Fantasy Aces Review and Details

What is different about Fantasy Aces?

Fantasy Aces first appeared online in 2012 and isFantasy Aces located here in the U.S.A.

Fantasy Aces has built a solid (not huge, just over 5K) player base. Leagues and contests fill constantly and more are added as needed. A typical NFL Sunday will see close to 1000 leagues and contests open for play.

The smaller player base can be a huge advantage to players, there are no contests with 50,000 other players to beat. The size of every league and contest player fields can make winning on Fantasy Aces a real possibility for anyone.

Standard fantasy scoring is used for all sports and the line-up requirements (like multiple Flex and Utility options) offer fantasy players many different strategies and allow line up planning that can improve their chances of winning.

Fantasy Football Scoring /  Fantasy Hockey Scoring

Being one of the smaller Daily Fantasy Sports sites, Fantasy Aces has grown themselves by offering some innovative options for Daily Fantasy players.

Fantasy Aces is the only DFS that offers Salary Pro Leagues, the  SCOUT tool and offers the Fastest Bonus Return for new depositors.

The Details

Salary Pro Contests are select fantasy leagues (look for Salary Pro format) that actually allows you to go over the Salary Cap with penalties or go under the Salary Cap with rewards.

How it works:  Any Salary Pro league where your selected team goes under the cap by more than $250 you will be rewarded bonus points at a rate of .25 points for each $50 you are under.

If you happen to go over the cap on a Salary Pro league its okay, but you will be penalized .50 points for every $50 you go over.

Added or subtracted Salary Pro points will be applied to your teams point total and can be a huge difference between winning or losing.

Salary Pro Details

The Scout

Only Fantasy Aces offers the Scout tool for all the Major Fantasy Sports.

The Scout tool is a complete list of all available players breaking down their stats by STD, last 2 weeks, last 4 weeks or last 8 weeks.

The Scout has complete filters by player name, by position, by games played, by  totals or averages and shows the salaries of each player listed.

To use the Scout, just compare all players  salaries, stats and trends. Click the Scout button and those players you select as stand-outs will be added to your scout list on your draft page.

The Scout compiles all the stats you need on one page, by total, by average and by time frame.

You would have to go to several different sources to get everything shown on the Scout page.

Using this unique option can make everyone a better fantasy player, in every sport. You could even use this feature on your regular season long fantasy leagues to help with your daily/weekly line-up decisions. It ‘s a very easy way to combine all your fantasy play in one place and gives you a chance for daily fantasy winnings.

Scout Page

Bonus Details

Most DFS sites offer the same 100% Deposit Bonus, with 4% of fees paid being returned to players as their Bonus.

Fantasy Aces is a little different, you’ll get your Bonus paid back to you faster than any other DFS can offer.

Fantasy Aces offers the same 100% Bonus, but returns 5% of fees paid after each contest you enter is completed.

If  you deposit $50, Fantasy Aces adds $50 to your pending Bonus account and is paid at a rate of 5% of daily fees paid into your player account as you complete real money play. This process continues as you play, until your entire pending bonus account reaches zero and you have received your entire bonus as cash paid into your player account.

Fantasy Aces will give you up to $250 in Bonus Cash, Deposit Now and get started.

Fantasy Ace league fees are in line with all the other DFS sites, averaging 8% to 10% per contest.

The 5% Bonus payments translate to up to 50% in rake back while you are playing for your Bonus Amount.

Cashiering on Fantasy Aces

Fantasy Aces accepts all Major Credit Cards and Pay Pal, the minimum deposit amount is $5.00

Cash-outs can be done via Pay Pal (within 24 hours) or Check ($100 Minimum) by mail (about 10 to 15 days).

Make sure you use promo code: usalegal to get the Max Bonus.

Deposit on Fantasy Aces

Games Offered

Fantasy Aces offers the 4 major fantasy sports,  MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL

There is a wide selection of Leagues and Contests available every day.

Buy-ins start as low as 50¢, $1.10, $2.75, $5.50 and range up to $215.

League and contest sizes: Head to Head, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10 and up to 1000 player tournaments.

Formats: Include Salary Pro, Standard, Qualifiers, Guaranteed Payouts, Free rolls, Tournaments and 50/50’s.

Free Rolls are offered constantly for all sports, sign up now to give Fantasy Aces a try.

Create a Game: You can create your own private leagues on Fantasy Aces that you can invite your friends into or open up for all to join.

Private Fantasy Leagues

NFL Lobby

Fantasy Aces NFL Lobby

Customer Service is fantastic, you can e-mail your questions or better yet,  go to the main lobby and you can chat live with a representative who can help you immediately if you have a problem or question.

The Software is very simple to use, it is not real fancy or flashy but has everything you’d expect. Basic features like import/export line-ups, detailed account information, private leagues, league histories are available.


All connections are protected by encryption, the transmission of that information using secure socket layer technology (“SSL”) and all players funds are held in  segregated bank accounts.

Legal Information

Play on Fantasy Aces falls within all applicable State and Federal laws and is compliant with Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act of 2006.

Real money play on Fantasy Aces is 100% legal in all states except for residents of Arkansas, Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Tennessee and Washington who are only eligible to register for and play in free fantasy sports tournaments.

You must 18 years of age to play. Winnings over $600 are subject to submission of proper identification and withholding taxes.

Fantasy Aces LLC

120 Vantis, Suite 300

Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

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