Fan Duel Week 3 NFL line up advice

Welcome to Week Three of NFL Fantasy on Fan Duel

Updates will be made as needed leading up to week one kick offs.

Each week I’ll be posting players I am strongly considering for my Fan Duel football line ups each week. I’ll also include QB/WR stacks and injury news you should be watching for possible value priced reserves who may benefit from those situations with extended play time.

The Injuries started to pile up on week 2 in the NFL

Injured Running backs: A Peterson MIN, A Foster MIA, D Martin TB, A Abdulah DET, J Stewart CAR and D Whitehead SD leading the list.

Injured Wide Receivers: D Moncrief IND and D Baldwin SEA.

Injured Quarterbacks: J Cutler CHI and J McCown CLE.

But there is also some good injury news, J Charles KC RB is expected to play (on a limited basis). T Eifort CIN TE is expected to return this week and C Ivory JAX RB is also expected to play.

Week 3 Top Scoring Game Lines:  ATL at NO -3 (54), SD at IND -3 (52), DET at GB -7.5 (48), WAS at NYG -4.5 (46), OAK at TEN -1.5 (47)

Low Scoring Games: CLE at MIA -9.5 (41.5), MIN at CAR -7 (43), SF at SEA -9.5 (40), DEN at CIN -3 (41)

You want to be sure to get as many players from the ATL at NO on Monday Night, OAK at TEN and the SD at IND games into your line ups.

Chicago plays at Dallas on Sunday night and Chicago is a complete mess with defensive injuries and there’s a very good chance that B Hoyer will start at QB for J Cutler (hand). The Dallas DEF looks like a solid play and it could very well be a Prescott, Elliot and Bryant coming out party against a crippled defense.

Cleveland has as much of a mess as Chicago (maybe worse), strongly consider a MIAMI stack of Tannehill/Landry/DEF

Players to consider and their salaries for week 3 on Fan Duel:

QB’s: P Rivers SD 8000, D Prescott DAL 7100, R Tannehill MIA 7400

RB’s: E Elliott DAL 8100, D Murray TEN 7700, M Gordon SD 7100, T Riddick DET 6400,

WR’s: D Byrant DAL 7900, K Benjamin CAR 7800, J Landry MIA, T Benjamin SD 6900, P Dorsett IND 6000, T Sharpe TEN 5800

TE’s: D Walker TEN 6900, D Allen IND 6100, C Walford OAK 5000

K: D Bailey DAL 4700, Boswell PIT 4600, Lambo SD 4500

DST’s: DAL 4600, MIA 4600, SEA 5400

Stacks: Tannehill/Landry MIA 14400, Carr/Cooper OAK 15800, Rivers T Benjamin SD 14900, Prescott/Bryant DAL 15000

Injuries to watch: A Foster MIA RB, R Jennings NYG RB, J Cutler CHI QB

Out: C Coleman CLE WR, J Stewart CAR RB, A Peterson MIN RB, D Moncreif IND WR, D Martin TB RB, A Abdullah DET RB, C McCown CLE QB, K Allen SD WR, RG3 CLE QB, T Romo DAL QB, D Lewis NE RB, B Watson BAL TE, T Bridgewater MIN QB

Suspensions of note: T Brady NE QB, L Bell PIT RB, J Gordon CLE WR, J Brown NYG K

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Please Note: My advice includes players I will be using in my line ups but I also may use additional players not mentioned to complete my line ups within the salary cap restraints.
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