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The 12 Days of Christmas on DraftKings

DraftKings has 12 Days of 2016 Christmas Gifts for playing your favorite Fantasy Contests…….


Each day starting on December 12th, 2016 DraftKings will offer a gift, just for following the contest playunwrap-gift challenges for that day. Just go to the DraftKings main lobby and click “Unwrap Gift” to see the challenge and the gift for that day.

The daily gifts will include free contest tickets, free play contests, DK Dollars, DraftKings Swag and much more (ticket packs for completing 2 of the 3, December 21st, 22nd and 23rd Gifts).

Challenges include entering specific contests each day. You do not have to complete each challenge every day, just the challenges in the individual sports you want to play.

Play within your limits and on the sports you know best. Daily Gifts are awarded for each completed challenge.

Just visit the DraftKings Main Contest Lobby each day to see what your challenge and gift could be….


From Dec. 12th thru Dec. 18th at 1PM ET, Get $20 in DK Dollars absolutely free when you Join DraftKings and make any size new deposit. That’s a $20 instant Deposit BONUS to claim for yourself today.

Yes, you can use your $20 in Free DK Dollars to complete your daily challenges

December 12, 2016 Unwrapped Gift


You can track your progress daily and open your gift by clicking the 12 Days of Christmas on the promotions tab and clicking the gift box for that day. There you’ll see what gifts you have already collected.


The Last 3 Days of Giveaways is Cumulative – Enter 2 out of 3 days to Unwrap a Super Gift!

Now I’m sure you have more questions. Here are some of the most common questions and a few details to know about this 12 days of Christmas Promotion:

How can I qualify to receive a daily prize?

Click “unwrap gift” on the 12 Days of Giveaways promotion page and complete that day’s challenge.

Do I qualify for a prize if I enter a contest with a ticket?


When will I receive my prizes?

All digital prizes (FPPs, tickets, DraftKings Dollars, etc. – update) won during the 12 Days of Giveaways will be delivered via email the following business day by 5PM EST unless otherwise noted. For all physical prizes, a DraftKings representative will reach out to all winners within 24 hours after the contest to confirm shipping information. For users who complete two (2) of the three (3) listed challenges from Wednesday, December 21st through Friday, December 23rd, ticket packs will be delivered via email the evening of Friday, December 23rd.

When will the next daily challenge be available?

Each daily challenge will be unveiled the day of at 12am ET.

Do I need to enter contests through the 12 Days of Giveaways promotion page?

No. Once you’ve clicked “unwrap gift,” you can enter that day’s contest from anywhere.

How will I know if I successfully completed today’s challenge?

Complete all of the criteria, for each respective day, listed on the 12 Days of Giveaways promotion page. Once the day has concluded, all qualifying users will be sent an email confirming their prize the following day.

I already completed today’s task. Can I still get a prize?

Yes. By clicking “unwrap gift” you’ve already qualified.

If I complete today’s challenge multiple times can I win multiple prizes?

No. All users are only eligible to win each day’s gift once unless otherwise noted.

DraftKings is giving you a chance for some Great Free Gifts, just for doing something you enjoy doing every day when playing daily fantasy on DK.

Don’t miss out on the limited time, $20 instant DK Dollar Bonus, sign up and make any size deposit today……


Fan Duel Improves their look!

Have you seen the new look Fan Duel?

Fan Duel has been very busy the last few weeks, updating the look and functionality of their already fine daily fantasy web-based platform.

This update was planned perfectly, just in time for the 2015 NFL Fantasy season.

All in all, the updates make Fan Duel look fresher, a little larger and I think, a lot easier to use than in the past.

The most first most noticeable change is the new look of the Main Lobby. There are still all the functions your accustomed to, but they have increased the lobby size, the function buttons and added a few more explanations of all the great fantasy contests they offer.

The Main Lobby now only displays contests for one sport at a time when you first log on. You no longer have to scroll thru every sport, every contest offered, to find what you are looking for.

With the anticipation of the upcoming NFL Season, NFL Contests are the current “default” sport shown on the main lobby when logging onto Fan Duel.

You can click the particular sport your interested in playing and omit anything you don’t want. The current lobby has NFL, MLB and CFB contests available. NBA, NHL and CBB will be available later this year.

If you click a contest name on the main lobby and you get all the details on that contest. Click Prizes and you get the exact payouts offered for that contest. Blue Dots are Guaranteed contests, Gold Dots are multi entry contests. Blue Flags means these are featured contests and offer the best prize pools.

Get a 100% Deposit Bonus, paid as you play, when you get started on Fan Duel

Fan Duel Main Lobby

Fan Duel New Main Lobby

The Draft Rooms for your fantasy contests also sport a new, larger look with the new feature that shows your chosen players in your line-up still on the available player listing.

This gives you the chance to make line-up changes already knowing where your original selections are ranked and their salary (the red circled minus sign), related to who you are now considering adding into your line-up.

This makes roster upgrades, using your leftover player salary balance a lot easier. There is now also a buy-in selection of $ or Fan Duel Points for each contest to make using you accumulated points easier to convert into contest entries.

Fan Duel Draft Room

Fan Duel Updated Draft Room

In addition to the new look Draft Room, Fan Duel has updated the look of the player profiles, just click a players name and you’ll get that players latest news, season stats and detailed game log.

Player Profiles

Fan Duel also updated their live scoring pages. They now have a all new Running Man feature.

Your score for each of your rosters is shown as a little blue man. His position shows your teams position in relation to contest payouts. If your in the green zone, your in the money (the payout zone) and the further to the right in the payout zone, the higher the payout.

If your position in the grey zone, you have an idea of how far your team(s) are away from the payout zone.

View by Entries Screen

New Live Running Man Visual

When you Click View by Rosters you have your line-ups fully view able and how each line-up/player is doing.

View by Rosters

New Live Scoring by Roster

When you click a individual roster, you get the same scoring details and where you stand with that particular roster, with the running man showing your position in relation to contest pay-outs.

Detailed Live Scoring

Fan Duel has been working constantly to improve their customers Daily Fantasy Experience and it shows……..I may have omitted a couple of new items, but the ones I listed are the ones every player will notice and use everyday as they play on Fan Duel.

Get a 100% Deposit Bonus, paid as you play, when you get started on Fan Duel

The Perfect Fantasy Baseball Line-up

The goal of every player of Fantasy Baseball is to create that perfect line-up.

Now that is something that is very difficult to do, every player knows the rules of fantasy are set up to equalize the chances of every one playing.

No one player can possibly make a perfect line-up. Snake drafts, salary caps and trade rules all make it very difficult to have all the best players available and you’ll be limited to only 2, maybe 3 of them on any one team. You have to be able to find as many of the hidden gems and sleepers who can over-perform their stat projections.

This begs to ask the question,

What if you could get everyone you want on your fantasy baseball team?

Would you start this Perfect Fantasy baseball line-up if you could?

SP  Clayton Kershaw

SP  Felix Hernandez

C    Buster Posey

1B  Jose Abreu

2B  Jose Altuve

3B  Miguel Cabrera

SS  Ian Desmond

OF  Mike Trout

OF  Giancarlo Stanton

OF  Andrew McCutchen

How good could your team really be with that line up?

I know what your thinking, there is no way I could play, let alone have a chance to acquire all those players……

Well, on fantasy baseball you could!

Sideleague has no salary cap, no snake drafts and allows you to start any one you choose on your fantasy team.

On SideLeague you’ll have every player on every MLB team available for your line-up every day.

SideLeague is the latest innovation in Daily Fantasy Sports Play.

Cashing Out your winnings on SideLeague

Visit (on your mobile APP store) and use Promo Code: SS5QD to get a $5 free fantasy bankroll

SideLeague Baseball Scoring:


Your teams line-up will consist of: SP, SP, C, 1B or DH, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF

Hitter scoring:

Single = 4 points (High OBP and OPS scores big)

Double= 8 points

Triple = 12 points

Home Run = 16 points

Walk = 4 points

HBP = 3 points

RBI= 4 points

Run Scored = 4 points

Stolen base = 8 points (Speed pays well on SideLeague)

Strike Outs are the only negative batter stats (-1 point)

Pitchers Scoring:

Strike Out = 4 points

Inning pitched = 4 points (You want starters that go deep into their starts)

Each ER allowed = -4 points

Hit against = -1 point (You want starters with low WHIP’s)

Walk = -3 points

Win = 8 points

Complete game = 8 points

CG Shut out = 10 points

No hitter = 12 points

Scoring points on Sideleague Fantasy Baseball will not be an issue. These will be the highest scoring games you have ever seen in Fantasy Baseball.

Baseball Contests will start on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. All will run for 3 days, you choose your players game for the contest from their match-ups during those 3 day periods.

Sideleague has partnered with RotoWire as their fantasy information source.

You get a complete scouting report on each player. You get push notifications of any of your player injuries or current starting status before their game begins.  You can edit your line-up, up until that players game begins.

Contests are set at 25 fantasy teams, all pay the top 3 finishers, all have guaranteed cash payouts. Buy-ins start as low as 50¢ and Free Rolls are starting every day.

Use Promo Code: SS5QD

Use Promo Code: SS5QD for $5 in Free Play

SideLeague offers MLB, NBA, NHL and NFL Fantasy games using the same type of high scoring line-up format, all year long.

Black Friday Specials on DraftKings

DraftKings wants to make your early Holiday Shopping even Better.

Look for the Four Special, Discounted NBA Fantasy Contests scheduled for Black Friday. All are 6PM starts.

Black Friday NBA on DraftKings

Check the NBA Lobby for these special Buy-in Contests

$100K Showtime normally a $200 buy-in, Now only $189.99

$100K Crossover normally a $27 Buy-in, Now only $25.59

$40K Pick and Roll normally a $12 Buy-in, Now only $11.39

$20K Zone normally a $5 Buy-in, Now only $4.69

That’s not all……

NHL Contests

Look for a split NHL Contest Schedule with Early and Late starts.

There are 3 NHL games scheduled during Early NHL Games on Black Fridaythe day, one at Noon, one at 3PM and one at 4PM.

There is a 8 game NHL schedule starting at 6PM Friday evening.

CFB Contests

With a 9 game NCAA Football Schedule the CFB Contests on Friday start at 12PM highlighted by the $20K GTD Tailgate

Enjoy your Fantasy Fix Black Friday on

DraftKings signs Fantasy Deal with Patriots

DraftKings hits the Field with New England Patriots

I found this article last night……

Boston Globe on Patriots-DraftKings

DraftKings already has a similar deal with the MLB as the official Mini Fantasy site of the Major Leagues.

DraftKings has been adding fantasy players to their player ranks in record numbers this year and has even been able to run 1 week fantasy football contests awarding $1 Million Dollars to the winner the last couple of weeks.

This deal should open the door for more NFL franchises to seek similar deals and even more exposure for DraftKings.


Just a few days left before Kick Off

Week One of the 2014 Fantasy Football Season is Here…….

The NFL Kicks Off on Thursday Sept. 4 with thePlay DraftKings in Week One Green Bay Packers visiting the Defending Champion Seattle Seahawks…..

Are you Ready to enjoy the Best Way to Play Fantasy Football on DraftKings?

You still have a few days to get yourself into the growing phenomenon of weekly fantasy football.

No longer will you have to worry about who to sit or start, bye weeks, injuries, suspensions, weekly pick ups and drops or sure things gone bad.

You can play who you want, when you want, every week and put the best team possible on the field every Sunday on DraftKings.

The Cost of playing on DraftKings is up to you.  You can start with a deposit of just $20 and play all year long. You could even Go for it All and start with a $200 deposit and grind your way to all the way to the $2.5 million dollar King of the Beach Championship

Everyone can find a Game on Draftkings that fits their skill and budget.

DraftKings is celebrating the 2014 return of NFL football this week with the $5 Million Dollar Kick Off Bash

Draftkings has put $5 Million Dollars in guaranteed prizes on the line for all you Fantasy Football Players on the NFL Kick off  Weekend of Sept. 7th.

13 more Reasons to visit DraftKings and start playing this week

  • DraftKings has 1000’s of weekly Fantasy football contests to choose from every week.
  • Players will get double their deposit (up to $600) with the 100% New Player Sign-up Bonus
  • New players will get a Free Entry in the $100,000 Week One $100K GTD Play Action*.
  • DraftKings has all the information you’ll need to create a winning line-up. Including detailed player stats and injury and status news, player opposition rankings, game by game player listings,  full team depth charts and salaries.
  • You can build a winning line-up in minutes with everything that DraftKings has to offer.
  • Contests can be played for as little (25¢ or $1) or as much as you desire (up to $200, $500 or $1K).
  • Compete on 2 player, 3 player, 5 player, 10 player or larger fantasy football tournament contests.
  • Tournaments have prize pools as large as $2.5 Million Dollars on DraftKings.
  • Easy to use software and no download is needed and a Best in Class Mobile App is available.
  • DraftKings uses safe and secure SSL connections on all transactions.
  • Use any Credit Card or PayPal to Deposit and play.
  • Withdrawals (via Check or PayPal) are fast and easy.
  • Completely legal in 45 U.S. States. Only Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, and Washington are excluded.

Draft a team Now

Be sure to read our Stack your DraftKings NFL Lineup for weekly line up advice.

* Look for the Orange Ticket on the Main Contest Lobby and join any game you wish with the FREE GAME ENTRY BONUS.

Shake-up in the Daily Play Fantasy World

July 15, 2014

DraftKings buys Draftstreet

The world of Daily Play Fantasy Sites is a lot different today than it was 24 hours ago……..

Join Draft Kings Now

Join Draft Kings Now

It was announced that DraftKings the 2nd largest DFS has acquired DraftStreet the 3rd largest DFS.

What does this mean to players?

It means now when you play your favorite Fantasy  sport on DraftKings, be it MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL or PGA Fantasy, you will playing on what many think is now the Biggest DPF Site available.

Draftkings will now be able to offer the most leagues, the most variety, offer the Largest Prize pools, League and tournament payouts and give everyone a better chance to Make some Real Money playing Fantasy Sports.

Now is the time to start your Money Making Fantasy, check out the complete review and Details of DraftKings Here.

Here are the announcements from the CEO’s of DraftStreet and DraftKings:

DraftStreet CEO Brian Schwartz

As of today, we are very pleased to announce that DraftStreet has been acquired by DraftKings, a fellow leader in daily fantasy sports. DraftStreet has been an overwhelming success, surpassing all of our expectations when we started the business, and we owe that to you, our loyal players.

Now that we’ve combined forces, all players from both sites will begin to reap the benefits of bigger games and better prizes, as well as our continued dedication to bringing new innovations and game offerings to the table. Many of you may be familiar with DraftKings, so you already know both sites have plenty to offer, and we believe that combining all the best features of each will result in a great experience for all our players.

Rest assured that we’ll make your transition as simple as possible – you’ll be able to easily transfer all of your funds to a new or existing DraftKings account in a few quick steps. Additionally, DraftKings will provide up to a 100% Balance Transfer Bonus so get started by clicking below! 

DraftKings CEO Jason Robins.

We are very pleased to announce that we have acquired DraftStreet as part of our long-term vision of continuing to bring our loyal customers the very best in daily fantasy sports.

Many of you may have been playing on DraftStreet as well as our site, and you should rest assured knowing that we’ll make it as easy as possible to combine your two accounts.

Both DraftStreet and DraftKings have been, and remain, grateful for the support of those fantasy players who have chosen us over the years. And now, by combining all of the best features from each of our sites, our aim is to create the best possible experience for anyone who visits our site or opens our app.

The best is yet to come!
What’s Next?
1.     Start by transferring your DraftStreet balance into your DraftKings account to access your money and claim your transfer bonus.
2.     Visit our FAQs if you have any questions about the DraftStreet acquisition.
3.     If any questions are not addressed or you need any additional assistance, feel free to reach out:

Most importantly, enjoy your contests!

Transferring your account:

Read the letter from DraftStreet CEO Brian Schwartz and DraftKings CEO Jason Robins then transfer your Draftstreet account to DraftKings.

The transfer of accounts is just a matter of a few clicks, I did it in about 30 seconds and got credit for my cash balance and player points instantly added to my DraftKings account.

I have to give credit to both parties, they have made this transition a smooth easy to follow procedure….

Here is a look at the Account Transfer Wizard page:

Just follow the easy steps to a smooth transfer.

Just follow the easy steps to a smooth transfer.


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