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Daily Fantasy Sports on the internet is the hottest gaming craze to hit the U.S.A. since Internet Poker.

Perhaps you have heard some of the ad’s on Sports Fantasy BaseballRadio?

I know I have and the Larger Daily Fantasy Sites like DraftKings, Fan Duel and Fantasy Feud have hit the airwaves with gusto.

Everything you have heard is true.

Yes, there a Millions of Dollars being won by players using their Fantasy knowledge of every Sport imaginable. I’m not just talking about $100 here and $100 there either.

There are many Promotions that are paying $100,000, $250,000 and up to $1 million dollar prize pools with the actual 1st place winners clearing $25K, $50K and $200K for winning a fantasy tournament

If you know anything about Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, PGA Golf, Soccer or even MMA, you are missing out on a money making opportunity.

Currently there are estimated to be over 40 million Fantasy players here in the U.S. alone and 25 million of them play for Money!

Just about everyone playing fantasy games nowadays plays on the internet, so you already know how to play and how to take advantage of all the easy to find fantasy information available.

There are Real Money Daily Fantasy Sites that currently have over 100,000 registered players and are growing. They have paid out, literally millions of dollars to winning players..

The largest, most popular Daily Fantasy Sites are Fan Duel and DraftKings.

These sites have been fighting it out for #1  for a while now.  In July of 2014 DraftKings acquired Draftstreet (the #3 DFS), making them possibly the #1 Daily Fantasy Site.

All I know now is,  DraftKings and FanDuel will be fighting it out for players and that can only mean more benefits (Bonuses, Freerolls and Larger payouts) for the players who play on those sites.

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How is this legal?

Playing on Fantasy games on the Internet for Real Money is 100% legal and has been in existence since 2007.

The 2006 Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (UIGEA) specifically stated this fact. In 2016 several (8 to be exact) enacted legislation completely legalizing and regulating DFS. These states include: CO, IN, VA, MO, MS, MA, NY  and TN.

The prize pools are preset, the number of players entered does not affect the pools, however there are limits to the players allowed to enter making them a reasonable bet from a betting perspective.

Each daily fantasy game, besides having set awards must be posted for all to see and have a definitive start time.

Games are scheduled Daily and there are some weekly and season long events.

There are a few States that restrict Real Money Fantasy Play, each site has their own listing of where players are blocked from real money play.

What are the advantages?

The best thing about this concept is you are paid your winnings immediately, unlike the traditional fantasy season of 4, 5 and 6 months of waiting.

Payouts are guaranteed, if a contest offers a $10000 prize pool guaranteed with a $100 buy-in, even if only 50 players sign-up, the $10K will have to be paid, even though only $5K was put in.

All the banking transactions are done here in the US, you can buy-in (Deposit) with any major Credit Card, Debit Card or Paypal.

You don’t have to start with a large amount either, you can deposit $20 and play forever if you are good enough.

League entries start as low as 25¢, $1 or $1.10.

Each site has many satellites / qualifiers where you start with a $1 league and win entry and step your way up into the High Roller leagues of $50, $100 or higher entries. You can progress your up to the really big money easily and with little investment except for your knowledge of Fantasy Sports.

You can cash-out by receiving a Check from a US Bank or directly onto your Paypal account.

There are No Hassles when you deposit or cash-out, these a US businesses, not some remote website located overseas.

There are no long term commitments, play when you want too, sit out when you feel like it! Just think, when you Draft a Traditional Fantasy Team in any major Sport, you are committing to a 6 month drama, hoping your #1 drafted player stays healthy and doesn’t have the dreaded “Down Year” of mediocre play.

On a Daily Fantasy Site, you only draft players who you know are playing that day,  are having a banner year and have the best possible chance of scoring points based on that days match-up only.

The basic strategies you can use on these daily games are endless in numbers. You can try something different every night until you find a fantasy formula that works for you.

The most popular is called Stacking, this is where you pick out a particularly lop-sided match-up and stack your daily line-up with players from the team with the edge and load your line-up with excellent prospects that day.

How does a Daily Fantasy Site Work?

Each Real Money Daily Fantasy Room operates in the same basic manner.

They are a Deposit and Play room (just like a Online Poker room).

When you deposit, you have the funds in your account to buy into Fantasy contests. When you win something, the winnings are added to your account. When you start to accumulate wins and grow your account,  you can withdraw your winnings from your account at your leisure.

There is a main lobby listing all the games to choose from, there are Deposit Bonuses, Free Rolls, Frequent Play Points, Heads Up matches, Guaranteed tournaments, Sit’ n’ Go’s–everything you would find on a internet poker room, only the games are based on your favorite fantasy sports.

Deposit bonuses are paid to you based on your play, the more contests you enter, the more Bonus cash that is paid back to you.

Expertise is not really needed, there are contests where you pick from  pre-selected groups of players that have evenly matched games that day, these are called Pick-ems. Just choose the names you like and watch to see your results.

All of these sites have options for you to create your own Private password protected real money fantasy league for your friends or groups, no one else will join to spoil your league.

Detailed player updates are offered on each site, look for Draft Tools, Injury Updates or Player News sections on each site. You will have all the information you need on one page to make your team a winner.

Daily winnings are added to your account as they happen and you can withdraw them the same day if you wish.

Frequent Players are offered points for all the real money games they play. These points can be used to earn Bonus Payments for their play, Cash Back and for free fantasy contest buy-ins.

There are Baseball, Football, Basketball and Hockey games for all the most popular professional and college leagues available as the seasons dictate.

You’ll even find Soccer, PGA, MMA, NASCAR contests on the various sites.

You can play your Fantasy Fix all year round and not miss a beat!

Really good players have been Making Money from a Fantasy for a few years now.

When are you going to start?

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