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$5000 GTD Free Fantasy Football Contest on DraftKings


  Contest Details

•Pick a line up of 9 NFL players and stay under the $50,000 salary cap.

•Choose players from all the 11 NFL games on Sunday, December 4th (NFL Week 13).

•Starts promptly at 1PM ET

•Contest is free to enter and the top 880 finishing lineups get paid.

•Get $20 in Free DK Dollars (with any deposit) to play more even more Fantasy Contests on DraftKings

•Visit the DraftKings Playbook for fantasy football tips and strategy.

•This $5K free contest Sponsored by the producers of Incarnate and DraftKings

Contest Payouts

1st $100 + Signed Incarnate Movie Poster

2nd – 3rd $70

4th – 5th $50

6th – 7th $40

8th – 10th $30

11th – 20th $20

21st – 30th $15

31st – 50th $10

51st – 100th $8

101st – 200th $7

201st – 300th $6

301st – 450th $5

451st – 650th $4

651st – 880th $3


Check out the New DraftKings Bi-Monthly Depositors Free Contest

I cannot explain it, but for some Reason I received several inquiries today about the New DraftKings Bi-monthly Depositors Free Contest. So, I decided to go over the changes that Draftkings made in June on the Deposit and Frequent Player Perks/Comps……

Back in June, DraftKings changed their New Depositors program.

Now, whenever you deposit on DraftKings you get a ticket to the next Bi-monthly Depositors Contest. This is in addition (for New depositors) to the free $3 promotional contest ticket. That’s 2 Free Contest entries with any new deposit.

Now is the perfect time to start playing on DraftKings, you’ll get a Free Entry to any $3 fantasy contest, a New Depositor free contest entry and you can also sign up for all of the weekly Free Contest Arcade NFL Contests, all for as little as a $5 deposit to get started. Play Now on DraftKings

Bi-Monthly Depositor Free Contest Details:

If you Make a deposit between the 1st to the 14th of the month:
You get Entry to Free $1K contest on the 15th of that month…..

If you Make a deposit from the 15th to the last day of the month:
You get Entry to Free $1K contest on the 1st of the next month.

Any and All deposits will earn the Free Contest Tickets. The contest will be an In-season sport and be available on the day with the most pro games available in that sport. (Limit one free entry per 2 week period)

As soon as you make the deposit you’ll qualify to get a ticket credited to your account and you can use it to enter the next Free $1K contest you qualified for when it is scheduled.

DraftKings will E-mail you when the ticket is added to your account. The free contest will also be posted on the main lobby and the E-mail will link you to it directly.  If you need help finding your ticket, check out our post, DraftKings Ticket Redemptions

Depositor Free Roll

As always, whenever you Join DraftKings and make any deposit, you get your tickets to play your first real money contests for free.

Player Reward Program (FPP’s on DraftKings)

DraftKings also made using the Free FPP’s (Frequent Player Points) easier to use and receive benefits from.

You earn FPP’s on every real money contest you join (Free Contests not included).

FPP’s on DraftKings are earned at a rate of 1 FPP per $1 used for contest entries: $1 contest=1FFP, $5 contest=5FPP, etc.

You can also use your accumulated FPP’s to buy contest tickets, DK Merchandise, Etc. in the DK Store.

DraftKings has 5 levels of  Player Rewards

Monthly FPP Awards Levels and Contests:

Bronze Level

Earn 100 FPP in a month you get a ticket following months $5K Bronze Contest.

Silver Level

Earn 500 FPP in a month you get a ticket following months $20K Silver Contest.

Gold Level

Earn 2000 FPP in a month you get a ticket following months $100K Gold Contest.

Platinum level

Earn 10,000 FPP in a month you get a ticket following months $100K Gold Contest and a ticket for the $75K Platinum Experience Contest.

Black Level

Earn 100,000 FPP in a month you get a ticket following months  $100K Gold Contest, $75K Platinum Contest and the $50K Black Level Contest.

Of course earning a 100,000 points in one month is kinda serious and an awful lot of play. I know I’ll make the Silver level rather easily. If I get a little lucky with a couple of nice tournament wins I could hit the Gold level. What do you think you could do?


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