FFWC Fantasy Football World Championships on DraftKings

Can you qualify for the $15,000,000 Fantasy Football World Championship on DraftKings?

$15 Million Dollar Fantasy Football Championship

How the 2015/16 FFWC works,

Each week, On NFL Weeks 1 to 14, You can enter and win satellites and qualifiers for the Fantasy Football World Championships (FFWC) on DraftKings.com

You can win as many as 8 chances in the Las Vegas FFWC portion of the Championships.

Look on the DraftKings NFL Lobby for Qualifiers like these on NFL weeks 1  to 14, Sept 13th to Dec. 13th, 2015

Satellites and Qualifiers

FFWC Qualifiers don’t just pay tickets to Las Vegas either, there are numerous cash prizes on each of these.

The $3 FFWC Qualifiers, allow multi entries,  pay 1st place $1,000 + FFWC PKG, 2nd pays $1000, 3rd=$500, 4th=$250 and over 2300 additional winners.

There will a total of 200 weekly qualifiers thru-out the NFL Season and a total of 200 total players going to Las Vegas on December 20, 2015 from the weekly qualifier winners on DraftKings.

Each Vegas package (a $80,000 value) includes an FFWC Ticket PLUS a four-night (Dec 17th-21st) VIP trip to Las Vegas and $1,000 cash for airfare!
Enjoy accommodations at the luxurious Wynn Las Vegas, host of our ultimate live event viewing experience.

The Las Vegas Final will be scored from the 12 NFL games played on Week 15 that start between 1:05pm-4:25pm EST on December 20th

The Las Vegas Finals will pay the 200 entrants as follows:

1st to 10th Live Finals in L.A., televised on ESPN

11th to 20th $100,000

21st to 30th $50,000

31st to 40th $35,000

51st to 70th $27,500

71st to 110th $25,000

11th to 150th $22,500

151st to 200th $20,000

You don’t even have to have a great fantasy day in Las Vegas in December to win big, the minimum prize is $20K and everyone who qualifies for Vegas will win at least that much, nice huh?

Remember this too, you can have up to 8 FFWC qualifier chances in Las Vegas, that would add up to a huge payday no matter what happens in Vegas…..

The Top 10 Las Vegas winners will then go to Los Angeles on January 16th and 17th, 2016 to compete in the Grand Final.

A Grand Final package includes a three-night VIP trip to Los Angeles and up to five guests.

The ESPN televised Final from Los Angeles will be scored from the four NFL divisional round playoff games played on January 16th-17th.

That’s right, you’ll be on National Television for all your friends and the entire ESPN U.S. Football Audience to see.

Grand Final Results will be based on cumulative fantasy points earned between Las Vegas and Los Angeles events.

The 10 L.A. Finalists will have a chance at this Prize Pool:

1st place: $5 Million

2nd place: $2 Million

3rd place: $1 Million

4th place: $500,000

5th place: $300,000

6th place: $200,000

7th to 10th: $100,000 each

Once again even a bad day in L.A. will result in a Huge Payday for everyone there (a $100K minimum payout)!

This of course, will not be an easy thing to do or win.

However, anyone who knows anything about fantasy football has a chance. Why couldn’t it be you?? Or better yet, Me!

I know this is kinda selfish, but I’d look good carrying one of these around on the ESPN National TV Event, Wouldn’t you?

Photo courtesy DraftKings.com

Photo courtesy DraftKings.com

Join DraftKings Now and you’ll get a Free $3 entry to a FFWC qualifier with any deposit, just use your free game ticket on any $3 FFWC qualifier and start packing for Vegas Baby……….

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