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Fantasy Hockey Scoring and Details

Fantasy Aces uses a Salary Cap format for their NHLFantasy Aces Hockey Contests

Lineups: You must start 9 players. C, W, W, W, W, D, D, FLEX and G .

Wingers can be any combination of Left or Right wings, Flex can be any skater, C, W or D.

Each player has a rated salary, and you only have $45k to spend.

This averages out to $5,000 per player on each spot.

Goalies average $6K to $9K,  Centers $3 to $7K, Wingers $3 to $7K, Defense men $3 to $6K.  The lowest salary is $2500 on all positions.

Offensive Scoring

G = 3.00
A = 2.00
+/- = 0.50
PPG = 0.25
PPA = 0.25
SHG = 0.50
SHA = 0.50
SOG = 0.25
BS = 0.25

Goaltender Scoring

Win = 3.00
GA = -1.00
Save = 0.25
Shutout = 2.00

Salary Pro Scoring (on Select contests and leagues only)

  • For every $50 Under Cap = +0.25 pts. (starting at $250 under Cap)
  • For every $50 Over Cap = -0.50 pts.

Salary Pro games allow you to benefit from going under the Cap on your line up and score extra points for your team. You can even go over the capon Salary Pro leagues to finish your line-up but you will be penalized.

Fantasy Aces also offers their NHL Scout Page.

Here you can compare every NHL players stats and trends sorted by games played, averages, percentages, by team, by position and by current salary. All on one easy to use page, where you can import your selections to your draft room…….

The Scout Page

NHL Scout Page

Line Up Card

Hockey line-up Card

Player selection

Hockey player selection

Draft a NHL Team Now

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