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Have you seen the Fan Duel ad’s on your home MLB TV games?

I just saw the first Fan Duel TV ad I’ve seen in a while……..

I was watching my favorite baseball team on my home TV and saw a Fan Duel ad. Now some of you may think, so what it’s an ad…

I haven’t seen a Fan Duel on local TV in a while…….National TV yes, I see them occasionally.

The theme of this TV time for Fan Duel was make any deposit, play a contest or two and get $5 free.

If that interests you then click here: Fanduel.com

You’ll get a $5 bonus instantly with any deposit…..

I play a lot of MLB contests on Fan Duel and as I write this here is how I’m doing tonight:

Yes, my Home Run Challenge entry isn’t quite what I want, but my regular lineups seem to be working tonight.

If playing fantasy baseball while watching your team (using your guys) interests you, visit Fan Duel and get into the game now……………….

The 12 Days of Christmas on DraftKings

DraftKings has 12 Days of 2016 Christmas Gifts for playing your favorite Fantasy Contests…….


Each day starting on December 12th, 2016 DraftKings will offer a gift, just for following the contest playunwrap-gift challenges for that day. Just go to the DraftKings main lobby and click “Unwrap Gift” to see the challenge and the gift for that day.

The daily gifts will include free contest tickets, free play contests, DK Dollars, DraftKings Swag and much more (ticket packs for completing 2 of the 3, December 21st, 22nd and 23rd Gifts).

Challenges include entering specific contests each day. You do not have to complete each challenge every day, just the challenges in the individual sports you want to play.

Play within your limits and on the sports you know best. Daily Gifts are awarded for each completed challenge.

Just visit the DraftKings Main Contest Lobby each day to see what your challenge and gift could be….


From Dec. 12th thru Dec. 18th at 1PM ET, Get $20 in DK Dollars absolutely free when you Join DraftKings and make any size new deposit. That’s a $20 instant Deposit BONUS to claim for yourself today.

Yes, you can use your $20 in Free DK Dollars to complete your daily challenges

December 12, 2016 Unwrapped Gift


You can track your progress daily and open your gift by clicking the 12 Days of Christmas on the promotions tab and clicking the gift box for that day. There you’ll see what gifts you have already collected.


The Last 3 Days of Giveaways is Cumulative – Enter 2 out of 3 days to Unwrap a Super Gift!

Now I’m sure you have more questions. Here are some of the most common questions and a few details to know about this 12 days of Christmas Promotion:

How can I qualify to receive a daily prize?

Click “unwrap gift” on the 12 Days of Giveaways promotion page and complete that day’s challenge.

Do I qualify for a prize if I enter a contest with a ticket?


When will I receive my prizes?

All digital prizes (FPPs, tickets, DraftKings Dollars, etc. – update) won during the 12 Days of Giveaways will be delivered via email the following business day by 5PM EST unless otherwise noted. For all physical prizes, a DraftKings representative will reach out to all winners within 24 hours after the contest to confirm shipping information. For users who complete two (2) of the three (3) listed challenges from Wednesday, December 21st through Friday, December 23rd, ticket packs will be delivered via email the evening of Friday, December 23rd.

When will the next daily challenge be available?

Each daily challenge will be unveiled the day of at 12am ET.

Do I need to enter contests through the 12 Days of Giveaways promotion page?

No. Once you’ve clicked “unwrap gift,” you can enter that day’s contest from anywhere.

How will I know if I successfully completed today’s challenge?

Complete all of the criteria, for each respective day, listed on the 12 Days of Giveaways promotion page. Once the day has concluded, all qualifying users will be sent an email confirming their prize the following day.

I already completed today’s task. Can I still get a prize?

Yes. By clicking “unwrap gift” you’ve already qualified.

If I complete today’s challenge multiple times can I win multiple prizes?

No. All users are only eligible to win each day’s gift once unless otherwise noted.

DraftKings is giving you a chance for some Great Free Gifts, just for doing something you enjoy doing every day when playing daily fantasy on DK.

Don’t miss out on the limited time, $20 instant DK Dollar Bonus, sign up and make any size deposit today……

DraftKings extends Free $20 offer………

Breaking News:

DraftKings has extended their Free Instant $20 Bonus to all new Players who make a first time deposit ……

This is a great time to start playing Daily Fantasy on Draftkings.com.

Just use our Link Here, make any size deposit ($5 Min.) and your Free $20 will be instantly credited in your account to start using on DraftKings right now…..

Whether you just want to get in on the last few weeks of NFL Fantasy or have already been shut out of your season long leagues playoffs or are maybe just hanging by a thread and hoping, there’s no reason not to play on DraftKings.

You still have plenty of time to use what you have learned this season and can make yourself fantasy relevant the last 5 weeks of the NFL season.

If your ready to throw the towel in on football completely, NBA and NHL fantasy is just starting to rev up and there are plenty of fantasy trends (ie. R Westbrook, K Durant, A Davis, J Harden) to take advantage of already, early in this NBA season.

DraftKings Feature Contests for Today November 28, 2016


Not only will you get your free $20, you’ll have access to all the Free Cash paying contests offered every day on DraftKings Free Contest Arcade.

Today’s Free Contests on Draftkings

NFL FREE $5K presented by Incarnate
1 Prize + $5,000
Sun 12:00p
NFL $250 Daily FREE Contest [Free Contest Arcade] (Mon-Thu)
NFL DK Golf Shirt Swag Giveaway! [Free Contest Arcade] (Mon-Thu)
15 Prizes
NFL $20K FREE-To-Play Championship [LIVE in Dallas] Qualifier #12
1 Prize + $300
Sun 12:00p

NBA $250 Daily FREE Contest [Free Contest Arcade]
NBA DK Golf Shirt Swag Giveaway! [Free Contest Arcade]
10 Prizes
NBA DK Golf Shirt Swag Giveaway! [Free Contest Arcade] (Turbo)
5 Prizes
NBA DK Golf Shirt Swag Giveaway! [Free Contest Arcade] (Late)
5 Prizes

NHL $250 Daily FREE Contest [Free Contest Arcade]

Join DraftKings right now and start playing in all the Free Rolls even if you don’t want the Free $20 Bonus

Get a $20 Instant Bonus on Draftkings this Thanksgiving…….

Get yourself $20 in Free Play on Draftkings instantly…….

DraftKings will give every new player (who makes a minimum deposit of only $5) $20 in Free DK Dollars, which can used to play any contests offered on DraftKings

This Offer expires on 11/27/2016 at 1PM ET

This Thanksgiving, try DraftKings Fantasy Football while enjoying the Holiday with all of your family and friends.

And you could turn that $20 into $100K…

NFL $1.5M Wishbone Classic

Gobble up the $100K top prize in the $1.5M Wishbone Classic
$1.5 Million Guaranteed | $20 Entry Fee
Contest starts Thursday at 12:30 PM EST

NFL Games on Thanksgiving


Wishbone Classic Payouts

1st     $100,000.00
2nd     $50,000.00
3rd     $30,000.00
4th     $20,000.00
5th     $15,000.00
6th     $10,000.00
7th – 8th     $7,000.00
9th – 10th     $5,000.00
11th – 15th     $3,000.00
16th – 25th     $2,000.00
26th – 35th     $1,500.00
36th – 50th     $1,000.00
51st – 75th     $800.00
76th – 100th     $600.00
101st – 150th     $500.00
151st – 200th     $400.00
201st – 300th     $300.00
301st – 500th     $250.00
501st – 750th     $200.00
751st – 1000th     $150.00
1001st – 1500th     $120.00
1501st – 2250th     $100.00
2251st – 3500th     $80.00
3501st – 6000th     $60.00
6001st – 12000th     $40.00
12001st – 22450th     $30.00

More DraftKings Thankgiving Day contests

There are numerous Fantasy Football contests open on DraftKings for Thanksgiving Day only, but you can choose to use your Free $20 on any contest or contest’s (NFL, NBA or NHL) you choose starting tonight, tomorrow, next Sunday or whenever you prefer.

You may even want to spread your free play out on several $1 or $2 contests to make your free bankroll last longer and give you the best chance to grow your bankroll.

Draftkings Thanksgiving Football Lobby


Don’t forget DraftKings has nightly NBA and NHL Fantasy contests open, so your not just limited to Fantasy Football with your free $20.

Join DraftKings Today, deposit a small $5 or larger amount and get your $20 in free play now……

Good Luck this Thanksgiving and make sure you watch every game, cheering on your players in all of your line-ups…….

New York State is back On-Line for Daily Fantasy……

NEW YORK is now open for Daily Fantasy…..

The NY State Gaming commission has approved and gave the go ahead for DraftKings and Fan Duel to start accepting Fantasy Players from NY State.

Each site had to show exactly what contests they would be offering, show compliance for customer fund safety and how they would monitor where players are located when they are playing on the site.

In total, the 4 Big Players: DraftKings, Fan Duel, Fantasy Draft and Yahoo have been awarded Temporary Daily Fantasy Operating Permits and all expect the formal licensing process to be completed without issue.

That Means all New Yorker’s can reload, research and get ready for the 2016 NFL Fantasy Season which will be starting in just a couple of weeks.

Quote from NYSGC:

The Commission has completed a legally required thorough review of the temporary permit applications from these five companies, ensuring required consumer protections, player safeguards and advertising restrictions are in place.

“As the newly enacted law requires, the Commission regulates all aspects of interactive fantasy sports, including ensuring the operators put important consumer protections in place,” said Commission Executive Director Robert Williams. “While the Commission continues work on formal regulations for these games, these temporary permits get companies up and running in New York State while assuring resident players that safeguards are in place.”

Comments from DraftKings CEO Jason Roberts:

“MLB pennant races are heating up, an exciting NFL season is just around the corner and we are thrilled to be able to bring DraftKings back to millions of New York sports fans. We thank the New York State Gaming Commission for being thorough and expedient in approving the return of fantasy sports to New York.  We are proud to be a leading sports-tech and entertainment company that delivers an unparalleled fantasy sports experience, with state of the art technology and a mission to bring fans closer to the sports they love than they ever thought possible. New Yorkers can play our games right now, and on behalf of everyone at our company, thank you New York and welcome back to DraftKings!”

New York is now open for Daily Fantasy Play…..

Full Steam Ahead for the estimated 3 Million DFS Players in New York…..

Governor Cuomo of New York requested the Bill passed back in June by the NY State General assembly today and promptly signed it, opening up New York for Daily Fantasy Play and just in time for the upcoming Fantasy Football season.

Any Site desiring to operate in NY will have to apply for a temporary permit to start operating immediately and then apply for a permanent license when the details of the procedure are established.

The newly signed law includes many protections and game rules to not only level the playing field for all players but will generate an estimated $4 Million in new tax revenue for the Empire State.

The two largest Fantasy Sites Fan Duel and Draftkings have already incorporated all these rules and regulations onto their sites which include:

  • Sites must prevent play by minors, with a minimum age of 18 for users.
  • In advertisements and upon entry in a contest, operators must “make clear and conspicuous statements that are not inaccurate or misleading concerning the chances of winning and the number of winners.”
  • Sites must allow players to exclude themselves from play and include a resource for compulsive play.
  • Sites must identify all “highly experienced players” in any contest.
  • Sites must ensure that players funds are segregated from operational funds.
  • There is a 15% tax on gross revenues from NY state players and an additional .5% tax on revenues up to $50,000

As many players already know the NFL season is only 35 days away from Kick-off, the reintroduction of play from New York will undoubtedly fuel the 2016 Daily Fantasy Season to new heights.

Visit Fan Duel  /  Visit DraftKings

$25 Free Play on Fan Duel

Yes, nothing is free…..

However, Fan Duel is offering this unique offer……

Make a $10 or more deposit (you get a 100% First Deposit Bonus and entry to a weekly free roll with each deposit).

Play a total of $10 in any fantasy contests on Fan Duel (they can be one $10 contest, 2-$5, 5-$2 or 10-$1 contests on any one week) and Fan Duel will credit you with $25 directly into your player account……….

This is a limited time offer, it expires on May 10, 2016

The 2016 MLB Baseball season is in full swing and it is the perfect time for everyone to start playing…….I recommend playing 10 team leagues until you get used to the scoring and rules, afterward a few plays/weeks, then start playing the $1 and $2 entry tournaments where prizes can be in the thousands

Fan Duel Baseball Scoring Basic Fan Duel Baseball Strategy

Free $25 on Fan Duel

Don’t wait, this offer is limited and you want the free $25 don’t you?

The NBA Returns Thursday, on Fan Duel…..

Welcome Back, it was a long week end……..

After an exciting NBA All Star Week-End, which included the highest scoring All Star game I ever witnessed, the NBA returns on the evening of Thursday, February 18th at 7PM ET.

To welcome back the action, Fan Duel is having a Thursday Night NBA Free Roll.

Just go to the main NBA Contest Lobby on Fan Duel and set your rosters. You’ll also find a full slate of NBA contests for the Thursday Night Return of the NBA.

Look for the Free Roll on the Main NBA Lobby

Join Fan Duel today and get a 100% Deposit Bonus (up to $200) and entry to an additional Free Roll.

Thursday NBA Games: Utah at Wash, CHI at CLE and SA at LAC

Fan Duel NBA Free Roll

Thursdays Free Roll NBA lineup suggestion

Thursday Feb 18 line up suggestion

The Contest Payouts

NBA Free Roll Payouts

The NBA tips off Tuesday on SideLeague

The NBA is back on SideLeague

Opening Night Tuesday October 27th at 8PM ET

Sideleague has the easiest to win Fantasy Basketball format anywhere…

There is no salary cap to hinder your roster. You can start any player, any time and every night with the best match ups.

How good would you do with line up every night?

NBA Line Up on SideLeague

NBA Fantasy On SideLeague

There are Free Rolls, 50¢, $1, $2, $3, $5, $10 and $20 Contests to choose from.

Each Free Roll pays 50c tickets to a Cash paying game.

Each Cash contest pays the top 3 finishers 15X, 3X and 2X the entry fee.

Each contest is limited to one entry per player and 25 total entries per contest.

You can get a Free $5 bankroll on SideLeague when use Promo Code: SS5QD Download the Free SideLeague APP on your mobile device today!

NBA Contests start every day the NBA schedule allows.

Each NBA Fantasy Contest runs 3 days.

You use a 8 man roster: PG, SG, SF, PF, C, G, F, UTIL

Player Selection Screen

Scroll player images left to see each available player on the selection screen.

Sideleague NBA Player Selection screen

When you choose a player, you’ll go right to his profile. Player Profiles give you every thing you need to know about every player. Latest News, Stats, Opponents and game days and times. Make sure you pay attention to each of your players match ups during the 3 day period.

To choose the players match up, just swipe the game date and time on the profile screen to the left to see who else he is playing during the 3 day period and then click “select” (upper right) on the game you want him in your line up.

You can only use each player once in the 3 day contest period.

Player Profiles

SideLeague Player Profile

SideLeague uses a very generous NBA Fantasy scoring system and you can count on high scoring contests every day.

SideLeague NBA Scoring

You can get a Free $5 bankroll on SideLeague when use Promo Code: SS5QD

Download the Free SideLeague APP on your mobile device today!

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