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Get a $20 Instant Bonus on Draftkings this Thanksgiving…….

Get yourself $20 in Free Play on Draftkings instantly…….

DraftKings will give every new player (who makes a minimum deposit of only $5) $20 in Free DK Dollars, which can used to play any contests offered on DraftKings

This Offer expires on 11/27/2016 at 1PM ET

This Thanksgiving, try DraftKings Fantasy Football while enjoying the Holiday with all of your family and friends.

And you could turn that $20 into $100K…

NFL $1.5M Wishbone Classic

Gobble up the $100K top prize in the $1.5M Wishbone Classic
$1.5 Million Guaranteed | $20 Entry Fee
Contest starts Thursday at 12:30 PM EST

NFL Games on Thanksgiving


Wishbone Classic Payouts

1st     $100,000.00
2nd     $50,000.00
3rd     $30,000.00
4th     $20,000.00
5th     $15,000.00
6th     $10,000.00
7th – 8th     $7,000.00
9th – 10th     $5,000.00
11th – 15th     $3,000.00
16th – 25th     $2,000.00
26th – 35th     $1,500.00
36th – 50th     $1,000.00
51st – 75th     $800.00
76th – 100th     $600.00
101st – 150th     $500.00
151st – 200th     $400.00
201st – 300th     $300.00
301st – 500th     $250.00
501st – 750th     $200.00
751st – 1000th     $150.00
1001st – 1500th     $120.00
1501st – 2250th     $100.00
2251st – 3500th     $80.00
3501st – 6000th     $60.00
6001st – 12000th     $40.00
12001st – 22450th     $30.00

More DraftKings Thankgiving Day contests

There are numerous Fantasy Football contests open on DraftKings for Thanksgiving Day only, but you can choose to use your Free $20 on any contest or contest’s (NFL, NBA or NHL) you choose starting tonight, tomorrow, next Sunday or whenever you prefer.

You may even want to spread your free play out on several $1 or $2 contests to make your free bankroll last longer and give you the best chance to grow your bankroll.

Draftkings Thanksgiving Football Lobby


Don’t forget DraftKings has nightly NBA and NHL Fantasy contests open, so your not just limited to Fantasy Football with your free $20.

Join DraftKings Today, deposit a small $5 or larger amount and get your $20 in free play now……

Good Luck this Thanksgiving and make sure you watch every game, cheering on your players in all of your line-ups…….


Get $20 in Free Play on DraftKings

DraftKings will give all new players who make any deposit, $20 in DraftKings Dollars.

This Special offer ends at 1PM ET on Sunday September 11, 2016 free-20-on-draftkingswhen all the early Week One NFL Sunday games Kick-off.

Think of it as a $20 Instant Deposit Bonus that DraftKings will pay you, to try their selection of Weekly NFL Fantasy Football Contests…….

About DK Dollars:

Draftkings Dollars can be used to enter any contest on DraftKings.

DK Dollars will be used from your player account for contest entries before any of your real money deposit is used.

DK dollars cannot be withdrawn, however any and all real money deposits and any winnings from your DK Dollar contest entries can be withdrawn.

This offer is limited and not available with any other offer (radio or TV) and you must use our link or the free $20 will not be issued.

This offer is for New Players only, existing players are not eligble

You must also deposit at least $5 or more on DraftKings before 1PM ET on Sunday September 11th for this offer to be valid. Deposit methods will vary by state, you will only be able to use the allowed deposit methods in your area when you join.

Use your DK Dollars to enter any contest on the Draftkings NFL Contest lobby, including the $3 entry/$5M Fantasy Football Millionaire. There are also plenty of  25¢, $1, $2 and $3 Fantasy Contests to use your DK Dollars for entry on.

Be sure to look for the Week One $100K Quarter Arcade, that one pays the 1st place winner $2,000 with over 120,000 other winners and Special Beginner only contests on the main lobby.

Example: A Deposit of $5 plus your $20 in DK Dollars will start you off with a $25 total bankroll.

If you use a simple money management system, like divide your total $25 bankroll into 4 or 5 weeks of play (20% to 25% or $5 to $6 of your bankroll) each week and stick to 25¢ and $1 Contests, you’ll be able to enter quite a few smaller contests, using multiple lineups each week and greatly increase your chances of winning.

You’ll also be able to play the $100K Free Contest the coming Sunday and any other Free NFL Contests offered on Draftkings each week and have have a chance for even more Fantasy Success.

Get your free $20 in DK Dollars now with any deposit on DraftKings

This offer is open to all players except in the following areas: Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada and Washington. You must be at least 18 years of age to join DraftKings, 19 in Alabama or Nebraska and 21 in Massachusetts




It’s Friday, Is your Sunday Million Dollar line up in?

The 2015 Football season kicked off in New England on Thursday night.

The first Thursday Night Game of 2015 provided plenty of fantasy scoring…..

I had 3 line-ups set on DraftKings for the Thursday start Contests.

2 of my line-ups had QB/WR stacks going for both teams on Thursday and I almost accomplished my goal of 90 points on each contest.

My 3rd Thursday start line-up consists of players from all Sunday and Monday games

Thursday Night score 1

Thursday Lineup 2

“Feel free to steal my player selections for Sunday and Monday”

Looks like fantasy scoring will be up this year and the usual Fantasy Studs will lead the way.

Just as we all thought, there was plenty of passing and receiving scoring and my Brady/Edelman/Gronkowski and Roethlisberger/Brown stacks got me some nice points.

Best of all, I still have 6 more starters set to go on Sunday and Monday.

I really wanted 90 points (30 pts per starter) but I’ll take the 85 and 81 to start my 2015 fantasy season. There were a few fantasy players who scored over 170 points just on the Thursday game, but used they used 8 of their 9 roster spots on Thursday night to get those scores (I’ll kick their asses on Sunday).

Other Notable Thursday Fantasy Scorers: D Lewis NE RB 16 pts, D Williams PIT RB 17.2 pts and H Miller PIT TE 16.4 pts.

Receivers continue to score big on DraftKings, this brings me to my next point…………

The $10 Million Dollar Fantasy Football Millionaire Maker on DraftKings starts Sunday at 1PM ET.

Do you have all your Rosters set? Are you keying your line-ups on the top receivers? Are you stocked up with Beer and your favorite snacks? Are you ready for the most exciting Sunday and Monday of Big Money Fantasy Football ever?

Are you ready to get one of these?

Photo Courtesy

Here’s an Free and Easy way to get you started, sign-up on (using that link) and make any size deposit to get yourself started playing.

You’ll automatically get a free $20 Ticket to the $10 Million Dollar Millionaire Maker with your deposit, a double your money as you play 100% Bonus up to $600 total and complete access to the DraftKings Play Book which gives you all the Fantasy Football insider know how you’ll need to be a winner.

This Free offer expires at 1PM ET on Sunday

After you get your Free Ticket, Enter to Millionaire Maker, make up your line-up(s) staying under the Salary Cap (you can use the DraftKings Playbook for line-up ideas) and sit back and watch your players roll up the points all day Sunday and on both Monday Night Games.

You’ve heard about the DraftKings Largest Fantasy Contest Ever continually, you’ve seen it on TV and heard about it on the Radio over the last couple of weeks. You know it has caught yours and every ones attention.

Time is quickly running out, get yourself in the Week One Millionaire Maker for free today (using this link) and tell everyone you know, you did it and your going to make a name for yourself!

First place pays $2 million dollars, 2nd place pays $1 million dollars and there are over 125,000 other payouts to be awarded, so your winning something significant shouldn’t be a problem.

Good Luck to all on Sunday……………………….

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