Private Leagues on Fan Duel

Did you miss out on joining the work Fantasy Football league?

Are you in a Fantasy football league where a couple of your buddies  were locked out because the fantasy league was full?

Maybe you missed out on joining a league?

You and your buddies can still play Fantasy football for Real money every week on Fan Duel…..

Fan Duel is the Leader in Weekly, Real Money, Cash paying  Fantasy Football.

I know you have heard their ads on Sports Radio and they will  make you a believer……On Fan Duel you make a new team every week, using every player available and you can make every team you create, a winner.

You don’t have to set up, draft or join a fantasy football league after the 2016  season has started. Just Go to Fan Duel and set up a weekly private league and start playing the best weekly fantasy football experience with all your friends and maybe a few strangers.

What are the advantages of Fan Duels private leagues?

  • You and your friends can play when they can or want to play.
  • There is no need to set up a draft or make anyone commit to a full season of play.
  • Every week is new, everyone has the choice of every player available and you can take advantage of all the hot players, all the studs, the worst defenses and not be locked into a drafted year long line-up and roster. There is never an ill-timed injury or player suspension to ruin your teams chances.
  • You can have up to 20 players in a custom league.
  • Even if there are only a few players you know will join, you can make it a public league to fill every spot you make available. That’s right, you can take advantage of the stray players on Fan Duel just looking for a game.
  • You can set the weekly league buy-in to be anywhere from $2, $5, $10, $25, $50 or $100 on any week. You can vary it if you wish.  Start with a $5 weekly league and as the season progresses, when everyone in the league knows which players are playing the best, up the ante to $10 or $25 weekly league buy-ins.
  • You can set the weekly payouts to a winner take all, top 3 win Cash or top 33% win Cash.
  • Fan Duel handles all the fees and payouts, you don’t have to worry about collecting anything from anybody and the winners are paid instantly.
  • Name your weekly league, so everyone who you invite can find it easily.
  • You can set up weekly fantasy football viewing parties where everyone has a team and talk smack as the games play out.
  • You can make every week a new season on Fan Duel, take advantage of the Private leagues and get everyone you know involved…….
  • You and your friends won’t be restricted to a single league either, there are 1000’s of contests to join and play on Fan Duel with over $1 million dollars to be awarded each and every week in 2016 on the NFL fantasy contests.
  • Fan Duel can make you the commissioner that every one respects, your players will collect their winnings every week and make 2015 the year they really had a blast playing Fantasy Football.
  • Join Fan Duel now and get a Refer Friend Bonus earnings for every one who you get to play in your league.
  • Create a personal league on Fan Duel
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