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Get a $20 Instant Bonus on Draftkings this Thanksgiving…….

Get yourself $20 in Free Play on Draftkings instantly…….

DraftKings will give every new player (who makes a minimum deposit of only $5) $20 in Free DK Dollars, which can used to play any contests offered on DraftKings

This Offer expires on 11/27/2016 at 1PM ET

This Thanksgiving, try DraftKings Fantasy Football while enjoying the Holiday with all of your family and friends.

And you could turn that $20 into $100K…

NFL $1.5M Wishbone Classic

Gobble up the $100K top prize in the $1.5M Wishbone Classic
$1.5 Million Guaranteed | $20 Entry Fee
Contest starts Thursday at 12:30 PM EST

NFL Games on Thanksgiving


Wishbone Classic Payouts

1st     $100,000.00
2nd     $50,000.00
3rd     $30,000.00
4th     $20,000.00
5th     $15,000.00
6th     $10,000.00
7th – 8th     $7,000.00
9th – 10th     $5,000.00
11th – 15th     $3,000.00
16th – 25th     $2,000.00
26th – 35th     $1,500.00
36th – 50th     $1,000.00
51st – 75th     $800.00
76th – 100th     $600.00
101st – 150th     $500.00
151st – 200th     $400.00
201st – 300th     $300.00
301st – 500th     $250.00
501st – 750th     $200.00
751st – 1000th     $150.00
1001st – 1500th     $120.00
1501st – 2250th     $100.00
2251st – 3500th     $80.00
3501st – 6000th     $60.00
6001st – 12000th     $40.00
12001st – 22450th     $30.00

More DraftKings Thankgiving Day contests

There are numerous Fantasy Football contests open on DraftKings for Thanksgiving Day only, but you can choose to use your Free $20 on any contest or contest’s (NFL, NBA or NHL) you choose starting tonight, tomorrow, next Sunday or whenever you prefer.

You may even want to spread your free play out on several $1 or $2 contests to make your free bankroll last longer and give you the best chance to grow your bankroll.

Draftkings Thanksgiving Football Lobby


Don’t forget DraftKings has nightly NBA and NHL Fantasy contests open, so your not just limited to Fantasy Football with your free $20.

Join DraftKings Today, deposit a small $5 or larger amount and get your $20 in free play now……

Good Luck this Thanksgiving and make sure you watch every game, cheering on your players in all of your line-ups…….


DraftKings NHL Fantasy starts on Wednesday October 7th

NHL Fantasy Hockey on

I know everyone is concentrating on the NFL, but the NHL is starting this week…….

Wednesday October 7th is the first night of an entire season of NHL Daily Fantasy contests on

DraftKings has lined up a fantastic schedule to start the 2015/16 hockey season.

Highlighted Opening Night Contests

The $100K Sniper: $3 entry, multi entry, $100K in total prize pool, over 7800 winners to be paid and $10K to the 1st place finisher.

You can play the $100K Sniper for free, just make any deposit on DraftKings and you’ll get a free ticket to play……

The $25K Breakaway: $9 entry, 645 winners paid, multi entry, $2K to 1st place finisher.

The $5K Hip Check: Only $1 to enter, over 1100 winners paid and $300 to 1st place.

$2 Wrist Shot: $2 entry, $2000 in GTD payouts, $500 to 1st place finisher and a total of 600 winners paid.

The 25¢ Quarter Arcade: 25c to play, multi entry, $3000 in guaranteed payouts, 2800 winners paid with $150 to the 1st place finisher (every one can make multiple line ups on this one).

That’s just the beginning, there are 100’s of leagues and tournaments to choose from for both the Wednesday and Thursday NHL games scheduled.

NHL Lobby on

Darftkings Hockey lobby

Thursday Oct. 8th  NHL Special Contest:

$200K Return to the Ice Celebration: $200,000 in guaranteed payouts, $20 entry, over 2300 winners to be paid and $25,000 to the 1st place finisher.

All NHL contests start at 7PM ET (start times will vary on week ends and holidays)

DraftKings NHL Line up and Scoring Details

Here’s a quick recap of DraftKings Hockey line ups and scoring details:

You start a line up of W, W, W, C, C, D, D, UTIL and G with a $50K Salary Cap. Wings can be Left or Right and UTIL is any skater.

Wednesday Salaries and Line Up Selection Lobby

DraftKings NHl Salaries and Line up selection

NHL Salaries on DraftKings stay the same each week once the first contest is offered. Line ups can be changed up until game time of each player in line up.

NHL Fantasy Scoring on DraftKings

DraftKings Hockey scoring

Join DraftKings now and get your NHL game on, you’ll get a free entry to the $100K Sniper plus the generous, 100% Deposit Bonus every one gets on

DraftPot MLB Fantasy

 $2000 MLB Free Roll on April 19th

Use Promo Code: CHICAGO

Use Promo Code: CHICAGO for an100% Bonus when you sign up. The $2K free roll starts at 1:05PM ET on April 19th, sign up today…… is the newest addition to the Daily Fantasy phenomenon………. offers an unusual selection of Daily MLB Fantasy games.

The first option on DraftPot are the Fan Mode games. These have absolutely no restrictions on who you play on your fantasy teams, no salary cap and something really different for MLB Fantasy, no pitchers are used, just all the best bats/position players you can line-up to play.

The second option is the GM Mode. On these games you choose your players under a “salary cap” of each players average fantasy scoring.

You get a 28 fantasy point cap to build your team on the GM mode and each player is ranked by their average daily fantasy scoring on

Use Promo Code: CHICAGO  when you sign up to get your 100% Bonus on to get started.

On the MLB Games on DraftPot you only select a line up of position players, no pitchers.

Fan Mode has no player restrictions, GM mode uses DPPG for each player for the Salary Cap of 28 DPPG for your fantasy team.

*You choose Fan Mode or GM Mode when adding your line up.

*Just click “Next” (at bottom of player listings) when your ready to join a Contest

MLB DraftPage on DraftPot

You can use the same line-up on multiple contests or use different line-ups for each contest you enter to cover every possible player combination you desire.

I believe this is the best daily fantasy format available (it levels the playing field) and everyone should take advantage of the sites, like that can offer this format to their players.

My $1000 April 10, 2015 Free roll line-up

$1000 Free Roll Line-up fantasy scoring is simple for every sport and league they have contests for.

DraftPot Scoring

DraftPot offers many Contests, for MLB, NBA, NHL and NFL (when in season) from Free Rolls to $2, $5, $10 up to buy-ins of $75 and higher.

Many contests are guaranteed to pay out, just look for the G. The M means you can enter more than one team on that contest and the S means you can only enter that contest only once.

MLB Contest Lobby

DraftPot Home page

Depositing is easy on DraftPot, all major Credit Cards are accepted.

Deposit Options

Cash outs are processed via PayPal on

Cash Out options on DraftPot

Expert Fantasy Players can use the Fan Mode option to use their fantasy knowledge to the max. If your looking for more of a challenge, play the GM Mode to test your true fantasy skills.

I really think the No-Salary Cap format fantasy games will become the Daily Fantasy Games of the future. Everyone can play their own favorite players/home town players and feel they have a chance to win, even up against the other players who study the games/match-ups in more detail.

I’m personally looking forward to the upcoming NFL season on

Man, that will be something to see with no restrictions on who you can start, how many contests you can enter and the prize pools that will be guaranteed.

Use Promo Code: CHICAGO when you sign up to get your 100% Deposit Bonus on to get started.

Gift Cards for Christmas

Did you get a gift card for Christmas?

Millions of Gift Cards will be exchangedUse your Gift Card to play on DraftKings as gifts over the Holidays.

How many times have you heard “just get him a gift card” or “I didn’t know what you wanted, use it for whatever you want!”

How many did you get???? How many did you give?

Think about it, Do you still have a few cards from the past year still stuffed in your wallet or a drawer with just enough money on them not to throw away or maybe just enough to buy a cheap piece of candy or a pack of gum?

Finally, there is a use for all those gift cards where nothing is wasted.

Here’s a great idea, use those gift cards to fund a daily fantasy run on

You can also give a Gift Card for Christmas and suggest to the fantasy playing recipient.

When you get a gift card for a gift on X-mas, you’ll still be able to play some Big Money playoff fantasy football this year, yes there will quite a few high paying fantasy football contests that will be offered during the actual NFL Playoffs.

Your gift cards will also give you a shot at some high scoring and high paying Daily NBA Fantasy, some fast paced NHL Fantasy, the College Bowl season, the rest of the College Hoops season including March Madness or even set yourself up for the 2015 MLB Fantasy Season.

The best thing about using your Christmas present on DraftKings is you won’t waste a penny. There is no sales tax, no odd cents involved, and every deposit you make is in even dollar amounts and can be as low as $5 (Do you have one with just about that amount left now?).

It’s the perfect use for all those common those $25 and $50 gift cards.

Just use your “use anywhere” gift cards as a credit card and enter the amount you want to start with when depositing on DraftKings and you’ll be in the hottest fantasy games around……….

DraftKings Deposit Screen

How easy is it to Deposit on DraftKings

Joining DraftKings now will get you a free entry into a paid fantasy contest and DK will add a 100% Bonus (Double your Money)  to your account as you play.

Visit this page with any Questions you may have about DraftKings.



Black Friday Specials on DraftKings

DraftKings wants to make your early Holiday Shopping even Better.

Look for the Four Special, Discounted NBA Fantasy Contests scheduled for Black Friday. All are 6PM starts.

Black Friday NBA on DraftKings

Check the NBA Lobby for these special Buy-in Contests

$100K Showtime normally a $200 buy-in, Now only $189.99

$100K Crossover normally a $27 Buy-in, Now only $25.59

$40K Pick and Roll normally a $12 Buy-in, Now only $11.39

$20K Zone normally a $5 Buy-in, Now only $4.69

That’s not all……

NHL Contests

Look for a split NHL Contest Schedule with Early and Late starts.

There are 3 NHL games scheduled during Early NHL Games on Black Fridaythe day, one at Noon, one at 3PM and one at 4PM.

There is a 8 game NHL schedule starting at 6PM Friday evening.

CFB Contests

With a 9 game NCAA Football Schedule the CFB Contests on Friday start at 12PM highlighted by the $20K GTD Tailgate

Enjoy your Fantasy Fix Black Friday on

NHL Fantasy starts October 8th on Fan Duel

Fan Duel will be dropping the puck on Wednesday October 7, 2015

Daily NHL Fantasy Hockey is Back on Fan Duel.Fantasy Hockey on Fan Duel

Leagues and Contests are now open and filling rapidly.

Just click “NHL” on the Main Lobby to see all the available games.

So, get ready to get behind the bench and manage your team, using every player available every night.

There are no season long commitments, injuries or suspensions to worry about.

Fan Duel Fantasy Hockey uses a salary cap structure with standard NHL fantasy scoring.

Once the NHL season starts heating up, there will be thousands of leagues and contests to join every night, with thousands of fantasy hockey players winning cash every night and collecting their winnings the very next day.

Highlighted Guaranteed NHL Contests on Fan Duel

$10K Breakaway $2 entry, 5746 max players, multiple entry, 1st=$1200, 950 places paid

$3K One Timer $1 entry, 3448 max players, single entry, 1st=$300, 612 places paid

$10K Slapshot $10 entry, 1149 max players, multiple entry, 1st=$1200, 196 places paid

$4K NHL Save $5 entry, 919 max players, 1st=$500, single entry, 158 places paid

$15K NHL Goal $25 entry, 689 max players, multiple entry, 1st=$1500, 114 places paid

Fan Duel Guaranteed NHL Contests

Daily Leagues and Contests

Start times: Most evenings at 7PM ET.

Buy-ins: will start at $1, $2, $5, $10, $25 and higher

League sizes: Include the standard 3 team, 5 team ,10 team and 20 team and larger fantasy leagues.

There will also be plenty of Heads-up challenges and custom player created leagues for every one.

Payout Formats will have winner take all, the standard top 3 paid, top 6 paid, double-ups (top 50% paid) and triple-ups (top 30% paid) and other variations.

NHL Draft Room on Fan Duel

Fan Duel NHL Draft Room

The Fan Duel Draft Room gives you all the information you’ll need every day to make your team a winner.

This includes complete player news, notes and stats. The complete NHL schedule for that day, just click a game and you’ll have all the available players and their salaries listed.

Draft a NHL Team Now

All new players get up to a $200 Free Bonus when they deposit on Fan Duel


The NHL is now live on DraftKings

DraftKings has opened up their 2014/2015 NHL Fantasy Season

NHL Hockey will be Facing Off on October 8, 2014 $30K Return to the Ice on Draftkingsand there will be a full slate of nightly NHL Fantasy Leagues and Contests available.

On DraftKings, you can make your line changes daily and have a fresh new team going for you every night.

No season long commitment here, just play when you want, play whenever you like the match-ups on the ice.

Just click NHL (on the sport filter) on the main lobby to get the complete schedule. Once the season gets rolling, there will be thousands of leagues to choose from every week.

DraftKings uses a salary cap format and standard fantasy hockey scoring.

  Draftkings NHL Scoring and Rules.

To celebrate the opening of the 2014/2015 NHL Season, Draftkings is featuring these guaranteed events:

$30,000 Return to the Ice Contest

Thursday October 9, 2014 7PM ET Start

$12 entry, 2850 player max, multiple entry,

1st place wins $5,000, 2nd=$3000, 3rd=$1500, 4th=$750 5th=$600

  570 places will pay cash

Other Guaranteed NHL Contests now open:

$10K Face Off $27 entry, 1st=$2000, 85 winners

$5K Poke Check $5 entry, 1st=$1000, 180 winners

$5K Sniper $2 entry, 1st= $500, 600 winners

Get started on DraftKings with 100% Bonus and Free cash game entry

NHL Events on DraftKings

Use your knowledge of the league to grind out a profit every night.

For all you Fantasy Hockey players who follow the NHL nightly, there are plenty of 2, 3, 6, 10, 11, 22, 24 and 57 team leagues open every night the NHL plays.

League Buy-ins start as low as $1, $2 and $5.

Formats include standard leagues, 50/50’s, triple-ups, 10X boosters and 4 Step series where you can start with $2 and win $200 on Step 4.

DraftKings gives you everything you need to win.

The DraftKings 2014 Hockey Draft Rooms include detailed NHL Team Depth Charts, Opponent Rankings and Complete Player News and Stats to guide your line-up decisions.

Make sure you check out the DK Playbook as the season progresses and DKTV for more Strategy and NHL insights.

DraftKings Draft Room and Top Salaried Players

Draft a NHL Team Now

DraftKings Update:

DraftKings has added a few New Features for 2014

DraftKings your #1 destination for Daily Fantasy Play.

100% Deposit Bonus on Draftkings

100% Deposit Bonus on DraftKings

DraftKings has announced a few upgrades and new features in 2014 for their players.

On DraftKings you play a one day fantasy lineup, you draft today, play tonight and collect your winnings that same night.

Check out our Review of DraftKings Here.

New Features on DraftKings

  • Depth Charts! See every depth chart/roster for each individual teams and add players directly from that screen. Now you can see where a player stands as far as his role, you no longer need to do the research on every teams roster,  DraftKings has done the work for you. This is especially handy for NBA and NHL fantasy play, where minutes played and player rotation mean points scored.

  • Reserve your Seat: Contest about to fill? Reserve your seats to that special contest without selecting a team! The most popular contests on DraftKings fill fast, especially the Guaranteed Leagues. This is especially helpful when you want to make sure you are in a fantasy contest but don’t have the time right now to build a winning team or you just need a little more time to do your research.

  • DraftKings Mobile App Version 1.1 is now live and available in the apple store. Download now! This app will allow you to make late minute roster changes. How many times have you heard player reports on the radio right before game time or didn’t have time to get on DraftKings to make your changes before you left? Now you have DraftKings available to you at your finger tips, anytime, any where. You’ll also be able to monitor your teams success with live scoring and current standings direct from the DraftKings scoreboard from anywhere you are with no problem.

Upcoming Contests on DraftKings

  • NHL Hat Trick – January 21, 2014 – $30,000 Prize Pool

  • NBA Buzzer Beater – January 29, 2014 – $200,000 Prize Pool

  • Bank Shot – March 26, 2014 – $1,000,000 Prize Pool

DarftKings $1Million Bank Shot

DraftKings NHL Free Roll Results

Here’s how I did on the Saturday Jan 19 $50 NHL Free Roll on DraftKings

DraftKings NHL Launch Free Roll

I did a lot better than I thought, just missed the money (25th) by 6 points.

As the season progresses, we’ll all get a better read on all the players and teams and will be able to get the scores up all around.

Top Plays scored 9 to 11 points, and it appears that Defensemen will have some real value,  Scoring points on +/-, Blocked shots, SOG and  goals and assists.

I plan on playing these often, how about you?

Join DraftKings Here and play NHL Fantasy everyday!

Here are the complete Draft Kings NHL Details

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