Best Tournament Value on Americas Cardroom

What is the Best tournament Value on Americas Cardroom?

The Week night $25+$2.50 ($27.50) buy-in Big 10 $12.5K Guarantees at 9PM ET

Every Week night, at 9PM ET,  Monday thru Friday ACR has what amounts to The Best Deal every tournament Player looks for.

Offering small fields, large guarantees and the Best Value you can find anywhere!

Look for these $12.5K guaranteed tournaments on the main tournament lobby,


Week Night GTD Details

These are by far the most popular and played tournaments on ACR, you’ll see many regulars playing every night.

Why?  It’s the Value they offer.

  1. Deep Stack 5000 chip start, 15 minute blinds
  2. Total time of these tournaments will run about 5 to 6 hours.
  3. Playing these on a regular basis will give you the chance to get to know the play habits of the REGULAR Players (there are many who play these tournaments every night!), you should be able to use this knowledge to your advantage.
  4. Monday to Thursdays the pool is always $12,500
  5. The Friday $12.5K, averages $13,000 in total prize pools.
  6. The actual number of players is only in the 350 to 450 range, re-entries by players who are knocked out early, bring the total player numbers to the 400+ range–so you only actually have to beat out 350 to 450 players to cash in these tournaments.
  7. Total players (buy-ins) range from  400 to 500 players each night (this is why the total of each pool is so good), which is not a really large number of players to contend with for a tournament this size.
  8. Late registration,  helps grow the pool and you will see players joining the tournaments late, and that’s fine, the blinds will usually only allow them a few minute play when they join with only 10 or 20 minutes left in registration.
  9. Minimum places paid is usually about 81 places, this means almost every night the smallest win is in the $43 range….tournament players just wanting to grind a small profit each tournament played will find this is a very liberal payment structure and a small profit is easily attained each and every night. (Overall, about 1 in 5 will cash some sort of a prize)
  10. 1st place each and every night  is about a minimum of $2100, a very nice return for a $27.50 investment.

Click this lobby image, it is an average night for the Nightly $7K and $8K GTD tournaments on ACR

Satellites to the Week Night GTD Tournaments

If your thinking $27.50 is a little steep for the average player, no problem… there are satellites held every day to the nightly event.

These Satellites are only $3.30 to enter and are held every hour everyday, these offer guarantees of  2, 3 and 6 seats.

The 2 and 3 Seat satellites are re entry tournaments, 2500 chip starts with 5 minute blinds.

The 6 Seat satellites are R+A with 1500 chip starts, 3000 chip re-buys and 10K chip add-ons with 5 minute blinds.

Look for them at 15 past each hour under the Qualifier tab on the main tournament lobby.

Multi-Seat Qualifier Times:

4:15PM ET 3 seats, 5:15PM 6 seats, 6:15PM 3 seats, 7:15PM 6 seat satellite, these later in the day satellites really see a great deal of play and will often pay out 3 or 4 additional seats to the 9PM tournaments and  3 cash prizes in the $3  to $13 range (the odd breakage amounts up to $27.50).

There will only be 30 to 40 players in each of these Satellites, so your chances of a win are greatly improved.

How much will these satellites really cost?

Each of the hourly 2 or 3 seat Satellites offer unlimited Re-entry for the first 45 minutes, this helps the seats awarded grow and gives players a chance to get in on the big money for just a few bucks.

Tight smart play will go a long way on the re-entry tournaments, make the others improve the prize pool! Don’t spend more than $6.30 for a $27.50 tournament entry, $3.30 should be the max on these satellites!

When your playing the R+A 6 seat guarantees, count on spending at least $6.30, you do want the 10,000 chip add-on, it has a lot of value on these tournaments!

Don’t go goofy and spend more than the actual $27.50 buy-in on these satellites, use a solid play strategy and use a spending plan.

Make these the value they are intended to be!


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