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Did you see the 30 Minute program?

DraftKings presented a 30 Minute show with Tiki and Rondi Barber on Sunday Sept 13th on Fox………

Now, I’m not much for Infomercials.

However, I thought DraftKings did an excellent job of showing the world, the Key Details of Daily/Weekly fantasy during their allotted time.

Of course they highlighted their Millionaire Maker contests, but the info on their Cash games and Deposit Bonus really hit the spot!

As, far as Cash Games:

On you can play the 50/50’s or Double-up’s, where everyone has a 50% chance of winning these fantasy contests. For example, if you enter a 100 player – 50/50, the top 50% of scoring players (exactly one half of the players) will win about just double the money they bought into the contest for. It is probably the best way for newbies to start and are the mainstay of the Expert DraftKing players.

There are also WTA contests (winner take’s all the prize pool) where there can be up to 300 entrants with the winner taking the entire prize pot…

You can also play the simple and classic 10 team leagues where the top 3 finishers get paid, HTH (head to head match’s) where you and another player can match fantasy skill in a one on one setting, (where the winner takes the entire prize pool).

They also Highlighted the “GIANT CHECK”,

There were plenty of highlights of players (sweating out!) the final minutes of games, clinging to their hope of scoring a few more points or holding on to a slim lead and winning the ultimate fantasy prize…..

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

That “Giant Check” is what you can win when you take down a Millionaire Maker Contest or one of the Season Long, Mega Money Contests that DraftKings hold for every Major Sports League each  Season.

You’ve seen the DraftKing TV commercials,

These are the exact same Fantasy Contests on, that pay the LIFE CHANGING MONEY THAT EVERYONE DREAMS OF WINNING……

Other things you should note:

DraftKings accepts every type of Credit, Debit or Gift Card’s you currently hold.

DraftKings also accepts deposits via PayPal (PayPal is the easiest and most reliable way to Deposit and Cash-out on DraftKings).

Get a Free entry to a $3 Contest and the 100% Bonus when you  Sign Up Today on

Your initial Deposit Bonus (up to $600)  is paid at a rate of 4% of each dollar entered into fantasy contests (4¢ on every dollar you play), It accumulates until you reach $1 in Bonus payments and is then added into your player account.

Winnings are paid directly into your player account by the next day, you can count on it…..

Cash-outs can be received via PayPal in a day or two (Checks will take a little longer).

You can trust DraftKings, they are located in Boston, MA and follow all applicable state and federal laws.

DraftKings is becoming the way fantasy players play, instant wins, no worry’s about injuries, play when you want and no commitment of playing each week….

Why would play Fantasy Sports any other way??????

Are your Dreams big enough to Cash that Giant Check?

Play for the Glory, Play for the Giant Check, Welcome to the Big Time….



The Monday Night Double Football on DraftKings

If you didn’t get on Draft Kings for the Sunday Noon Kickoff’s, you didn’t miss out on all the Week One NFL Fantasy Action……….

“This post is from 2015, here is the 2016 Monday Night information has lined up a Special Monday Night only $500K Fantasy football contest for players who just can’t get enough fantasy or for whatever reason missed out on all the Sunday NFL Fantasy Action..

The Monday Night Double…..

Monday Night Double the Football

  • This one night event will have a $500,000 Guaranteed prize pool.
  • Is a multi entry contest (up to 200).
  • The first place finisher will win $100,000, with several prizes over $1000.
  • In total, this contest will award the top 40,870 finishers.
  • Best of All, is only $3 to play……

The 2 opening Monday Night games are included:

PHI at ATL 6:10PM ET and MIN at SF 9:20PM ET

The Monday Night NFL rosters have several top fantasy players set to play including:

Matt Ryan ATL QB, Julio Jones ATL WR, DeMarco Murray PHI RB, Sam Bradford PHI QB, Jordan Matthews PHI WR, Adrian Peterson MIN RB, Teddy Bridgewater MIN QB, Colin Kaepernick SF QB.

There will be a great deal of scoring on the PHI-ATL game, as both teams have high scoring offenses and the defenses really aren’t that good. This game has the highest predicted score this week based on the Las Vegas Lines. Building a lineup on DraftKings with a smaller player field is a lot easier than you think and you’ll like the team(s) you can assemble.

Everyone will be able to watch their players, cheer their players, sweat the final minutes and collect their winnings all in one night!

It’s the perfect way to enjoy Monday Night Football.

That’s not the Only Thing,

If you join DraftKings right now, DraftKings will give you a Free Entry to your first contest absolutely free.

Since this is only a $3 contest and there are plenty of lineup options, submitting multiple lineups makes complete sense and can increase your chances of taking home the top prize of $100K significantly.

Good Luck……….

If you hurry up, you can play a Mon- Thurs CFB contest

I forgot about the Monday Night Ohio State game tonight, but you still have time to get into the DraftKings CFB Monday-Thursday contests…..

Who will start at QB for the Buckeyes??????? Will the Sea of Red Win???????

25c CFB contest

Use Bonus Code: BESTDEAL to get a 100% bonus, a Free Entry to a $3 contest and everything else can offer……….CFB Fantasy is available every week on Draft Kings, can you separate yourself from the pack??????????

College Football is up on Draft Kings

CFB Fantasy Contests are open on Draft Kings…..

This Post was written on August 31, 2015.

Draftkings no longer has any college based fantasy contests per New Guidelines presented by State Laws and Regulations.

College Football starts later this week with a kick off schedule of 9 games on Thursday, September 3rd at 6PM ET.

In total, Draft Kings has over 700 CFB fantasy contests open for the first weekend of the CFB season.

Featured Contests for the Thursday Night Kick off include:

$100K Kickoff Special: $20 buy-in, $100K Gtd, $10K to 1st, 1150 total winners paid.

$50K Redshirt: $3 buy-in, $50K Gtd, $4K to 1st, 3840 total winners paid.

$3K Primetime: $12, $3K Gtd, $500 to 1st, 55 total winners paid.

$1K Quarter Arcade: 25c buy-in, $1,000 Gtd, $100 to 1st, 100 total winners paid.

College Football on Draft Kings uses only offensive player scoring, there are no kickers or DST used.

Get  a Free Entry to the $3o0K Dive for the Pylon when you join DraftKings today…….

$300K Dive for the Pylon: 12PM ET Saturday Sept. 5th, $3 Buy-in, $300K GTD, $100K to 1st, 25,950 total winners paid.

CFB Fantasy Scoring on DraftKings

You use a line-up of QB, QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, FLEX, FLEX

You must use players from at least 2 different teams from two different games

You have a $50,000 Salary Cap to use

CFB  Point Scoring:

  • Passing TD = +4PTs
  • 25 Passing Yards = +1PT (+0.04PT/ per yard is awarded)
  • 300+ Yard Passing Game = +3PTs
  • Interception = -1PT
  • 10 Rushing Yards = +1PT (+0.1PT per yard is awarded)
  • Rushing TD = +6PTs
  • 100+ Yard Rushing Game = +3PTs
  • 10 Receiving Yards = +1PT (+0.1PT per yard is awarded)
  • Reception = +1PT
  • Receiving TD = +6PTs
  • 100+ Yard Receiving Game = +3PTs
  • Punt/Kickoff Return for TD = +6PTs
  • Fumble Lost = -1PT

Do you want $25 in Free Play?

Get Your Free $25 on DraftKings

DraftKings has a well known generosity for $25 in free playwelcoming New Players and loves to give away free money and free fantasy plays to all their new players.

The latest Free Deposit Promo is simple…… Join DraftKings Now, just make a small deposit (any amount) and DraftKings will instantly add $25 in DK Dollars to your account.

DK Dollars can be used to play in any Cash Paying Fantasy Contest right away, be it Baseball, Golf, MMA or NASCAR.

Maybe you’ll want to save it to use on Week One of the NFL Fantasy Season (DraftKings is guaranteeing over $12M in payouts on Week One)…….

There are no play through restrictions, no contest restrictions, no BS involved, it’s all up to you on how to use it……

When you enter a cash paying contest, your DK Dollars will always be used before your cash balance on Draftkings.

Here’s how to get your Free $25:

Just use our Referral Link Here, make a small deposit ($5 min.) and use it before 10AM ET, August 20th.

The Free $25 will be instantly added to your account.

That’s not all, you can earn a double (a 100% Bonus) your actual cash deposit while playing, so you’ll be getting even more free play for your money….

Get $54 in Free Play on Draftkings

Here’s an offer you just cannot pass up on………..

Join DraftKings Now, deposit a mere $5 and you’ll get two $27 contest tickets to play on any sport, on any $27 contest (including the upcoming NFL season).

That’s $54 in free play on DraftKings, on any of their big $27 buy-in contests.

Imagine playing in the $27 buy-in Millionaire Makers that DraftKings has become famous for, for free…..

This is something that everyone who has thought about trying daily fantasy on DraftKings has been looking for and is the perfect way to set yourself up for the upcoming 2015 NFL Fantasy Season on DraftKings.

This is of course a limited time offer, so act quickly………
This Offer ends at 11:00 a.m. EST June 29th, 2015. The $27 tickets can be redeemed for any $27 contest at any point by December 1, 2015
You must use the links on this page in order to qualify for the two free $27 tickets. 

Free $27 Contest Tickets

NBA Fantasy Championship

Can you win the $1,000,000 1st Place Prize?

Well, if you play on DraftKings, If you know anything about the NBA, that is what you could be playing for……..

$1 Million Dollar Fantasy Basketball Championship has set up the largest prize ever for a NBA Fantasy Basketball Championship.

The Fantasy Basketball World Championship

*Play for your share of a $2,000,000 prize pool and the Fantasy Basketball World Championship Belt

*You can only win a $55K package via qualifier on DraftKings.

*Only 40 players will Qualify, no direct buy-ins.

*Qualifiers will run through march 16, 2014

*Each package (a $55,500 value) includes an FBWC Ticket PLUS a five-night (Mar. 18th-23rd) VIP trip to  Las Vegas and $1,000 cash for airfare!

*The Final in Las Vegas will include the eight NBA games that tip-off between 3-6pm EST on March 22nd

*You’ll be at exclusive viewing parties for all the NBA games and all March Madness Games throughout the opening weekend of the NCAA tournament in Las Vegas.

*Since your in Las Vegas, you can not only bet on your favorite NCAA Tournament team, there will also be CBB Fantasy games live on DraftKings that same week end.

*Qualify for the $200,000 Fantasy Hockey World Championship that same weekend in Las Vegas.

*Yes, you can Eat, Drink, Bet, Party and win a $1 Million Dollars all in the same week end.

*Can you think of anything else to do in Vegas? Well you’ll be there for 5 nights, think about it!

All 40 Qualifiers who go to Vegas for the FBWC will win Cash, no matter what…….

1st=$1,000,000, 2nd=$250K, 3rd=$150K, 4th=$100K, 5th=$75K, 6th=$50K, 7th=$30K 8th=$25K 9-10th=$20K, 11th to 15th=$15K, 16th to 20th=$10K, 21st-30th=$8.5K and 31st to 40th=$7K

Start playing the qualifiers on today, look for FBWC qualifiers on the main contest lobby.

Qualifier Buy-ins start at 25¢, $2, $5, $12, $20, $300 and $1000

Do you have it in you? I personally play NBA fantasy, but with little success. I’m gonna put in a few entries just to try, who knows maybe, just maybe I’ll hit on a winning line-up.

Free Entry to the $700,000 NFL Divisional Clash

Get a $20 Free Entry Now

Who wants to play in the Fantasy Football $700K Divisional Clash?

Who wants to play in it for Free?

Join DraftKings now, deposit a minimum of $5 and your in, it’s a $20 value, a free $20 entry, why wouldn’t you give it a try??????

This Free Offer will end on Saturday, January 10, 2014 at 4:35PM

If the contest fills before Saturdays kick-off, you’ll get a $20 ticket to any other Draftking fantasy contest that starts at 4:35PM ET on Jan. 10th

The Fantasy Football Season is winding down quickly, with only these last 2 weeks to play.

Now is the time to make this a winning season…….

The $700K Divisional Clash is a $20 buy-in Contest, allows multi entries, pays the top 8,320 finishers and includes all the Divisional playoff games this week end.

Baltimore at New England, Carolina at Seattle, Indy at Denver and Dallas at Green Bay.

There is a lot of football talent involved in these match-ups and there is a winning line-up to be made here, will it be your free entry?

1st place pays a cool $100K, 2nd=$50K, 3rd=$30K, 4th=$2oK, 5th=$15K, 6th=$10K, 7th and 8th=$7.5K, 9th and 10th=$5K.

Just finish in the top 30 and you’ll win $1,000. Minimum win is $40.

$700K Divisional Clash

This is your one of your last chances to make the 2014 NFL Fantasy season one to remember, your last chance to make your money back, if you lost out on your season long league now is the time to make it good.

Don’t worry you’ll get your moneys worth, your Draftkings account will be good until the next NFL season or you could use the money on some great NBA or NHL fantasy action that’s happening now and don’t forget, Fantasy Baseball is just a short 2 months away.

Get your free $20 entry on DraftKings with as little as a $5 deposit NOW……

You’ll be $15 ahead as soon as you play and even more if you can draft a winner!

Fantasy MMA is coming to DraftKings

Fantasy MMA starts on January 3, 2015 on DraftKings

Watch UFC 182 and win with your passion

Now you can take your passion up another levelDKMMA and use your Mixed Martial Arts knowledge to your financial benefit.

If you love to watch MMA.

If you want to bet on your knowledge of MMA/UFC182

If you know who is going to kick some ass……

Go to DraftKings and make your first fight night in 2015 a profitable experience……..

Complete DraftKings Fantasy MMA Details and Scoring

Fights and Fantasy Contests will start at 7PMUFC 182 Jan. 3, 2015 on Saturday January 3, 2015

UFC 182 Matches Featured:

Cormier-Jones, Cerrone-Jury, Marquardt-Tanares, Gaudinot-Horiguchi, Burkman-Lombard, Castillo-Felder, Brimage-Garbrandt, Cannonier-Jordan and Damm-Dunham

Headlining the Jan 3rd UFC 182 Contests on DraftKings

$100K Ground and Pound $200 buy-in, $20K to 1st

$50K Takedown $27 buy-in, multi entry, $10K to 1st

$25K Guillotine $2 buy-in, multi entry, $2K to 1st

$7.5K Contender $12 buy-in, multi entry, $1000 to 1st

$7K Armbar $5 buy-in, multi entry, $1000 to 1st

If you can pick the winners, pick the terminators, pick the highest scorers, you will win real money on………

$200K MMA Event January 2015

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