Freeroll on Friday November 27th starting at 7PM ET.

All 12 scheduled NBA games on Friday are included in this contest, including the Cleveland, San Antonio and Golden State games.

Fridays Free Roll Payouts

Total Payouts $5001, Total Winners 1527

1st place=$150, 2nd=$75, 3rd=$50, 4th=$40, 5th=$35, 6th=$30, 7th=$25, 8th=$20, 9th=$15, 10th=$10 and 11th to 1527th win a $3 Contest Ticket (good for any sport).

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DraftKings Black Friday Week End Special

DraftKings has set up a Thanksgiving week end special, a $25 Instant Bonus when you set up a new account and make any deposit……..

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DraftKings has a full schedule of Fantasy Football Contests to choose from this weekend, including a full line up of Thanksgiving Day Fantasy Football contests available.

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Thanksgiving Day Fantasy Football

Thanksgiving means Turkey, Stuffing, Pumpkin Pie and Football…

DraftKings has a full Line Up of Fantasy Thanksgiving Day on DraftKingsFootball to satisfy your entire Turkey Day Football appetite.

There are 3 NFL games scheduled:

Eagles at Lions 12:30PM ET, Carolina at Dallas 4:30 PM and Chicago at Green Bay 8:30 PM

Featured Thanksgiving Day only Contests

$2M Wishbone Classic: $20 Entry, $2M in GTD prizes, $200K to 1st place, 31800 winners paid.

$750K Mini Wishbone: $3 Entry, $750K in GTD prizes, $50K to 1st place, over 65000 winners paid.

$100K Flea Flicker: $5 Entry, $100K in GTD prizes, $10K to 1st place, 4600 winners paid.

$75K First Down: $1 Entry, $75K in GTD prizes, $5K to 1st place, over 17000 winners paid.

$40K Quarter Arcade: 25¢ Entry, $40K in GTD prizes, $1500 to 1st place, over 39000 winners paid.

The 3 game NFL Thanksgiving schedule will allow for dozens of line up combinations and you’ll be able to mix and match your line up stacks to load up on the favored teams key skill position players.

NFL Lines for for Thursday Games:

PHI at DET -1 (46), CAR at DAL -1 (46.5) and CHI at GB -8.5 (47.5)

Detroit always plays decent on Thanksgiving Day and believe it or not they have been playing a lot better the last couple of weeks. I would think that Calvin Johnson DET WR $7200 and M Stafford DET QB $5800 will have very good games and put on a show for the hometown fans.

I can’t say what is up with Philly, they looked awful Sunday against Tampa and gave up 45 points. The PHI offense looked terrible with M Sanchez as QB and there is no one on Philly you can really trust fantasy wise with the exception of maybe D Murray RB PHI $6100.

Carolina at Dallas looks to be one of the better games this Thursday with C Newton QB CAR $7100 playing out of his mind, J Steward RB CAR $5200 going up against a Dallas Run D that gives up yards and points to opposing RB’s. G Olsen TE CAR $6200 is a steady receiving option for Newton week in and week out. The Carolina Defense is really good and should be started where ever they play.

T Romo QB DAL $5800 will play better at home and should improve a little on his week 11 numbers. D Bryant WR $7600 and T Williams WR $4200 will see quite a few targets Thursday. D McFadden RB DAL $5500 will continue to have 20 + touches every week and is the true workhorse of the Dallas offense.

CHI at GB I can see being a game where A Rodgers QB GB $7400 just torches the Bears. Green Bay is retiring Brett Farves Number on Thanksgiving evening and you know that the Packers and their fans will be hyped up beyond belief…….

I’d play just about any Packer that night. R Cobb WR $6500, J Jones WR $4600, E Lacy RB $4700 and J Starks RB $4800.

The Bears should see the return of M Forte RB CHI $6800 and there is the possibility of the Bears lining him up with J Langford RB CHI $5300 together on a few formations with one or both lined up as WR’s along with A Jeffery WR CHI $6600, who could also return on Thursday.

I can see plenty of garbage time/panic comeback receiving yards and points in the second half on Thursday night for the Bears.

Here’s one Line Up you could use on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Line Up

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Week 11 Sunday Morning Update

Last Minute advice for your Week 11 Fantasy Line Ups

Tony Romo QB $6000 will start today for the Cowboys at Miami, He may be a bit rusty but this will make D Bryant DAL WR $7700 a lot more attractive as your #1 WR. It also will give J Witten DAL TE $5100 a higher ranking.

M Sanchez PHI QB $5000 will start for the Eagles v TB, he could be a sneaky and inexpensive play, depending on which Philly offense shows up today. He is a big risk, but could have a very nice reward for anyone who takes a chance on him today.

M Forte CHI RB is not expected to play today v DEN, start J Langford CHI RB $5600 in a tough match-up against a very good Bronco Defense.

J Edelman NE WR is out, start D Amendola NE WR $4000 in his place v BUF. B Lafell NE WR $4600 will also see more looks from T Brady NE QB $8500. R Gronkowski NE TE $7700 is still Bradys #1 target

11:30AM Update: Saunders is Out   E Saunders DEN WR $7000 is expected to play at CHI.

Jaron Brown ARI WR $3000 v CIN is a inexpensive WR in a great spot with injuries hampering John Brown and M Floyd.

C West KC RB $4500 at SD is a must play at $4500………

Play A Cooper OAK WR $6800 and M Crabtree OAK WR $6000 at Detroit. The Lions have a bad Defense, it’s on a fast indoor field and the Oakland offense is looking very good with D Carr at QB $6300.

E Decker NYJ WR $5800 has seen a lot of balls thrown towards him the last few weeks and is a solid play at Houston.

Can the GB Packers actually lose they’re 4th game in a row today at MIN?  Is A Rodgers GB QB $7500 hurt? He is too expensive and may be a risky play today at the Vikings.

No A Jeffery CHI WR today, Z Miller TE $2900 and M Bennett TE $4200 will see plenty of action from J Cutler CHI QB $5100.

Seattle is the Defense $4000 you want to start today, at home vs SF.

Other defenses going against back up QB’s this week include: CHI $2000, NYJ $5000, BAL $2700.

Visit DraftKings and sign-up (w/minimum deposit) before kick-off and you’ll get free entry into your first $1M GTD Play Action Fantasy Football contest…….

Week 11 DraftKings Line Up Advice

Here are  a few fantasy football players I’m targeting for week 11 on DraftKings

As always, I’ll update everything as new news becomes available during the week.

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D Carr OAK QB at DET $6300, he had a down week in week10, but a visit to Detroit (a team that seems to want to lose) will be what Carr needs to rebound in week 10.

Watch Tony Romo DAL QB $6000 status as the week progresses, He’ll undoubtedly be rusty, but will be activated and he will add fantasy value to every Dallas receiver as they travel to Miami.

T Taylor BUF QB $5200 will no doubt have to throw the ball a great deal against the Patriots this week, keep in mind he managed to pass for 4 TD’s earlier this year against the Patriots

D Freeman ATL RB $8400 is back from a well deserved rest on his week 10 Bye and should be a solid play v IND at home.

C West KC RB $4500 had over 160 APY and a score against the Broncos in week 10 and has a much easier match up in SD this week.

J Langford CHI RB $5600 has over 320APY and 3 scores while replacing M Forte CHI RB $6800 the last 2 weeks and I can’t see the Bears tucking him away for next year when Forte returns from his knee injury. Forte may be ready this week, but even a split in carries will give Langford plenty of opportunity. The Denver D is in the middle of the pack against defending RB’s this year and why not ride Langford while the going is good?

Look for B Lafell NE WR $4300 and D Amendola NE WR $4000 to pick up the slack as the #1 and #2 WR options for injured Wide out J Edelman in the upcoming weeks. They should both have plenty of chances to make some hay at reasonable cap prices.

D Adams GB WR $4600 has been emerging as the trusted go to guy for A Rodgers the last couple of weeks, he should get plenty of looks against a very good Vikings Defense this week.

A Cooper Oak WR $6800 and M Crabtree OAK WR $6000 look to be very good receiver options against a weak Lions secondary.

Where did Z Miller CHI TE $2900 come from the last 2 weeks (3 TD’s)? He up against a tough Denver D this week, but he is hot and you cannot beat his price.

I do believe the Sea D $4000 will be up for their game vs the 49er’s this week.

Another Chicago suggestion, the Bear Defense $2000 is playing a lot better and you have to believe the Bears Coaching staff J Fox and A Gase (both from Denver) know exactly what DEN QB B Osweiler can and can’t do. Keep in mind that Denver’s offense has been terrible most of the year.

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Photo courtesy DraftKings.com

Photo courtesy DraftKings.com


Last Minute Fantasy Advice — Week 10

Here the Latest News on the NFL Injury Front for Week 10……

B Roethlisberger PIT QB is Out, L Jones PIT QB Last Minute Fantasy Advicewill start v CLE.

T Bridgewater MIN QB will play at OAK.

M Lynch SEA RB is Questionable and may not play v ARI, consider T Rawls SEA RB in his place.

A Jeffery CHI WR at STL is very likely to play.

E Saunders DEN WR v KC may not play, have alternate plans.

A Hurns JAX WR may play at BAL, monitor closely.

Austin S. Jenkins TE TB is out.

Who is looking really good today?

All prices via DraftKings.com

B Bortles JAX QB $5600 at BAL.

D Carr OAK $5800 v MIN.

A Rodgers GB QB $7500 v DET.

L Jones PIT QB $5300 v CLE.

T Gurley STL RB $7300 v CHI

D Williams PIT RB $6500 v CLE.

A Robinson JAX WR $6700 at BAL.

R Cobb GB WR $6700 v DET.

M Crabtree OAK WR $5800 v MIN.

S Diggs MIN WR $5100 at OAK (now that Bridgewater is playing).

T Austin STL WR $4800 v CHI.

J Reed WAS TE $4600 v NO

Denver “D” $3400 v KC

CAR “D” $3300 at TEN

PIT “D” $3000 v CLE

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Photo courtesy DraftKings.com


Week 10 DraftKings Fantasy Football Line Up Advice

Week Ten Fantasy Football Line Up Suggestions

Once again, it’s kinda early to set your week 10 line ups……

That being said, here is what I am thinking about the Week 10  fantasy football prospects on DraftKings.com right now……

I’ll update everything as new news becomes available during the week.

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Ben Roethlisberger PIT QB sprained his foot on Sunday and is expected to miss next weeks game v the Browns. The Steelers have a bye on week 11 and Big Ben should be able to return on week 12.

This unfortunately hurts Antonio Brown PIT WR $8800 fantasy value in week 10 after coming off the best week of his career (17 catches/284 YR/49.6 FP) on Sunday.

Landry Jones PIT QB $5300 will now start v CLE next week and this would make D Williams RB PIT $6300 (225 TY/2 TDs on week 9) a huge play in week 10 v CLE.

Keep in mind, L Jones and M Bryant PIT WR $5500 have hooked up for scores quite often this season and I don’t see why that couldn’t happen this week against the Browns.

Dion Lewis NE RB tore his ACL on Sunday, this makes L Blount NE RB $4900 a must play every week going forward.

Rob Gronkowski NE TE $8000 has been relatively quiet the last couple of weeks (no multi TD games), however the week 10 match up against the NYG looks like a game where he could score a couple of times and put up his normal GRONK type numbers.

Tom Brady NE QB $8600 is always a good match up @ the NYG and should be a safe play in week 10.

Andy Dalton CIN QB $6500 has a Monday Night match up v HOU and will have another chance to show his stuff on Primetime.

This makes AJ Green CIN WR $7600, M Jones CIN WR $4300 look like good plays as a late boost to your Week 10 fantasy scores.

What can I say about T Eifort CIN TE $5800? He is always a good play with Dalton looking for him in the red zone each and every week. Eifort is averaging a TD each week he plays.

D Hopkins HOU WR $8700 will have quite a few looks and chances as the Texans play catch up in the second half against the Bengals on Monday Night.

Week 10 NFL Byes include ATL, SD, IND and SF

That means no P Rivers SD QB, A Gates SD TE, M Ryan ATL QB, J Jones ATL WR and D Freeman ATL RB this week.

Aaron Rodgers GB QB $7500 (369PY/4TD) had a nice game against the Panthers and he faces a very bad Lion Defense this week, expect to see more Rodgers like numbers in week 10.

You can also uptick the values of J Jones GB WR $5300 and R Rodgers GB TE $3000 in week 10.

T Gurley STL RB $7300 will roll over the CHI Defense at home in week 10.

Downgrade J Cutler CHI QB and A Jeffery CHI WR this week.

B Bortles JAX QB $5600 had little trouble with the NYJ defense Sunday,  (381/2 TD) and should have a much easier time v BAL in week 10. His top 2 receivers A Robinson JAX WR $6700 and A Hurns JAX WR $5800 are always great value plays on DraftKings.

David Carr OAK QB  $5800 v MIN has almost 2100 YP and 19 TD’s already in 2015. A 4200 YP and 40 TD season is not out of the question for Carr and always look to A Cooper OAK WR $6800 and M Crabtree OAK WR $5800 as his favorite targets.

Other players who look like decent plays on DraftKings in week 10 include:

A Dalton CIN QB $6500 v HOU, J Flacco BAL $5500 v JAX

L Miller MIA RB $5400 @ PHI, J Forsett BAL $6000 v JAX

J Edelman NE WR $8200 @NYG, J Landry MIA WR $6700@PHI, B Cooks NO WR $6000@ WAS, S Diggs MIN WR $5100@ OAK, J Jones GB WR $5300 v DET, M Crabtree OAK WR $5800 v MIN, T Benjamin TEN WR $5200 @ PIT

Defensive Plays: CAR $3300@TEN, GB $3200 v DET, PIT $3000 v CLE

Here’s one Line Up Suggestion for Week 10

Week 10 Line Up suggestion

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Photo courtesy DraftKings.com

Photo courtesy DraftKings.com


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