Advice for Winning Weekly Fantasy Football

Advice, Strategy and a Few Tips for 2016

Just a few things to strongly consider when playing Weekly Fantasy Football on a Daily Fantasy Sports site.

Here are few basics and strategies to keep in mind while playing  fantasy football on one of DFS sites like Draftkings for the 2016 fantasy football season.

Keep one important thing in mind, Fantasy Football involves a great deal of variables.  Weather, injuries, offensive game planning, defensive game planning and just plain shit luck (bad bounces, penalties and turnovers).

You will not win  every contest you enter. In fact you may go 2 or 3 weeks without a win then all of a sudden you’ll hit on two or three contests the same week and be way ahead for the season.

This brings us to Bankroll Management

Only deposit and play with what you are willing to spend on your fantasy football adventure. Be it a $20, $50 or a $200 deposit for the season, stick with a plan of only using 5 to 10% of your bankroll on any one week. This way no matter how you do, you’ll be in the game every week.


For example, if you start with a $200 bankroll, you should only use $15 to $20 (no more than 10%) for contest entries on any one week.

When you win, you add your winnings to your bankroll and can increase your weekly contest limits accordingly.

Take advantage of any freebies offered, like Freerolls, Bonus Cash and free entries. Free money is Free Money.

Pick what contests you enter wisely.

In a nutshell, the smaller the entry size (total players) in the contest you play, the easier it is to finish in the money.

2 and 3 player contests are winner take all and you only have to beat out 1 or 2 other players.  10 player contests pay the top 3 finishers, 20 player usually pay the top 5, 50 player contests pay the top 10, etc.

The Safest bets are the 50/50 and Triple-up contests.

These are what fantasy players call the Cash Games, where players with a solid fantasy knowledge can grind out a steady income by playing and winning multiple contests every week.

50/50’s pay half the player field about twice their buy-in and the triple ups pay 30% of the entrants  3 times the buy-in. These are by far, the easiest way to grind out wins and can build your bankroll quickly.

Guaranteed Tournaments and Contests

These are the $5000, $10,000 and $50,000 size contests that everyone hopes to win.

The top 10 finishers see some really nice payouts on the guarantees with the 1st place finisher seeing about 20% of the total prize pool as their winnings.

The large guaranteed contests often have  1000, 2000, 5000 and some up to 10,000 players players to beat out in order to finish in the money.

Most of these are set to pay out about double your buy-in to roughly 1 in 5 or 1 in 6 players, with huge payouts to players who finish in the top 10 places.

To win one of these contests, you will need some luck and have to deal with the most variance.

The key strategy on these is to find the one or two match-ups where a relatively unknown player (sleeper) excels that one week.

I have always found that by sticking with the higher buy-in guarantees is your best bet, there will be smaller fields to contend with and even a minimum win of double or triple your buy-in will be worth your time.

Build a better lineup in 2016

Stacking your lineup

Every site has line up limits, you must use players from 2 different teams  and 2 different games when you select players. You can not load up on all the from one team (like the Denver Broncos).

You can however, use most of the key players from one team.

I like to match top QB’s with their WR’s and TE’s from tasty match-ups.

There has been a lot of conjecture that the NFL will be cracking down on defenses this year. Penalties like illegal defensive contact on receivers (note all the penalties this preseason) will be strictly enforced, to allow the high powered offenses do what they do best, SCORE………

I think you can  expect 2016 to be the year of record  NFL scoring and this  provide some BIG NUMBERS for fantasy players who know where to look for firepower this year.

This year I plan on using the offenses from New England,  Pittsburgh and Green Bay quite often as my Stacking strategy. I’m also going to keep an eye on  teams like Atlanta, Washington, Cincinnati, Jacksonville, Carolina and Seattle for their production and juicy match-ups.

Plan on keying on players from these teams as your stacking options.

Plan on devoting more of your cap space to the  skill positions on these teams.

Finding the Value plays (the low cap players) to provide cap space for the Big names involves looking for injury replacements, no names who emerge early in the year and rookies with no past playing history.

The Salary Cap rankings are based on past performance and the weekly match-ups.  It often takes a few weeks for the site to increase the cap number on these value players. Ride them as long as possible.

There are other gems to be found every week. Sometimes it is just a lucky pick that outperforms. Most often you can find these guys by looking at the upcoming games and choosing a forgotten #3 receiver option or lower ranked QB when you see a injury involving a defensive back or defensive lineman on the team they are facing that week.

Check the Vegas lines Every Week these will highlight the upcoming lopsided match-ups, look for players on teams favored heavily, a -13, -16 line means the odds makers expect a lot of scoring from those teams.

The over/under numbers are a good indicator of high scoring games too. Look for games with a overs of 40 or more, there will be a great deal of scoring to be had on those and a close spread like -3 on a game with a over of 49 or more means both of those teams are expected to score quite often.

You Don’t have to use every penny of Salary Cap

Don’t feel obligated to spend your entire salary cap on any team, if you build a team you like and happen to go under the cap–run with it, you don’t have to change anything.

Don’t fall in love with any one lineup

If you make a line up you really like, it is very easy to use it on another contest or to enter a multiple entry contest 2 or 3 times with it.

Be careful, some of the variables I mentioned earlier apply here. One key injury could kill your chances on every contest you enter with the same line-up and cost you a bankroll.

I like to take my base weekly line up and tweak it a bit when entering multiple contests.

I’m not saying never use the same lineup on multiple contests, just consider a couple of minor changes to hedge your bets.

Switch your QB to another with a  similar cap value and good match-up, switch out a RB, switch out a WR, or switch out a sleeper with another possible sleeper.

This tweaked line-up just might be the best you have this week or maybe you’ll have 2 or 3 different winners if you are in different contests.

Use the tools offered on the  site

Use the Draft Tools offered on each site to make informed decisions. Click a players name and you’ll see his STD stats, STD game log and his last week results that could help sway your decisions.

When filling your line up, make sure you click the little notes by players name for the latest news or update on injuries. I never start anyone listed worse than probable.

Use the Mobile apps offered by the sites, some will instant message you on any late changes in player status, this is a nice option for Sunday Game Time decisions.

Don’t think you’ll win every contest

You won’t, don’t get discouraged. If your manage your rosters and account properly, you’ll have plenty of chances this year.

The site that I think offers the best weekly schedule of Fantasy Football contests and tools for Fantasy Players to make a winning team is DraftKings, why not give them a try for Kick Off Weekend?


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