Win Billion Dollars on DraftKings TV Ad?

I just saw one of the new DraftKings Ads for the 2017 NFL season

Alright, you’ve probably seen the New DraftKings ads while watching football like I did on TV.

Now is it for real?       Yes it is……

Will I win  billion dollars on week one?  Probably not……

How much does it cost? It’s completely Free to enter, you just have to have a DraftKings player account.

Now, I’ve seen the numbers blasted all over the web on anyone’s individual chance of winning it and most of the experts compare it to being twice as hard as hitting the Power Ball numbers with a 1 ticket, quick pick.

It is almost a certainty you won’t get the perfect line up, but there is always that chance, that fluke line-up, that bizarre play that ends up putting you on top.

Why should I bother? Because this Free Billion Dollar Contest also includes a $100,000 NFL Week One Free Play on DraftKings. Here are the details of the $100K free play.

You have a better chance of winning something on the $100K Free Play, in fact over 138,000 players will win something on the Free Play Contest.

Back to the Billion Dollar Lineup contest, How can you win it?

The difference between a winning line up and the perfect line up is simple.

A winning line up scores more fantasy points than most other competitors line ups in that individual contest.

A perfect line up has the highest scoring player at each individual position staying within the salary cap constraints of that contest.

Who determines this Perfect Line up?

DraftKings will run every possible combination of players, positions and salaries after every Week One NFL game is complete and then post that one perfect line up that stays within the salary cap and scores the most points possible on the DraftKings PlayBook on their site. This is something they have been doing for a few years and it is extremely interesting to see that winning combination each week.

Here’s a perfect Lineup from 2015

Look at the image, note the $3500 and less salaries.

A typical weekly winning contest line up might score 200 fantasy points.

QB 40,  RB 45, RB 35, WR 30, WR 25, WR 5, Flex 5,  D 5

A typical weekly perfect line up might score 287.

QB 44, RB 45, RB 28, WR 38, WR 28, WR 21, TE 33, FLEX 22, D 28

Whats the difference?

The winning contest line up usually uses most of his salary cap on top rated/expensive players for his QB, RB’s and WR’s. He went cheap on his TE, Flex, K and DEF. This showed on his line up scoring, lots of points at the top and fewer at the bottom.

The perfect line up used a mix of high price players for the big scores and a few bargain(low price players) that just happened to over achieve and happened to score a lot of points this one week.

The key here is the player price, find those low salary “diamonds in the rough” this week who can out perform the big name players.

How do I do that?

You obviously follow football, use you research to take advantage of what you know.

Use hidden up and comers.  If your favorite NFL team has a low priced rookie RB or WR with a chance to be on the field a lot this week start him.

NFL Coaches like to keep secrets, chances are you have heard of or seen players in your home town that the rest of the country hasn’t. It’s very likely that a  unknown rookie in Chicago will not be on a New York fans radar this week, but he is on yours.

Use the internet, look at each NFL teams home page. There is plenty of info out there to find names of unknown guys who just may be the in the lime light this week.

Injuries are another way to build a Billion Dollar Line up, look for injuries that make back-ups play a lot. The depth charts are always a place to find names to replace injured star players.

That’s just a few suggestions, always remember to include the big names around your sleepers, a few minimum priced players make using David Johnson, Antonio Brown and Aaron Rodgers a lot easier to afford each week.

Of course don’t expect to win that Billion Dollars, no one probably will. DraftKings just may have this promotion a few more times this season (no confirmation on that).

Join DraftKings Now and get a instant 25% Deposit Bonus added to your account in DK Dollars and play in the Week One Billion Dollar Lineup/$100K Free Play for week one of the 2017 NFL Season.

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