DraftKings Ticket Redemption

I’ve been bombarded with how do I redeem my Second Chance ticket I won yesterday on Draftkings

Thousands of players who didn’t win cash won on the Week One $100K free contest, won tickets to the week 2 Second Chance Free Roll.

I for one, am one of those players. I used too many high risk high reward players on that contest.

The Good News, Draftkings is having another NFL $100K free contest next Sunday also. I’ll be in that one too, hopefully with better results.

To redeem any ticket on DraftKings, just follow these easy steps:

Go to my account on DraftKings (upper right corner on home page).


Then click my tickets,


Click Redeem,


All Second Chance Ticket holders will be notified when the 2nd Chance Contest is open for drafting. Keep in mind that you’ll have to use this ticket in week 2.

When you click redeem for any other DraftKings contest tickets, you’ll be brought to contest(s) that the ticket(s) can be used to enter.

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