Is DraftKings Reliable? Safe? Worth it?

August 4, 2016 DraftKings Updated Policy and Legal Changes:

Attention from the 2015 NFL season and the massive advertising campaign from DraftKings brought about attention from various Governmental agencies and Attorney Generals in October and November of 2015.

What has resulted, has been a confusing and often slanted negative view of DraftKings and DFS in general.

However, as often it happens. More good comes from the negative…..

In a Nutshell, you can play without hesitation on DraftKings in every US State except: ARI, DE, FLA, HI, IA, LA, MS, MT, NV and WA.

DraftKings became Legal in NY state on August 3, 2016 when NY Governor Coumo signed the DFS Bill.

The states of  Colorado, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, Missouri, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Tennessee and Virginia have passed laws and/or regulations that legalize and regulate DFS which will be followed by DraftKings.

There are several more US states (like IL, NY, CA, PA, NJ) that have addressed the DFS question and will have definitive legislation, hopefully very soon…….

What has DraftKings done to garner trust of their players and governmental approval?

As a result of all this attention and subsequent regulation, DraftKings has added location detection software, so if you are in a prohibited site you will be not allowed to play.

DK Location Verification Notice

DraftKings also added identity verification software (to verify your identity, age and location). There are varying age requirements, 18 is the most common.

In addition, DraftKings also has added controls on your deposit and withdrawal options to comply with your individual states laws and regulations. That being said, You can only access the methods allowed in your specific location.

There will also be even more regulatory attention (by DraftKings) to the already secure treatment of your account funds and more assurance of their security.

For actual game play, there will be more limited entry contests (like new player only, single entry, 5 max, all with a 1% of total field limit) to level the contest fields of inexperienced players against expert players.

Expert players (identified as big $ winners or having 1000+ contest experience) will be identified using unique experience badges, so you know who you are playing against, every time you join a contest. There are 5 levels of experience badges, here is an example of my personal level:

DK Experience Badge

All of this has been done to make play fairer for all players, more on a even ground, to make your play safer and to completely comply with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations.

DraftKings wants you to enjoy a safe and pleasurable play environment.

If you are still a little leary, you can still sign up and play on DraftKings everyday for Free. DK has Free Contests every day and you can test your fantasy skills at no risk, at your leisure.

Free Fantasy Contest Arcade

I cannot even tell you how many times I have been asked:

DraftKings is Safe? Is DraftKings worth my time? Can I trust DraftKings? What about Taxes on DraftKings?

These are all legitimate questions, I have played on DraftKings since their inception in 2012 and I know I can answer them.

Yes, yes and yes……taxes are inevitable fact of life, why worry about them?

I started playing on DraftKings on a couple of their Free Rolls back in 2012 and won a few bucks.

My small cash out in 2014 was super easy and only took a day to receive. (I used the PayPal option)

I have played on DraftKings ever since……..

DraftKings has been so popular, so reliable and successful in the DFS market that they have been named by over 20 individual professional sports teams in the MLB, NFL, NBA and in 2015 by the entire MLB (Major League Baseball) as their official Daily Fantasy Game provider.

Earlier this past summer (2015), ESPN© and the Disney Company signed on a deal to partner with and to exclusively promote DraftKings on their networks. Fox Sports™ also teamed with DraftKings in the summer of 2015 with funding and fantasy content.

All of these partnerships are with companies who value their reputations and public image, that in itself makes DraftKings a company you know you can trust…...

DraftKings offers the Best in Daily NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, NHL, MMA and GOLF Fantasy Contests for real money any where, any time. CFL (Canadian Football League Fantasy contests were added in June of 2016.

Draft Kings has grown into what many have thought to be, the LARGEST DAILY PLAY FANTASY SITE IN THE WORLD that has Paid Hundreds of Millions of Dollars out to their over 100,000 players over the last couple of years…..

DraftKings will give you a Free Entry to a Cash paying, Guaranteed Payout Contest when you make any Deposit Today

In 2014 DraftKings paid out over $350 Million total to fantasy winners and awarded 13 individual $1 Million Dollar awards in their Millionaire Maker series of Fantasy football contests alone……… 2015 and 2016 you can expect even more to be paid.

Those are all huge life changing wins, all determined by the winners knowledge of fantasy sports, not just a lucky lottery number draw…………..

During the last few years, DraftKings have added the player bases of such daily fantasy sites as DraftStreet and Fantasy Hub to their player ranks and have made themselves a major factor in the daily fantasy world.

In NFL Contests alone in 2014, there were an amazing 709,000 total fantasy football contests with over 17.5 million player entries.

Back in 2014, I decided to Deposit a few bucks ($20) on DraftKings for the 2014 NFL Fantasy season.

I always have used a disposable pre-paid Debit Card for my deposits on all my on-line ventures in the past.

This year I just used my Bank Card to deposit, I have been with DraftKings long enough to know I can trust them…… Over the past year my location has been limited to PayPal only, but no worries Paypal is a fast and reliable method to use on DraftKings.

On it doesn’t matter what CC or Debit card you use, they are a U.S. based company (DraftKings, 225 Franklin St., 26th Floor Boston, MA, 02110, USA) that is fully compliant with all State and Federal U.S. laws,  you can use any Credit Card, Debit Card in moist US Locations.

40 of the 50 U.S. States allow Fantasy Sports as legal gaming based on skill. States currently (July 11, 2016) permitting daily fantasy sports without question are Colorado, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, Missouri, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Tennessee and Virginia.

The only Excluded States are: Arizona, Hawaii, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada and Washington State.

Complete News and DFS Legal Updates

DraftKings is legal to play in Canada except for residents in the Quebec Province.

DraftKings only allows players 18 yrs or older from the completely legal states to play for money and constantly monitors current laws in every area that they currently have players in.

Abiding by all applicable laws, DraftKings  keeps all of your account (money) in separate accounts and uses only the Best in SSL (128bit) encoding  methods to protect you when you are online. All game play and financial transactions are on a secure https connection.

Income Taxes on your DraftKings winnings.

Per the T/C on Draftkings – All taxes associated with the receipt of any prize are the sole responsibility of the winner. Taxes paid are deducted from your winnings.

What could be Taxed:

Any net win is taxable, keep in mind that DraftKings is required by law to issue 1099 tax form(s) to any player who has a cumulative net profit in excess of $600 for the calendar year. This is calculated by the approximate value as ((prizes won – entry fees)+bonuses).


Per the T/C – Any withdrawal requests, after approved by DraftKings, will be credited back to the same credit card or method of payment used to deposit funds on the Website.

The DraftKings Software is on a static website, you do not need to download anything. Just go to the site, sign on and you are ready to play. It is a “https” secure site and has a strict privacy policy.

The DraftKings Mobile App

They even have a neat mobile App for your phone, play anywhere, anytime on DraftKings. They have both iOSS and Android applications with full site capabilities, like joining contests, player research, edit lineups, deposit and cash-outs.

DraftKings constantly updates both the web site and mobile APP to improve not only your player experience, but to continually provide secure connections to protect your funds and privacy.

Withdrawals are paid quickly.  When you click Withdrawal you’ll have the option of a Check by mail or electronically onto your PayPal or Dwolla account.

Checks take at most 2 weeks, Paypal and Dwolla withdrawals are  paid within a couple of days.

The minimum cash-out is $20

Easy withdrawals

DraftKings Deposit Procedure:

Like I said,  I decided to Deposit a small amount for the 2014 NFL Fantasy season, here is what I did:

I went to my account page (Sign up Now) and clicked Deposit……

Fill in the amount you are willing to play, (I choose $20) you can do any amount you want. There are fixed deposit amounts listed, just use the Enter $ Amount box for your desired amount.

Pick your available payment Options, Credit Card,  Paypal or Dwolla

Just check Credit Card if you are using a Debit Card, whether it is a Pre-paid or your personal Bank card.

Make sure you use all the correct info on your card, they take any card whether it is a credit, debit or a pre-paid card of any kind.

If you have any problems with your deposit, just e-mail them at support (at) or go to the contact page or use the chat box to get an even faster response.

Customer service is outstanding, the few times I had questions, my e-mails were answered in just minutes

Customer Support is available Mon. – Fri. 9AM to 11PM ET and Weekends 11AM to 8PM ET.

After you complete your deposit, you’ll get this confirmation notice:

DraftKings makes it really easy to play on their site and you can trust them completely.

After I was done depositing, I went to the Main NFL lobby and saw this golden ticket icon by my Free Entry BONUS. (note the gold ticket by the entry numbers). All New depositors will receive a free entry to a paid contest to get started

Free Ticket to $2 -- $100K on Week One

When I clicked this Enter Contest,  I went to this Draft page:

 Note the:  *Free with your Ticket by entry fee.

$100K Play Action entry with Deposit

I’m now entered in the $100K scheduled for September 7, 2014

The free game offer is available for any sport, just choose the contests with the golden ticket displayed.

DraftKings makes it easy to Deposit and Play Fantasy Football (or any sport) in 2016 and you too can Make Money from a Fantasy, safely and with confidence like I do……

DraftKings is not limited to NFL Fantasy, there are MLB, NBA, NHL, MMA, PGA, NASCAR and Soccer contests scheduled while in season and every day of the year.

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