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Main Event Package schedule on ACR

Main Event Package Tournament Schedule

Here are the exact dates for the WSOP® Main Event Package tournaments  on Americas Cardroom.

Can You make it to a Final Table?

Can You make it to a Final Table?

Each package is worth $12,500 and there will be 50 packages awarded, that’s $625K in seats and travel/vacation expenses.

Each package satellite has a $50+5 buy-in and can be bought in directly or via satellite.

From the ACR Web site:

It’s not just the tournament entry you’ll win, but the paid vacation experience to Las Vegas as well.  Each package is worth $12,500 with $2,500 marked for travel expenses and accommodations. With one win you can have it all for the low buy-in of just $50+$5! 

Package Tournament Schedule

Main Event Package Tournament Schedule

If the $55 buy-in is a little too much for your bankroll, then here is the daily schedule to win a chance to play for a Main Event® Seat package for $7.70 or $11.

Satellite to a Package tournament schedule

Satellite to the Package Tournament

100% Deposit BONUS

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TV coverage of the Poker Championship…..

I have always found that the TV coverage of The WSOP© as the most fascinating TV…..

Watch poker on ESPN

Watch poker on ESPN

I’ll be watching every chance I can…….

Why? Well to be honest, it is not what most players consider as Real Poker (it’s edited).  Because it is snippets of play, you only see the best hands, the best plays.

However, if you really watch and pay attention, you will learn a few tiny tidbits of strategy, a few little hints as how to trap someone, just pay attention—you’ll see what I mean.

The only time you really see live play is in November, when you actually see the Final 9 playing hand for hand on Nov. 10th and 11th, everything else is cut and pasted to show the big hands, the most shrewd play leading up to the final table qualifiers.

What you won’t see is how everyone throws most hands into the muck while waiting for that perfect hand.

Now don’t take me wrong,  Poker on TV is really great entertainment.

You will see how the pros make their moves, how to play a big hand and how to take advantage of a good thing.

Be ready to see exactly how to trap opponents, how to lure your opponents into big bets and watch them fall like flies as you flip your hand over…….

If you are like me, you ‘ll be tuned into ESPN© and watching all the WSOP© action.

Complete Schedule of TV coverage on ESPN© this Year

TV coverage of the WSOP

I like the 2 hour blocks scheduled this year, you can spend a whole evening watching poker and have a chance to really get behind your favorite players.

November 10th and 11th is can’t miss TV, those will the best 2 days a poker player can spend watching TV. You’ll see every hand, every play and every move made by the Final 9.

You’ll  see all the crap thrown away and what they think will work as they play for the Ultimate Championship of Poker.

The one and only,  WSOP© Main Event Bracelet

Be like me, watch for the TV advertising of Americas Cardroom during the WSOP© events on ESPN.

Join Americas Cardroom for the $1 Million Guaranteed Online Poker Tournament on December 14, 2014 you could cash out $200k for a few hours of Poker Play………

WSOP©2014, Caesars Interactive Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
ESPN© 2014 ESPN Internet Ventures.

Win your Way to Vegas in 2014 is giving you a chance to make it your Poker year of a lifetimeWin your way to Vegas

Starting on April 14, 2014 and continuing to June 22, 2014. is awarding seats to 2014 WSOP Events…..

$12,000 Main Event Packages – including $10,000 Main Event buy-in and $2,000 for travel expenses

$3,000 Vegas Prize Packages – including $1,111 Little One for One Drop buy-in and $1,889 for travel expenses

Here’s how you can win your way to Vegas:

Enter the Vegas Daily Prize Draws to win a $12K Main Event Package and a cut of $42K in cash prizes (April 14 to May 11)

Daily Cash Drawings

Daily $500 Prize Draw (1 winner daily) Get one entry for every 25 Poker Points you earn on Bovada that day.

Daily $100 Prize Draw (10 winners daily) Get one entry for every 10 Poker Points you earn on Bovada that day.

Seat Package Tournaments:

Play in any of the WSOP Qualifiers (start as low 55c and $1.10) and satellites to win one of twelve $12K Main Event Packages.

$12K package events will be on May 5th at 8:33 PM ET and on June 8th at 4:33 PM ET.  Each guarantees (6) $12k WSOP packages.

You can buy into these directly for $500 or satellite your way in.

The $12K prize package includes the $10,000 Main Event buy-in and $2,000 for travel expenses.

More ways to win Seats

Like Bovada on their Facebook page and get in on our social media contest to win one of four $3K Vegas Prize Packages (May 12 to June 8)

Enter the Bovada Zone Poker promotion to win a $3K Vegas Prize Package and your share of $7K in cash prizes (June 9 to June 22).

To qualify you just have to earn poker points while playing Zone Poker, the fastest hold-em game online…..

Visit Bovada now and win your way to the Main Event……….

World Series of Poker (WSOP) and its related trademarks are owned by Caesars Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

My Best Poker Buddy is going to the World Series…….

It’s that time already, the 44th annual World Series of Poker® is just around the corner!

I have a Poker Buddy who has already bought into (won a satellite) the June 7th $1500 HORSE Event at the Rio…………..

Can You make to the Final Table?

Can You make it to a Final Table?

He is now working on collecting another $1500 for the June 10th PLO hi-lo/8 better Event…

Says if he cashes enough on either, he’ll stay for the $5000 buy-in PLO hi-lo/8 better Event on June 13th.

He plays every chance he can (weekly, when possible) at a local poker room, and has won that $1500 seat on a satellite.

I know him well, I guarantee he”ll try a few ring tables to get the feel of Las Vegas Poker and the atmosphere that will be rampant there at that time.

He has told me, he will play a few WSOP satellites while in Vegas, and see where it takes him.

He’ll win something…….I know it!

His style is completely different from my own way, I’m cheap and basically tight/aggressive…..

He’s a maniac, constantly on you, pressuring players, taking chances–but he seems to know just when to back off, he’s ready, he will win something………

He is a outstanding Live Omaha hi-lo 8/b  Player, and is determined to be at a final table and on TV.

From me, and all my readers:   Good Luck, Rod…………………….

2013 WSOP® Details

Last year World Series of Poker® payouts totaled over $222 Million with over 74,700 players competing on 61 Tournaments, this year will see 62 events and even more paid out.

The 2013 Event is planned to be bigger and better than ever, there are plans to spread over 480 tables this year and a couple of new twists have been added, like re entry tournaments which are planned.

A re entry tournament is where you can re-enter the same tournament after you are eliminated. There is a time limit (within the 1st 4 levels) on when you re enter, just like a re-buy tournament.

There are single re entry (only one allowed) and unlimited re entry (as many times as you wish) tournaments

These Re-entries should bolster the pools dramatically and make make it another Record Payout year.

There is also a turbo tournament planned, where the levels at the beginning are set at to play quicker than the later levels. Level 1 to 4 are 30 minutes, level 5-17 are 40 minutes and all levels past 17 are 1 hour.

The Little One for One Drop, (unlike last years $1million buy-in) has only a $1111 buy-in ($111 donated to One Drop).

This means just about everyone can join in, not only helping a very honorable cause, but compete in what looks like will be a very huge tournament pool (unlimited re-entries), my guess would be at least, if not over, a $1 million pool (just 1000 total entries, no problem)…….

Other Events:

Like always, there will be a tournament to match your skill sets.

These include 4 max NLHE, 6 Max NLHE, 8 max NLHE, 2-7 low ball, Omaha, PLO/8b, 7 card stud, 7 card stud /8b, Razz, eight game mix, 512 player NLHE  heads up, a 2000 player shoot-out, ante only NLHE, ladies only event, senior only event and others.


The 2013 WSOP® will be held at The Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino located at

3700 W. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV 89103, Tel: (866) 746-7671

Rio Poker Room Details:

As always there will be complete TV coverage on ESPN©and ESPN2©

The final table of the Main Event, “The November 9” will be played out on November 4th and 5th live on ESPN

Some of the  Key Events in 2013 will be:

$1 Million GTD  “Millionaire Maker” with just a $1500 buy-in on June 1, 2013. This is  single re-entry tournament with the winner being guaranteed a $1 million prize.

Seniors Only (age 50 or older) $1000 buy-in June 14, 2013

One Drop High Rollers with a $111,111 buy-in June 26, 2013

$25K buy-in 6 Max  June 28, 2013

Poker Players Championship $50K Buy-in June 30, 2013

Little One for One Drop with just a $1111 buy-in and unlimited re-entries will be held on July 3 and 4, 2013

The Main Event $10K Buy-in starts on July 6, 2013

Complete details of these and all other events can be found here:

The Complete WSOP® Schedule:

World Series of Poker (WSOP) and its related trademarks are owned by Caesars Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

Attack Poker

Attack Poker News plus $25K Online Tournament this Sunday April 28th!

Latest Update from Attack Poker

April 28th Attack Poker Party Promo

Attack Poker – Las Vegas Trip Tournament! Attack Style 🙂

On Sunday April 28th, AttackPoker is giving you and a friend a chance to Party Attack style absolutely free.
Don’t miss your chance at winning an all-expense paid trip to LAS VEGAS where you will stay at a luxury hotel, have dinner with AttackPoker playmates, and you will be accompanied by the whole AttackPoker team attending an exclusive AttackPoker party!
You can play on the go using an iPhone, iPad or iPod, or on your Windows Desktop PC.
Login and Register NOW for this Sunday’s $25K online tournament!
This all out event is valued at $25,000! Enter and Win the Attack Party Tournament this Sunday April 28th, 2013 at 6:00pm PST (9PM EST).
Also just before this tournament, at 6:30 PM EST, there is a Qualifier for the Main Event Challenge where you receive entry to a bracket tournament for a $10,000 tournament seat!

April 28th Attack Poker Party Promo

Attack Poker – Win a $10,000 Tournament Seat in Las Vegas

Upcoming Qualifying Tournaments:
Qualifier #25 Main Event Challenge Top 1
April 27th (Saturday) @ 6:30pm EST
Qualifier #26 Main Event Challenge Top 1
April 28th (Sunday) @ 6:30pm EST
Qualifier #27 Main Event Challenge Top 1
April 29th (Monday) @ 6:30pm EST
You can always login to the game to find tournament times or stay tuned to our website and our major event calendar for tournament dates and times. Round #1 starts May 25th, get in now by winning a qualifier!

Main Event Field and Prize Pool

The final numbers are in, here are the  player and prize pool totals for this years Main Event™

Total Field:              6598 players entered (down 270 from last year)

Total Prize Pool:  $62,021,200

Places to be paid: 666   (1 player in 9.906, slightly better than one player in 10 will cash)

Final Table Payouts

1st place will pay $8,527,982

2nd will pay $5,292,889

3rd will pay $3,797,558


5th= $2,154.616


7th= $1,257,790

8th= $971,252

9th= $754,798

The rest of the Field will be paid as follows
10-12th pay $590,442
13-15th pay $465,159
16-18th pay $369,026
19-27th pay $294,601
28-36th pay $236,921
37-45th pay $191,646
46-54th pay $156,293
55-63rd pay $128,384
64-72nd pay$106,056
73-81st pay $88,070
82-90th pay $73,805
91-99th pay $62,021
100-162nd pay $52,718
163-234th pay $44,655
235-306th pay $38,453
307-378th pay $32,871
379-450th pay $28,530
451-522nd pay $24,808
523-594th pay $21,707
595-666th pay $19,227

More interesting numbers about the Main Event

World Series of Poker (WSOP) and its related trademarks are owned by Caesars Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

All About the Main Event

The Big One has started, the one Poker Tournament all Poker players want to win!

But How Big is it?

That,  we won’t know for sure until early next week when all the buy-ins are tallied, when the exact prize pool is calculated, and the total number of entries is finalized.

Just think of the scope of this event, accommodating 5000 players in a Poker Tournament at one sitting is not a small feat.

Here are just a few of the logistical and operating questions the Rio had to plan for,

Where do you round up 500 poker tables?

Who and how many workers do you need to set them up and break them down as the player field begins to dwindle?

Where do you  find 1500 to 2000 competent Poker Dealers? (maybe more, depending on how often the tables change dealers) Who hires them?  Trains them? Who does background Checks on them?

How many event supervisors and observers does 500 active tables need?

How large of a chip inventory is needed?

How many of each denomination is needed, remember lower value chips are removed as levels progress, who and how many casino personnel are responsible for this?

Who plans the table breaks, and player movement as play progresses?

Who secures the player chip stacks when play breaks for the day, where are they stored, how are they inventoried?

How many waitresses do you schedule to insure all players have adequate service.

How many food service outlets and house keeping personnel do you schedule for a convention room that large?

How large of Security staff is needed?  That’s a lot of people to be watching for card cheats, chip stealing, pick pockets and such.

What about medical staff? When you put that many people in one area, there are bound to be some medical issues arising.

These are just the main components, there are many more behind the scenes things going on, that we didn’t even think of.

This totally boggles the mind, and shows the extent of the cost, preparation and planning that is needed to hold an event this large.

How much does something like this cost?

How much does this boost the Las Vegas Economy?

Based on last years numbers, here’s an idea.

(keep in mind I am not an economic advisor or accountant, this is just my take on what I have seen)

Last years event  drew 6865 players at $10K a pop, that equals $68, 650, 000

The prize pool was approximately $64,500,000

Leaving a cut for the house of $4,150,000.  That’s a 6% rake for the Main event

Now we can assume this amount paid for the actual costs of running the event, including wages, rentals, security and everything involved.

I am sure this was at least a break even promotion, the real profits come from all the foot traffic generated  from all the side games (Ring tables, Sng’s and last minute players trying to turn a $1000 satellite into a $10K entry).

I can’t even imagine the amount of actual casino play generated.

How much is attracting 7000 players for 4 days, hotel, dining, shopping etc. worth?

I’m basically a frugal person, but the last time I was in Vegas I spent about $250 a day just to live–no gaming included (that I kept separate), so a minimum guess would be 7000 X $1000 (over 4 days) or $70,000,000.

That’s just for the players who actually enter and play in the Main Event, not even considering wives, girlfriends, husbands, kids who came with them to cheer them on.

Plus there is everyone who just happened to pick this week end for a Las Vegas getaway and don’t even play Poker.  I bet there are many who didn’t even know it was this week end.

Put it all together and we can guess that,

Just the players in the Main Event this week end are easily adding over $100,000,000  to the Las Vegas Economy.

Like I said,  I’m probably way off, and not even close..but I have always found numbers like this extremely interesting and completely astounding….

If anyone out there has anything more specific to add or has more accurate numbers or methods of calculating How big is the Main Event, please let us know..I’m always looking for more!

World Series of Poker (WSOP) and its related trademarks are owned by Caesars Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

All about the WSOP and winning a WSOP Seat

WSOP™ seats can be had, and at a huge discount.


By playing a  WSOP™ Seat tournament on any of these Poker Rooms. Can you be the next Chris Moneymaker?

Before we show you where these seats can be won, here’s a few details about this years WSOP™

Whats new at the Big Event this year?

Where is the WSOP being held this year?

Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino
3700 West Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV  USA

Rio Website:

Rio Poker Room Details:

When are the events being held?
Sunday, May 27, 2012 to Monday, July 16, 2012

Complete  WSOP Schedule

Where can you win WSOP seats?

Broadway Tables

5 Step way to the WSOP, start with a small 30c + 10c entry and progress to the big one!

$10K Main Event Final     $200 + ($15)     We’ll award one $10K Main Event prize for the big show in Vegas for every $10,000 in the prize pool.     Sunday’s 5 PM ET (10 PM GMT)

$10K Main Event Satellite Step 4     $60 + ($5)     One player advances to the $10K Main Event Final for every $215 in the prize pool – that’s one seat for every four players!     Held Every 4 Hours

$10K Main Event Satellite Step 3     $20 + ($2)     One player advances to Step 4 for every $65 in the prize pool – that’s one seat for every four players!     Held Every 4 Hours

$10K Main Event Satellite Step 2 – 1R + 1A     $3 + ($0.30)     One player advances to Step 3 for every $22 in the prize pool.     Held Every 4 Hours

$10K Main Event Satellite Step 1 – R&A     $0.30 + ($0.10)     One player advances to Step 2 for every $3.30 in the prize pool.     Held Every 2 Hours

Broadway Tables offers 33% rake back (to be increased to 36% on June 1st) and a 110% sign-up Bonus to boot.

Lock Poker

Two WSOP™ Seat Guarantee

When:  June 10, 2012 3PM ET

Prizes: Two $12,500 WSOP™ Seat packages GTD

Details: $500+30 buy-in, 5000 chip deep stack, 15 minute blinds

Satellites: Look for $22 main event Qualifiers on the tournament lobby. These are 5000 chip start/5 minute blinds with a 2 seat GTD to the final of your choice.

An $11 WSOP™ qualifier (2000 chip/10 min blinds) is available with 3 seat GTD to the $60 WSOP qualifier for the $530 Final WSOP events.

Lock Poker offers a 150% Bonus up to $750 and starting June 1st will offer Rake back of 36% to all new players.

Other Poker rooms offering WSOP Packages

Colt and Cake poker will join Lock Poker on the Revolution Gaming Network on June 1, 2012 and offer the most competitive and player friendly promotions and tournaments available to players of  on-line Poker you will find anywhere!
World Series of Poker (WSOP) and its related trademarks are owned by Caesars Interactive Entertainment, Inc.  

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