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DraftKings extends Free $20 offer………

Breaking News:

DraftKings has extended their Free Instant $20 Bonus to all new Players who make a first time deposit ……

This is a great time to start playing Daily Fantasy on

Just use our Link Here, make any size deposit ($5 Min.) and your Free $20 will be instantly credited in your account to start using on DraftKings right now…..

Whether you just want to get in on the last few weeks of NFL Fantasy or have already been shut out of your season long leagues playoffs or are maybe just hanging by a thread and hoping, there’s no reason not to play on DraftKings.

You still have plenty of time to use what you have learned this season and can make yourself fantasy relevant the last 5 weeks of the NFL season.

If your ready to throw the towel in on football completely, NBA and NHL fantasy is just starting to rev up and there are plenty of fantasy trends (ie. R Westbrook, K Durant, A Davis, J Harden) to take advantage of already, early in this NBA season.

DraftKings Feature Contests for Today November 28, 2016


Not only will you get your free $20, you’ll have access to all the Free Cash paying contests offered every day on DraftKings Free Contest Arcade.

Today’s Free Contests on Draftkings

NFL FREE $5K presented by Incarnate
1 Prize + $5,000
Sun 12:00p
NFL $250 Daily FREE Contest [Free Contest Arcade] (Mon-Thu)
NFL DK Golf Shirt Swag Giveaway! [Free Contest Arcade] (Mon-Thu)
15 Prizes
NFL $20K FREE-To-Play Championship [LIVE in Dallas] Qualifier #12
1 Prize + $300
Sun 12:00p

NBA $250 Daily FREE Contest [Free Contest Arcade]
NBA DK Golf Shirt Swag Giveaway! [Free Contest Arcade]
10 Prizes
NBA DK Golf Shirt Swag Giveaway! [Free Contest Arcade] (Turbo)
5 Prizes
NBA DK Golf Shirt Swag Giveaway! [Free Contest Arcade] (Late)
5 Prizes

NHL $250 Daily FREE Contest [Free Contest Arcade]

Join DraftKings right now and start playing in all the Free Rolls even if you don’t want the Free $20 Bonus


SideLeague Perfect Line Up — Week Two

The Week Two, Perfect SideLeague Fantasy Football Line Up

If you played on the No Salary Cap Fantasy Football offered on last week, this is the Line Up you wish you had started!

You won’t find many fantasy sites where you could make a line up like this, trust me………..

Week 2 SideLeague perfect Line UpSideLeague is a Mobile Only, Daily fantasy site that offers MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL fantasy contests with no salary cap limitations.

Download from your APP Store and use the Promo Code: SS5QD to get a free $5 bankroll to start playing…..

On SideLeague, there are no holds barred, play any player, anytime, on every team you build…….

Football leagues start every Thursday and Sunday, Buy In’s start as low as free entry, 50¢, $1 and range up to $20.

MLB, NHL and NBA start daily (when in season).

Start your SideLeague Career today! Visit your APP store today.

Go to SideLeague on your App Store

Use Code: SS5QD for your $5 free bankroll on SideLeague……….

PGA Championship Millionaire Maker on DraftKings

Are you ready to get in on the next PGA Millionaire Maker on Draftkings?

Another major golf tournament, another Millionaire Maker.

The Open Championship had a fantastic finish, will you be on the edge of your seat sweating out a winner?

The next $1 Million Dollar winner will be on the DraftKings PGA Championship Contest……

It all starts on Thursday, August 13, 2015 at 6AM on

(you can enter now as this contest is open as we speak)

Each entry costs $20, the contest will pay out $3.3 Million in guaranteed payouts to over 45,000 winners………

You can enter this contest up to 100 times (if you want) and you’ll see the ultimate winner getting $1 Million Dollars.

2nd place will get $100,000, 3rd place will get $60,000.

Finishing in the top ten will get you at least $10,000.

In total there will be 30 players who will win $2500 or more, 200 players who will win $1,000 or more, 400 players who will win $500 or more and thousands of other cash prizes to make it worth your PGA knowledge to play.

PGA Championship Millionaire Maker

The last Millionaire Maker (The Open Championship) on DraftKings drew over 171,000 entries and paid out over 37,000 places.

Here are the final standings from that contest:

Last winning scores on The Open Championship Millionaire Maker

Now, unfortunately I didn’t get it on that last Millionaire Maker, but if I had, here is how I would have done……

I plan on getting in on the next DraftKings Millionaire Maker, even if it’s only one entry!

You can start playing PGA Fantasy on DraftKings Here and if you join now, you can get a 100% Deposit Bonus and a free entry to a Cash game for free…..

2015 Fantasy Baseball on DraftKings

Fantasy Baseball is Back on DraftKings

It all starts on Monday April 6 at 1:05PM ET

Fantasy baseball contests are open for registration on DraftKings Now. Fantasy Baseball is Back

There is a full schedule of over 650 fantasy baseball contests available.

Opening Day fantasy contests will include all 14 of the MLB scheduled games on Monday, April 6th.

Pay close attention to all Spring Training News, get yourself in shape to get your share of the over $300 Million Dollars that DraftKings is paying out this 2015 MLB Baseball Season.

*Opening Day fantasy salaries for available players are now listed on the draft rooms and will not change until all opening day games are completed.

*Probable starters will be flagged on draft rooms in time for you set your line-ups for opening day.

*Top Name Starting pitchers start in the $9K to $12K salary range to start the season.

*Top Name Hitters are starting at about $4K to $5K to start the season.

Featured Promotions for Opening Day include:

All New Draftkings players who Sign-up and Deposit will get a entry into their first cash paying contest, absolutely free.

Featured Season Opener Fantasy Contests

$500,000 Slugfest $20 buy-in, 1st place pays $50K.

$200,000 Perfect Game $300 buy-in, 1st place pays $30K.

$100,000 High Heat $100 buy-in, $10K to 1st place.

$100,000 Moon Shot $3 buy-in, $10K to 1st place.

$15,000 Solo Shot $1 buy-in, $1k to 1st.

$5000 Quarter Arcade 25¢ buy-in, $250 to 1st

Multiple entries available on all those season opener contests

Main DraftKings MLB Fantasy lobby

MLB Lobby on DraftKings

2015 Fantasy Baseball Draft Room

2015 Baseball Draft Lobby on DraftKings

Fantasy Baseball Lineups and Scoring on DraftKings

You will have a $50,000 salary to spread on your 10 man line-up, you must use players from 3 different MLB teams.

DK Baseball Scoring

Visit DraftKings Now to get yourself primed for the new baseball season and get ready to play your way into a really big fantasy championship win.



Are you playing on

Editors Note: This was originally intended to be a brief introduction to Sideleague, but I had so much to say it turned into a full page Review and Site Detail.

All About SideLeague

I actually found SideLeague while listeningSIDELEAGUE to my favorite sports radio station back in December 2014 while I was driving to work one evening.

I joined them on my iPhone® when I got to work.

I entered a NFL free roll and won a 50c ticket that next Sunday.

The following week I used my 50c ticket and won another NFL contest ($7.50).

Since then, I won a NFL Playoff contest, several 50¢ tickets on the Free Rolls and I have a couple of 1st places and 2nd and 3rd places in 50¢ of NBA Contests. I haven’t been able to cash on any NHL contests just yet.

I have been playing on those winnings ever since and hope to continue to progressively grow my SideLeague fantasy bankroll.

I am really excited about their MLB contests set to start in April and plan on spending my summer, watching my fantasy baseball teams win me a few bucks. This will set me up perfectly for a full NFL season next September on Sideleague.

SideLeague is not one of those Fantasy sites where you can win a million dollars in one day (you can however, win some nice cash), it is based on a more casual style of fantasy play, more of a play for fun style, for lower cash limits.

SideLeague is a perfect way to play fantasy sports, no salary caps to deal with, no 10,000 or more player leagues you hope to win on, it is perfect for everyone who follows any major US sport and would like to have a little something riding on the results every day.

Who plays on Sideleague? Everyone who loves their team!

From casual players who just want to connect to their friends or if your a rabid fan of any one sports team. You can load your lineup with your favorite teams and all the big name players.

For you serious fantasy players, is very apparent that Expert Fantasy Players can use the SideLeague “no salary cap format” as a very easy way to grind out small, but steady profits using your complete fantasy sports handicapping and match-up knowledge.

One thing everyone will notice about Sideleague, the fantasy scoring is extremely high. Since you can use any player you want (pick’em style) you can load up on the highest fantasy scorers every time you play.

For example, in order to win a NBA contest you really need to score 350 points or more, to even have a chance………

Here’s the Final standings from last week ends NBA Contest that I was lucky enough to win:

NBA WKND Final scores

Sideleague is only available for play on your phone (it was designed as a App, not a website) , so it is perfect for playing and watching while at work, on the road or anywhere else you have to be………

*Start Playing with $5 Free by using this Promo Code: SS5QD

SideLeague Details

*Sideleague has Daily/Weekly MLB, NFL, NBA, & NHL fantasy contests that require no long term commitment.
*All leagues are limited to 25 player contests and pay the top 3 finishers.
*All contests are guaranteed to run & payout even if they don’t fill.
*NFL contests run as one week leagues. MLB, NBA and NHL contests run as week-day MON-THU (4 day) and week-end FRI-SUN (3 day) fantasy contests.
*All sports use standard fantasy scoring.
*You can Play for Free everyday or for Real Money.
*Contest Entry fees range from Free Rolls, 50c, $2, $5, $10 and $20 with prizes that range from $0.50-$300
*SideLeague Free Rolls pay the top 3 finishers 50c real money contest tickets.
*All Cash Games pay 1st place 15X the buy-in, 2nd place 3X the buy-in, 3rd place pays 2X the buy-in.

*Cash-outs are extremely easy….Here are the Details
*SideLeague uses a easy to use, pick’em style draft with no salary cap and have absolutely no restrictions on your player selections.
*You’ll have complete player stats, opponents, news and updates available when choosing your teams players.
*You’ll have complete text/picture messaging and video sharing with friends and opponents.
*Live game dashboard displaying available contests that your friends have joined and all live and upcoming contests.
*Live fantasy scoring and updates as your fantasy contests progress.
*Live pre-game player news/injury updates sent directly to you, before your contest starts with plenty of time to change your line-ups.
*Line-up editing until the first pro game starts for given contest.
*You can Deposit for real money play via Credit Card or Pay Pal.
*You can cash-out winnings via Dwolla or Pay Pal.
*Sideleague was designed as a Mobile App, not as a web site converted to a App.
*Free App downloads for iPhone® or Android® on your App Stores.
*Established in 2014, SideLeague is a US based site, located in Chicago, Illinois.
*SideLeague is completely legal (in most US states).

Sign up is easy, just a e-mail account, a screen name and a Password is needed to start.

*Start Playing with $5 Free, use this Promo Code: SS5QD

Visit your App Store Now and start playing Today

Get Sideleague on your App Store

How did you do on Thanksgiving?

I did Okay……

My strategy yesterday was to load up on Detroit Lions against the Bears, play select players in the Eagles at Cowboys game and I mostly avoided players in the Seahawk at 49er’s game.

My entries on Draftkings and Fan Duel basically broke even, I got a few small payouts on my many entries which made me have a net gain of -$2.00.

However, I played a couple of leagues on, one $500 Free Roll and one $5 buy-in-10 team league using my strategy.

Thanksgiving Day line-up:

Winning Turkey Day Line-up

Yes, I really stacked my team up with Lions (the Bear Defense really sucks) and a couple of Eagles players I thought would do well against the Cowboys.

Here’s my Contest results:

VICTIV Thanksgiving Finishes

As you can see, it worked.

My net overall gain was $125 on VICTIV……..

I won $25 Cash and a $100 entry into the $300K Victiv Bowl on December 21st………..

I happened to find about 3 weeks ago and signed up, I got 3 free (I did not Deposit) tickets to play VICTRON (the computer generated opponent).

Turn your fantasy sports knowledge into $30 FREE CASH. Join now and receive 3 free chances to beat the VICTRON computer and win free cash! These are heads-up NFL Fantasy contests, just beat the computer generated team and win Free Cash……..No deposit needed, just sign up here to play.

When I managed to beat VICTRON twice, I won tickets to real money contests and used one of them for my $5 Turkey-day entry. is a smaller, new entry into the world of Daily Fantasy Sites and is offering NFL, NBA and NHL Fantasy contests to all players.

The contest player fields are relatively small and the payout formats are very favorable to good fantasy players.

Contest scoring are the normal fantasy scoring formats and the salary caps make building nice teams pretty easy.

When you sign up, you’ll get those free tickets to play VICTRON and maybe you could do what I did.

In addition to the free play tickets, you’ll find daily / weekly Free Rolls to all the major fantasy sports.

When you deposit on VICTIV, you’ll get a 100% Deposit Bonus and additional free game tickets.

VICTIV takes all the major Credit and Debit Cards, PayPal and Bit Coin for deposits. Cashouts can be made by PayPal, Bit Coin or Check.

The 2014 Victiv Bowl is a $300K GTD Contest

The December 21st, Noon start contest is a multi-entry, $100 buy-in, limited to 3300 players and will pay the 2014 VICTIV Bowl Champion the $50,000 1st place prize PLUS a trip to the “Big Game” in Glendale, Arizona exclusively at

I won a free ticket to it, can you?

Victiv Bowl PayoutsVICTIV NFL Fantasy Scoring

Place     Payout
1st             $50,000
2nd             $25,000
3rd             $17,000
4th             $13,000
5th             $10,000
6th             $8,000
7th             $8,000
8th             $4,000
9th             $2,000
10th             $1,000
11-15             $700
16-25             $500
26-50             $400
51-100             $300
101-350         $250
351-690         $200

I took a chance on and it paid off for me, make it payoff for you.

VICTIV Fantasy Sports


Daily College Basketball Fantasy on DraftKings

The NCAA Mens Basketball Season kicks with a bang on Friday November 14, 2014

DraftKings will have a full schedule of dailyBasketball Fantasy leagues and Contests every night of the College Basketball season.

DraftKings CBB Scoring and Rules:

  • Daily Leagues will run every night there is at least 2 or more NCAA games scheduled.
  • Conferences used include: AAC, ACC, Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, SEC and PAC 12.
  • Fantasy line ups consist of 8 players.
  • You have a $50,000 salary cap to set your line up.
  • Player salaries range from $10K down to $3K
  • Positions used: G, G, G, F, F, F, Util, Util.
  • 1pt scored = 1, 3 pt shot made= .5 Pt., REB= 1.25 Pt., AST=1.5 Pt., Double Double= 1.5 Pt., Triple Double= 3 Pts.
  • You must use players from 2 different teams from 2 different games.
  • Entry to leagues /Player switches close at 1 minute before players game first tip.
  • Live scoring while all games are playing is included.
  • Draft Room includes: OPRK which is rank of opposing team against that players position, complete list of NCAA games included, complete list of all available players, clicking players name will bring up player news and complete stats.
  • Contest Stats are finalized after last game of day or that contests last game is completed.
  • Winners payouts will be completed by next morning.
  • STATS LLC is official scorer.

CBB Draft Room

CBB Draft Lobby on DraftKings

CBB Contests on DraftKings include buy-ins as low as 25¢, $1, $2 and higher.

Various contest formats include Guaranteed payout contests, heads up challenges, Satellites to major events, double and triple ups.

CBB Contest Lobby

CBB Contest Lobby

There will be plenty of Guaranteed Payout Events during the season and special March Madness contests to play yourself into for the really Big Payouts in 2015.

DraftKings has paid out Millions of dollars to Winning Fantasy players this year, will you be the next Fantasy Millionaire?

If you join DraftKings now, you’ll get free entry into a paid contest and can earn 100% of you deposit back in Bonus Cash.


DraftKings to feature Fantasy Soccer

DraftKings Kicks Off Fantasy Soccer on Saturday Sept. 20th

DraftKings has added a full schedule of Daily Fantasy DraftKings Daily Fantasy SoccerSoccer Leagues and Contests that will offer some of the largest prize pools seen by fantasy soccer players.

Games start at 10AM ET on Saturday September 20, 2014

Daily Contests will feature English Premier League and UEFA Champions League games and like all other daily fantasy games on Draftkings, you play today, win today and can collect your winnings tomorrow.

Complete DraftKing Soccer Scoring and Details

The Saturday’s Line up of Soccer Events

$1K GTD Corner Kick $5 entry

$3K GTD Stoppage Time $12 entry

$10K GTD Nutmeg $2 entry

$50K GTD Equalizer $27 entry

$250 GTD Daily Dollar $1 entry

$250 GTD Quarter Arcade 25¢ entry

All of these are in addition to the popular DraftKings fantasy formats like 50/50’s, multipliers, traditional leagues, steps contests and beginner formats

Draft a team Now

DraftKings Update:

DraftKings has added a few New Features for 2014

DraftKings your #1 destination for Daily Fantasy Play.

100% Deposit Bonus on Draftkings

100% Deposit Bonus on DraftKings

DraftKings has announced a few upgrades and new features in 2014 for their players.

On DraftKings you play a one day fantasy lineup, you draft today, play tonight and collect your winnings that same night.

Check out our Review of DraftKings Here.

New Features on DraftKings

  • Depth Charts! See every depth chart/roster for each individual teams and add players directly from that screen. Now you can see where a player stands as far as his role, you no longer need to do the research on every teams roster,  DraftKings has done the work for you. This is especially handy for NBA and NHL fantasy play, where minutes played and player rotation mean points scored.

  • Reserve your Seat: Contest about to fill? Reserve your seats to that special contest without selecting a team! The most popular contests on DraftKings fill fast, especially the Guaranteed Leagues. This is especially helpful when you want to make sure you are in a fantasy contest but don’t have the time right now to build a winning team or you just need a little more time to do your research.

  • DraftKings Mobile App Version 1.1 is now live and available in the apple store. Download now! This app will allow you to make late minute roster changes. How many times have you heard player reports on the radio right before game time or didn’t have time to get on DraftKings to make your changes before you left? Now you have DraftKings available to you at your finger tips, anytime, any where. You’ll also be able to monitor your teams success with live scoring and current standings direct from the DraftKings scoreboard from anywhere you are with no problem.

Upcoming Contests on DraftKings

  • NHL Hat Trick – January 21, 2014 – $30,000 Prize Pool

  • NBA Buzzer Beater – January 29, 2014 – $200,000 Prize Pool

  • Bank Shot – March 26, 2014 – $1,000,000 Prize Pool

DarftKings $1Million Bank Shot

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