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“Week Three” Sunday Morning Fantasy Advice and Injury Update

The NFL kicks off its first Sunday Early Slate of games1pm-kick-offs at 1 PM ET

Now is the time to finalize those last minute Fantasy line-ups and tune into your favorite Network Pre-Game shows and Sunday Morning Fantasy shows for the absolute latest in all NFL news, last second Fantasy suggestions and Injury Reports.

Since I posted my Week 3 Player selections for DraftKings and Fan Duel, there have been dozens of updates from all my fantasy sources and I was able to accumulate a few additional names to consider.

After all that, here are the basic players I’m sticking with for my numerous Week 3 Line-ups. I use different combinations of all these players (in different line ups) in order to maximize my potential.

This year I’m introducing BOLD PLAY’s on my Sunday morning report.

My Sunday morning reports will always have latest injury news, my top weekly plays listed and all players highlighted in BOLD are must plays. Some may very obvious plays, the others are just plain bold choices who could excel or fall flat on their faces.

Get as many Bold Plays into your line ups as possible……….

“Players in Bold, are Sunday must plays”

D Prescott DAL QB v CHI (CHI DEF is thin with injuries)

D Carr OAK QB v TEN (OAK can score/and they can’t stop anyone)

E Elliott DAL RB v CHI (see D Prescott)

C Michael SEA RB (starting for T Rawls v SF DEF)

M Gordon SD RB v IND (no Woodhead, now has a firm hold on all RB touches)

J Landry MIA WR v CLE (playing CLE)

 A Cooper OAK WR (see D Carr)

T Benjamin SD WR v IND (last man standing)

T Williams SD WR v IND (last man standing)

D Bryant DAL WR v CHI (see D Prescott)

P Dorsett IND WR v SD (could be last standing IND WR)

Q Enunwa NYJ WR v KC (Has looked great and B Marshall has knee)

C Walford OAK TE v TEN ( TEN DEF very suspect v TE & WR’s)

D Allen IND TE (A Luck needs targets)

Pitta BAL TE (vs JAX DEF and projected low ownership this week)

MIA DEF v CLE ( CLE on 3rd QB this year)

DAL DEF v CHI (This game could get really ugly for CHI)

Also do whatever you can can to work any Monday Night combatants (should be a high scoring game) into your line-ups.  D Brees NO QB, B Cooks NO WR, M Ingram NO RB, T Cadet  NO RB, Matt Ryan ATL QB, J Jones ATL WR, D Freeman ATL RB, T Coleman ATL RB, J Tamme ATL TE. This will most likely be a shoot-out under the dome in New Orleans.

As always closely monitor the ACTIVE/INACTIVE reports prior to Kick-off, make sure everyone you are starting is playing…….

Key Injuries to closely monitor this morning:  Q = questionable, D = doubtful, GTD = game time decision

D Walker TEN TE Q, A Jeffery CHI WR Q, B Marshall NYJ WR GTD, TY Hilton IND Q, J Charles KC RB D, J Cutler CHI QB D, T Rawls SEA RB D, D Parker MIA WR Q, T Lockett SEA WR Q, E Ebron DET TE Q, C Ivory JAX RB Q, K Wright TEN WR Q

W Snead NO WR GTD plays Monday Night, I wouldn’t play him on Fan Duel

Players Definitely Out:

R Jennings NYG RB is out, A Gates SD TE is out, S Watkins BUF WR is out, J Stewart CAR RB is out, D Moncreif IND WR is out, C Coleman CLE is out, D Martin TB RB is out, A Foster MIA RB is out, Z Ertz PHI TE is out, Eifort CIN TE is out, D Woodhead SD RB is out, A Abdullah DET RB is out, J McCown CLE QB is out, A Peterson MIN RB is out, K Allen SD WR is out, D McFadden DAL RB is out, T Romo DAL QB is out, T Bridgewater MIN QB is out, T Brady NE is out.

As always I wish everyone who has a fantasy line up today—GOOD LUCK………….

There’s still plenty of time to get your line-ups in before today’s first 1PM ET KICK OFF

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Fan Duel Week 3 NFL line up advice

Welcome to Week Three of NFL Fantasy on Fan Duel

Updates will be made as needed leading up to week one kick offs.

Each week I’ll be posting players I am strongly considering for my Fan Duel football line ups each week. I’ll also include QB/WR stacks and injury news you should be watching for possible value priced reserves who may benefit from those situations with extended play time.

The Injuries started to pile up on week 2 in the NFL

Injured Running backs: A Peterson MIN, A Foster MIA, D Martin TB, A Abdulah DET, J Stewart CAR and D Whitehead SD leading the list.

Injured Wide Receivers: D Moncrief IND and D Baldwin SEA.

Injured Quarterbacks: J Cutler CHI and J McCown CLE.

But there is also some good injury news, J Charles KC RB is expected to play (on a limited basis). T Eifort CIN TE is expected to return this week and C Ivory JAX RB is also expected to play.

Week 3 Top Scoring Game Lines:  ATL at NO -3 (54), SD at IND -3 (52), DET at GB -7.5 (48), WAS at NYG -4.5 (46), OAK at TEN -1.5 (47)

Low Scoring Games: CLE at MIA -9.5 (41.5), MIN at CAR -7 (43), SF at SEA -9.5 (40), DEN at CIN -3 (41)

You want to be sure to get as many players from the ATL at NO on Monday Night, OAK at TEN and the SD at IND games into your line ups.

Chicago plays at Dallas on Sunday night and Chicago is a complete mess with defensive injuries and there’s a very good chance that B Hoyer will start at QB for J Cutler (hand). The Dallas DEF looks like a solid play and it could very well be a Prescott, Elliot and Bryant coming out party against a crippled defense.

Cleveland has as much of a mess as Chicago (maybe worse), strongly consider a MIAMI stack of Tannehill/Landry/DEF

Players to consider and their salaries for week 3 on Fan Duel:

QB’s: P Rivers SD 8000, D Prescott DAL 7100, R Tannehill MIA 7400

RB’s: E Elliott DAL 8100, D Murray TEN 7700, M Gordon SD 7100, T Riddick DET 6400,

WR’s: D Byrant DAL 7900, K Benjamin CAR 7800, J Landry MIA, T Benjamin SD 6900, P Dorsett IND 6000, T Sharpe TEN 5800

TE’s: D Walker TEN 6900, D Allen IND 6100, C Walford OAK 5000

K: D Bailey DAL 4700, Boswell PIT 4600, Lambo SD 4500

DST’s: DAL 4600, MIA 4600, SEA 5400

Stacks: Tannehill/Landry MIA 14400, Carr/Cooper OAK 15800, Rivers T Benjamin SD 14900, Prescott/Bryant DAL 15000

Injuries to watch: A Foster MIA RB, R Jennings NYG RB, J Cutler CHI QB

Out: C Coleman CLE WR, J Stewart CAR RB, A Peterson MIN RB, D Moncreif IND WR, D Martin TB RB, A Abdullah DET RB, C McCown CLE QB, K Allen SD WR, RG3 CLE QB, T Romo DAL QB, D Lewis NE RB, B Watson BAL TE, T Bridgewater MIN QB

Suspensions of note: T Brady NE QB, L Bell PIT RB, J Gordon CLE WR, J Brown NYG K

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Please Note: My advice includes players I will be using in my line ups but I also may use additional players not mentioned to complete my line ups within the salary cap restraints.

DraftKings Week 3 NFL Line Up advice

Week 3 DraftKings Line Up Suggestions and Stacking advice.

Welcome to Week 3 on DraftKings….

Note: Updated September 21, 2016

Now that we have a week of NFL fantasy under our belts, we can maybe see a couple of trends developing? We haven’t seen everything, but we can sorta notice (we’re still mostly guessing at this point) how some things are developing.

Vegas has set some very low scoring overs for week 3, they seem to think scoring will be low this week with many notable defensive games. In fact there are 8 games projected to have total scoring of 44 points or less.

Week 3 Game Lines:

Higher Scoring Games: ATL at NO -3 (54), SD at IND -3 (52), DET at GB -7.5 (48), WAS at NYG -4.5 (46), OAK at TEN -1.5 (47)

Low Scoring Games: CLE at MIA -9.5 (41.5), MIN at CAR -7 (43), SF at SEA -9.5 (40), DEN at CIN -3 (41)

A few thoughts about the Week Three players and match-ups:

Week 2 saw a lot of anticipated fantasy scoring fail to materialize. Who knew that Saints and Giants could actually play some defense? Who knew the rain/wet conditions in Pittsburgh would affect the aerial attacks of the Steelers and Bengals to the extent it did?  Those 2 games alone severely hampered and disappointed many fantasy players.

Injuries also dotted the NFL landscape with several notable players going down in week 2.

Running back’s took the brunt of the mayhem with A Peterson MIN, A Foster MIA, D Martin TB, A Abdulah DET, J Stewart CAR and D Whitehead SD leading the list.

Injured Wide Receivers: D Moncrief IND and D Baldwin SEA.

Injured Quarterbacks: J Cutler CHI and J McCown CLE.

The Atlanta at New Orleans should be the game fantasy players key in on Monday Night. Make sure you have exposure in this one. Brees, Cooks, Snead, Ryan, Julio and Freeman all should be considered.

I’m also liking the Miami offense this week, namely R Tannehill QB, J Landry WR, D Parker WR and J Ajayi RB (monitor A Fosters status) all having a good days against the Cleveland Defense.

Start the MIA DEF against the Browns.

Matt Forte NYJ RB looks like he is 25 again, ride him again this week. Q Enunwa NYJ WR is also an interesting play, most defenses pay so much attention to B Marshall and E Decker he is often forgotten in coverage.

The SD at IND should also have a few nice fantasy plays. Play P Rivers SD QB and stack him with T Benjamin SD WR. A Gates SD TE should see even more targets with D Woodhead RB now on IR.

P Dorsett IND WR and D Allen IND TE will also be seeing more targets from A Luck IND QB with D Moncrief IND WR status still unknown at this time.

OAK at TEN should also be another battle of porous Defenses, make sure you get D Carr OAK QB, A Cooper OAK WR, L Murray OAK RB, M Mariota TEN QB, D Murray TEN RB, T Sharpe TEN WR and D Walker TEN TE added to your lineups wherever possible.

The Sunday night game features CHI at DAL. Chicago looked worse than Cleveland on Monday night. Start the DAL DEF (no J Cutler for CHI and B Hoyer is starting?) and this could be finally be the week that D Prescott and D Bryant finally hook up for a couple of long scores. E Elliott should have a excellent rushing game in the 2nd half with a big lead.

D Washington DET RB will be starting in  A Abdulahs place.

F Whittaker CAR RB will start in J Stewarts place.

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Players and their salaries I am targeting this week on DraftKings.

QB’s: R Tannehill MIA 6200, R Fitzpatrick NYJ 5900, D Prescott DAL 5700

RB’s: F Whittaker CAR 3800, M Forte NYJ 7000, C Simms TB 4900, M Asiata MIN 3000, J Ajayi MIA 4000, M Gordon SD 5800

WR’s: J Landry MIA 6600, T Sharpe TEN 4700, Q Enunwa NYJ 4800, T Benjamin SD 5200

TE’s: D Walker TEN 5000, J James PIT 3500

DEF: MIA 3000, ARI 3600, TB 3100, DAL 2500

Top Stacks: Tannehill/Landry MIA 12800, Prescott/ Bryant DAL 14100

Injury updates: J Charles is expected to play this week in a limited manner. C Ivory JAX RB and T Eifort CIN TE returned to practice this week.

New Injuries to watch:  A Foster MIA RB, R Jennings NYG RB, J Cutler CHI QB,

Out: C Coleman CLE WR, J Stewart CAR RB, A Peterson MIN RB, D Moncreif IND WR, D Martin TB RB, A Abdullah DET RB, J McCown CLE QB, D Woodhead SD RB, RG3 CLE QB, K Allen SD WR, T Romo DAL QB, D Lewis NE RB, B Watson BAL TE, T Bridgewater MIN QB

Suspensions of note: T Brady NE QB, L Bell PIT RB, J Gordon CLE WR, J Brown NYG K

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Please Note: My advice includes players I will be using in my line ups but I also may use additional players not mentioned to complete my line ups within the salary cap restraints.


What we saw on the Week 3 Sunday Games

I try to keep up with everything happening during the 1PM and 3PM games on Sundays,.

Here’s 10 things that I came away with, on the Sunday, Sept. 27th 1PM and 3PM NFL games.

  1. Julio Jones WR ATL is still a stud, stack him with Matt Ryan QB ATL every week, you’ll see some nice fantasy points racked up, it’s about as sure a thing as you’ll find anywhere.
  2. I really think the Ben Roethlisberger knee injury will put a damper on Antonio Brown’s MVP start to the 2015 season. Brown will still put up some nice numbers. But, not like he has the first couple of games of 2015.
  3. It looks like Dallas RB’s will be solid plays the rest of the year with Romo out, play them weekly.
  4. I should have known better, stay away from NE RB’s (unless you can read Belichecks mind), I started the wrong one, once again this week.
  5. Devonta Freeman took over the ATL at DAL game, will the ATL coaching staff see this? Then, use him like that every week?
  6. I thought Andrew Luck IND QB would snap out of it this week, playing the Titans—Nope, he did play better, but 2 picks is still not as good as he could be.
  7. Philly came to life, barely. But, 231 yds of total offense is not exactly tearing it up. The 4 Jet turnovers made the difference. I’d still avoid Eagles players until further notice.
  8. Maybe Andy Dalton CIN QB is worth another look, 383 yds passing/3TD’s with 227 of them to A.J. Green (2 TD) would have been a nice QB /WR stack.
  9. Tyrod Taylor BUF QB 277/3TD had a great game in Miami, he was rather inexpensive this week (on all sites), expect it to increase next week and beyond.
  10. Carson Palmer (311/2TD) and the Arizona Cardinals almost hit the 50 point mark again. Always keep Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald WR (134/2TD) in mind when making up your weekly line-ups.

DraftKings Sunday Night Special “Week 3”

The Sunday Night Special on DraftKings

Just in case you didn’t get your DraftKings line up in on time for the Sunday noon kick-offs for all the Huge Guaranteed Fantasy Contests scheduled. has your second chance at a Big Fantasy Money on Sunday Night…..

The “Sunday Night Special”: This one has a $3 entry, has a Huge $300,000 Prize Pool, allows multiple entries, will pay the top 25,930 finishers and the winner clears a sturdy $100,000.

NFL Games include the Sunday Night 8:30PM ET Denver Broncos at Detroit Lions game and the Monday Night 8:30PM ET Kansas City Chiefs at the Green Bay Packers

Lineups need to in by the 8:30PM ET Kickoff on Sunday Night

You can get a free entry to this contest with any new deposit on DraftKings along with a 100% Deposit Bonus.

Line Up Suggestions:

These will be two nice games to end your week end with. The Denver Broncos came back to life last Thursday Night with a come from behind win against the Chiefs, scoring twice in the final 9 seconds to shock everyone in Kansas City……

Detroit has struggled the first couple weeks  and has started the season 0-2, so they really need a “W” to get back into the NFC Central contention.

The Packers are what everyone thought they’d be in 2015, very good. The Chiefs have had a couple extra days to prepare for the Pack, however can any one really be ready to face Aaron Rodgers at home, on a Monday Night?

I’m thinking we’ll see Denver put up some points on the Lions (Matthew Stafford QB DET may not be 100%). Game Line: DEN -2.5 (45.5)

Once again, I’ll pretty sure it will be the Aaron Rodgers Show, on a Monday Night, in Green Bay. Game Line: GB -6.5 (48)

Here are the Values I see, that can be taken advantage of starting Sunday Night:

A Rodgers GB QB $8000, P Manning DEN QB $7400

J Starks GB RB $3000 (Lacy may not play), R Hillman DEN RB $5300, J Charles KC RB $7400.

R Cobb GB WR $7300, J Jones GB WR $4800, E Saunders DEN WR $7600, D Thomas DEN WR $8000, C Johnson DET WR $7900.

T Kelce KC TE $5000, R Rodgers GB TE $2500

Denver DST $3000, Green Bay DST $2900

Here’s a line up I’m going to use. But, there are so many different player combinations that will fit into the Cap Space allowed, with the bargains available, I’m sure you could set up a winner too……

DraftKings Sunday Night Line up week 3

Last Minute DraftKings Line Up advice…..

You have a couple of Hours before the Week Three, Noon Kick-offs,

Here’s a few Low to Mid Priced Value Names you should really consider adding to your DraftKings Line-ups before 1PM ET…..

C Newton CAR QB $6800  The Saints are a mess, Newton should have a field day, both passing and running…..

D Johnson ARI RB $4000  The 49ers looked really bad last week on the road, their on the road again this week.

J Edelman NE WR $7000  His price doesn’t even come close to his production.

D Moncrief IND WR $4800 Andrew Luck trusted him several times last Monday, you should trust him today.

B Marshall NYJ WR $6200 No Eric Decker, playing at home and against the Eagles.

T Kelce KC TE $5000 He seems to be the only guy Alex Smith sees downfield……

SEA DST $3400 The Bears are a mess and the Vegas wise guys have them at a team “over” of just 13.5 points

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Week Three “No Salary Cap” Line Up Advice

Week 3 DraftPot No-Salary Cap NFL Line-up Advice

No Salary Cap means you can use any players you choose with no “Cap” restrictions. You can also use as many players from any one team or one game as you see fit.

When you play the popular Fan Mode (no salary cap) on, you also have the choice of several very nice guaranteed payout fantasy football contests each week.

These contests can pocket you thousands of dollars for your NFL fantasy skills and are extremely easy to create high scoring line ups on.

Top Fan Mode Contests

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Always check the Weekly Vegas Lines for the highest over totals for games you can key in on for player selections.

These NFL Week 3 games should provide plenty of scoring: JAX at NE -13.5 (47.5), CHI at SEA -14.5 (43.5), ATL -1.5 at DAL (44), KC at GB -6.5 (48)

You want to win Money on DraftPot, don’t let your favorite NFL teams players sway your choices on the No Salary Cap format fantasy line ups, always play the best players with the better match-ups, not just your home team or just your favorite players.

Best QB options: Matt Ryan ATL, A Rodgers GB, B Roethlisberger PIT, T Brady NE, R Tannehill MIA

Best RB Options:  M Lynch SEA, A Peterson MIN, J Hill CIN, L Bell PIT RB

Best WR Options:  A Brown PIT, J Jones ATL, R Cobb GB, J Landry MIA, J Jones GB, J Edelman NE, E Sanders DEN, D Thomas DEN

Best TE Options: R Gronkowski NE, J Graham SEA

Best DST Options: Seattle, New England, Carolina, Arizona

Best Kicker Options: Any kicker on the games with the highest over/under lines.

Your Flex Position(s): Can be any of the WR, RB or TE Options, lean to using WR’s for the PPR scoring.

Best Stack Options: B Roethlisberger/A Brown PIT, M Ryan/J Jones ATL, T Brady/R Gronkowski NE, A Rodgers/J Jones GB,

Beware of these Injury Questions: T Romo DAL QB Out, D Brees NO QB, D Jackson WAS WR, D Bryant DAL WR Out, J Nelson GB WR Out, R Bush SF RB, D Murray PHI RB, E Lacy GB RB, J Witten DAL TE

Week 3 Line Up Suggestion

Suggested Sept 27 NFL Line up

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Week 3 DraftKings Line up Help

It’s Week Three in the NFL and time to look at a few line up suggestions and player values for this weeks Draft Kings Fantasy football players and salaries.

You should always use these Basic Draftkings Weekly Football Tips and Strategies every week to enhance your DraftKings line up scoring potential.

Key Week 3 NFL Lines to consider when looking for player options:

JAX at NE -13.5 (47.5), KC at GB -6.5 (48), ATL -1.5 at DAL (44), CHI at SEA -14.5 (43.5)

Low scoring games (Best DST options – highlighted):

TAM at HOU -3.5 (40.5), OAK at CLE -4.5 (42)

Week 2 News and Thoughts:

I don’t know what the Philly problem is, but they are really sucking it up now. I’d think twice before using any Eagle player

I’d avoid the Indy offense until we see whats up with them. Andrew  Luck had too many turnovers to consider him a top option. Donte Moncreif is a still good WR value play.

I’d take advantage of the Chicago Defense every chance I could. The Bears are 14 point dogs this week and are in Seattle.

I’d use Tom Brady and his receivers every chance I could. NE is a 13 point favorite at home over Jacksonville and this game has one of the higher “overs” (47.5 points) this week.

It looks like the Jet Defense is for real, avoid match ups against them.

Drew Brees NO QB has a bad shoulder and I’d avoid him and his  receivers until further notice. Latest reports are saying he will attempt to play with a bruised rotary cuff, this is not a good play.

Value Plays Sunday / Monday Games:

Best QB Values: T Brady NE $7700, M Ryan ATL $7100, B Roethlisberger PIT $7200, R Tannehill MIA $6700,  T Taylor BUF $5800, B Weedon DAL $5200

Best RB Values: L Bell PIT $7500, M Lynch SEA $7400, J Steward CAR $4900, J Forsett BAL $6000, C Ivory NYJ $5000, D Freeman ATL $4600, D Johnson ARI $4000.

Best WR Values: D Thomas DEN $8000, T Benjamin CLE $4200, J Landry MIA $6400, D Hopkins HOU $7400, A Robinson JAX $5200, D Baldwin SEA $4000, D Moncreif IND $4800

Best TE Values:  J Graham SEA $5800, G Olsen CAR $4800, T Eiefert CIN $4800

Best Flex Values: Any Value Receiver or Tight End, you always want to throw a receiver into the flex spot, points per reception will always tip the scales in favor of receivers in the DraftKings Flex position.

Best DST Values: NE $3100, DEN $3000, SEA $3400, NY Jets $3000

Best QB/Receiver Stacks:
R Tannehill/ J Landry MIA $13100, T Brady/R Gronkowski NE $15100, B Roethlisberger/A Brown PIT $15900, M Ryan/J Jones ATL $16100, R Wilson/J Graham SEA $12800

Week 2 Suggested Line up

I loaded up on Seattle players, they should score very well against the Chicago Bear Defense. I also had enough salary cap space left to play Gronk against Jacksonville!!!!

Week 3 Suggested Line Up

Be sure to check on the status of C Ivory NYJ RB on Friday and Sunday Morning.

Player Injuries that could affect your line-ups this week:

J Witten DAL TE, E Lacy GB RB, L Miller MIA RB, J Cutler CHI QB, T Coleman ATL RB, R Tannehill MIA QB, M Stafford DET QB, N Foles STL QB, J Cotchery CAR WR,  P Harvin BUF WR,  D Walker TEN TE, R Bush SF RB, R Griffin II WASH QB, L McCoy BUF RB, J Bell DET RB, T Mason STL RB, T Gurley STL RB, A Jeffery CHI WR,  TY Hilton IND WR, B Perriman BAL WR, M Lee JAX WR, J McCown CLE QB, M Lee JAX WR

Players who have been Ruled out: T Romo DAL QB, D Jackson WAS WR, A Ellington ARI RB, J Nelson GB WR, K Benjamin CAR WR, K White CHI WR, A Foster HOU RB, D Bryant DAL WR

Miscellaneous Notes:

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Week 3 Fan Duel NFL Line Up Values

Fan Duel Player Values – Week Three

Updated: Thursday Sept 24th
It’s Monday and I know it’s early. But, I wanted to get my thoughts on the week 3 Fan Duel salary listings out for everyone to start thinking about. I’ll update this post during the week as new information becomes available.

Week 3 has several nice NFL match-ups to take advantage of and quite a few Value Plays to make those match-ups something you can use to win your Fantasy Contests on Fan Duel.

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QB Values: R Wilson SEA $8400, T Taylor BUF $7000, M Ryan ATL $8300, B Roethlisberger PIT $8500, T Brady NE $8700

RB Values: M Lynch $8700, J Stewart CAR $6500, L Bell PIT $8800, B Cunningham STL $5400

RB’s I have added  to lineups: D Freeman ATL $6500, D Lewis NE $6700

WR Values: S Watkins BUF $6800, A Robinson JAX $6600, T Benjamin CLE $5600, D Baldwin SEA $6000

TE Values: J Graham SEA $6300, G Olsen CAR $5900, R Gronkowski NE $8400

K Values: S Gostkowski NE $5000, S Hauschka SEA $5900, M Bryant ATL $4800

DST Values: SEA $5300, CAR $4600, ARI $4700, NE $4700, CLE $4600

QB/WR Stacks to take advantage of: R Wilson/J Graham SEA $12800, T Brady/Gronkowski NE $15100, Roesthlisberger/Brown $16500, M Ryan/J Jones ATL $16100

New Injuries to watch on week 3 : T Romo DAL QB, J Cutler CHI QB, E Lacy GB RB, J Witten DAL TE, R Tannehill MIA QB, M Stafford DET

Rumor Mill: Drew Brees NO QB has a Shoulder injury? He may miss several games!

Thursday Update: Brees has said he will play, however you still should avoid him and his receivers

Use the Value plays I listed to open Salary cap space for the High End Players and QB/WR Stacks.

I really like the Seattle Seahawks going against the Chicago Bears. It doesn’t look like Chicago can stop anybody this year. The Seattle Seahawks are 14 point favorites and could run up the score very easily to 45 or more points. The SEA Defense could hold the Bears down to 10 points very easily with back-up QB J Clausen starting for Chicago .

Here is one line up that could prove very profitable on Fan Duel.

I stacked Wilson, Lynch, Baldwin and Graham from Seattle and expect a lot of good things next Sunday. My salary savings also allowed me to insert Le’Veon Bell RB from PIT into my lineup.

If you use a few of our value plays, you could add additional line ups using our QB/WR stack suggestions and increase your winning line up possibilities.

Fan Duel Week 3 Lineup Suggestion

Note: Le’Veon Bell PIT RB  will be coming off suspension for week 3.

Try this line up on the Fan Duel Sunday Million, a $25 entry contest that pays out a total of $5M GTD, pays 46,000 total winners with $1 Million going to the ultimate winner.

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