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If you haven’t seen it yet, DK adds a second $100K Free Entry Contest

DraftKings has added another $100,000 payout Free Fantasy Football Contest for Week 2……

Everyone can play, no invites, tickets or preset requirements are needed, just open a account on DraftKings and look for the NFL $100K Week 2 Free Contest on the main NFL contest Lobby on DraftKings.

  • It will start at 1PM ET on Sunday September 18, 2016.
  • You will be limited to one entry only.
  • It includes all the week 2 NFL Games on Sunday and Monday.
  • It will payout to over 37,000 winners
  • If you win the thing, you’ll get $1000
  • You can join DraftKings Here, and Draft a Line up Right Now
  • Good Luck to all………


Complete $100K Free Contest Payout List

1st     $1,000.00
2nd     $750.00
3rd     $500.00
4th     $400.00
5th     $300.00
6th – 7th     $250.00
8th – 10th     $200.00
11th – 15th     $150.00
16th – 20th     $100.00
21st – 25th     $80.00
26th – 30th     $70.00
31st – 40th     $60.00
41st – 60th     $50.00
61st – 80th     $40.00
81st – 100th     $30.00
101st – 150th     $25.00
151st – 250th     $20.00
251st – 350th     $15.00
351st – 500th     $12.00
501st – 1000th     $10.00
1001st – 1500th     $8.00
1501st – 2000th     $7.00
2001st – 3000th     $6.00
3001st – 5000th     $5.00
5001st – 7000th     $4.00
7001st – 12000th     $3.00
12001st – 19500th     $2.00
19501st – 37400th     $1.00


Did you use the DK Live app on Sunday?

DraftKings rolled out their new mobile app DK Live last Thursday,

When I wrote about it last week, I promised to try it out on Sunday with a full NFL schedule of games playing.

I spent a lot of time on DK Live and played with all the features while flipping thru the early NFL games on TV.

I thought it worked very well, I bounced from single game play by play, to red zone plays, to my players scoring and back continually. I had multiple line ups going and quite a few players to monitor.

The App is a little slow when posting plays and scoring when compared to the TV action, but all online sports scoring app’s are also similarly delayed.

You cannot change or view your line ups from DK Live, you can only monitor individual player results and not whole line up scores.

You can however go directly to your account on the DraftKings App (click the DK crown on bottom right) and make line up changes and view your contest line up scores there……

This is App perfect if your on the road, at a party, at work or anywhere to monitor real games, your fantasy players and see which real players around the league are having a kick ass fantasy days.

Download it today on your App store and use it to make your DraftKings experience complete.



Game play by play


Red Zone plays from around the League


Fantasy Highlights from around the league


Scoring of all your DraftKing players



DraftKings Ticket Redemption

I’ve been bombarded with how do I redeem my Second Chance ticket I won yesterday on Draftkings

Thousands of players who didn’t win cash won on the Week One $100K free contest, won tickets to the week 2 Second Chance Free Roll.

I for one, am one of those players. I used too many high risk high reward players on that contest.

The Good News, Draftkings is having another NFL $100K free contest next Sunday also. I’ll be in that one too, hopefully with better results.

To redeem any ticket on DraftKings, just follow these easy steps:

Go to my account on DraftKings (upper right corner on home page).


Then click my tickets,


Click Redeem,


All Second Chance Ticket holders will be notified when the 2nd Chance Contest is open for drafting. Keep in mind that you’ll have to use this ticket in week 2.

When you click redeem for any other DraftKings contest tickets, you’ll be brought to contest(s) that the ticket(s) can be used to enter.

DK Live

Draftkings introduced a new App “DK Live”on the first Thursday Night Game of 2016.

DK Live is a new way to monitor every real game for up to date Fantasy Scoring on DraftKings.

On the App you can choose the game you want to monitor and see how the key players are scoring on DraftKings live as it happens.

The live scoring is play by play and player fantasy scoring is shown at the bottom of each plays description.

This App is free to download on your App store.

It worked great with just the one live NFL game last night, I only had a couple select players going but was able to see how each play affected my fantasy scoring. I’m going to use this Sunday to see how it works with several games playing at the same time.

You can also access updated league wide fantasy news right from the app.

Get scoring highlights, (no Video) which include fantasy impact from any game and link to your DK account directly.

DK Live Home


Live Play by Play and Scoring


Highlight Screen


News Feature on DK Live


It’s just another way that DraftKings is working to enhance your fantasy experience, give it a try this Sunday.


The NFL Fantasy Season Kicks off tonight on Thursday Night Football

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see the live, take it seriously action of NFL Football on opening night.

We’re all pumped up for real football on Thursday Night, but you really have to temper your expectations for fantasy scoring tonight.

The Vegas Line has Carolina as a -3 favorite at Denver with a over of just 41.5 points.

Most experts have the score predicted even lower, thinking Denver will struggle to score any points with a rookie QB T Siemian. I have seen predicted scores as low as a 17 to 10 Carolina win.

What does this mean for Fantasy Football players playing contests that will include the opening  Thursday Night Game in the scoring?

This could/should be a low scoring defensive struggle……It means you should probably stay away from overloading your fantasy line-ups with DEN and CAR players, but should cherry pick only one or two value plays and concentrate your week one line ups with players from the Sunday and Monday Night games.

Complete Week One DraftKings Line Up advice

REMEMBER: You can not win your weekly fantasy league/contest on one Thursday night game, but you can burn thru a lot of low scoring roster positions and lose any chance of a week end win on a Thursday Night.

Who should you play?

I’m not really fond of any Denver players (except their DEF) on Thursday Night. The Carolina defense is  still one of the best in the league and is up against a rookie QB.

I can see using any one of these players C Newton CAR QB, T Ginn CAR WR , G Olsen CAR TE or the CAR DEF. I would not use any more more than one, the DEN DEF is still very good and is expected to carry the Broncos this season.

If you looking to get an early week one start on DraftKings, you might want to try The DraftKings NFL $1M Kickoff Million [$1 Million Guaranteed].

The Kickoff Million is a $5 entry (multi entry allowed) that starts at 8:30PM ET on the Prime Time game, includes every NFL game to played on week one, pays the winner $50K and has over 67000 cash winners.

Of course there are hundreds of other Football contests starting Thursday night on DraftKings including a $1000 NFL Free Contest arcade.


Get $20 in Free Play on DraftKings

DraftKings will give all new players who make any deposit, $20 in DraftKings Dollars.

This Special offer ends at 1PM ET on Sunday September 11, 2016 free-20-on-draftkingswhen all the early Week One NFL Sunday games Kick-off.

Think of it as a $20 Instant Deposit Bonus that DraftKings will pay you, to try their selection of Weekly NFL Fantasy Football Contests…….

About DK Dollars:

Draftkings Dollars can be used to enter any contest on DraftKings.

DK Dollars will be used from your player account for contest entries before any of your real money deposit is used.

DK dollars cannot be withdrawn, however any and all real money deposits and any winnings from your DK Dollar contest entries can be withdrawn.

This offer is limited and not available with any other offer (radio or TV) and you must use our link or the free $20 will not be issued.

This offer is for New Players only, existing players are not eligble

You must also deposit at least $5 or more on DraftKings before 1PM ET on Sunday September 11th for this offer to be valid. Deposit methods will vary by state, you will only be able to use the allowed deposit methods in your area when you join.

Use your DK Dollars to enter any contest on the Draftkings NFL Contest lobby, including the $3 entry/$5M Fantasy Football Millionaire. There are also plenty of  25¢, $1, $2 and $3 Fantasy Contests to use your DK Dollars for entry on.

Be sure to look for the Week One $100K Quarter Arcade, that one pays the 1st place winner $2,000 with over 120,000 other winners and Special Beginner only contests on the main lobby.

Example: A Deposit of $5 plus your $20 in DK Dollars will start you off with a $25 total bankroll.

If you use a simple money management system, like divide your total $25 bankroll into 4 or 5 weeks of play (20% to 25% or $5 to $6 of your bankroll) each week and stick to 25¢ and $1 Contests, you’ll be able to enter quite a few smaller contests, using multiple lineups each week and greatly increase your chances of winning.

You’ll also be able to play the $100K Free Contest the coming Sunday and any other Free NFL Contests offered on Draftkings each week and have have a chance for even more Fantasy Success.

Get your free $20 in DK Dollars now with any deposit on DraftKings

This offer is open to all players except in the following areas: Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada and Washington. You must be at least 18 years of age to join DraftKings, 19 in Alabama or Nebraska and 21 in Massachusetts




Common Questions about DraftKings…………Answered………..

Here are the 5 most asked questions I have received the past week via E-mail and by Google search inquiries.

These are the most commonly asked questions about DraftKings.

What is OPRK on DraftKings?

OPRK is the strength rating of that individual players opponent that week...

If it is Green, then that player is up against a weaker opponent (against that position) and should have a good or higher scoring game fantasy point wise.

If it is Black, then it is a neutral match up and you can expect a normal point (not great, not bad) scoring game against that opponent. A match-up like this could go either way, very good or very bad, but not out of the players usual fantasy scoring average.

If it is RED, beware….. The opponent is very good against that position and a bad/low scoring game by that player is very possible. Do not expect an outstanding scoring game…….

Like all things Fantasy, any individual player could always exceed expectations (good or bad) or completely disappoint your expectations on any match-up. Nothing is a sure thing on Fantasy Football.

Higher Green numbers of OPRK  (21 to 32) are the best to play against, lower Red numbers of OPRK are the worst to play against (1 to 10) and the middle Black numbers like 10 to 20 are about average to play against.

On the DraftKings 2016 NFL Week One QB list,

Aaron Rodgers is up against the 29th ranked (worst) Defense (JAX) against QB’S last year and is projected as a really good starter in Week One.

Eli Manning is against the 5th (best) ranked Defense (DAL) against QB’S last year and probably should be avoided in week one.

Russell Wilson is up against the 17th (Average) ranked defense (MIA) and has a neutral match-up, could be good, could be bad, but you could expect his average fantasy numbers in Week One.

Week One DraftKings TOP QB Match-ups and Salaries

OPRK Explanation(Feel free to copy my week one tournament line-up)

How much does DraftKings Cost?

As much as you feel comfortable with……

Want to risk a $5 deposit and play just 25¢ contests? Do it…..

Want to put $50 on DraftKings and play $1 and $2 contests? Do it……

Want to deposit $200 and play $3, $5 and $10 contests? Do it, but be careful, you better know what you’re doing!

Want to risk nothing and just play Free Contest Arcade Contests on DraftKings? Do it……

There is no minimum or maximum amount you can play on DraftKings, play and deposit whatever you feel comfortable with. Just be sure of your abilities (fantasy wise) and be aware you may lose your first deposit or two  before your winning abilities start paying off.

Most smart players start off small (like a $25 or $30 deposit) and play $1 contests until they start winning, then increase the size of their contest entries as their bankroll increases and they establish their winning ways.

What is the DraftKings Bi-Monthly Freeroll?

Every time you deposit on DraftKings (first time or reload deposit) you’ll get a ticket to a free roll…..

When you deposit is the key…….

Make a deposit between the 1st and 14th of each month, and earn a ticket to a $1k free contest on the 15th.

Make a deposit between the 15th and last day of the month, and earn a ticket to a $1k free contest on the 1st of the following month.

Your limited to one free roll entry each period, but can have an entry in each, each month

Depositor Free Roll

Can I use a Pre-paid Debit/Credit Card or Gift Cards on DraftKings?

Yes, but there are restrictions.

Some U.S. states will limit your deposit options on DraftKings to just Paypal.

When you sign up on Draftkings and go to the deposit screen, you’ll be asked where you are located.

If there are any restrictions where you live, you’ll have only the permitted options for depositing in your area. DraftKings will determine your location automatically and only allow access to your options in permitted locations.

If Credit Cards are allowed in your area, you can use any prepaid debit card, credit card, gift card or your normal banks debit card on Draftkings.

There is no extra service charge on DraftKings for using any credit or debit card and your transaction is made on secured (https) connections.

Deposit Screen on DraftKings

Deposit Screen on DraftKings

Do I have to deposit to play on DraftKings?

No, you can play for free, with no money of yours at risk.

Just visit the DraftKings main lobby and look for Free Contest Arcade Contests. They are completely free to enter and offer free to play games on every sport, in season at that time. Each Contest will pay cash or merchandise prizes and give everyone a chance to try DraftKings with no risk and allow you to learn the in’s and out’s of daily and weekly fantasy contest play on DraftKings.


Free Week One Fantasy Football Contest

DraftKings Week One Monday Night players to target

Set a great DraftKings NFL Line-up on Monday Night.

The NFL has scheduled 2 Monday night games (like they always do) to kick off the 2016 regular season and that will allow for Monday Night only Fantasy Football on Draftkings. As soon as the Monday night contests are posted on DK, I’ll highlight them right here.

The Featured Monday Night Contest on Draftkings is the $600,000 NFL Monday Night Doubleheader. At only $3 to enter it features a firstplace prize of $50,000 and pays out over 59000 winners.


Here’s a early look at those games and who you should consider using in your line ups on Monday, September 12th

Week One Monday Night Lines: 

7:10 PM ET PIT -3 at WAS (50) and 10:20 PM ET LA -2.5 at SF (44.5)

This years Monday night Kick-off has 2 interesting games to watch. The PIT at WAS game is projected to be high scoring with plenty of action. You want to have a big part of it.

Both teams had trouble stopping opposing offenses last year and will still have problems. Both of those offenses, especially PIT can put up points quickly. Stacking Roethliberger and Brown would be ideal, but is an expensive proposition, like almost 40% of your cap space. I like the Cousins/Reed stack with A Brown as my number one WR.

R Kelly WAS RB 4300 could be starting in place of M Jones WAS RB (shoulder), if he is, he is a must start value play for Monday night.

LA at SF puts 2 offenses against each other that last year were pretty disappointing. T Gurley is the best RB on the Monday Night schedule and should be worked into your line up some how, some way.

V McDonald SF TE looks like an interesting Value Play, he and B Gabbert SF QB have seemed to develop a connection with each other at the end of last season and during the preseason this year.

I really like the following players on these Monday games:

QB: B Roethlisberger PIT 7800, K Cousins WAS 7400, B Gabbert SF 5400

RB: D Williams PIT 7000, T Gurley LA 7800, R Kelly WAS 4300

WR: A Brown PIT 9800, M Wheaton PIT 5400, P Garcon WAS 4400, D Jackson WAS 6100, S Coates PIT 3700

TE: J Reed WAS 6600, V McDonald SF 3100

DST: Start  LA 3800 or SF 3100. As the lowest scoring game tonight, these Defenses should accumulate points.

QB/WR Stacks: Roelisberger/A Brown PIT 17600, K Cousins/J Reed WAS 14000, Gabbert/McDonald SF 8500

The limited schedule on Monday night will allow a great deal of Salary Cap flexibility and offer many chances to set up multiple lineups to increase your chances of winning on the Monday Night Double.

Visit DraftKings and get ready for the 2016 NFL Fantasy Season and Monday Night Football

DraftKings Adds Thursday Start Week One Contests

DraftKings has added their Week One Thursday Start NFL Week One Contests.

Why did it take so long? DraftKings has always offered preseason Fantasy Football and to avoid the confusion of the various start days of  the NFL preseason schedule, DK has traditionally waited until the very end of the preseason schedule to post their complete week one NFL contest schedule.

The Thursday Night Kick off game features Carolina at Denver. This should be a tough defensive struggle and you should probably temper your enthusiasm for a high scoring contest.

Whatever you decide, do not load up on CAR and DEN skill players. You cannot win week one on one Thursday night game, you can however lose week one if it turns out to be a low scoring game.

Be selective and stick to one or two players only, you still have 13 other games to choose your line up from. (Complete Week One line up advice)

Players to watch on Thursday Night: C Newton CAR QB 7700, T Ginn CAR WR 4100, G Olsen CAR TE 5100, CAR DEF 3800, DEN DEF 3700.

DraftKings will give you a free entry to the NFL $5 Million Dollar Week One Millionaire when you join and deposit today.

Highlighted DraftKings Thursday 9/8 NFL Contests

Start time: 8:30PM ET, all 16 week one NFL games included

All Thursday 9/8 start contests have (THU) notated on contest lobby

NFL $1M Kickoff: $5 entry, $1M GTD prize pool, 1st place wins $50K, 67750 total winners.

NFL $100K Slant: $9 entry, $100K total prizes, $5K to 1st place, 3350 total winners.

NFL $100K Triple Option: $3 entry, $100K total prizes, $3K to 1st place, 11750 total winners, 3 max entries.

NFL $75K Nickel: $5 entry, $75K total prizes, $3K to 1st place, 4670 total winners, 3 max entries.

NFL $20K Daily Dollar: $1 entry, $20K total prizes, $1K to 1st place, 5905 total winners, single entry only.

DraftKings Thursday Sept 8th NFL Schedule

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