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“Week Two” Sunday Morning Fantasy Advice and Injury Update

The NFL kicks off its first Sunday Early Slate of games1pm-kick-offs at 1 PM ET

Now is the time to finalize those last minute Fantasy line-ups and tune into your favorite Network Pre-Game shows for the absolute latest in all NFL news, last second Fantasy suggestions and Injury Reports.

Since I posted my Week One Player selections for DraftKings and Fan Duel, there have been dozens of updates from all my fantasy sources and I was able to accumulate a few additional names to consider.

After all that, here are the basic players I’m sticking with for my numerous Week 2 Line-ups. I use different combinations of all these players (in different line ups) in order to maximize my potential.

This year I’m introducing BOLD PLAY’s on my Sunday morning report.

My Sunday morning reports will always have latest injury news, my top weekly plays listed and all players highlighted in BOLD are must plays. Some may very obvious plays, the others are just plain bold choices who could excel or fall flat on their faces. Get as many Bold Plays into your line ups as possible.

The Monday Night game of PHI at CHI could be a stinker, the Vegas line has CHI as a -3 favorite with an over of just 42.5…. However, there are a couple of players on Monday night that you could put your line ups over the top with some late week fantasy scoring. I’m sprinkling in at least one of these players into my SUN. / MON. tournament line ups:

A Jeffery CHI WR, J Langford CHI RB, R Mathews PHI RB, J Matthews PHI WR, B Celek PHI TE and K White CHI WR. I think A Jeffery is your best play on Monday Night.

“Players in Bold, are Sunday must plays”

E Manning NYG QB / D Brees NO QB The Saints and Giants scored almost a 100 points total when they played last season, either guy would be a great play.

D Prescott DAL QB (Still a Value play on all sites)

T Rawls SEA RB (he was named as the starting RB this week)

L Blount NE RB (Patriots will use him to kill clock in 2nd half)

T J Yeldon JAX RB (no C Ivory this week)

A Brown PIT WR (he is a weekly play, work him in somehow)

O Beckham Jr NYG WR (see Manning/Brees comment)

B Cooks NO WR (see Manning/Brees comment)

T Benjamin SD WR (should be targeted a lot without K Allen in Chargers line up)

A Cooper OAK WR

A Robinson JAX WR

AJ Green CIN WR (vs PIT)

E Rogers PIT WR (vs CIN)

T Sharpe TEN WR (still a great value)

CJ Uzomah CIN TE (use to open salary space)

C Walford OAK TE (use to open salary space)



As always closely monitor the ACTIVE/INACTIVE reports prior to Kick-off, make sure everyone you are starting is playing…….

It looks like J Jones ATL WR and D Freeman ATL RB are good to go today.

Russell Wilson will be starting for the Seahawks and TE J Graham will likely be more involved in the Seahawks offense. The SEA DEF is a great play today vs the LA Rams. T Rawls will be starting at RB for the Seahawks today.

R Gronkowski NE TE is still a Game Time decision, probably won’t play.

J Charles KC RB won’t play in week 2 but may return in week 3, start S Ware KC RB this week.

C Ivory JAX RB is out, start TJ Yeldon JAX RB in his place.

Key Injuries to Monitor:  TY Hilton IND WR, J Stewart CAR RB, M Sanu ATL WR, R Gronkowski NE TE, D Thomas DEN WR, S Watkins BUF WR, J Thomas JAX TE, C Ivory JAX RB, J Charles KC RB, Z Ertz PHI TE,

K Allen SD WR is out, D McFadden DAL RB is out, T Eifort CIN TE is out, T Romo DAL QB is out, T Bridgewater MIN QB is out, T Brady NE is out.

As always I wish everyone who has a fantasy line up today—GOOD LUCK………….

There’s still plenty of time to get your line-ups in before today’s KICK OFF’s on DraftKings and Fan Duel


DraftKings Week 2 NFL Line Up advice

Week 2 DraftKings Line Up Suggestions and Stacking advice.

Welcome to Week 2 on DraftKings….

Note: I’ll be updating this post as more information becomes available

Now that we have a week of NFL fantasy under our belts, we can maybe see a couple of trends developing? We haven’t seen everything, but we can sorta notice (we’re still mostly guessing at this point) how some things are developing.

Vegas has set some very high scoring overs for week 2, they seem to think scoring will be up in 2016, so I am looking at some very high scores for us fantasy guys this week.

Week 2 Game Lines:

Higher Scoring Games: TEN at DET -5.5 (47), CIN at PIT -5 (47.5), NO at NYG -5 (52.5), TAM at ARI -6.5 (50), SF at CAR -14 (48.5), ATL at OAK-4.5 (48)

Low Scoring Games: PHI at CHI -3 (42.5), MIA at NE -6.5 (41.5)

A few thoughts about the Week Two players and match-ups:

I benefited greatly using D Williams PIT RB and A Brown PIT WR on Monday Night on week one, I’m going to ride the Steelers offensive studs until further notice. AJ Green CIN WR excelled in week one, expect him to see numerous opportunities in a high scoring game with the Steelers this week.

Until further notice start whatever defensive team is playing the LA Rams, this week it’s the Seattle Seahawks.

SF is at CAR this week, The 49er DEF held the LA Rams to 0 points. The Panthers are not the Rams. I’m looking at C Newton QB,  K Benjamin WR, G Olsen TE, T Ginn WR and J Stewart RB all as very playable this week at home.

S Ware RB KC had a great week one against the Chargers, He’s up against a better HOU DEF this week and we still don’t know if J Charles will be available. Start Ware, but don’t expect a 30 point game.

JAX is visiting SD this week, I’m liking the Jaguars to rebound from their week one loss to GB in a big way. B Bortles JAX QB, A Robinson JAX WR and A Hurns JAX WR should put up bigger numbers against he Chargers DEF this week. K Allen SD WR was put on the IR with a knee after week one, this makes T Benjamin SD WR, T Williams SD WR and A Gates SD TE more viable targets for P Rivers SD QB to throw to.

Arizona lost to NE on Sunday night, look for the Cardinals to take out some revenge against TB this week. Make sure you get D Johnson ARI RB, L Fitzgerald ARI WR and M Floyd ARI WR in your line ups,  I can see J Winston TB QB throwing an awful lot to play catch up with M Evans TB WR being the big target for Winston.

T Sharpe TEN WR didn’t disappoint in week one, look for him to continue to prosper this week against DET.

D Prescott DAL QB had an okay ( 10.3 fp’s) first start for the Cowboys, his price increased to 5800 on week 2, which is still a great value for the starting QB on a good offensive team in what should be a high scoring game against Washington.

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Players and their salaries I am targeting this week on DraftKings.

QB’s: C Newton CAR 7900, B Roethlisberger PIT 7500, K Cousins WAS 7000, Bortles JAX 6700, D Prescott DAL 5800

RB’s: J Stewart CAR 5400, D Williams PIT 7100, D Woodhead SD 5200, Langford CHI 4600, R Mathews PHI 5800, S Ware SD 6100

WR’s: K Benjamin CAR 6500, T Benjamin SD 4400, T Williams SD 3700, A Brown PIT 9900, AJ Green CIN 8900, M Evans TB 7200, A Hurns JAX 5400, T Sharpe TEN 4100, T Ginn CAR 3900

TE’s: A Gates SD 4500, J Reed WAS 6800, G Olsen CAR 5600

DEF: SEA 3800, CAR 3900

Top Stacks: Winston/Evans TB 13400, Rivers/Floyd ARI 12800, Rivers/Benjamin SD 10800

Here are the Always Rules that I use to help me in my line up decision making process.

Injuries to watch: TY Hilton IND WR, R Gronkowski NE TE, J Stewart CAR RB, J Jones ATL WR, D Freeman ATL RB, M Sanu ATL WR, S Watkins BUF WR, J Thomas JAX TE, C Ivory JAX RB, J Charles KC RB, Z Ertz PHI TE, R Wilson SEA QB

Out: RG3 CLE QB, K Allen SD WR, T Romo DAL QB, D Lewis NE RB, B Watson BAL TE, T Bridgewater MIN QB

Suspensions of note: T Brady NE QB, L Bell PIT RB, J Gordon CLE WR, J Brown NYG K

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Please Note: My advice includes players I will be using in my line ups but I also may use additional players not mentioned to complete my line ups within the salary cap restraints.


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PrimeTime Fan Duel Fantasy Football

It’s Week Two and the NFL schedule is already giving us some intriguing match ups.

On Sunday Night, it’s the Seattle Seahawks (0-1) visiting the Green Bay Packers (1-0) in a re-match of last years NFC Championship Game.

On Monday Night, you have the New York Jets (1-0) visiting the Indianapolis Colts (0-1).

Fan Duel has an excellent “Value” contest using both prime time match-ups starting at 8:30PM ET on Sunday Night.

The $500K NBC Sunday Night Showdown

This is a $5 entry, $500,000 GTD, multi entry contest that will pay the top 23,000 finishers with $50,000 going to the winner.

$500K NBC Sunday Night Showdown Payouts

Fan Duel Primetime Payouts

There are a lot more Primetime Contests to enter on Fan Duel, including more guarantees, qualifiers and leagues.

It’s always a good play when you enter fantasy football contests with a limited NFL schedule involved. You can usually stay within your Cap Space, while still using the best plays available.

On this Sundays Primetime NFL games, I like the Packers being in a “Grudge Mode” from last years loss in the NFC Championship Game.

I also think that the Colts cannot afford to go 0 and 2 to start the season and should be flying high in the Dome.

Here’s one line up suggestion I think will score enough to get me in the money on Monday Night…..

I stacked Aaron Rodgers with Lacy, Jones and Adams.

Added two of Andrew Luck’s Key Receivers, D. Moncreif (TY Hilton is a Q this week) and D Allen.

I also used Seahawk RB, Marshawn Lynch because M Forte absolutely torched the Packer defense last week.

Used the Indy D and had to pick a NY Jet, so I used N Folk as my place Kicker (they’ll probably only get a few FG’s anyway).

I did have to use at least one Seahawk and one Jet to have a legal line up.

Primetime Line Up Suggestion

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