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Private Leagues are available on

Yes! You can create a Private football league every week just for you and your fantasy buddies or maybe you and your family members who live out of state.

Imagine having a weekly fantasy football league, in addition to your full season league with everyone you compete with every year…….

You can set up a weekly Fantasy Football Party every week end and have all your competition in the same room while the games are happening. How’s that for talking smack………

New for the 2016 NFL Season: Check out DraftKings Leagues” for your chance to get a free paid entry when you set up or join a regular league on DraftKings……

To make a Private League just click Create a Contest on the DK Main Lobby.

You choose the sport and the start time and scheduled pro games you want included on your league.

You set the size, you’ll have the choice of having anywhere from 2 to 100 players invited.

You choose whether it to be completely private or you can have your league displayed on the DraftKings contest lobby for everyone to play (if you need to fill your league).

You can set up a list of regular players for your league and draft weekly e-mail reminders and invitations. Use your friends or use players you have encountered while playing on DraftKings.

When you invite a friend(s) to play, you’ll also qualify for Refer-a-Friend bonus payments to your account.

When you join DraftKings you’ll get a free entry to a paid fantasy contest to start.

You set the buy-in anywhere from $1, $2, $5, $10 or up to the DraftKings max buy-in limit.

You get to choose the pay-outs. Make it a Winner take All, pay the top 2, 3 or 5 finishers. Payouts are based on league size, the larger the league the more spots you can have payout.

If your league doesn’t fill no worries, all entry fees will be refunded and the league won’t run.

Screen Shots of Create a Contest on DraftKings

Pick a Sport

Private League settings

The 10 team league in this option with a $5 entry pays $22.50 to 1st, $13.50 to 2nd and $9 to 3rd.


Custom League Invites

Just add the e-mails of your competition to invite them to your league. If your friends or foes join and are new to DraftKings, you’ll get the refer-a friend perks (free DK dollars, free contest entries, commissions, etc.) depending on that weeks refer a friend promotion for each friend that joins.

 Join DraftKings Now to set up your first private league and get a free entry to a paid fantasy contest today…….

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